Eleven Inch Harold Ch. 1

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Harold looked down at the blond haired girl sitting in the expensive Boardroom chair and smiled. He watched the way her long shiny hair waved back and forth. He reached down and stroked it softly. She twisted her head sideways and looked up at him. The shine in her eyes was part lust but mostly alcohol. “You like it baby,” he asked her? The girl stopped and lifted her head. She smiled at him. A long tendril of saliva and pre-cum stretched from her red lips to the head of his bulbous dick. “This is the longest, fattest dick I’ve ever sucked.” She held his shaft with both hands. One set of her long white fingers was wrapped around it at the base. The other set was up by the head. She had only been able to work about 5 inches of it in her mouth, no matter how much she tried.

Harold chuckled as he eased her head back to his throbbing dick. He loved having a white girl service him. It did something for his perverse nature. Sharon, the white secretary, who was sitting before him, had cornered him at the office party. She told him that she had heard about his magnificent meat from one of the other office girls. He had let her lead him into the empty conference room. It was she who sat down and unzipped his pants. She had reached in and worked his long black snake free. She gasped at the size even as she licked her lips. She didn’t talk much but went straight to work. And Harold was impressed with her cocksucking skills.

She had been on him for a good ten minutes. Her mouth was working back and forth, going as far down his shaft as she could. Harold was getting closer and closer to his peak. His hips began to rock and the girl held his long dong, matching his movements with her mouth. “I’m gonna cum, sweet thing!” His words spurred her on to a faster pace. She began to moan and hum as she sucked him even harder. “Oh baby! Oh yea! Suck this black snake. I’m gonna drop my load.” Harold’s hips bucked and just as he felt the first blast shoot up along his spear, the conference door swung open.

Harold jerked and his dick pulled free of Sharon’s mouth. His cum blast hit her in the face and splattered all over her eyes and nose. Sharon, lost in her drunken stupor tried desperately to stuff him back in her mouth. She had just gotten him in when she heard the door close, then a loud gasp and her name called. ‘Sharon!” Harold jerked his dick free and tried desperately to push it in his pants. To his horror it was still spurting his thick crème and Sharon was getting it all over her face and dress. Sharon turned to see who had called her and wanted to die. Even in her stupor, she recognized the face of their boss.

Mrs. Penworth stood with her hands on her hips, surveying the scene she had just walked in on. The loud gasp she had made was her reaction to the sheer size of his dick. She was not too surprised at finding Sharon in the room. Sharon had the reputation of being the office slut. She had fucked and sucked most of the executives in the firm already. She watched as Harold’s dick continued to splash Sharon’s face with hot cum. It was obvious that Sharon was somewhat drunk. Mrs. Penworth almost laughed at the look of fear and horror on young Harold’s face. She walked up to the couple just as Harold had finished stuffing his long pipe into his pants.

“I will expect to see both of you in my office tomorrow. 9:30 sharp!” with that she turned around. She had taken three steps to the door when she turned around. “Sharon! Clean yourself up before you come out. You look like a cheap whore at a sailor’s party.” She gave Harold a once over then turned her head and walked out. Harold looked down at Sharon. She sat there with his cum dripping from her face down onto her dress. He shook his head as he walked into the bathroom and came back with a towel. Sharon was sitting in the chair crying. He wiped her face and tried to get most of his cum stains off her dress. All thoughts about taking this young girl home and fucking her into oblivion were forgotten.

“We’re gonna get fired, Sharon! Damn! I needed this job. It was the best paying job I’ve had yet.” Sharon didn’t say a word. She just kept crying. When he finished cleaning her up the best he could, he walked out of the boardroom, got his coat and left the office. All the way home he berated himself for allowing that to happen. He should have never done that in the office. But the party had been a retirement celebration and he had been looking at pretty Sharon most of the evening. She was a very pretty white girl with a nice ass and huge tits. And that red lipstick set her mouth off just right. He had heard the rumors that she gave the best head in the office.

The next morning at 9:15, Harold and Sharon sat outside Mrs. Penworth’s office they looked like two kids waiting outside the principle’s office. Mrs. Penworth’s secretary kept giving them sideways glances. Her phone buzzed and she answered it. Not before noticing that both Sharon and Harold jumped at the sound. She smiled, as she talked into the phone in a low voice. Then she looked Beylikdüzü Masaj Salonu over at the two. “Sharon! Mrs. Penworth will see you now.” Sharon took one look at Harold and tried to smile. Then she got up and walked into the office closing the big door behind her. Harold sat in the chair alone feeling the butterflies in his stomach.

It would have been better had she fired him on the spot. Then he could at least have left with his dignity intact. But being called to her office like this. And he was sure, that everyone in the building must know what happened by now. Had he not been so dark skinned, he would have been a bright red from blushing. About ten minutes later, a crying Sharon came from the office. She had pulled the office door closed behind her. She never looked at Harold as she rushed from the office. The wait for him to be called felt like years. But in actuality, it had only been 10 minutes. The buzzing of the secretary’s phone sounded like his death toll. In a fog, he heard her call his name and tell him to go in.

Mrs. Penworth sat behind a big shiny wooden desk. Harold had never been in her office before. Any other time, he would have been taken by the breathtaking view from her wall of windows. He never noticed all the rich ornaments that adorned the room. His eyes were riveted on her stern red face. “Sit down, young man!” His legs felt weak as he sank into the big leather chair. She stared at him without saying a word. The silence stretched out until he thought he couldn’t stand it. Then she picked up a cup of coffee and sipped from it. He was caught at how delicately she held the cup. She looked at him over the rim. She set it down and touched a napkin to her lips.

“Can you explain what I walked in on?” She had not raised her voice and yet, to Harold it sounded cold and hard. Harold swallowed hard. “Uh, Mrs. Penworth…” He searched for words but none came. Then he just shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t explain it. I’d like to say I was drunk and it just happened but that would be a lie. Yes I had been drinking. But I should have known better. I let myself be swayed by Sharon’s obvious good looks. I know I’m fired and I won’t expect a good recommendation or severance pay.” Harold started to stand. “Sit down!” Mrs. Penworth slammed her hand on the desk and the resounding ‘crack’, made Harold jump.

Harold sank back down in the chair. He looked down at his feet. “Look at me when I talk to you, young man.” His eyes snapped up to be captured by the glare she gave him. Then she stood up and walked around the desk. She crossed her arms and leaned against the desk with her ass resting on the edge. “Yes, Harold! What you did was stupid. And ordinarily, I would fire your ass and think nothing of it. But I know what goes on around this building. Sharon is the office whore. Hell! She got where she is by sucking and fucking everyone of my Executives. But at least she was discrete about before.”

Harold swallowed again. He never expected Mrs. Penworth to be telling him this. “Harold! You have shown an awful lot of initiative since you were hired. And many people have spoken about the work you do. I am angry as hell, at what you have done. But even I know not to throw away a perfectly good employee. So I am going to let you off with a stern warning. If I ever hear of you fucking anyone in this office during working hours, I’ll have you thrown out on your black ass!” Her eyes bore into him and Harold wanted to squirm in his chair. “I’ve heard all about you and your 11 inch cock! How many other secretaries of this firm have you fucked?” She had spit that last word out.

Harold wanted to jump up and tell this old white bitch that it was none of her fucking business. But he needed this job. It was going to be his ticket out of the dirty, stinking ghetto he lived in. but Harold had never squealed on anyone in his life. He squared his shoulders and stared directly at Mrs. Penworth. “Mrs. Penworth! I’m not saying that I have fucked,” Harold imitated her with the word, “anyone else. And if I did, it wouldn’t be right or fair to them if I told you.” a cold smile crossed her face. “And if I told you that you can answer or be fired?” Harold looked back at her and shrugged. “I like this job, Mrs. Penworth! But not enough to betray any of my friends.”

Harold watched as a smile came over Mrs. Penworth’s face. “I can say one thing for you. You do have integrity! Most other young men would have spilled their guts to keep their job. Ok, Harold! Get to work.” She turned her back on him and walked back around her big desk and sat down. Harold stood up to leave, then stopped. “Mrs. Penworth?” She looked up from her papers. “Yes?” “Did Sharon get fired?” Mrs. Penworth looked at him and Harold felt like she was looking directly into him. Then she burst out laughing. “Why, Harold? You kept your job, why worry about her?”

Harold looked at Mrs. Penworth’s face then looked away. “I just wouldn’t feel right if I kept my job and she got fired. I mean Beylikdüzü Masöz Escort it was both our faults.” Mrs. Penworth studied him for a long time. Then she smiled. “Sit down Harold.” She stood up and walked around her desk again. “You are a very strange young man. And yet, I like the way you present yourself. You have integrity and you are not selfish. That says a lot about you. No! I didn’t fire Sharon. Sharon will have her own type of discipline later. She should have known better. She’s no novice to how things work in this office. And she knows the standards I expect of her.”

Mrs. Penworth’s voice had grown soft and gentle. She offered Harold a cup of coffee. They spent the next 20 minutes talking about the office, his work and how he enjoyed his job. At 10:30, Harold was sitting back in his own cubicle working on the project he had. He found out from Sharon later that night that she had indeed received her own form of discipline. The reason she had come crying from Mrs. Penworth’s office was because the woman had taken a long rod to her ass. 10 strokes across her ass with more promised later. And she had been forbidden to have anything to do with Harold sexually.

Harold had grown angry at the woman’s demands that Sharon leave him alone. How dare she! But Sharon explained to Harold that she had gotten her position as Executive Secretary by sleeping with the Executives. If she wanted to keep it, she couldn’t go around sleeping with the office help. Harold had to accept it, but he was mad as hell that he never got a chance to find out if the rumors about Sharon being a slut who loved to be fucked in all her holes were true. Things went along normally for the next three weeks. Then Harold got called to Mrs. Penworth’s office again.

Seated behind her big desk, she looked up as the secretary led in Harold. She smiled at him as she gestured for him to have a seat. She finished doing some paper work as he sat looking at her. Then she pushed the papers aside. “I have a very important dinner to attend. I would like you to accompany me as driver and escort. Would you like to do it?” Harold was struck by her request. “Yes, Mrs. Penworth! But I thought you had a driver.” Mrs. Penworth looked at him over the coffee cup she sipped. “Harold! You have shown me that you have integrity and you know how to keep your mouth shut. Some of the things that will be discussed are very confidential. I know I can trust you not to come back here and blab. Do you want it or not?”

Was this a test? Did she want to know if he would run back and tell everyone that he was driving her to an affair? Harold didn’t know what to say. “Yes, Mrs. Penworth. I’d like to be your driver and escort.” “Good! I suppose that you have a black suit and tie. Meet me at this address,” she handed him a slip of paper, “at 7 sharp.” She went back to her paper work. Harold put the slip of paper in his pocket and left. She never looked up as the door closed. At 7pm, he was standing at the door of the address he had been given. He looked around at the manicured lawn and was impressed when a white butler opened the door. He met Mrs. Penworth as she came out of a doorway.

She looked him up and down. Then told the butler to go and bring a black bow tie. She had Harold put it on then the butler opened the door. They went in her towncar. Harold drove and Mrs. Penworth sat in the back. During the ride, she gave him his instructions. He was to speak when spoken to, listen carefully and just sit quietly. They drove up to the gates of a mansion even bigger than Mrs. Penworth’s. Mrs. Penworth handed him a card and he slipped it into the box at the gate. The gate swung open electronically and they drove up the long driveway. Harold jumped out to open the door but a tuxedoed doorman had already opened her door. Harold gave him the keys and taking Mrs. Penworth’s arm led her inside.

To say that it was luxurious, would have been like saying the Grand Canyon was a ditch. Harold had never seen such expensive surroundings. They were led into an intimate restaurant. The tuxedoed waiter led them to a table where a woman in her 50’s was already seated. Mrs. Penworth introduced Harold as they sat down. The woman’s name was Mrs. Cotton. Harold had the presence of mind to pull out Mrs. Penworth’s chair. The two women talked over drinks. Harold had ordered plain club soda. Dinner was more than Harold could have ever expected. The steak was a thick as his wrist, and so tender, it melted in his mouth like cotton candy. After dinner Mrs. Penworth insisted that he have a brandy with them.

Harold did as he had been instructed. He didn’t offer anything to the conversation between the two women as they talked. Whenever anything was directed at him, he answered politely and honestly. Mrs. Penworth smiled at him a few times. But Harold noticed that Mrs. Cotton kept giving him secretive glances. She was not a bad looking woman. In fact, she looked damn good for her age. “Harold! Would you mind going to the Beylikdüzü Öğrenci Escort men’s room?” It might have sounded like a question, but he knew it was his cue to leave them alone. Harold went to the bathroom and when he finished he found them still in conversation.

A waiter came over and set a chair before him. Harold sat in the chair and tried not to look stupid as he waited for the women to finish. The waiter tapped him on the shoulder and directed him to join his table. No sooner did he sit down, did Mrs. Cotton get up and go to the ladies’ room. When she left, Mrs. Penworth leaned close to Harold. “How would you like to make $1500.00?” She said it the way someone else would ask if you wanted crème in your coffee. Harold didn’t know what to say. “What would I have to do, Mrs. Penworth?” Mrs. Penworth motioned to the waiter for another round of drinks. She waited until they had been delivered before she addressed Harold again.

“Mrs. Cotton is a very important business associate. She is the Vice president of a very important company. She heard about your 11 inch cock and would like to go to bed with you.” The look on Harold’s face must have said it all. “No Harold! I’m not asking you to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m just saying that I would be very grateful if you did this favor for me.” Harold couldn’t believe what she was asking of him. She was willing to pay him $1500.00 to sleep with this old woman. “Tonight?” That was all he could manage to answer. Mrs. Penworth smiled at him. “No! I didn’t bring you hear to pimp you to my friend. But in our business, talk gets around. She heard about what happened at the party. And she heard about how big you are. She asked me to bring you so she could see what you looked like. See how you handled yourself in a sophisticated setting.”

Harold closed his eyes and tried to picture Mrs. Cotton naked. She didn’t look at bad and Harold wasn’t stupid. That much money for fucking a white woman? Hell! For money like that, he would have fucked a gorilla. He agreed and Mrs. Penworth motioned for Mrs. Cotton to join them. It was set up for Harold to come back to this mansion tomorrow at 12 o’clock. He would be directed to a room where Mrs. Cotton would be waiting for him. After a final cup of coffee, they left the mansion. On the way home, Mrs. Penworth enlightened Harold to a few things about high finance business. She had gotten in the front seat with him when they got in the car. She had him drive home by a longer route.

“Harold! Forget about what you think, when it comes to big business. Women, run most of the large companies, in this country. Regardless, of the men who run around in $1000.00 suits, it’s the women behind them that make the deals. That mansion we just left is owned by a small group of women, including myself. That! Is where most of the deals are made! And that’s just the one in this state. Most of the women in these companies have married for money or position. They have been pampered most of their lives. They marry men with small minds and smaller dicks. And hearing about someone like you,” she looked down in his lap, “with 11 inches of hard meat between his thighs, drives them into a frenzy. They don’t give a damn about your color. All they care about is having their hot pussies stuffed.”

They drove in silence for awhile. Then Mrs. Penworth turned in her seat to look at Harold. “You have proved to me that you can keep you mouth shut. You also didn’t embarrass me at dinner tonight. Most of these women are real class acts. When they get a cold, you can bet, someone else holds the hankie while they blow their snot in it. You can’t treat them like common street cunts. They want to be fucked, but fucked with class and style. Think you can do that?” Harold’s mind whirled like a top. But he looked over at Mrs. Penworth and smiled. She didn’t look that bad herself. And if he fucked her, then he wouldn’t have to worry about losing his job, no matter what.

“And what about you Mrs. Penworth?” Mrs. Penworth looked at him for a long moment. Then she snorted out her laughter. “I don’t fuck my hired help!” Harold was taken back by her harsh comment. Then he heard her laugh. “No Harold! I’m not one of these hard up women. I don’t need, nor am I impressed with what you have between your legs. This can be a very good opportunity for you. Business is built on the contacts you make.” She said very little for the rest of the ride home. The next day, I went to work as usual. At 10 o’clock, Mrs. Penworth called me and told me I should leave for my appointment. I drove my raggedy car up the long driveway of the mansion.

This time, I was directed in a different direction than the restaurant. The butler led me to a door and silently walked away. I was told to open the door and let myself in. the room lights were dim. But, lying on a big bed, was Mrs. Cotton. She wore a very expensive nightgown. Very expensive, and very revealing! She lay propped up on the bed sipping champagne from a fluted glass. She held one up for me. I sat on the bed and gazed at her. No! She didn’t look bad at all! I sipped from my glass as we looked at each other. “You’re way overdressed. Why don’t you get comfortable and join me.” I smiled at her as I set my glass down. I faced her as I slowly undressed. I removed my jacket, tie and shirt. But her eyes were riveted on my crotch.

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