Ellie and Tom

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(Ellie and Tom met each other on a swingers website. After emailing each other a few times and exchanging photographs they began to write this story together. They are now in constant contact by email and telephone but have yet to actually meet each other. Should be fun when they do!)

He sat in the darkened kitchen feeling somewhat nervous. A few stray rays of sunlight filtered through the gap in the curtains above the kitchen sink and highlighted her face as she stood holding the kettle under the spurting tap. Tea, the greatest resource to create time and space for people to actually become somewhat comfortable in each others company.

He met her by chance in the supermarket. He was returning home from Cork where he had been visiting some friends. Passing through the quiet north Cork town, he decided to stop to buy some food as he had not been shopping for a few days. He saw her halfway down the narrow aisle. She was quite small but had a lovely sexy figure. Mmmm, he thought, very sexy indeed! He moved toward her and watched her crouch down to get something from one of the lower shelves. He drew up beside her and stopped. He was surprised at how horny he felt standing so close to her and was very aware that her head was very close to his cock which was starting to swell pleasurably. Becoming extremely embarrassed, he glanced all around and noticed the eggs in the upper shelf. He reached over her and grabbed a box of eggs. She was still bent over looking for baking soda or some such item that women always seemed to know about. Perfect, he thought, as he sidled in beside her. He could feel his cock getting slightly harder and the feeling excited him. He opened the pack to check the eggs and to prolong the warm feeling coursing through him.

“Oh bluddy ‘ell” he heard her mutter.

Glancing down, he watched her struggle to replace a split bag of flour which was spilling slowly around his feet. He danced back out of the way and careered into another woman with a trolley that was full to overflowing. He was hurled sideways into the shelves and the eggs went flying into the air, spun slowly in the direction of the nice blond haired lady with the soft English accent who was looking at him with amazement. The eggs began their decent, as eggs will do, and began to crash land around her, splattering her shoes, legs and skirt with yolk and egg white.

“Oh my god, Are you okay?” he asked her.

She looked at the mess all around her and he thought she might cry. He reached out his hand to assist her to her feet as a floor manager came scurrying along to investigate.

“I am terribly sorry” he said and suddenly smiled at her, “at least none of them landed on your head eh?”

She didn’t look at all pleased.

“Can I offer you a cup of coffee or help you in any way?” he asked her, more sheepishly this time.

“Ellie,” a pretty woman and a stern voice called out. “Ellie, are you alright?” “What is that man doing to you?” A pretty woman with raven black hair was striding toward them looking very businesslike and cross.

“Oh hi Susan. It was just an accident. I’m fine really” she replied. “I spilled some flour and he just stepped out of the way and was nearly run over by Vivienne. He then threw all his eggs at me out of spite!” she grinned at me.

“Men!” Susan muttered, glaring at him. “Is Jim with you?” she asked.

“No, he is at that tractor fair in the midlands. You know that!” she said with some emphasis.

“I know,” Susan replied, her face colouring a little. “I just wanted this man to know you are married.”

“Susan!” Ellie exclaimed, looking at her friend in amazement.

“Yea, sorry Ellie. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. I’ll see you later ok?”

She smiled again and turned and walked away.

Tom watched her swing her nice ass as she walked away.

‘Nice ass’ he said without realising.

‘I’ll tell her you think so’ said Ellie with a grin as she watched him blush with embarrassment.

‘Eh, sorry,’ he mumbled. ‘Listen, can I get you a coffee or something. I feel awful about what happened.’

‘No, not at all’ she replied, ‘I’m fine. I’ll just get these few things and get a taxi home.’

‘Listen Ellie. May I call you Ellie?’ he asked.

She smiled. She had a wonderful smile. Her face became radiant and it was a pleasure to be near her. He felt a thrill shoot up his spine as he watched her.

‘It is my name,’ she said.

‘Well Ellie, I will bring you home. It’s the least I can do.’

Seeing the hesitation on her face he took her hand in his and said ‘I want to bring you home. I’m Tom. I think we have met before, although never face to face. I stopped here today in the vague hope that I would run into you and now here we are.’ He squeezed her hand gently.

‘What?’ she said, incredulously. ‘What are you talking about?’ She looked a little frightened and very taken aback.

Tom’s hopes faded as he watched her. ‘Shit,’ he thought, ‘wrong woman’.

‘I’m very sorry,’ he said. ‘I heard your name and just assumed you were the gaziantep escort woman I had met on the inter em ah net,’ he faltered as he spoke for fear she would think him a total pervert.

Ellie just looked at him.

‘I need to go home,’ she said. ‘C’mon, just leave all that stuff and drive me home please.’ She turned and walked to the exit.

He lowered his basket and left it on the floor beside the mess made with the eggs and flour and followed her outside.

He directed her to his car in the carpark and they drove along the narrow winding road in almost total silence, the exception being the occasional instruction regarding what turn to take. They drew up outside a nice new bungalow. It was neat and well maintained with flowers all around and hanging baskets along the eaves at the front beside the front door.

She got out of the car and left her door open. She made her way into the house and left the front door open also. He sat there totally bewildered, then, galvanising himself, he got out, closed both his and the passenger doors and headed to the front door to apologise and to say goodbye. He stood in the darkened hallway then slowly entered. Calling her name softly, he entered the darkened kitchen. She was standing facing the cooker, holding herself, seeming lost in thought.

He pulled out a chair quietly and slowly sat down, watching her. She moved to the sink and, picking up the kettle, began to fill it.

‘Would you like a cup of tea?’ she asked, not looking at him.

‘That would be nice,’ he replied, standing slowly.

He walked to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

‘It is you isn’t it? He asked, rubbing his hands up and down the outside of her upper arms in a gentle caressing motion.

‘Yes,’ she replied simply, leaning back into him. ‘it’s me alright,’ she sighed.

Slowly, his arms folded around her and he bent and kissed the top of her head.

‘Thank God,’ he murmured. ‘I thought I’d never find you!’

He place one hand over her breast. It felt soft and yielding, despite the hardness of the fabric of her bra under her silky blouse. Slowly, gently, he squeezed her breast and tilted her head to one side and kissed her soft white neck. He nuzzled into her, breathing in the fragrances from her perfume and her shampoo. His other hand found her other breast but just as he was starting to caress her, she pulled away.

‘Wait! Please wait a moment. We need to talk. I mean this…this is all so unexpected. I can’t! I can’t just do…this!’

He held her at arms length and looked into her eyes and what he saw there made him reach out to her. He held her face cupped between his two large hands and kissed her. She began to protest but very quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and they were locked in an embrace, the sensuality of which he had never experienced before in his life.

She was so lost in his arms as he was kissing her, forgetting everything, only experiencing the total sensuality of the moment. She could feel his cock getting so big in his jeans as his slight movements allowed her to feel it pressed into her stomach. Liking the feeling she moved her hips slightly forward to feel the full length of him pressing into her stomach.

She ran her fingers through his hair holding him tightly as they continued to kiss, feeling each other as their tongues touch and lick, totally locked together in deep passion.

One of his big hands held her shoulder and the other moved to her lower back gently pulling her closer. She could feel him slightly throbbing against her stomach, almost involuntary her hand started to slowly, very slowly trace its way down his face and neck, down his shirt, feeling his masculine chest beneath his thin cotton shirt. She could feel his nipples erect under her touch, and a thrill of excitement ran through her.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered the kettle and opened her eyes to look and saw it boiling merrily away as the kitchen began to fill with steam. He must have felt something at the same time for he could sense something not quite right and saw the steam filling the kitchen. Reluctantly, the kiss ended and looking deep into each others eyes they both smiled, before turning away to turn the kettle off and to make the tea. Ellie slowly lifted her hand up to Tom’s face and slowly traced her fingers down his cheek saying to him

‘I am so glad you came and found me.’

Having seen the smile widen on Tom’s face, Ellie turned back to the kettle, worry starting to make its way back again. Seeing the slight frown on her face Tom came back to her side and slid his arms around her shoulders and hugged her close, whilst kissing her again on the top of her head saying

‘Everything is going to be fine. Don’t worry,’ he reassured her.

Relaxing a little, she returned to the task of filling the pot and getting the cups out of the cupboard.

His hand reached up under her arm and cupped her breast again. His other hand moved over her tummy and konya escort he pulled her gently back to him. His cock was getting rigid now and he pressed himself hard and suggestively against her, fondling her body as he did so.

‘I think we can forget about the tea for a while. What d’you think?’ he murmured into her ear and he kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe.

Sighing with apparent pleasure, Ellie put the cups down on the worktop and leaned back into him, wriggling her bum against his now throbbing cock.

His hands began to move over her, investigating each part of her, caressing, squeezing, stroking. He half turned her so that he could kiss her lips. Raising one hand to the side of her face he kissed her passionately, savouring the softness of her full lips. He sucked gently on her lower lip while his tongue darted between her lips to meet hers. He ran the tip of his tongue over her white hard teeth then sank it deep into her mouth, reaching and tasting each and every part of her mouth, savouring her. Meanwhile, his other hand was caressing her breast. He began to open the buttons of her blouse but, unlike in the movies, this seemed more difficult than he had anticipated. He began to feel a little panic for fear she would think him an incompetent lover and push him away but was relieved and gladdened to feel her small hand rubbing itself over the buttons of his jeans as she caressed his swollen cock. He kissed her more deeply and began to get her buttons open. He tugged at her blouse to get it out of her skirt and ran his hand over her breast again.

‘God Ellie, you feel so good. I want to make love to you right now.’

She smiled up at him. ‘Really,’ she said, ‘I’d never have guessed!’

Then she kissed him hard and, opening two of his buttons, reached her hand inside his jeans and grabbed his cock and began to squeeze him tenderly.

‘Mmmm,’ she murmured, ‘I want this and I want it now!’

He picked her up bodily from the floor and, with one movement of his outstretched arm, he cleared a space for her on the table. He lowered her as gently as he could onto the table so that she was lying back looking up at him. He placed his two hands on her blouse and ripped the remaining buttons open. He bent down and kissed her again while his arm raised her to enable him unclasp her bra. Once open, she worked one strap over one arm down through the sleeve of her blouse. He stood back and looked at her. She became a little tense but relaxed when he said

‘Jesus Ellie, you are really beautiful.’

With that, he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal a toned body and, slowly, looking at her lying before him, he slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons of his jeans and pushed them to the floor to reveal his large thick swollen cock swaying in the air in front of her, like a snake seeking her out.

She couldn’t believe how she was feeling as she was laid on the table, that morning she woke up to a day with nothing much exciting planned at all, just a little shopping and now she had just been laid on her dining room table by her sexy friend from the Internet, Tom. Her heart skipped a beat as looking up into his eyes she could see how much he wanted her.

She was a little shy as he started to undo her blouse and remove her bra, as he gazed down at her naked breasts she could see from the look in his eyes he how much he wanted them, her hand was holding and gently squeezing his cock and she could feel him throb as he looked down on her.

He then stepped back, too far for her to reach his cock with her hand, for a second she was a little frightened that he had changed his mind and was going to make a bolt for the door. When he started to remove his shirt, the fear left her as she watched him undo his jeans and let them slide to the floor. He stood in front of her naked, looking wonderful. She could see that he too was a little shy.

She again reached out and took hold of his cock in her hand and started to squeeze quite tightly whilst moving her hand to the very tip, she could feel him starting to get a little wet, with her free hand she ran her fingers up though his hair and slowly pushed his head down to her breast, his tongue teasingly started to lick her nipple as it grew bigger in response to his touch. His other hand was holding her other breast whilst his fingers were squeezing and rolling her nipples, His tongue was flicking and sucking as her nipple grew bigger and bigger.

She could feel how wet she was becoming as he was licking her nipple, a little moan escaped her lips as she arched her back up towards his mouth,

‘Oh Tom that feels so good don’t stop’.

‘Don’t you worry, my love,’ he murmured into her breast, ‘I have no intention of ever stopping!’

He sucked on her breast, taking her entire nipple and aureole into his mouth. She popped out of his mouth but he stayed with her, this time running his teeth gently over her nipples. He held her very gently between his teeth and pulled, loving the feel of her ever hardening nipple kayseri escort as she grew in his mouth. His hands began to explore her body as his mouth moved up from her nipples and he began to lick her neck. Her head moved against his as she relished the tingling sensations shooting up her. He burrowed deeper to keep her thrilled until she laughed out loud with pleasure. He raised his head and they looked into each others eyes. They kissed with a mounting intensity.

‘Christ,’ he thought, ‘she is fantastic!’

He held her head between his hands and planted little kisses all over her face, on the tip of her nose, her eyelids, her cheeks, her forehead, all over. He kissed her lips again and moved to her shoulders, down over her breasts again, onto her soft white tummy. He laid his head sideways on her and, looking down, ran his hand over her pussy. She felt hot to the touch and very damp.

‘My my, you are a horny girl, now aren’t you?’ he asked.

She laughed and pushed his head toward her pussy.

‘Lets see if you are as good at doing me as you always said you’d be. I want you to make me come on your tongue!’ she said.

‘God, I love a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it, no matter how naughty eh? he said, moving between her opening thighs.

He stood over her and admired her. She had one hand on her breast and the other was on her tummy, moving toward her pussy.

‘Back woman,’ he ordered, holding his erect cock in his hand and beating it against her advancing hand.

She giggled as she withdrew and he used his manhood ‘whip’ playfully on her pussy, savouring the feel of her against him.

He dropped to his knees and buried his face in her mound, inhaling her deeply just like a connoisseur would with a good wine.

‘Mmmm… excellent bouquet,’ he said. ‘Definitely a good year!’

So saying, he opened her pussy lips with his fingers and stared at her. She was just starting to feel a little freaked out, for she was unused to having her pussy examined so closely, when a dart of pleasure shot through her as his tongue licked the entire inside of her lips from her vagina to her clit in one long, slow even stroke. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at him just as he looked up at her. She laughed when she saw his new moustache, or what looked like a moustache, made from her pussy hair just under his nose.

‘Mmmm.. that moustache suits you,’ she said smiling at him.

He responded by opening up and taking her entire pubic mound into his mouth. His teeth gently clamped down on her and he shook his head gently from side to side, a bit like a dog with his favourite bone. He released her and, with the tip of his tongue, started flicking her clitoris. She sighed with pleasure and lay back down on the table, pulling his jacket under her head as a cushion. He reached down and took hold of her ankles and raised them so that her feet were firmly planted on his shoulders. With her knees high in the air and spreading out wide, he had easy access to her succulent pussy. He buried his face in her, inhaling deeply as he did so. His tongue started to flick her clit again and, moving a little lower, he began to use it on her vagina, darting in and out of her as his nose rubbed against her clit. Slowly, he began to tongue fuck her, moving his head in a clockwise motion to increase the sensation of him both inside and outside her pussy.

Ellie began to pant as the sensations in her pussy began to rip through here. She felt his large hand squeeze her breast gently. The sensations mounted through her body. She tensed in anticipation of her first orgasm with him. She could feel it rising within her. Her breath came in ever shortening gasps.

‘Oh God, oh god, oh, oh, oh, ooooh, oh fuck, oh my god,’ she gasped and suddenly, wave after wave of pleasure washed over her as she orgasmed, right on his face. She felt her juices flood from her pussy as she bucked like a wild demon against him. Her hands were clamped tightly on his head, holding him tight to her as she bucked her dripping pussy against his face.

He remained attached to her, as though he were glued to her pussy. She began to descend from her orgasmic high when his tongue started licking her again. She could feel him drinking her excess fluids and, when she tried to move him back, he refused to go. She began to panic a little for she was feeling very sensitive and unsure what he expected of her. He kissed her clitoris gently and looking up into her eyes, he asked her to just relax.

She lay back and stared up at the ceiling. His tongue probed her vagina again but as he moved up slightly, she felt him suck on her clit.

‘I’m just going to suck your little cock pet. I expect you to cum in my mouth, ok!?’

She was flummoxed by this statement, but when she felt him suck her hard enough so that her entire clitoris stretched out and into his mouth, she gasped at the pleasure of it. Now he was using his teeth on her. Gently, ever so gently, he sucked her clit into his mouth and held her between his tongue and his upper teeth. Slowly, he raised his head, extending her, stretching her, until she popped out of his mouth. She could feel another orgasm on her horizon. Slowly, ever so slowly, it mounted through her. The sensations from her clit and her breasts intermingled until she arched her back again and bucked against.

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