Encounter in Birmingham


The flight from Chicago was uneventful. Standard fair — no meal and oversold. Fortunately I had an aisle seat and the girl next to me was not unattractive. She was a student majoring in English literature at Northwestern, heading home to Birmingham for a few days of family time. She liked old punk rock, vodka tonics and night clubs. I don’t normally talk to fellow passengers, but something about her was fascinating me this trip. It may have been her dark roots, or her brown eyes, or simply the fact that I hadn’t been laid in a few weeks and any feminine conversation was welcomed. As the plane touched down I wanted to ask her for dinner and drinks, but in typical form I played the nice guy, wished her well, shifted my cock so its hardness wasn’t too noticeable, and was on my way, hauling my roller bag up the aisle and trying to not be clumsy in the process.

I checked into the Holiday Inn near the airport. Standard fair, again. It’s clean, smells like all Holiday Inns. After unpacking my bags I decided I’m not hungry, but damn a cocktail sounds good. I’m mid way through a two week trip, it’s Saturday night, I might as well head down to the bar and see who’s there. As I wander in to the Steel City Bar a few couples finishing dinner at the tables, some single folks sitting at the bar watching basketball. Nothing too interesting. I take a stool at the bar, order a martini, vodka — dirty – up, and prepare to be bored again.

Then she walks in. A saunter of reddish hair and lipstick. She sits two stools down the bar and orders a cocktail. As I’m snacking on the mixed nuts and sipping my own cocktail she glances over at me and smiles. I smile back and try my damnedest to look her in the eye as I do.

“Hi,” she says.


Then there’s that moment of awkwardness, where I never seem to know what to say. Fortunately she takes control.

“How’s the martini? Barry makes good ones.”

“It’s good, yeah. Thanks. So you’ve had his cocktails before, have you.”

“Yes, I’m here every few weeks it seems.”

It was then that I noticed her clothes, like a uniform without the jacket.

“You’re a flight attendant?” I ventured.

“Yes,” she replied. “How’d you guess?”

“Your clothes and the fact that you’re here periodically. My name’s Iain.”

“I’m Krista,” she said. “You here on business?”


“What do you do?” she asked as she slid a stool over to be next to me.

“I’m a geek,” I replied wryly. “Network security. Not very interesting to most people.”

“Heh,” she chuckled. “Definitely not to me. You travel a lot?”

“Yes. We have customers all over the place.”

The awkward silence returned as we sat drinking our respective cocktails. As she finished her’s she started to prepare to leave.

“Can I buy you another?” I ventured. She paused for a moment, looking me over, then sat back down . “Sure, why not?” she replied, much to my relief.

“What’ll it be?”

“I’ll have what you’re having.”

I ordered two more dirty vodka martinis and our conversation picked back up, ranging from music to children to sports to the latest headlines from the global stage. As I carried on about some meaningless topic she picked up the swizzle and started licking the vodka off the olives, then sensually wrapped her lips around the first one and sucked it off the stick. My mind raced, imagining that tongue running up my shaft and those Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort lips wrapping around the head of my cock. I faltered and she giggled. Words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth. She ran her tongue over her lips, catching a drop of vodka, then started stroking the stem of her glass as she looked down at it.

“That was, uh, very sexy,” I heard my voice say. Damn, why am I such a fucking geek!?! She looked back up and caught me right in the eye with a sexy grin.

“Hmm…” she smirked. “You like that?”

“Sure did.” I could feel my face flushing and the blood rushing to my groin. She put her hand on my arm and squeezed it gently.

“What room are you in?” she asked.


“See you there in 20 minutes,” she said as she drained her glass and smiled at me, her eyes glinting in hungry excitement. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She stood up and walked out without looking back. I clumsily called for the bill and Barry dropped it by, a knowing look on his face. I paid the bill, gathered myself up and headed back to my room.

A few minutes later there was a light tapping on the door. I opened it up and there she was, looking slightly awkward.

“Good, I remembered the number right.” she said nervously as I beckoned her into the room. She stepped through and as she passed she ran her hand over my now hard package straining at the seams. “Nice…” she grinned. I closed the door and stepped up to her, reveling in the electricity of the moment. I reached around the small of her back and pulled her in to me, pressing my hard cock against her as our lips met, spreading quickly to let our tongues dance. My hand found her ample breasts and I started tweaking her nipple. She moaned in my mouth and I could taste her excitement building. Our kiss broke and she pulled me to the bed side, anxiously undoing my shirt as we moved. I pulled her blouse over her head, reached around and undid her bra as she pushed off my shirt. Quickly she pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor, running her hands up my chest and behind my head, pulling my face to hers as we resumed our passionate kiss.

The taste of olives and vodka permeated my senses, gradually making way for the smell of her perfume twinged with sexual excitement. She reached between us and undid my buckle, ravishing the closure to my pants and sliding down the zipper of my fly. My cock was rock hard as she slipped her hand down my shorts and grabbed it, again moaning in my mouth as she felt the precome slide over her palm. She gripped hard, squeezing the shaft and slowly twisting her hand around it. I could feel my own libido screaming in excitement. She pulled away from our lip lock and looked hungrily at me.

“How long has it been?” she asked huskily.

“Weeks,” I replied.

“Then I better get the first one out of the way” she said as she dropped to her knees. Expertly she ran her tongue up the steel hard shaft of my cock, just like she did to the olives. She wrapped her lips around my cock head and started sucking while pulling at the shaft with both hands. I could feel her tongue rapidly flipping over my slit and I started to moan. She popped off and ran her hands over the tip and lustily stared up at me.

“Come for me, baby,” she intoned, “I want to eat your come.” Then she started sucking the head again and I could barely hold back. Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort This was the best blow job I’d ever had and I wanted it to last. I wrapped my hands in her hair and started fucking her mouth. She took it all in and grabbed my ass. I could feel my load building quickly. As I erupted come into her mouth she moaned heavily and slurped up every drop, pulling hard at my cock to make sure nothing was missed. As I calmed down she looked up at me, opened her mouth to show me my load, then swallowed it and smiled. I pulled her back up to her feet and locked lips with her again, tasting the saltiness of my own jizz on her lips, running my tongue through her mouth and shuddering slightly as the last waves of orgasm swept over me.

Holding her in my arms as we kissed I realized my pants we still around my ankles, and hers were still done up! I kicked off my shoes and slipped out of my trousers as I worked hers off. I pulled away from her face and kissed her cheek, her neck, then found her breasts with my lips and sucked on her nipples while I worked her pants down. She stepped out of them and, as she raised her leg, I slipped my hand between her thighs to see how wet she was. As I gnawed at her nipple my fingers touched her soaking clit and she shuddered in excitement and spread her legs wider. I worked down her belly and was on my knees, running my tongue around her smoothly shaved cunt.

“Eat me,” she begged.

“No,” I said.

“WHAT?” she cried.

“No. I don’t think your ready for it yet,” I said as I squeezed her ass.

“You fucker! Eat my pussy NOW!” she demanded, grabbing the back of my head and pulling it into her crotch. I kept my mouth closed and let her rub her clit over my face. “Eat me you fucking bastard, NOW! I NEED YOU TO FUCKING EAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!” She wrapped her leg around my neck and pulled me in tighter, smearing her creamy juices all over my face. It smelled delicious and it was all I could do to not open up and just suck away. She humped my face and kept moaning “Eat me, you asshole. Eat my pussy. I want to come on your face.” I clenched her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, touching her asshole and rubbing her clit with my closed mouth. She moaned louder and pulled my face harder against her. Enough tormenting. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue deep into her hole, running my upper lip over her clit. She started moaning “yes, yes, like that” as I started to suck her clit. She arched her back as she grabbed my head for balance, standing on one leg with one wrapped around my shoulder. I fingered her asshole and started sucking her clit with everything I had, licking it up and down, working my finger slowly into her ass as she bucked and moaned against my head. We kept at this for what seemed ages until, with a shuddering spasm, she screamed and came on my face, gushing juices so tasty that I was overwhelmed, letting it dribble down my chin and drip on the floor. As she calmed down I eased her gently back onto the bed, kissed her clit one last time then climbed up next to her. She grabbed my face and started licking her pussy juice off of me.

“Thanks,” she said. “I really needed that.”

“Likewise.” I replied.

We pulled back the covers and climbed into the bed next to each other. As I spooned her from behind we talked about life, traveling, giggling at silly stories. My cock started getting hard again Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort as I held her from behind. She arched her back and pressed her butt against me.

“Feels like you’re ready for more,” she purred.

I reached down and lifted her leg, exposing her gaping pussy for easy entry. I slowly pushed my now hard dick into her dripping hole, gradually turning her onto her back and sliding my leg up so it bumped her clit. Grabbing her tit with my hand I planted a sloppy kiss on her mouth as I thrust deeper into her. She responded with a hungry kiss and, arching her back again, let me get deep inside her. Slowly, methodically, I started working my cock in and out of her tight, wet cunt. It felt so good to fuck this woman after making her cum only a short while before. Her pussy was swollen and ready. I kept the pace gradual and deep, letting my cock fill her inch by inch, then pull out gradually while her clit ground against my thigh. Her moans started intensifying and her kisses became more passionate. My balls were ready to explode in her… it was nearly impossible to not come again. This sexy, passionate, hot woman was fucking my cock and moaning and writhing in my arms and all I wanted was for her to come again.

“Fuck me doggy,” she begged.

“No… I want to fuck you like this,” I retorted.

“No. I need you to fuck me doggy.” I could feel her violent streak building again. “Fuck me doggy you bastard.” I figured this was a good time to play with her. I pulled out my cock and she immediately got onto her hands and knees, expecting me to take her from behind. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it, pointing it at her face.

“Maybe I should just jack off on your face,” I said.

“No. Fuck me doggy NOW,” she begged.

“Is that what you really want, Krista? You want me to come in you from behind?” I teased as I stroked my cock a few inches away from her face.


“OK,” I shrugged as I walked around the bed. She backed up to the edge, her feet hanging off, and I slipped my cock into her. Immediately she started moaning and panting.

“Oh, yes, oh yes, fuck me like that. Fuck my wet pussy like that!”

“You like it like this, don’t you, you horny girl.”

“Yes. Yes, oh yesssss. Oh, god, that’s good. Oooohh fuck me, yes, fuck my wet PUSSY. OH, FUCK, yes, yes, fuck me, ungh, yes, god fucking damnit fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me come baby come fuck me I want your come fuck me oh god yes yes yes fuuuuuuck me harder deeper fuck me yes oh my GOD I want your cock oh fuck it feels good in me come baby oh yesssss.” We kept at this for as long as I could take it, her pushing back onto my cock and begging me to fuck her harder and faster and telling me how good it felt. With a roar of ecstasy I shot my load deep into her pussy, collapsing onto her back as she looked back at me, our mouths meeting again as I pumped the last of my load into her. Nearly spent, I flipped her on to her back and, not wanting to waste her passion, dove on to her pussy with my mouth in vengeance, licking and sucking at her clit, tasting my come mingled with her juices. Again she arched her back. Again she screamed and came long and hard as I slurped and sucked at her. For what seemed for ever she was overcome by waves of orgasm as I teased and licked at her swollen clit. Over and over she came, howling and moaning as her juice gushed out and I thirstily lapped it up. Finally, with her legs wrapped over my back, she pushed my head away and begged “No more, I can’t take any more.” Giggling softly to ourselves we climbed back under the covers, snuggling quietly until sleep took over. As I lay there with her in my arms I could only think of the fun we would have tomorrow…

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