Entrance into incest Ch. 01

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I moved out of my parents’ house two days after I turned 19. I was going to start school across the country for the next three years. It was a new and amazing experience for me, for the first time I was living by myself and had total freedom, as a horny young guy that meant only a few things.

Unfortunately I had just moved there and did not know too many people. So it was a little harder to meet a cute girl to bring back to my apartment.

This led to me jacking off a lot more then I had planed when I thought about having a bachelors pad.

The main reason I chose to move that far was I had family there that I haven’t seen in years, my uncle and two cousins and all their wives and kids.

I had never met any of my cousins their wives or kids so I was in for a big shock when I first seen them. Both of their wives were drop dead gorgeous.

I went over my cousins Mike’s house to meet all of them for the first time and they were all out in the back by the pool. I met Mike at the front door and when we walked in the back I had a rock hard dick within 10 seconds.

Both of the wives were laying down tanning with their barely covered pussies’ right in my face. One of them was wearing a thong bikini as well. I walked over there and introduced myself. I think Tracy, Mike’s wife seen my hard dick because she gave me this sly smile as I introduced myself. She was the one wearing the tooth floss for a bikini.

Later we were all sitting around the table in the back yard when two young sexy girls walked though the back gate.

My other cousin Pat jumped up and introduced her as his 17 year old daughter Jamie, and the other girl as her friend Casey.

Jamie was one of the most stunning girls I have ever seen. Why did she have to be 17, and part on my family?

I was surrounded by beautiful women in the smallest bathing suits they could fit on. I just looked at my two cousins and thought about how lucky they were.

Needles to say I went back to my apartment that night and pulled my rock hard cock out of my pants just as I entered the front door. I went right to the PC and started looking at some porn.

I was on this one website that had different galleries on it with different types of porn, one of them was incest. Incest was never really a turn on for me before, but now all I could think about was these beautiful women that I was around today that were now in my family. Thinking with my smaller head I clicked on it and that’s when I seen a brother/sister category.

Right after I read that images of my sister Ashley started popping in my head. Now she’s a beautiful women but I never really thought of me and her fucking. Sure I knew she was sexy and I’d be lying if I said I never spied on her or jacked off to thinking about her. But that was before I ever got to see another girl naked.

Now I was completely hard on the taboo subject and thoughts of Ashley started popping in my head and I couldn’t get rid of them. So I finally decided to give into my fantasies. Then a thought accrued to me and I went to her face book page to get a better mental image. What I found was almost better then my imagination. She had so many sexy pictures of her in bathing suits and other sexy clothes.

After this I became obsessed with incest my sister and almost every girl in my family. I still was out trying to get other girls. I managed to get a few from my school back to my apartment but the whole time I was pretending they were my sister. I even started looking for girls that reminded me of her.

It was about 5 months after I moved there that I got a call from my sister Ashley one day and she sounded so happy to hear from me and she said she wanted to come down for vacation sometime soon.

I told her I would love nothing more and I was so excited. Then she said she wanted to bring a friend with her. At first I was sad because I wanted to spend the whole time with her. But them my pervert brain went off and I thought of all the kinky possibilities the three of us could do, quickly dismissing that as me just being a perv.

About a week before she came down she called me and told me her friend would be coming down two days after her. This made me happy because we could spend more time with each other.

The day finally came and I was sitting at the airport waiting for her to come down out of the terminal, she was the last one out. I could see her all the way down at the end. She was even more beautiful then I remembered.

It was then I had to remember she was my sister and not just any girl it made me sad thinking about that.

As Ashley got closer I had a much better view of her. I’m not sure if she got hotter or it’s just because I wanted to fuck her. But she looked sexy as hell.

She had blond hair with those bangs that cover just one eye. The one eye I could see was blue as the water in the Bahamas. She had a short dress on that was very thin and showed every curve she had. Her figure was beautiful, small waist that widened out to fit her ass. Nice long legs, small diyarbakır escort but beautiful breast that were so perky they didn’t sag the slightest. I’m guessing she weighed around 110 lbs

Once she seen me she ran up to me and jumped to hug me. It had been years since she hugged me like that. She squeezed me and I could feel her breast pressed up against me.

I held her up in the air for a few seconds and then dropped her down staying in the hug. It took everything in me not to reach down and grab her ass.

She grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips. It was quick and could be considered as a sibling kiss, but it still surprised me.

We went down and picked up her two massive suit cases that could have lasted her a year, yet she was only staying for two weeks.

I joked about her being a woman and needing so many extra clothes. She just jabbed me in the ribs and jokingly told me to shut up. And of course I had to haul her bigger suitcase out to the truck.

Being the gentlemen I am I opened the door to the truck for her.

We were just pulling out of the airport when she reached under her shirt and pulled off her bra, throwing it on the seat between us.

She just said

“I hate wearing those things it’s not like I need them my breasts are way to small anyways.”

I didn’t mean to say it but it just slipped out.

“You have beautiful breast I love them.”

As soon as I said it I regretted it. There was an awkward silence after that for a while as we drove back to my apartment. The whole time her sexy laced bra was in the corner of my eye. And she was moving all over the place looking at everything so her dress kept riding up her thighs.

We stopped at the grocery store so she could pick up a bottle of vodka. On the way back to the liquor we walked though the frozen food section and I could see her nipples clearly without her bra on.

We got back to my apartment and I realized she must be tired from flying all day so I let her lay down on the couch and we just watched TV for the night. She made us both a mix drink.

I ordered us some pizza so we didn’t have to cook. After we ate I pulled out the bong and started burning. Knowing Ashley didn’t smoke much I didn’t ask her if she wanted to. Then she finally sat up on the couch and asked if she could hit it. This was the first time she has ever wanted to smoke with me.

We sat there and got baked for a while laughing at anything and everything.

When she got up to smoke she sat up and wrapped her legs around me when she did this her sun dress road up her legs reveling her panties to me they were so sexy. They were skin tight and so skimpy. I could see the outline of her pussy and even the fold going down the center.

Either she didn’t notice or didn’t care but she made no attempt to cover herself.

I so badly just wanted to reach down and grab her. But I was still a little bit sane. I thought there was no way she would ever let me do anything with her. I figured as soon as I tried anything she would go running to my uncle’s house. And my life would be ruined.

But then again she did seem to be teasing me all day today.

Then she started to get tired and laid down on the couch with a blanket on top of her.

I sat on the other end with her feet behind my back. After a while I said I was cold and grabbed her blanket and threw it over me.

We were now touching skin to skin. I had my feet curled up touching her upper thighs under her sundress.

She must have cramped up in her feet from me basically sitting on them. Because she pulled them out and threw them over my lap I instinctively grabbed her foot and started rubbing it.

She must have fallen asleep because she was mumbling in her sleep. When we were little she did this all the time and I would always try to talk back to her. No different this time I tried again.

I couldn’t understand what she was saying so I just kept asking her “what?” then I heard it, she said

“What are you waiting for…. why haven’t you tried anything.”

This caught me off guard I sat right back up and thought about it then about a minute later I heard her say again

“What you are waiting for.”

I then lifted her leg up and swung my foot under her thigh so now my foot was in-between her legs and only about 3 inches away from her crotch.

I started sliding my hand down her leg.

Just testing the water I would move to her knee and then back down becoming braver and braver every time moving further up. Until I was sliding my hand under her dress then like a sign from god she moved the legs apart to give me room. I slid my hand up resting it on the inside of her thigh on her panty edge. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy.

I moved my foot up first because if she really was sleeping and didn’t want this, then my foot would somewhat be easier to explain being on her pussy then my hand would.

I rested my foot flat on her pussy as soon as I made contact she slowly edirne escort pushed up with her hips just enough to let me know to continue.

Knowing this is what she wanted I reached my hand up and slowly slid my finger though her slit, over her thin panties.

All bets were off at this point I lifted the blanket over me and crawled under and up her body.

First I kissed her legs then around her panties then her stomach, slowly sliding her dress up with me.

I then got to her breast, one of my favorite parts about her. They were just as amazing as I pictured maybe better they were small, maybe a good hand full. Her areolas were about the size of a quarter and nipples that stuck strait up after I got done sucking on them.

I slowly took each of her nipples in my mouth sucking on it then pulling it with the suction of my mouth.

I finally got to her neck and lifted the dress off of her.

For the first time I looked down at her face. Her eyes were still red from smoking but she still had her bedroom eyes on that just screamed “fuck me.”

I Leaned down and went in for a kiss, at first she was hesitant but then went in for it.

We made out while grinding each other. After a few minutes I stopped kissing her and started my assault on her body I made the opposite pass on her working from her neck down, as soon as I got down by her pussy I got a much better view at her sexy laced panties.

There was a small damp spot on her crotch. I reached to pull them down and she gladly lifted her hips to help.

There it was the present I have been asking for. She had a beautiful perfect pussy. She had puffy lips with small labia. The only part sticking out was her clit hood.

I could smell her beautiful pussy and it was amazing. Her pussy was completely bear. Not a single hair on it. I found out later that she gets it waxed.

I started teasing her. At first I just planted a few kisses around her pussy. Then I just blew some cool air over her while I spread her lips.

She lifted her hips up to try to make contact but I pulled back. She put her hips back down and made this sad whimper as soon as she made that noise I dove in right for her clit.

She was already dripping wet when I made my assault on her. After working her clit for a while I moved down and starting fucking her with my tongue.

I looked up at her she still had her eyes closed but her hands were squeezing the blanket. And her stomach was doing the wave.

I went down further and licked her ass hole. She jumped made a quiet yelp and tried to squeeze her legs shut.

I could tell no one ever licked her there before.

I just told her to relax and she would love it. She laid back down this time with her head up watching me. I put a pillow under her hips to give me full access. She then lifted her left leg and threw it over the back of the couch. Spreading her lips for me

I went back down and started eating her out again while making eye contact with her. Then slowly went down to her ass. She took a deep breath just as I sunk my tongue in her as I was rubbing her clit. I could tell she loved it she leaned her head back then started moaning. This sent me over the edge I went crazy.

After a little longer I stood up and she was out of breath just panting on the couch.

I stood over her as she watched me I moved over to the other side by her face and dropped my pajama pants down.

I wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath so my forbidden dick was on display to the one person that shouldn’t be seeing it most.

She sat up on the couch and took my dick in her hand and started rubbing it.

I have about an average cock it’s about 6 and a half inches. Not too thick but no one has complained yet.

I used to be self conscious about my size, but the first girl to ever suck my cock was this older woman on a cruise ship. And she said most of the men she was with were smaller than me and I was young when that happened.

Ashley quickly took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I could tell this is not the first time she had a dick in her mouth. And I didn’t expect it to be. She has had boys chasing her since she was young.

My dicks not that big but she had the whole thing in her mouth grinding her nose into my pelvis.

I was looking down at her the whole time and then she looked up with her big blue eyes, they were so sexy and sent me over the edge and I shot a huge load into her mouth without warning.

She choked and started coughing and spiting cum everywhere. I felt so bad I didn’t mean to, it happened so fast. She started hitting me and calling me an asshole.

I knew she wasn’t really that mad so I grabbed her wrist and pinned her down, so she couldn’t hit me anymore.

We fell of the couch and I pinned her down on the floor as we both just started laughing. I told her I was sorry and would do anything to make it up to her.

Not sure if she was joking but she told me to swallow my next load and we’d be even.

We elazığ escort were still lying on the floor, our bodies twisted together wrapped up in the blanket.

My mind was racing I was wondering if that was as far as she would go, would we regret this, why did she do this, Ahhhhhhhhh.

My mind was going crazy. And the whole time she was just staring at the ceiling.

I started wondering what she was thinking.

Then she said the thing I was hoping for, she asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom.

I could not have been more excited. I leaped up and grabbed her in my arms she was so light she felt like a feather.

She just screamed and started laughing. And hit me twice in the back I told her to stop or I would hit her head on the doorway into the room.

Once we got there I threw her on the bed and told her to wait there. Pretending to be more serious then I was. She just called me a looser.

I was going to check to see if I had a condom. She told me she was on birth control but I told her I just wanted to be safe.

Truth is I had another reason to go over to the closet.

I know this might sound really bad but I like to tape girls having sex. I have never done anything with any of the tapes I have I just use them for myself later.

Me and my girlfriend in high school taped almost every time we fucked or did anything sexual. One time we even had her sister tape it for us so it wasn’t just a still camera. That one was my favorite because you could hear her sister breathing heavy and getting hot in the film as well.

I was blocking the camera from my sisters’ view. And turned it on and started the recording. Having done this before I had tape over the red dot that shows it’s recording so no one would ever tell.

I then looked for I condom but I really was out. That was fine with me I hated condoms and at least she was on the pill.

I turned around and told her I was out. She looked at me with her sad eyes and said

“Oh well I guess we can’t do it then.”

I told her a heart attack was the only thing that could stop me now and even then I would try.

I crawled on the bed next to her and we both locked eyes and leaned in for a kiss.

This was one of the most romantic kisses I’ve ever had.

She then shoved me down on the bed and took control. And I loved it. She started kissing down my body. She sucked and bit my nipples.

Then in one swoop toke my whole cock in her mouth sucked it a few times, and grabbed my balls.

Then she just stopped leaned up and stroked it for a while and asked me If I shave my balls because there bald.

I told her I did and my ass as well. She had to see this she lifted my legs and spread them so she had a full view of my ass hole.

No girl has ever seen me like that this close since my mom wiped my ass for me when I was a kid. Even that wasn’t this close.

She leaned in and gave it a whiff. I knew that for the most part I was clean back there but I hadn’t showered since this morning.

But she leaned in and licked it. I was surprised at this for someone who never had her own ass licked until today was now licking my ass while stroking my cock.

She then shoved a finger in my ass. It made me jump a bit. But to be honest it’s not the first time I’ve had something in my ass, it just surprised me.

I have always had an ass fetish someone else’s or my own.

Its true having something in your ass hitting that spot when you cum is amazing.

I told her to keep going and how good it felt and before I knew it she had two then three fingers in there.

Then she engulfed my cock into her mouth in less than thirty seconds I was about to cum,

This time I had plenty of warning and told her I was going to cum but she just kept on going.

Last second she lifted her head up and said

“Time to pay your debt.”

I knew what she meant and blew my load for the second time tonight in my sisters’ mouth.

After I shot the last rope into her she crawled up my body and over my mouth started dripping my own cum in my mouth. This was not the first time I’ve had cum in my mouth.

My own or my cousin jim’s.

But that’s for another story.

I didn’t tell her this and even pretended to be sickened out by this but it was such a turn on.

I grabbed her and flipped her over. I positioned my cock right at her pussy and looked at her eyes again just to make sure she didn’t want to back out.

She had her finger in her mouth and just nodded.

I slid my dick up and down her slit and got it all lubricated, slapped her clit a few times with the head of my dick. She grabbed it and aimed it right for her hole giver her what she wanted I slammed forward being sure not to push all in at once I pulled back out and jammed it back into her.

She was tighter than any girl and I had ever been with.

I told her boyfriends dick must be a pencil she just laughed and wrapped her legs around me.

I started sliding back out and then surprising her I jammed it into her. Again she made that yelping noise. I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulders and started slowly fucking her, feeling every bump and surface of her pussy. I then started slowly going faster and faster.

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