Erin’s Story Pt. 02


Erin paced in her living room, nervous. She wasn’t nervous because she had failed to understand or comply with any of Matt’s orders; she was nervous because of how quickly this had escalated. She started having doubts, when the doorbell rang. She went to it, with her hair up, and in the sluttiest shoes she owned, with no clothes on. She opened the door, to her neighborhood, but thankfully Matt’s frame blocked anyone’s view of it. He walked in with a duffel bag, and pointed to the chair, where she sat quietly, and politely.

Matt reached in his bag, and pulled out a black collar that said “Cumslut” in bright stones. He handed it to her and told her to put it on. She hesitated for a second, and felt a sharp sting across her face.

“I said to put it on, and I’m not in the habit of repeating myself. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Erin nodded while putting on the new collar, and tightening it against her own skin. That was when she realized the gravity of her putting it on herself. He handed her a smooth stainless steel necklace.

“This is for your everyday use; you are my property now, but we obviously can’t have you walking around with profanity on your neck. The cumslut one is to be worn at all times in the house now.”

Again, Erin nodded, “Yes, sir…”

“Good, then stand up and turn around for me.”

As Erin rose, she could feel porno his eyes seem to penetrate her, which caused that now-familiar tingle in her cunt. When she faced him again, he was holding two cuffs, and he strapped her in and hung them from the top of the door, causing her to stand on her toes to avoid having her shoulders pulled too painfully.

“No matter what happens, you are not to let those cuffs come off the door without my permission. Nod if you understand.”

Erin nodded while staring at the floor.

“That’s my good girl…”

Erin looked up and grinned at the title she had earned, and saw the whip in his hand. Many leather straps hung loosely by his side, and raised and fell in a beautiful unison across her tits and stomach. The snap was loud, but her scream of pain and surprise drowned it out. Before her voice had left the hallway, it was filled with another snap, and her skin began to brighten. Her thighs began to dampen, and Erin couldn’t tell if that was perspiration or her own slick pussy juice, but her thoughts were interrupted by the third crack of the whip.

And that was when her hands had slipped from the door…

She looked up fearfully at Matt’s large frame charging at her, he stopped just in front of her, and she felt him spit onto her face, just before a stinging hand came across her face. It was too much, so she anime porno swung around with the hardest slap she could muster, and amazingly, Matt did nothing to slow or stop it. He took her hit, smiled and returned the strike across the other side of her cheek. She swung again, but this time her hands were caught together in the cuff, and pressed high against the wall. Pinned with only one of his hands did nothing to dissuade her struggle, but the moment gave way as he wrapped his hands around her throat, and whispered in her ear.

“Feisty little cunt, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I haven’t found a bitch I couldn’t break, yet. I appreciate the struggle, so keep it up, and when you’re done, I’ll give you the fuck you’ve been looking forward to today.”

Erin began to calm down at the promise of his hard cock. She relaxed in his arms, and looked up at him as temptingly as possible.

“Please fuck your slave, master. You’ve been fucking with me all day, and now she needs it.”

Her eyes changed from pleading to hungry as she felt his hands move onto her ass, and lift her off the floor, she wrapped her legs around him, and felt her 36C tits mash against his chest, as he pressed her hard against the cold wall. Erin’s mouth open in a gasp when she felt the head of his cock, enter her pussy, and moaned with delight as he slowly let arap porno her body weight pull her down his shaft. She gasped in surprise when she felt a finger against her tight ass, and had to hold back her orgasm when the finger soaked with her dripping pussy juice slid inside of her.

Matt continued to fuck her at a fairly even pace to more and more of her pleasure, as she began to feel her muscles tighten, and she knew her orgasm was coming whether she was ready or not. Remembering the note from earlier, she asked him for permission to cum.

“Beg for it.”

“Please, daddy, please let your little slut cum. I NEED IT!”

“Cum for me, baby-girl.”

With those words, Erin lost her composure and writhed around on his dick as wave after wave or orgasm crashed down on her. As she finished, she was lowered onto her knees for the next part of the night. She immediately took Matt’s balls into her mouth, and alternated sucking them and licking his ass, while she rubbed her clit. Matt took the vibrations of her moans as extra inspiration, and started jerking off. As he was about to finish, he pulled by her hair in front of him, and came all over her beautiful smiling face.

She got up, and put on the outfit he had brought. Tight short skirt, and a bra for a top. She was under orders not to clean off her face. The doorbell rang, and their swinger friends entered. Erin provided the perfect slutty host, as she attended to all of the guests needs with Matt’s seed drying on her face. And he sat back and watched his guests appreciate his property in a pre-ordained, look but don’t touch event.

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