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My wife and I were married for nearly 25 years when we divorced. It was not a bitter divorce by any means. We just didn’t have anything in common anymore, in or out of bed. Sometimes people fall out of love just as easy as falling in love. Our children are grown and gone from home, so there was no need to continue the charade. I kept the house we lived in and she moved back home with her mother. Her mother loves the company, and her two brothers and sister are glad she is there to look after their mom. My ex-mother-in-law lost her husband to cancer a few years back. I have remained on friendly terms with all and still on occasion will go to family gatherings. Strange, huh?

As for my love life? I don’t have a steady nor am I looking for one. There is a woman who lives across the road from me, around my age, and a couple times a month we get together and have sex. No strings attached. She is happy. I am happy.

My wife has a younger sister and two brothers. They are all married, but not happily. This story deals with her older brother’s wife, Miki. She is average height, slightly overweight, short dark hair, and big brown eyes that have always made me melt. Her husband seems to be forever on business trips, so I am sure this leads to some of their problems. I know of at least one time when she had an affair with another man. But they remain married, but not happily.

I have always been able to talk and have fun with all the women of my wife’s family. Joking around, sexy talking, even playing with her younger sister’s tits on a few occasions while she would rub my cock through my pants. But Sherry is another story for another time.

So, I was not surprised when Miki called and invited me to her place for dinner the next evening. Her husband was away and she just needed to talk to and spend some time with someone. Their daughter had graduated from college and moved to another part of the country. I eagerly accepted and told her I would see her around 6 PM the next evening. I quickly went to the liquor store and purchased a bottle of Miki’s favorite wine. I masturbated that night, thinking of Miki.

Their house was on my way home from work, so it made sense for me to just stop after work, rather than go home, clean up and come back. When I arrived, Miki had asked me to park behind their barn, out of sight of the main road. They had purchased an old farm house(I could never fully comprehend why) and the barn was about 100 yards from the house. I parked the car and was walking toward the house with the bottle of wine, when I heard splashing sounds from behind the house. They have a swimming pool, so I thought Miki must be taking a relaxing swim before starting dinner.

When I turned around the corner of the house and walked through the gate that surrounds the pool, I saw Miki was in the water and what appeared to be someone else under the water at the far end. Miki and I exchanged hellos, then the person under the water popped up. It was Jodie, my ex’s younger brother’s wife. Jodie has long curly, dirty blonde hair that I have always wanted to jack off into. She has green eyes, slender body, and the nicest tits I have ever seen. They are big for her body type, but they are perfect. She has a habit of wearing short dresses that show off her gorgeous legs, low cut enough to show off her ample buxom. The one woman in the family I would love to fuck if I had a choice, or chance.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her there. After saying hello, Miki said that she invited Jodie for dinner and to stay beylikdüzü escort the night as they were getting up early to go shopping in the city. It just made sense for her to sleep there, rather than drive the 30 miles in the morning. Hey, the more the merrier I said. They both giggled like school girls.

Miki was wearing a one piece swim suit, while Jodie had on a thong bikini. They invited me into the pool, but as I already had about half a hardon, I claimed I couldn’t because I didn’t have anything to wear. Like that was going to work!!! They said no problem and both took off their suits. Damn. They were not making it easy for me. Both women’s nipples were erect, but no where near erect as the cock in my pants. I slowly took my clothes off, turning my back when I took off my pants. There I am, standing by the pool, naked, and the ladies are hooting and hollering like tramps at a Chippendale’s show. Funny. I turned around to get in the pool, and their cheering turned to lots of giggles. My cock was now jutting straight out, all 7 inches of it. I was embarrassed as hell. I quickly climbed in the pool.

The girls swam around me in a continuous circle, getting closer and closer to me each time around. There was some small talk about family and our jobs, but the closer they got to me, the less they were talking. I now know what it must feel like to be attacked by sharks, as they slowly swim around their prey before attacking. In this case, I was the prey. Not that I minded. When they got close to me, Miki gave me a little kiss on the lips, then Jodie followed, doing the same. We were in the middle of the pool making out like teenagers.

I pulled Miki close to me and kissed her hard on the lips, sticking my tongue in her mouth. Jodie, not wanting to be left out, pulled me away and kissed me just as hard. Man, I was loving this. We stood there for a few minutes just kissing. Miki first, then Jodie. Finally, I told them I wanted to watch them kiss each other. They looked at each other for a couple of seconds before Jodie leaned in and gave Miki a quick kiss on the lips, followed by another one, then another. Miki grabbed Jodie by the back of the head and kissed her hard, forcing her tongue into Jodie’s mouth. I just stood there and watched these two beautiful women kiss each other with a passion that I have never seen. I didn’t think that my cock could get any harder than it already was, but I swear, it did. We kissed for a few more minutes, when I started kissing Miki’s tits. She threw her head back and moaned as I gently bit her nipples. I offered her tits to Jodie, and without hesitation she started kissing and licking them. Miki and I then licked and sucked Jodie’s impressive boobs. This went on for a few minutes and we decided to go into the house to continue the activities.

Miki has a king size bed, so that was a plus. I laid down in the middle with Miki on my right and Jodie on my left. We kissed some more and they both moved down to my cock. They took turns licking my head and shaft. Up and down and around. I told Miki I wanted to taste her pussy, so she straddled my face, with her head point towards my cock. She was hot, she was wet, and she was delicious. As Jodie continued sucking my cock, I had her position her body so that her ass was pointed toward my head. I started fingering her pussy, found her clit, and she screamed as she had her first orgasm. I was licking Miki’s clit and she was grinding her pussy in my face, she too had an orgasm. Her body shook uncontrollably bolu escort and she begged me to keep eating her. Who am I to deny her what she wants? Jodie was still sucking my cock as I was fingering her pussy. I took Miki’s hand and led her fingers to Jodie’s cunt. She was unsure of herself at first, but I think she liked how she could make Jodie feel by changing the pressure and location of her fingers. Jodie and Miki both came at the same time and I thought it was time for a switch, but not before blowing my first load of the night down Jodie’s throat. She gagged a little when my hot demon seed found the back of her throat. But to her credit, she was able to take it all in her mouth and swallow it. Miki came again as I stuck my tongue in her asshole while she fingered herself with her free hand. She rolled off me and we all laid there for a few moments.

But not for long. I knew this may be a one time thing and I was going to take advantage of it, for sure. I wanted to taste Jodie and I wanted Jodie to taste Miki. Jodie laid on her back and I knelt between her legs. The aroma coming from her pussy was intoxicating. I dove right in and licked up all the pussy juices that she had spurted when she had come. I told Miki to set on Jodie’s face. They both looked at me with a little bit of fear as neither of them had ever been with a woman. I assured them that they would love it and I stuck my fingers in Jodie’s pussy and had Miki lick them clean. She agreed that it wasn’t the worst thing she had ever tasted, so she had no problem with it. Jodie just grabbed Miki and sat her cunt right on her face. I laughed to myself. Dive right in without checking first, I thought. I liked that. So apparently did the women. Miki was biting her lower lip as Jodie was sucking on her delicious honey pot. I was licking Jodie and although she tasted a bit different from Miki, it was a good taste. In no time at all I felt Jodie starting to quiver and she squirted her hidden juices into my mouth. This must be what heaven is like. Miki came a few seconds later, rolled off Jodie face and announced that she wanted to eat Jodie’s pussy. For women that had never been with other women, they surprised the hell out of me with their horniness for each other.

I slid to the side of the bed and the girls decided that they would lick each other in the classic 69 position. My cock was rock hard again. It is a beautiful thing to watch two women who like each other, to pleasure each other, to make the other feel as though they are the most important thing in the world. Miki was on the bottom and Jodie’s ass was sticking up in the air. While Miki licked and sucked her cunt, I was biting her ass cheeks, nibbling on them. Finally, I ran my tongue along the crack of her ass. When I came to her asshole, I teased her by running my tongue around the outside of her butthole. She was thrusting upwards, wanting me to plunge my tongue inside her, but I was unable to do so because Miki was pulling her down on her face, not letting her get away. I finally stuck my tongue up her ass as far as it would go and I heard her moan, cumming on Miki’s face. They continued eating each other as I was working on Jodie’s ass with my tongue.

These two women couldn’t get enough of each other and one thing was perfectly clear. This would not be the last time that we or the two of them got together. I got behind Jodie and eased my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Her cunt muscles contracted around my dick, and as Miki was licking my balls, I knew I was going to blow bursa escort my load before too much longer. I pulled my cock out of Jodie and stuck it in Miki’s mouth. I barely made it as I blew my wad into her mouth, some of it running down the sides of her face. Jodie had gotten off Miki, the two women kissed each other and Jodie licked my cum off Miki’s cheek and chin.

We lay there for a few minutes when Miki said she was going downstairs to start dinner. Jodie and I said we were going to take a shower and would be down when we finished. We went into the bathroom and both crawled in the shower. We took turns washing each other, but to be honest I was having more fun washing Jodie’s more than ample tits. She washed my cock and in doing so made me hard again. She dropped to her knees and began to suck it once more. She was able to take water from the shower in her mouth and shoot it back out while sucking my cock. It is an incredible feeling, but it made me want to piss. I told Jodie this and she said that while she didn’t really want to taste my piss, she had no problem with me doing it on her tits. So I let it fly all over her tits and watched as Jodie was fingering herself. She came just as I was finishing and she sucked my cock with such passion that I came in her mouth. I was tired, exhausted. I washed Jodie’s tits once more, we dried off and went downstairs to where Miki was making dinner. There was no sense in putting clothes on, we wouldn’t need them. She had just put the lasagna in the oven and said it would be about an hour until it was finished. She went to take a shower and Jodie and I went into the living room. I stretched out on the couch, looked over at Jodie who had picked up a magazine and was fingering her cunt as she was reading. I fell right to sleep.

I woke up an hour later with Miki sucking on my now limp cock. Wasn’t limp for long. She stopped though and said we could have each other for dessert. We had a fantastic dinner of lasagna, salad, Italian bread and the wine that I had brought. During dinner, we talked and I learned that neither woman was being satisfied at home as much as they thought they should be. There husbands lack of enthusiasm for sex was my gain. They talked about how exciting it was to kiss each other, taste each others pussies, suck my cock, and taste my cum.

The ladies cleaned everything up after dinner and we went outside. It was dark now, but there was a full moon. Miki had spread blankets out on the ground. It was perfect. I just stood and admired the women as the moonlight bounced off their bodies. Miki announced that she hadn’t been fucked yet, so I obliged her. I took her doggy style, ramming my cock hard into wet cunt. Never have I seen women with such wet pussies. I am in heaven, I thought to myself. Jodie was on all fours in front of Miki, having her pussy and asshole licked by her. I didn’t know if I had another load left in me or not, but it didn’t matter. I was going to fuck these ladies all night, or die trying. I felt another cum load ready to explode from me, so I yanked my cock out of Miki and blew my load all over her ass. She turned around and licked the remaining cum off my cock as Jodie licked the cum off her ass.

I admitted to the women that I was done for awhile, and they agreed that they too were tired from all of the nights activities. Miki suggested I stay for the night, and as tomorrow was Saturday and I had nothing to do, I readily agreed. Jodie was already going to sleepover as they were going shopping. We all went inside and went to bed.

I fell asleep in no time, waking up at 2 am by sounds from the women. I looked beside me and they were eating each other again. Miki reached over and grabbed my cock. Time to play. Yea, they were going shopping in the morning I laughed to myself…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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