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“Come with me.”

She had known him a mere seventy two hours but there was no doubt, no misgiving in her mind. She wanted this; every nerve screamed out for fulfillment and she was going to get full satisfaction.

Fahd was not a man you built castles around especially if you were Marya. He was like the rain in the Sahara; never reliable but when it came, there would be torrents and flash floods. For once in her life, she wanted the torrents and flash floods. She wanted the power a woman felt when she took on a man on equal footing; when she wasn’t a needy sack of feelings and emotions hanging on to the hope that he would still want her in the morning. She would let him lead him lead the dance, allow him to twist her up with want and lust and at midnight she would stroll back to her room drunk in the power that came from dancing toe to toe and coming out of it the winner.

“A night to remember” That is what she was getting out of this experience.

She didn’t know how she knew but somehow she was sure he would carry his weight under the sheets. Even if he didn’t, she had enough motivation to carry them through.

He had his right palm on the small of her back and he knew of all the girls he had been with recently, none would come close to her. For one, he’d had to work extra hard to get her. The experience was foreign and pretty new to him. He was used to getting any girl he got his eye on with a simple snap of his fingers; a look was usually enough. With Marya, it had taken three whole days of wining; dining and maneuvering before she fell in line and something told him that if tomorrow had not been the last day of the conference, she wouldn’t be in his arms. Truth be told, the hunt had raised the level of want in him.

She didn’t see much of his suite when they got in. He had her back braced by the wall as he finally got his chance to trace her lips. He wanted to set a moderate pace but his body and his mind were not working in tandem. He wanted it all. He went on a rampage trying to get his fill. Neither one noticed that her feet were not on the ground anymore.

She shivered; ‘Why is his mouth so sweet?’ She had kissed her fair share in the past thirty years of her life and thought she knew all the flavours a mouth could offer but this was something totally new to her. It felt like she could literally taste his arousal and the taste was intoxicating; she wanted more of it. If she could find a way to fit her tongue and lips all over and inside his mouth she might just have gotten the edge off. Then there was the scent; so intoxicating, so everywhere! She was drowning in it, she wanted to bath in it always. The scent of HIM, the scent that affirmed she was not in this alone. Whatever this, was. It felt like a sea of needs and wants, like a forever winding, never ending waterfall of crazed longing.

He had prepared himself well but in his wildest dreams had not expected this. This tide that was carrying them away. His brain registered the need to take a step back; to get a hold of himself and get adana escort her to fit in with his plan for them. Abruptly, he pulled back from her and only got as far as his waist disengaged. He looked down and saw her chocolate legs around him. Her emerald dress pulled up to her waist revealing gold lace panties. He liked everything he saw so much; suddenly the weight felt just right. Now he was left wondering why he had even needed to pull back in the first place. There had been no promises spoken between them; there was only tonight and he was not going to ruin it thinking of what ifs. He would handle whatever came in his usual way either way. In seconds, he had her in his bed.

His movements felt guided. Their bodies were totally in sync so much so that neither realized that the lights were not on. There had been no fumbling, no awkward bumps; he had peeled off her dress and underwear in sure, synchronized moves. It felt effortless. His dining jacket and pants were off without breaking rhythm. Before she knew it, he was in her; and then for her, the rhythm broke.

“Don’t move,” she whimpered.

“What?” he asked, disoriented even as he prepared himself to drive much deeper.

She bit her lower lip. The pressure was too much. “He’ll rip me up!” she thought frantically. “Please stop.” She whispered

“What?” His voice was more lucid this time. Harsh even.

She said the only thing that could give her reprieve. “Condom.”

‘Shit!” How could he have forgotten? He never forgot. He swore ripely once more when he realized he had to slip out of her to get to the pack of condoms.

He switched on the lights before getting out of bed and she got an eyeful of what he was packing and decided she didn’t want a repeat of what had just happened. “Do you have lube?”

He blinked once, twice then smiled, “I’ll check.”

He didn’t have it and she prepared to feel the pressure. She felt herself dry up a bit, her body didn’t care that she wanted this, that she welcomed this.

He saw her tense and without words realized he would have to loosen her up a bit more. He set the foil packs aside and took her in his arms. He would have all her erogenous zones singing before he opened any of them. His fingers and mouth went to work double time and before she clued in to what he was up to, her entire body was a running mass of jelly.

When he slipped in this time she felt fulfillment instead of pain. There was a gaping hole deep in her in her that was just waiting for him and he needed to move to get to it.

“Move!” she demanded and he let out a chuckle

“That’s it, come with me.” He whispered hoarsely.

“Don’t talk.” She strangled out even as her left hand went to cover his mouth. He rocked in and out of her. He was doing all she had expected and much, much more and it felt delicious.

“Kiss me.” She asked softly. He complied with a tenderness that almost broke her. She flipped over the edge right then and her body went numb from all the feelings that eskişehir escort ran amok within her. He paused above her. “What just happened?”

She couldn’t speak, she opened her eyes slowly willing the heaviness away even as a tear rolled down her right eye. She closed her lids quickly to avoid the vulnerability even as the floods came down.

She couldn’t move, she could feel a little too much and she wanted to crawl away and get a sense of what had just happened to her. But he still hadn’t moved away. Was he feeling even a fraction of what she felt? It would explain the fact why he was still in her with a full prophylaxis.

Then she felt his hand wiping the tears from the edges of her eyes.

“Can I have a tissue?” she finally got her voice back and effectively broke the spell. Rolling off of her, he grabbed tissues for them and took care of the condom. She tried to wipe herself with the tissues but she felt clammy. “I need water, running water.”

He had left the room and she heard a running stream hit a toilet bowl but the fact that he was in the bath didn’t stop her from heading in that direction.

“Seems we have the same idea.” He said when she slid open the glass doors to the massive shower. He was already in, setting the water temperature.

“Do you have shower caps in there?”

“What for?”

“My hair, it’s too thick. It wouldn’t dry in time if I washed it now.”

He opened the mirrored cabinet and found an unopened box for her to use. He had to help her fit it over her thick locks. That set the rhythm for the shower. Everything was practical from there on. He scrubbed her back in slow circles and rinsed her off with care using a handheld shower head. She tried to help him until she realized her small hands were taking up too much time and gave up good naturedly.

He wrapped her in a bath sheet and guided her back to the bed. The touches and caring glances had turned her brain to mush. She forgot her plan to go back to her room right after the shower. This time things were slow. There was no rush, he had her totally in the palm of his hand to toy and play with as he wanted. He put her in position and slid into her with an aim that was right and true. Everything seemed to flow in tandem. There was no race to the finish, just a sedate rocking set to a beat only they could hear. When he let up, she let out a sigh and slid to the side.

“She looks like a well satisfied cat.” He thought to himself as he got up to rid himself of the latex. He had never been with a girl like Marya; she made him want to go the distance in making her enjoy the experience.

He woke her up at 2.30a.m. They had been asleep for about three hours and he woke up wanting her desperately. He was sleepy and groggy but he had one resounding thought; “I need inside of her now.”

He slid in without much ceremony from the back and she let out a sharp yelp as she tried to get away.

That woke him up.

“Relax.” He said as he tried to get her sakarya escort back in position

“It’s painful.” The truth slipped out without shame.

“How come?’

“You’re big.” She teased him only half jokingly, hoping he would drop the subject. Truth was, yes he was big but she also got tight excruciatingly fast. Her muscles were world class so to speak.

“You need me to go slow.” He stated even as he began driving in and out of her.

He tried, he really did but in the position they were in she was in for a world of hurt and so she braced herself for it. Just as she accepted that this session was all about him, her body began getting into the mood of things. She felt her insides expand to accommodate him. her fluids began to flow in earnest to lubricate her insides and her entire body started to hum in preparation. She was so close, she could taste it. A shallow moan slipped off her tongue and then he stilled. She felt him tense and knew what was happening before he groaned it out loud, “I’m coming.”

It was like an instant dose of frozen water on her face. “Why couldn’t he hold it off?”

He didn’t leave the bed to take care of the latex this time, just rolled into tissue and dropped it to the side. He could feel the waves of disappointment coming off of her and he wanted to make it right. He turned her around to face him and kissed her slowly, slow enough to let her know his plans. She dueled with his tongue and helped him fan the fire that had started to burn out in her. He had her legs spread wide and his fingers busy at work within her. It didn’t take much and she was off like a rocket in no time.

Once again she drifted off to sleep only this time he didn’t let her slip off to the side. He held her till sleep overtook her. She woke up in the same position, there had been no tossing and turning.

“Morning, he called out to her when she finally blinked her eyes open. She saw he was dressing up for the day and it all came crushing back to earth. She was not supposed to sleep over. She had just given the power back to him, in every sense of the word.

“Morning.” She somehow managed to mumble out the words. She needed to shower but she just could not see herself getting out of bed in all her naked glory. In the light of day the stark differences between them were sinking in. she was an African queen in every sense of the word, from her thick twisted long dreadlocks all the way down to thick thighs and calves. While he was an Arabian prince. The two didn’t mix, ever.

She cleared her throat, “Have you seen my clothes?”

He pointed at the chaise at the foot of the bed; he had picked them on his way to the shower.

“Thanks.” She needed him to step to step out of the room for a bit, but what would she use? She looked at chaise once more and it hit her.

“My shoes?” she asked

“I think they are in the front room, I’ll go get them.” He offered, just as she had hoped.

She grabbed a robe and slippers in one move as he left. Put them on, grabbed her clothes plus the shoes under the bed and aimed for the main door.

“I found the shoes, she shouted as she started to open the door. “I’ll just let you finish dressing.” She let him know as she slid out. Well it wasn’t the proud peacock strut she had envisioned but it was something. The message had been sent; this had been for one night only.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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