Fantasy For Four

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“Excuse me” he said to me as he grabbed my wrist as I walked past him.

“I’m sorry?” I replied, turning to face him. The music in the bar was so loud; I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

Still holding my wrist, he bent forward and whispered in my ear, “I said that you have amazing breasts!”

That made me smile and I replied, “thank you!” He let go of my wrist and leaned forward again.

“I just felt the need to tell you that your breasts…really are amazing.”

He took a step back, and it took a second or two for me to realize that there were actually two guys standing there.

For some reason I actually looked down and examined my own breasts. They did look good!

I was showing plenty of cleavage, and they were almost falling out of my tight dress.

My eyes quickly scanned the area around me, looking for you, god you were taking forever in the bathroom.

“MMMMM,” I stuttered, “most guys like my legs, actually.”

The men both stood back and stared at my legs. Then looked at each other and nodded. “Yeah. I can see why, shit nice legs.”the second man told his friend.

The first guy argued “It’s all about her tits for me. Look at them. They’re perfect.”

They were standing so close to me, I could smell the booze on their breath and their scent.

My eyes kept scanning the crowd looking for you but it was difficult, they had blocked most of my view. The first guy said something that I couldn’t hear.

“I’m sorry, I missed that.” I told him.

He whispered in my ear, “I asked if you liked having your nipples sucked. You look like you do!”

That made me laugh and finally I found you and our eyes locked. There you were standing only six feet away from us, enjoying listening to my conversation with the two guys.

“Can I find out if you like them being sucked on?” the man asked, as he began pressing himself against me.

Excited by their attention, I whispered “just maybe,” then glared at you I could guess at what was going through your mind, you were enjoying watching me squirm.

Hmm, “Had Des set me up, or was this a pure coincidence?” I thought.

As I was concentrating on you, I nearly missed the second guy stroking my leg, sliding it up my dress.

I pushed his hand away; “don’t even go there” I gave him that look.

Both men laughed. The first one held his hand out to shake mine, “Hi, I’m Jeff and this is Warren.”

I shook his hand, “I’m Beth, and that’s all you need to know.” Still smiling Jeff asked, “are you on your own tonight?”

“I might be” I replied glancing at YOU. “No boyfriend or girlfriend with you? That can only mean one thing.” “What’s that?” I asked him.

“You’re looking for some.” He answered, looking at Warren who smiled and nodded.

I shook my head; “I’m always looking for some” I told him.

You tried to move a bit closer, mardin escort but Jeff and Warren still blocked your way.

Warren was stroking the back of my leg again, but this time I didn’t try to stop him.

Jeff immediately slid his hand up my dress like his friend.

My stomach was doing all kinds of fucking weird things as both men barely touched the flesh at the top of my legs. Flushed I caught your gaze.

Your grin was now replaced by a look of amazement as I allowed two strangers to stroke my thighs, only 3 feet away from you now.

The music seemed to get louder and no one but you seemed to notice what we were doing in the corner.

“What color are your panties?” Jeff whispered, as his fingers pressed against my inner thigh, while Warren started squeezing my ass.

I really did try to keep my legs closed, but their fingers and the fact you were watching so closely made me HOT as hell, and my legs opened just a bit more.

“Black.” I gulped, as Warren’s finger ran along the back of my panties.

He very quickly parted my ass cheeks and ran his fingers down and touched the bottom of my pussy, nearly making me spill my drink.

“Does the bra match?” He asked as I finally parted my legs for them, allowing Jeff better access to the front.

“Yes.” I whispered as Jeff pressed the thin material of my panties into my soaking hole, and stroked the flesh either side of my pussy.

“What size are your tits?” He asked, whispering into my ear.

“36 d – PERFECT, someone I know calls them.” I laughed as I used your favorite expression.

“Quite a mouthful, then?” Jeff whispered.

By now I didn’t care what they did to me, as they pressed even closer to me, no one else, apart from you could see that their hands were up my dress.

Jeff and Warren’s fingers were now slowly bringing me close to an orgasm. I opened my eyes to see you looking over Jeff’s shoulder, your mouth wide open.

It kept running through my mind that you set this up, so I was going to let it play out.

“I need to pee!” I blurted out.

The 2 guys looked at each other; “Okay, but you’re not going to run away from us are you?”

“Hell no!” I whispered.

I bumped into you as I made my way by; you seemed to be enjoying this way too much.

I was trembling as my pee gushed into the toilet bowl.

When I had finished I looked at my face in the mirror.

My pupils were massive, my cheeks bright red with excitement and I could feel my nipples nearly bursting through my bra.

The smile on my face told me that if things continued, you might have started something you weren’t prepared to deal with, or maybe you wanted it.

I pushed through the door out into the hallway and there was Warren and Jeff and you slightly standing behind them.

Jeff asked, van escort “is there somewhere that we can go?”

“What do you mean?” Ms innocent look from me.

“You do want to fuck, don’t you?” He asked. I couldn’t stop myself smiling as YOUR eyes lit up, behind Jeff.

Warren suddenly took my wrist as Jeff burst through the door into the guy’s bathroom. I was virtually dragged in behind them.

Two young guys were standing at the urinal as Jeff pushed a cubicle door open.

Jeff moved me inside and immediately began groping my tits and tried kissing my open mouth.

I was gasping for air and his long tongue forced its’ way into my throat. “My God! What had Des started” I thought as Jeff’s cock pressed against me, it felt hard and huge.

As I opened my eyes I realized that Warren was also in the cubicle with us!

A huge ass smirk on his face, Warren began unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants to his ankles.

Jeff’s tongue felt as big as his cock as he continued to shove it down my tonsils. One of his hands was now unbuttoning my dress.

My eyes were huge as Warren’s pants were now around his ankles and his cock stuck straight up, so hard and red.

It looked about the same length as yours, but yours was thicker.

“My turn!” He told Jeff. Jeff stepped back and was immediately replaced by his friend.

Warren’s cock pushed at my panties, as he slid his own hot tongue into my mouth.

He pushed a hand between my legs and lifted my leg up until my foot was resting on the bowl.

I gasped as his hot cock rubbed against my swollen cunt lips.

His hands were all over my trying to pull me onto his cock.

I moved one of my hands until I touched him; he was so hot I thought that I might actually burn myself.

As my fingers pulled my panties to one side I couldn’t believe how wet I was. My pussy felt like it was gushing already.

As soon as I moved my panties Warren’s cock nudged my lips apart.

Meanwhile Jeff had freed my tits from my bra and was suckling on my nipple as he pinched the other one.

He took my hand and placed it onto his cock, I tried to look down to see it, and it felt absolutely huge. Mmmmm the tip of it was so smooth like yours.

The stall walls shook as Warren moved deep into me and kept pounding my pussy with his hard cock over n over again.

I didn’t even realize I was groaning and grunting so loudly.

Jeff stopped sucking my tits and told his friend, “My turn, move.” Warren pulled out of my pussy, “but she finishes me with her mouth.” He moaned.

“Oh God! Fuck my mouth, yes!” I thought, as they tried to change positions, in the tiny stall.

My legs were shaking as I pressed against the wall to steady myself, and I placed my foot on the floor.

“I’ll sit on the toilet while she ankara escort sucks you off” Jeff moaned.

I glanced up just in time to notice YOU watching over the top of the stall wall.

My heart was beating as fast my stomach spinning cause the look on your face let me know you hadn’t set this up.

I was in this on my own here and you were enjoying watching me suck and fuck these guys.

Jeff was now sitting on the toilet bowl with that huge cock sticking straight up. Should I?

Yes… I peeled my panties off and threw them up to you.

“Beth I want you to sit on this backwards, baby, now. ” Jeff told me, and “then you can finish Warren off at the same time.”

I looked up at you and you smiled so wickedly, so I lifted my dress and squatted over Jeff’s cock.

I took a deep breath as he guided it into my already stretched hole. “Oooohhhh! God, yessssssss” I moaned as I slowly lowered myself onto him.

Jeff squeezed my breasts and began thrusting his hips up banging me and making me gasp for air.

As I opened my mouth, Warren immediately slid his purple cock past my lips, his hot cock filled my mouth while I bounced up and down on Jeff’s dick in front you, our audience.

I felt so horny as I sucked and licked Warren’s cock as you watched closely all the while Jeff fucked my pussy over n over.

One of his hands was holding my hair as the other stroked my tits.

My arms were stretched out holding onto the stall walls, trying to steady myself.

After a minute or two, Jeff’s thrusting became faster and faster he was almost ready to cum.

It was getting impossible to keep Warren’s cock in my mouth I was being pounded so hard.

Then suddenly I saw that look on your face, one of complete ecstasy, you were stroking yourself behind the wall, you complete ass!

In the next instant Warren grabbed my hair and held his cock and shot his cum all over my face and mouth!

Jeff began moaning “oh god man I’m cumming too!” He rammed his cock into my cunt, “yesssssssss” he moaned and I felt him tense up and my pussy had that unmistakable ‘warm feeling’ as wave after wave of his cum flooded my pussy!

As I stood up, Jeff’s cock fell out of my drenched hole making the warm juices pour out and run down the inside of my thighs.

Suddenly the stall door was yanked open and there you were, cock in hand, and stroking so fucking fast and hard. “OUT NOW!”

Jeff and Warren staggered out of the stall tripping over each other trying to get out of the way.

You pushed me down so hard onto the toilet seat my teeth jarred.

Before I knew what was happening you had me by the hair and forced your huge fucking dick into my mouth.

“Swallow every fucking bit of my cum now, Beth, I’m going to deep throat you so bad you won’t be able to talk for days!”

Instantly you shot your load down my throat and I tried desperately to gulp down every fucking bit of your hot sweet cum.

I began to orgasm and my own cum was squirting into the toilet, over n over.

Soon the only noise in the bathroom was our labored breathing and the applauding of Jeff and Warren, who’d watched the whole thing!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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