Fantasy Island Ch. 04

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A/N: Sorry if you’re expecting sex scenes right off the bat. I like to build up to them! Please keep reading and let me know what you think. Thank you!


Lauren slowly opened her eyes, a somewhat loud click having woken her up.

“Master?” she asked with a yawn. “What’s goin’ on?” her words sounded slurred a little, Lauren still half asleep.

Levi was standing across the room, fully dressed in a pair of black slacks and a dark green button-down shirt, buttoning the cuffs on his shirt. His black hair that he kept cut military fashion was dripping water from his earlier shower. He’d just finished putting on his shoes, the click having come from the door to the closet shutting, despite him trying to keep quiet. He smiled ruefully at Lauren and crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed, softly caressing her face. She pressed herself into his hand with a sigh of pleasure.

“Just getting ready to go Kitten. I thought I’d let you sleep as long as I could since you’d be tired.”

Lauren yawned again and sat up, arms over her head as she stretched.

“Where are we goin’?” she inquired as she crawled to the edge of the bed and then stood up with another stretch. Levi had walked to her dresser of clothes to pull out her underwear and bra that he expected her to wear for the day. Lauren was pleased to see it was a pair of sky-blue bikini-style panties and a matching wireless bra, something comfortable. She wouldn’t be expected to do much serving then, not while they were out at least.

“Your appointment with Dr. Walker is at one-thirty to get your baseline physical. After that, we’ll go to Mimi’s store to grab your permanent collar so you can finally go out on your own. Mm..” He’d gone to the closet and was humming to himself as he picked Lauren’s outfit out. He settled again for something he knew she would find comfortable for the day: A pair of jean shorts and a white shirt that had “Master’s Kitten” wrote across the front in a blue swirling font. He chose a pair of black and pink sandals to go with it.

Lauren grinned as he laid it out on the wooden chest at the end of the bed with the panties and bra.

“They look great, Master!”

Levi nodded and then motioned to the bathroom, “Go shower and get ready. We leave in an hour.”

Lauren frowned, “But… I won’t have time to do my make-up…”

Levi fixed her with a stare and she saw his hand move towards the nightstand on his side of the bed. Her eyes widened, “Yes, yes, going Master!” she yelped, pulling and tugging at her panties as she hopped and stumbled to the bathroom, leaving them outside the door on the carpet.

Levi smirked, chuckling to himself as he opened the drawer and pulled out a worn riding crop. He was going easy on her since it was only her first day but that wouldn’t last for long. He’d planned to quiz her on the rules and punishments as they walked to the doctor’s office. As soon as the collar was on her, she’d not be permitted such lenience.

Almost thirty minutes later, Lauren emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a fluffy yellow towel. Her brunette colored hair was dripping wet and she was brushing it out as she made her way to the clothes laid out for her. She grabbed the towel and pulled it up behind her neck as she started to towel dry her hair, the rest of her body naked to Levi. He raised an eyebrow, looking at her approvingly.

When her hair was dried sufficiently, Lauren pulled on the clothes Levi had picked for her. She decided to put her hair into a high ponytail, given she had no time to dry and really style it like she would have wanted. She also couldn’t do her make-up, a minor annoyance but they were close to having to leave.

“Why didn’t you get me up earlier?” She demanded from the bathroom as she brushed and pulled her hair up, “You know I hate going out without make-up on!”

Levi walked in, arms crossed as he leaned against the door frame some three feet from Lauren.

“Are you whining?” He asked simply.

Lauren frowned as she finished her hair and turned to him instead of looking at him through the mirror, “No, but-“

“No but’s. I decided you needed sleep, not time to do your make-up. End of discussion, Kitten. Now brush your teeth and then put your sandals on, we need to be leaving soon. You can go without your make-up for a day.”

Lauren did as told, however not happily. Levi watched her, itching to discipline her but holding back. She needed the physical done first before he could really do anything to her. Crawling around on all fours the night before had been permitted only because the doctor had given him the go-ahead for xslot it and promised to check her over quite well during her appointment. Dr. Walker, however, preferred them without bruises or welts for a baseline physical so Levi was severely limited in what he could do until then.

“Kitten, let’s go!” He called out from the bedroom door, having grabbed his wallet. Lauren rushed from the bathroom and quickly slipped her sandals on before appearing at his side. He narrowed his eyes, noticing a bit of eyeliner and mascara had been applied. He pointed to the bathroom, “Remove it.”

“What?” Lauren asked in dismay.

“Remove it. I told you no make-up.”

Lauren stomped to the bathroom and emerged a couple minutes later, eyes red and puffy.

“Good. Let’s go.” Levi said as he ushered her out the bedroom. He’d planned to walk but now they were going to be pushing it, so he grabbed his keys on the way out of the front door.

Lauren was quiet, not speaking to him as she crossed her arms and slumped in the seat like a petulant child.

“Sit up right and stop pouting.” Levi said, “It’s one day. You can go without your make-up for a few hours. If you don’t stop this behavior I’ll just remove the bag from the bathroom all together and you go without until I decide otherwise.”

Lauren’s face was one of shock, “You wouldn’t.”

“You’re lucky Dr. Walker doesn’t like bruises or handprints to work around during this physical you’re going to. You can expect a lengthy session tonight with the riding crop and my hand on that bare ass.” Levi growled, “Where are your manners? Have you just forgotten to use Master or are you purposefully trying to push my buttons?”

Lauren had straightened up in her seat, arms no longer crossed. Levi rarely got this upset with her and she knew she’d messed up by his tone of voice and expression. His knuckles were white as they gripped the steering wheel. When they pulled into the parking lot of the clinic, Levi shut the car off and took in a few deep breaths. Lauren remained quiet until he glanced over at her.

“S-sorry Master.” She stuttered, eyes downcast.

Levi took in another deep breath and let it out, “Water under the bridge. Remember your manners though, Kitten… and don’t think you’re getting out of your punishment tonight.”

Lauren felt a shiver run down her back. Just thinking about it was enough to scare her. It had been months since her last real punishment.

“Yes, Master.” She mumbled.

Levi got out of the car and came around, opening Lauren’s door for her. She stepped out and waited until he’d locked the car to follow him inside. The clinic was small but clean. There were countless posters hung, some showing the proper way to spank a person while others showed how to correctly tie knots that wouldn’t injure. A woman sitting at the front desk perked up as they walked in, smiling.

“Hi, how can I help you today?”

Levi gave her a brief smile, “I have an appointment for my pet. She’s supposed to be seeing Dr. Walker at one-thirty.” He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall next to the desk, noticing it was only one-twenty-five. The woman busied herself on the computer for a moment before nodding, looking up to Levi.

“You’re all checked in. Please fill out these papers while you wait. Just the highlighted portion.” She said, handing him a clipboard with paperwork attached to it. He nodded and found a seat, Lauren sitting next to him. He handed her the clipboard.

“Fill out as much of it as you can. If there are any questions, ask.”

Lauren nodded and set to filling out the blocks that were highlighted. Most of it was basic; her age, height, any known problems. She’d visited Dr. Walker last time she was on the island so he could give her the go-ahead to move in with Levi after a very basic physical. This one appeared to be much more in depth. After a few minutes, a nurse appeared from a hallway, “Levi?” She asked. It was an unspoken rule that Lauren should follow as he stood up and followed the nurse back to an exam room.

“You’re here for her baseline physical, right?” The nurse asked as she took the clipboard from Lauren. Levi nodded in response and the nurse motioned for Lauren to hop up onto the bedlike table.

“It’ll take just about an hour. We’re going to do blood tests, hearing and sight tests as well as immunizations and then Dr. Walker will be in to discuss everything with you. I see here you’re on birth control and you have…” the nurse paused, reading over a word, “vaginismus, is that correct?” Lauren nodded. “Alright. Well, Levi, you can stay if you want. I see she xslot Giriş has no collar yet so I can’t let her out alone if you do decide to leave.”

“I understand. I’ll be staying here though.”

The nurse nodded with a smile, “Alright. Well, follow me this way dear and we can get these tests done with!”

Lauren followed the nurse, first getting shots and then on to test her vision and hearing. Then she was taken to the lab where her blood was drawn for a few different tests. When she was returned to the exam room, Levi was reading a magazine. He looked up as she walked in, her left hand massaging her sore, right arm.


She nodded, making a face. “Thank goodness this is only once a year. Those shots hurt!”

Levi chuckled and motioned for her to come to him, “Come here, Kitten.”

Lauren walked over and sat down on the floor next to his chair, comforted as he massaged her neck. A few minutes later they heard a knock on the door and Levi paused, “Yes, come in.”

An older gentleman walked in, “Hello. Levi and Lauren, correct?”

Levi nodded as he stood up and shook hands with the man, “Yes. Lauren, table.”

She quickly got up and sat on the crinkly paper that covered the exam chair. “So, baseline physical. Any problems other than what you wrote down?”

Lauren shook her head, “No sir, nothing else.”

“I see you’re on the IUD. You have… about another 4 years until it needs replacement. You understand that, yes?”

She nodded, “Yes sir, I understand.”

“Your knees feel ok?” He asked as he checked them.

“They’re fine,” she responded. Next he checked her breathing, and then her ears and throat. He had her perform a few stretches and tested her range of motion. He sat back in his chair after he was done and turned to face Levi, “Anything you’d like to say before I sign off on this?”

“Just the usual things.” Levi shrugged. Dr. Walker nodded and then stood up, writing something down in Lauren’s file before he shut it. He then got out a prescription pad, “You’ll need the gel and something to take down inflammation, correct?” Levi nodded and Dr. Walker tore the piece of paper from his small notepad.

“Drop it off at the pharmacy. It was pleasure seeing you two, have a good day.” Dr. Walker said in a brisk manner before he left the room and left the door open, a signal that they could leave as well.

Levi motioned for Lauren to follow him as they both headed out of the clinic and to his car.

“What’s next?” Lauren asked as she buckled herself in.

Levi turned the car on, “Off to pick up your collar from Mimi’s.” He turned on some music, smiling as Lauren began to sing along, despite being off-key. Not a few minutes later, he parked the car but didn’t turn it off. Lauren looked at him quizzically.

“You’ll stay here. It’ll only take me a moment to grab your collar and leash.” Levi said as he got out of the car. Lauren pouted a little but went back to singing along to the music. She changed the song a few times to something else, messing with the AC settings until Levi got back into the car.

He had a black bag with him but didn’t hand it to Lauren. Instead he placed it behind his seat and buckled himself in. Lauren didn’t ask, knowing he’d give her the collar when they got home.

After a quick trip to the pharmacy, they were on their way home. It was a quick but tense ride back, Lauren trying to prepare herself for her punishment that Levi had promised her earlier in the day. She knew she’d misbehaved and deserved what she had coming, but that didn’t help to ease her stomach as it did flips.

Once back at the house, Levi placed the small black bag on his nightstand. Lauren hung back, still waiting outside the door to their bedroom hesitantly.

“You knew you had this coming, Kitten. Come here so we can get this over with.” Levi commanded as he pointed in front of himself. Lauren walked in, dragging her feet but eventually made it to Levi.

“Strip.” He said. Lauren knew to remove everything and quickly did so, noting the tone Levi used. He sat down on the wooden chest at the end of their bed. He motioned for Lauren to come and she laid across his lap, naked.

“You’ll get ten spankings for being disrespectful. I’ll spare you the riding crop tonight.”

Lauren let out relieved sigh, but it was short lived as Levi used his right leg to pin her legs down and she tensed, ready for him. “You’ll count each one and say, ‘Thank you Master.’ after each one. Is that understood?”

She gulped, “Yes Master.”

“Good girl,” he said just before the first blow fell.

Lauren xslot Güncel Giriş yelped, tears springing to her eyes, “One. Thank you Master.”

“Louder,” Levi growled, delivering the second blow.

“Two! Thank you Master!” Lauren cried.

Not long afterwards, Lauren sat up with Levi’s help. She doubted she could sit down and confirmed that thought as she tried to sit on the edge of the bed with a groan of pain.

“Lay on your stomach Kitten.”

She did so, tensely, unaware if he intended to use the riding crop on her despite saying he’d not. She heard a bottle pop open and then a cool cream was applied to her stinging, glowing ass. She let out a grateful sigh and lay there as Levi massaged the handprints he’d made upon her.

After a few minutes, he put the bottle away and started to leave the room. Lauren began to get up to follow him but he motioned for her to stay, “Stay here. I’m going to prepare dinner. You’ll also receive your collar tonight, so don’t leave this room until I call for you, understood?”

She nodded against the soft bed sheets, opting to take a nap. Levi shut the bedroom door and headed to the kitchen.

Lauren opened her eyes, hearing a knock at the door.

“Yes?” she called.

Levi opened the bedroom door, “Kitten? Get ready for dinner. Your outfit is up to you tonight.” He said with a gentle smile. “Be ready in fifteen minutes and you may wear light make-up. Nothing gaudy.”

Lauren sat up as Levi shut the door, pleased she’d been permitted to wear make-up for tonight’s occasion. She delved into the closet, picking out a cute outfit she knew Levi would like, but probably just rip from her later in the night. With a giggle she pulled out a tutu-like skirt, black fabric and a very bright, neon pink making up the colors. Her top was a fitted white shirt with purple edges, a cute kitten face making up the design on the front. She decided not to wear shoes of any sort.

She hurried to the bathroom and put on what she considered to be light as far as make-up went. Foundation, eye-liner, mascara and a bit of blush. She pulled her hair back and did a simple braid as to keep her hair out of her food. She took one last look in the mirror and headed into the kitchen.

Lauren gasped as she rounded the corner from the hallway and into the kitchen area. Levi had lit candles of varying sizes, some tea-lights and others decoratively carved, placing them about the kitchen and dining room table. Flower petals were scattered about the floor, chairs, counter tops and table. Levi stood at the end of the table, waiting.

“Kneel here, Kitten.”

Lauren obediently went and knelt before him, looking up with tears in her eyes. He’d put more effort into this ceremony than he had when he proposed to her. He turned briefly and pulled her collar from the bag he’d gotten from Mimi’s earlier. It was a very simple looking collar, a metal ring. From it dangled a tag, one side that had a paw print on it, the other side which had words etched into it. Levi held the collar in front of Lauren, allowing her to read it. She scanned it with her eyes and then glanced up.

“Read it aloud, please.” Levi requested. Though it was just the two of them, Lauren did as asked.

“Lauren Taffe, Kitten of Levi Taffe.”

She did her best to keep her composure, to not cry and smear what little make-up she’d put on. She’d looked forward to the moment she’d get her permanent collar, the one she knew could not be removed without a key, for almost two years.

“This collar will mark you as mine, Kitten. Are you sure you want to go through with this? It will not be removed from you unless under extreme circumstances. By wearing it, you promise to obey me and my rules.”

Lauren nodded fervently, “Yes, yes! I do promise, Master.”

Levi raised an eyebrow, “You’re certain, then?”

“Yes, I am certain.” Lauren responded.

He crouched down, “Hold your hair up then.”

Lauren did so, feeling the collar close around her neck, the metal cool against her warm skin. Levi closed the locking mechanism and then stood up.

“There. You’re mine now, Kitten. No one else’s.”

She smiled, almost giddy with happiness. Levi motioned for her to stand up.

“Let’s eat dinner then. I made your favorites: home-made chicken and dumpling soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and lemon cake for desert.”

Lauren’s eyes widened, her mouth beginning to water. She started to crouch back down but Levi shook his head, “This soup is too messy for that.”

Lauren pouted, “But… I like eating like that, Master. I’m your kitten, after all.”

Levi studied her for a few seconds before he relented, “Fine. But do try to keep it in the bowl or on your mat.”

She nodded with a grin and watched him place two bowls on her mat next to his chair and then a third, water.

“Eat up then.”

“Yes Master!”

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