Fated Ch. 19

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Softly, he moaned my name, then crushed me in his arms as his forbidden love rose into me.


I had just finished dressing, but our middle-of-the-night copulation still played in my mind, my body still “feeling” my big brother’s surge inside me, my ears still “hearing” him call my name and then give a long low growl as his orgasm filled me. Just thinking about the illicit dance in the darkness was making me wet again, and I pressed the front of my denim skirt against my thinly-clad sex and moaned softly, remembering fondly.


Just before we left the apartment, Eric squeezed a breast as he kissed me. It felt almost exactly the same as it had in my bed some six hours earlier, the main exception being that, instead of straddling him as he sat on the bed, we were both standing. Neither one of us was breathing hard at that moment, unlike the situation during the night, but we were still left breathless when the kiss sadly ended.


While I was working at the front desk, I received a text message from Eric about mid-morning:

I love you and I cannot imagine having anyone else as a little sister.

It brought a smile to my face and a wetness to my thong. lezbiyen porno That simple message brought back the memories of our late-night lovemaking, my nipples hardening as they “felt” my big brother’s gentle pinches.

I sent him a text message of my own: You just love making love to me 😉

I felt my cell phone buzz briefly against my hip, but was busy checking out several books for a grad student. When I could finally check the text message, my heart beat faster:

I make love to you because I truly love you.

I wish we could make love all the time, I sent back. Forget the rest of the world – find a secret hideaway and simply enjoy each other.

Nearly forty minutes passed before my big brother sent back a response: It sounds like you want a sexathon!

I thought again of the loving sex we had had during the night. Once again, my nipples began to harden and my sex began to moisten. But I was forced to set those thoughts aside to go help a new professor learn the layout of the library.


Sitting against the usual tree during lunch, he called. “Hello, big brother,” I answered fondly. “You’ve been on my mind a lot today.” liseli porno



There was a long, comfortable silence – just hearing my big brother breathing softly into the phone slowly aroused me.

“You never did answer back about the sexathon,” he finally noted.

“Well, it is a nice idea,” I said, “and something we already did really once the move was finished.”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t want to do it again?”

“I didn’t say that,” I reminded him, mindful of the trio of guys passing by on the sidewalk, “but something like that would be nice to have happen again.”

“Hmmm…” I heard my big brother’s fingers dancing on his laptop’s keyboard, pausing only so that he could move the cursor with his wireless mouse. “So you want a sexathon, little sister?”

“Yeah…” I admitted, my voice soft yet breathy even to my own ears, my body responding to the naughty visions in my head. Mostly, I thought of the middle-of-the-night sex, of riding my big brother in the darkness as he sat before me with his arms seizing me while he tried to hold back his release just a heartbeat longer… and I thought of such moments mature porno happening repeatedly for an entire day, for an entire weekend, my big brother taking me multiple times, spilling his seed inside me and across my face and between my breasts and in my hair and all over my back and on my stomach and down my throat…

“You do realize,” Eric finally noted, “that if we do this, neither of us will be wearing clothes for a long time, right?”

I believe he heard my grin, for he chuckled softly, but then he turned serious. “You know how much I want to make love to you, don’t you?”


“Just like last night for starters… You rode me for quite a while last night, you know. The way you looked as I looked up at you, the moonlight dancing across your face and your chest… I was making love to a goddess who also just happened to be the sister I love so dearly…”

“Eric…” My heartbeat quickened, visions of our most recent lovemaking playing on the inside of my eyelids.

“A sexathon sounds good,” my big brother acknowledged. “It would be nice to have a full weekend dedicated to showing my little sister just how much I love her.”

And that night, in a darkened apartment, in a bedroom lit only by moonlight, a big brother expressed his undying love for his little sister, taking his time, cherishing her, worshipping her like a goddess until his love could no longer be contained, and she accepted his respectful offering with a tear of utter joy.

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