Fenchurch Street


It was the 11.36am train I caught that morning, I’d left my car in the Eastgate Shopping Centre, from there it was just a short walk across the road to the station. It was a hot day, slightly muggy, I felt a sheen of perspiration on my brow as I approached the ticket office and bought a cheap day return. In 45 minutes I would arrive ay my destination, so the perspiration could have been brought on by a mixture of the heat, anticipation and slight nerves. As the train pulled out I found a window seat, only two other people were in the carriage both engrossed in newspapers so I opened my bag and took out my compact to powder away the sheen and to check my lipstick and hair. Satisfied I had a quick spray of perfume and spent the rest of the journey gazing out of the window.

The train arrived at 12.16 pm, right on time. I walked the concourse until I found the large station clock, glanced around, then saw him striding forwards in my direction. He gave an imperceptible nod then walked purposefully off, towards the underground.

The coolness of the London Underground system was a welcome relief from the heat of the world above. I had to walk fairly quickly as not to lose sight of him, I was glad I had worn low heels as the train was waiting on the platform and I barely made it in the doors behind him as they closed. He stood in the doorway facing away from me, a man jumped in behind me and almost pushed me up against him but I managed to stop short, just a few millimeters between us I could smell his cologne and was tempted to put my arms around his waist and rest my head on his broad shoulders. I couldn’t of course, but felt a shiver Alanya Zenci Escort of anticipation course through my body, I had no idea where he was taking me……….the truth was I hardly cared. The train pulled into Tower bridge station, the door opening opposite where we were standing, I jumped off behind him and hurriedly followed, scared of losing him in the crowds.

Once through the ticket barriers he approached the escalators, I got on several steps behind him wondering if he realised how he was making me almost run to keep up, his long legs making such long strides that I had the take three to match one of his just to keep up. Once out of the station he turned left approaching The Tower of London, then on past the historical building for several hundred yards until I noticed a sign indicating there were some gardens ahead. He entered the park taking a path leading off to the right, we passed several benches filled with office workers taking advantage of the fine weather to eat their lunch, an old woman feeding crumbs to the birds, one pair of young lovers staring into each others eyes smiling and giggling about nothing in particular. Once past the general thong he surprised me by suddenly leaving the path, taking me deeper into a secluded copse, walking for several minutes as the sounds of traffic grew fainter and that of birdsong louder.

I was quite breathless now, glad that I had worn a cool short cotton skirt with just a white thong underneath…………..then he suddenly stopped several yards ahead of me and leant against a large oak tree, waiting for me to catch up. He smiled, I smiled Alanya Manken Escort then quickened my pace towards him. He opened his arms to me as I approached and I fell into them gladly as he pulled me to him and in one swift movement turned me around so that my back was up against the tree. He kissed me fiercely, passionately, as my stomach lurched and I felt my knees sag slightly. We were both breathless as he pulled away and bent to nuzzle my neck, I threw my head back and let out a deep sigh of contentment as I felt his erection growing against my thigh.

I caressed the back of his neck then ran my hands down his spine, on reaching his buttocks I pulled him against me, I could sense the urgency growing between us now as his hands reached under my t-shirt and he felt my sides, his thumbs against my stomach which tensed at his touch. His hands rose higher and when his thumbs brushed across my hardening nipples, I couldn’t help but let out a moan of desire. He kissed me again as his hands lifted my my bra then exposed my breasts to the warm air, as he bent to take each nipple into his mouth in turn I could feel the dampness between my legs which I involuntarily opened wider.

I began unbuttoning his shirt urgently, when the last one was undone I pulled it free of his trousers then pressed my self against him, kissing him as I lifted one leg up around his waist. God, he felt so big and hard against my stomach, how much I wanted him, I frantically undid his belt feeling him twitch against my hand as I did so……….I could tell he wanted me badly too. He lifted the hem of my skirt and quickly hooked Alanya Anal Escort his thumbs in the sides of the lacy thong pulling them down to my ankles so I could step out of one leg. I opened his fly wanting to free him from the constraints the garments were placing on him, as he lowered his trousers I pulled at his boxers, almost swooning from wanting him.

He lifted my right leg again, his hands running down my thigh as I hooked it around his waist again, he put his arm around the back of my left thigh, lifting me easily as I put my arms around his neck, supporting my back against the huge oak as my own huge oak lowered me onto him. We both let out a groan, it felt so good to be joined together again as he slowly lifted me up and down on him sliding wetly together. Up, down, up, down, so slowly so sensuously I felt my insides quiver, already approaching orgasm I tightened my grip around his neck, my thighs squeezing his back as I ground my hips a little faster, round and round, ,just loving the feeling of him inside me, the sweat of our bodies adding another totally delicious sensuous feel to my already tingling nerve ends.

Oh, I was about to cum, oh yes, my breathing quickening the feeling so good I almost didn’t want to cum, I wanted these delicious sensations to last forever………..then suddenly he pushed me back hard against the tree with his body and began to thrust into me deeply and furiously, harder and faster, I watched his face, I knew the signs and as he let out a guttural moan I gave in to him and threw my head back lowered my feet until they were against his buttocks and held him in deeply as he gushed in me and I gushed over him, both moaning in unison as we came together, then slowed down together as he lowered me gently to the ground, his cum running down my thighs, hot sticky and sweet as he kissed me once more.

I guess I will be taking a few more ‘away days’ this summer. Wouldn’t you dear reader?

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