Filling in Time


We’d gone away for the holidays and were currently staying in a nice motel. At least, it would be a nice motel except for a few small details. Details like the storm that had settled over the city and was pouring rain down on us with no apparent intention of topping any time soon. Two days, now, of the skies pissing down and putting a real dampener on our holiday.

Another detail was the lightning strike that had taken out the big old tree in front of the motel, neatly dropping it across the power lines, rendering us completely powerless. Not being a large motel they had no emergency generator and would just wait until the power was restored.

No power meant no TV, no PC, and no phone as its battery was now flat. And no damn lights.

I got sick and tired of just moping around our rooms, bored out of my skull, and decided to check out the motel games room. Maybe there’d be someone there to talk to. Fortunately there was a covered walkway all the way along the front of the motel and as long as I stayed near the wall the rain wouldn’t reach me.

I trotted into the games room and was relieved to find another couple of girls there, both about my age. There were also a couple of men there, but they were somewhat older than us so we ignored them, leaving them to their pool table, although how they could see the balls was a wonder.

We did the standard introductions, me Karen, you Jane. Janet and Viola, in fact, but you get the idea. That done we subtly cross-examined each other, determining that we were all the same age, eighteen, at the motel for the same reason, dragged there kicking and screaming by our parents, considered the weather the pits, and were all bored out of our tiny skulls.

We fossicked around in the cupboards and found some cards and decided to play poker, using draft pieces as chips. Then I spotted an Othello set and we added those to the chips. That gave us about thirty chips each to start with which is much more interesting that just eight apiece. You could lose all eight in one game.

We played for a reasonable interval but it became pretty obvious to me who was going to take all the chips. Viola was a killer at the game, seeming to know more about my hand than I did.

I was right and Viola just cleaned us up. We didn’t feel like reallocating the chips and starting again so we just sat back in our chairs and looked mournfully at the weather.

“Fucking rain,” grumbled Janet. “What did people do to amuse themselves before we had electricity?”

“Precisely what you just suggested,” called one of the men at the pools table. He put his cue down and stretched before ambling over in our direction, his opponent with him.

Janet looked at him, confused. For that matter we all did. The two men smiled at us.

“What are you talking about?” demanded Janet.

“I’m Tim,” the first man said. “The loser is Quentin. Not his fault. You take the name you’re given. What people did to amuse themselves? Well, they don’t call it fucking rain for no reason.”

I was shocked to my socks. The others looked it, too. He surely couldn’t be suggesting that we, ah, we – well, you know.

“If you mean what I think you mean,” began Janet rather belligerently, but the man held up a hand in a be-at-peace sign.

“I wouldn’t dream of suggesting such a thing. I mean, really, we’ve only just met. There’s no way I’d expect you young ladies to do any such thing, even if you were of age.”

“We’re eighteen,” snapped an indignant Viola, “but we’re still not going to, ah. . .” She waved her hand about to indicate what we wouldn’t be doing.

Tim just laughed.

“Contrary to popular belief I’m not an idiot. To expect something like that on the very first meeting would be insane. We don’t even know your names.”

He quirked his eyebrow when he said that last bit and Viola hastily gave out names.

“So what did you mean?” she asked.

“One can enjoy a friendly little bit of slap and tickle without going to extremes,” Tim said. “A bit of petting can be quite interesting and you get to try some petting of your own and see our reactions. If you’re worried that we might get carried away just remember that there’s only two of us and three of you. Even if we wanted to jump you the third person could run for help.”

“Tim,” said Quentin newcratos with a sigh, “you have a lousy way of explaining things. I mean, look at them. They’re lov-er-ley. Of course we want to jump them. What you mean to say is that despite their intoxicating appeal we will control our libidos and refrain from doing anything they would rather we didn’t.”

“No,” said Tim, looking thoughtful. “I’m sure I’d never say anything like that. I’d just say we won’t get carried away even if the three of them were dancing a naked can-can in front of us.”

Janet was giggling and Viola looked as though she wanted to as well. I know I did, but I still felt they were suggesting something outrageous.

“So just what are you suggesting?” I asked.

“I’ll show you,” said Tim. “Can I have one volunteer? Why thank you Viola.”

He sat down on one of the spare chairs, holding his hand out to Viola. She blushed and looked at me and Janet and then stood up and moved towards him. He reached for her and pulled her closer, sitting her on his knee.

I know I mentioned the rain but did I mention the heat? The rain was undoubtedly cleaning the air but it wasn’t cooling it noticeably. The three of us were dressed for the holiday heat and that tended to be a mixture of t-shirts and shorts or skirts. Viola had a skirt which is probably one reason Tim chose her.

As soon as Viola was on his lap he’d pulled her top loose from her skirt and his hand slid up inside it, although on her back. The reason for that became clear very quickly. His hand darted up to her bra and unclipped it and then his hand was circling her and coming up under her bra to cover her breast.

The look on her face was indescribable as his hand rubbed her breasts, but a large part of it was disbelieving shock. Janet and I probably looked just as shocked, but I have to admit that was the point at which I felt the first lick of heat in my loins.

I heard Quentin give a discrete cough and I looked at him. He was watching me with a little smile on his face. The smile grew bigger as he saw me watching and he took a seat and patted his lap, not taking his eyes off me. My heart gave a sickening lurch and butterflies flocked to my stomach. He didn’t really think I was going to sit on his lap and let him fondle my breasts, did he?

It would only be my breasts he’ll be touching and I could always scream and push him away. Janet and Viola will be right here. Where was the harm? I was like a curious kitten as I edged my way over to him, ready to jump and run at the first wrong move. I eventually found myself sitting gingerly on his lap, his hand slipping up under my top. Maybe I should have worn it tucked in. It would have given me that extra chance to change my mind.

I felt the sudden relaxation of my bra and knew it was now undone. I flicked a nervous glance towards Viola and Janet to see if they were watching but they weren’t. They were two busy watching each other as they were both sitting on Tim’s knees, facing each other. I could tell that Janet’s bra was already undone because I could see the movement under her top as Tim’s hand made merry. Then I was giving a little gasp as Quentin pushed my bra up off my breasts and started stroking them.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the feeling. My breasts are sensitive and Quentin was teasing them in just the right way. I relaxed some more, going with the flow. I was just letting it happen and I could see that Viola and Janet were doing the same thing, giggling a little as there were two of them in action. I could see Tim urging Viola to do something and then she started contorting herself. Next thing I knew she whipped her bra out from under her top and dropped it on the card table. Her bra was followed by Janet’s.

“Don’t worry, it’s not compulsory,” Quentin said softly, and for some reason that irritated me. Really, he hadn’t asked, and I hadn’t refused, so why act as though I had. I guess there was just a touch of defiance as I did the same contortionist trick and let my bra join the others.

After another little session of having my breasts teased I froze slightly when Quentin’s ran up inside my skirt and started rubbing me a lot more intimately. Before I pushed his hand away I flicked a glance at the others and got another shock. Viola and Janet were rubbing newcratos giriş each other’s breasts, giggling while they did so, while Tim had one hand under Viola’s skirt and the other blatantly rubbing Janet through her shorts. I completely forgot to push Quentin’s hand away I was so busy watching them.

I’d have been naïve to assume that Quentin wouldn’t want to go a little further so I wasn’t really surprised when he managed to pull my panties down so he could really touch me, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I let my legs drift apart to give him room.

I was breathing somewhat harder now and I was going to have to call a halt sometime soon, even if not quite yet. A look at the others and I could see Viola’s panties were around her knees but as for Janet! She was standing up and Tim was pushing her shorts and panties down, leaving he bottom half naked. That done she was back on his knee and the touching continued.

I guess I was naïve after all as I’d been expecting the touching to be one sided. I was concentrating on what Quentin was doing to me and what Tim and the others were doing and nothing registered when Quentin took hold of my hand.

Something certainly registered when he calmly wrapped it around his cock which he’d released into the open air, standing tall and proud. I snatched my hand away and Quentin promptly put it back, telling me not to be silly. I found myself hanging onto it when a burst of laughter reached me from the others. Thinking they were laughing at me I turned to glare at them and found myself blushing.

Quentin wasn’t the only one to have release his weaponry and as Tim was facing me, legs parted, I had an excellent view of parts of his equipment. Only parts because a couple of hands were tugging it in different directions, not that Tim seemed to mind.

And through all this Quentin kept on touching me, his hands exploring and probing, making me squirm about on his lap, excitement steadily building inside me. At the rate he was going he was going to bring me to a climax, not that I objected.

When Quentin swung me back onto my feet I didn’t know whether to be relieved that he was calling a halt or disappointed because he was calling a halt. It turned out that he wasn’t calling a halt. He turned me around and sat me down knelt between my legs and buried his face in my crotch. My eyes opened really wide, staring straight ahead and seeing nothing as his tongue began to work a wicked magic upon me. As the world settled around me I could see Viola was in the same position as me, sitting on a chair, legs parted, and Tim’s face buried in her lap. Janet was just sitting there and staring, face red. With excitement from the look on her face, not embarrassment.

My hands were tangled in Quentin’s hair, trying to pull his head away, but it was rather a feeble effort I had to admit. I’d never felt anything like this before and wasn’t sure if I wanted to ever again.

I saw Tim rising to his feet and then my view was blocked as Quentin did the same thing. Quentin pulled me to my feet and moved me aside as he sat down. Then he pointed behind me and I turned around.

Tim was sitting down and leaning back just a little, his erection sticking straight up. He had pulled Viola towards him and she was now standing straddling him, his cock not very far from a rather sensitive spot. I could hear him talking softly.

“Go on, you know you want to. Just settle down, nice and slow. There’s no rush. You’ve been wondering what it would feel like inside you and now’s your chance to find out.”

I couldn’t believe she’d fall for that but I could see her slowly sinking down. His cock was now brushing against her lips and I saw his hand delicately adjust the position slightly. Then Viola was making this long drawn out ah sound, and she was sinking down onto Tim, taking him inside her.

I turned back to face Quentin.

“But, but, Tim said you wouldn’t, ah, wouldn’t. . .” I waved my hand in Viola’s general direction.

“No, he only said we wouldn’t get carried away,” Quentin said. “Nothing was said about our resisting if you insisted. Men have such weak wills where some things are concerned,” he finished with a sigh.

All I could do was feebly mutter, “But. . .” and Quentin grinned.

“Listen, why don’t you sit back down on my lap and we can talk about it,” he said, hands going out and closing over my bottom. He pulled me closer and I was about to sit down straddling him when I realised what was going on.

“If you think I’m going to sit on you with that sticking up like that,” I began.

“Then I’m probably correct,” said Quentin, openly laughing at me. “Come along, settle down.”

I found myself doing it. I was easing myself down, first of all feeling his erection pressing against my lips and then they yielded, letting him pass, closing around him to hold him. Now I could feel him surging up into me and I couldn’t tell if I was sinking onto him or if he was thrusting into me, not that it made much difference, either way I was screwed.

I was going wow, wow, wow, as he came into me, feeling myself stretching to take him. Holding him this way, he felt a lot larger than when I was holding him with my hand. He gave one last push (or one of us did) and that was it. He was all the way inside me and I didn’t know whether to panic or not.

“Well done,” he goes. “Now start bouncing. Take your time, though.”

It’s amazing how being told what to do helps you to calm down and start doing it. I started bouncing and Quentin’s hands were on my breasts again, squeezing them in time to my bouncing. All the excitement that Quentin had been arousing in me hadn’t had a chance to die down and now the fires he had ignited were being fanned to new heights. I bounced and I could hear myself voicing my approval of what he was doing. On top of that I could hear Viola voicing her approval of what was happening to her and she sounded really enthusiastic.

I tried to keep my voice down but it’s hard when you’re riding someone’s cock. That cock has a way of distracting you, making you lose concentration on anything but it.

I was going to climax soon but I wanted to hold it off. I was enjoying the current feelings too much to want them to end. I tried slowing down a little but Quentin was having none of that. If anything, he picked up the pace. I heard Viola give a loud squeal and guessed that she’d hit her peak, but I still fought to hold it off. I didn’t last all that much longer, though. My climax hit me hard and fast, and it was too abrupt for me to be able to scream. I just sagged down onto Quentin, breathing hard.

Oddly enough my first really coherent though after that little episode was bad luck, Janet, you missed out. That thought lasted right up to the time I pulled myself up off Quentin’s lap and turned around.

Tim had earlier pushed Janet’s shorts and panties down. They were still down and, while I watched, Tim took hold of her top and lifted it up off her head, leaving her effectively naked. I was, like, you greedy swine, you’re going to take her, too, and I was right. He calmly pushed her down onto the floor on all fours, head down, bottom up, and then he was kneeling behind her.

When I say he pushed Janet to the floor it was more of a case that he touched her shoulder and she just collapsed onto the floor. Her head was twisted around, trying to watch what was happening, and when Tim struck she gave a yipping sound and pushed herself firmly back to meet him.

From the little I’d seen and heard of Tim and Viola, Tim had started off nice and slow, picking up steam until he was going flat out. Watching him in action with Janet it was obvious that he still had a full head of steam and Janet had managed to build one up by watching the rest of us in action. Tim was driving in hard and fast from the word go and Janet was squeaking and squealing and bouncing about in fine style, taking everything Tim had to offer and asking for more.

All I could do was sit back and watch. Not Quentin and Viola though. He was sitting down and she was on his knee while he was petting her. A really shameful performance in my opinion. Deciding that I wasn’t going to stick around for an after the incident post mortem I quietly faded out of the games room.

It was funny. I’d only taken two steps away from the door and all the lights came back on. The power had been restored and I could now recharge my phone. I could just imagine the consternation in the games room. Having a bit of naughty nookie in the gloom of a blackout was vastly different from having it under bright lights with other people likely to appear at any moment. Even a casual glance in from a passer-by would be scandalous.

Well, they had my sympathy, but my presence was going to be elsewhere.

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