First Meeting Ch. 02


We manage to finish breakfast, you keeping my hand on your cock the whole time, me quivering in my seat. You sign the bill and take my hand and lead the way to your room.

I still can’t believe how good it feels to be with you, to touch you, to look in to your eyes. Being with you is so much better than my wildest of dreams. As I walk with you, my thighs quiver and I’m amazed how you are so utterly in control over yourself. Do I arouse you at all? Here I am already mush and you walk with purpose to the room, calm, collected.

You use the card key in the room and open the door and let me in first. I slide in besides you and you close the door. Before I could even register the door closing, you push me against the wall and take my mouth – just taking it – owning it – kissing me like I’ve never been kissed before. My mouth assaulted, my body aflame with the desire you create, your mouth taking and biting and possessing. The kiss goes from possessive to tender, showing me that yes, I arouse you, too. It’s heady and I can’t help but return the kiss with everything I have. You pull away, as if to gather control, and I look at your mouth, which I deemed to require a warning label.

You take my hands and put them above my head and come very close to me, rubbing your whole body against mine, letting me feel how hard you are. My hips subconsciously push against yours and you pull away. You say, “Noooo pet, not yet.” Then you start undoing my buttons. The dress I have on has buttons all the way up from hem to the V-neck. It can easily fall after you unbutton 3 or 4, but you undo each one – slowly. You talk the whole time. “How did you dress for me, Summer? Ooooh pretty strapless bra, pet, do the panties match? Yes they do, such a slut, dressing up to get fucked today.” Your finger traces the line yenimahalle escort down my body as you unbutton each one until it’s all unbuttoned and you drop the dress to the floor, leaving me in bra and panties and stockings and heels.

You start to kiss my neck, knowing what it does to me. Slow licks and kisses. I reach up to hold your neck and you grab my hands and pull them down not allowing me to touch. You kiss my collar bone and my shoulders. Each light caress of your lips sends shivers of need up my spine and my body is starting the flow of lava that you always generate. Your mouth moves down and your tongue outlines my skin outlining where my bra ends and flesh begins. You know just where to touch. As if you’ve touched me 1000 times, you know each spot that sends electricity throughout my body.

I start to push in to your mouth and you tell me to hold still and keep my hands to my sides. My body is aching from your kisses and your tongue. Your mouth moves down and through the satiny material of the bra, you suck my very hard nipple in your mouth. I gasp. I start to move my hands to touch you and you pull away. I move them back to where you said and your mouth rewards me by sucking the other nipple through the material. Torturously slowly, your mouth moves down my torso, kissing, licking, nibbling my skin. I’m moaning in pleasure. Your incredible hands firmly hold my sides as your lips move farther down. You can actively see my legs start to quiver. So gentle and so slowly your mouth possessing each inch of me. Your mouth moving down to my thighs, taking little bites sending my lust even higher.

“I can smell your arousal, my little slut. Your need is obvious.” You take your finger and touch the top of my inner thigh where I obviously had dripped some ankara escort of my wetness and stood up and showed it to me. “Suck it!”

You put your finger in my mouth and I suck happy with something in my mouth. I taste myself only lightly, but I can feel my heartbeat in my throbbing pussy. Then you shocked my by harshly forcing your jean-clad thigh between my thighs pushing high in to my pussy. The jeans against the satin of my panties and my throbbing pussy are driving me wild and you see it in my eyes. “Desperate for relief, little one?”

“Yes.” I moan.

“When do you get relief, Summer?”

“When you allow it, Sir.” I whimper

I see your smile, wicked – almost a smirk.

“Very good, pet, very good.” You push your thigh deeper and moving it around I feel myself get wetter and wetter. I feel the build invading my body. You take my mouth again kissing me wildly, possessively. I’m moaning in to your kiss thriving on what your thigh is doing, the textures alone driving me insane. You move it and move it, letting me build higher and higher. Your hand finds its way to my nipple pinching it hard and I feel like I’m about to explode. Reading me perfectly, you back away, removing your thigh, your mouth, your hands. “And it’s not yet time, Summer.”

You come back to me and remove my bra, dropping it on the floor as your hands take both of my breasts in them, squeezing them together, licking up the middle – GAWDD it felt so good. “So soft, so beautiful.” Then you remove my panties leaving me just in my thigh highs and heels. You’re still fully clothed.

You lead me to the bed and while I’m lying there, you go in to your bag and take out a few scarves and a black blindfold. You put the blindfold on me being very gentle and lifting my hair. You lift my arms over my head and tie them to the headboard with one of the scarves. You spread my legs and with the longer scarves you manage to bind those as well. I get wetter and wetter as you silently do all of this. The blindfold giving me uneasy sensations – not knowing where you were.

For a minute or so I thought I heard you go back to your bag – but I wasn’t sure and can feel my body’s reaction to the pure vulnerability. It’s something I’ve craved in my fantasies all my life, but reality is different and more exciting.

Then I felt this softness on my neck. Small and soft making circles on my neck. You can visibly see the response – I’m getting goose bumps and that familiar heat traveling through my body. I don’t know what this is – I just feel the slightest touch of softness making circles traveling my body. I then feel it come down on my breasts – the outline of them. Slow deliberate circles with this softness – small and soft and creating this build inside me.

On the outline of first my right breast, then the outline of my left…. Then up to my nipple. So erotically slow – this soft tip. I hear you whispering all my responses…. “Summer, you like that? Summer, you’re quivering…” etc. Because of the blindfold, my other senses were exaggerated and this soft object was driving me…. It moves down and spends a long time around my navel as the river within keeps flowing. You knew what I needed but had no problems with the slow pace you set. Driving me insane with need… This soft tip finally moves down to my legs – my upper thigh – tiny circles…up…up…. Then the other thigh. You now visibly saw my reaction – the river within was flowing out too and I was dying for completion. “Summer, what do you want? You must tell me…You know you must ask for it.”

“Pleaseeeeeeeee let me cum!” I beg.

Circles, and figure 8s you didn’t stop. Finally you put this object inside my very hot pussy and continue the circles. My body spasmed so powerfully, I felt lifted off the bed.

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