First Taste


Mark had been awake for hours, had made coffee, and had spent sometime pondering the events of the last few weeks. Susan had opened herself up to new and exciting things he had never imagined she would be up for. Before he left their sex life had been good and he certainly had no cause for complaint, but since his return they were like young exploring teenagers.

Mark couldn’t keep his hands off of Susan and vice versa. Any free moment they had was taken up by lovemaking fueled by sheer lust and passion for each other. He smiled reminiscing about the events at McKinley’s and later at the hotel. Watching his Susan in the embrace of Christine had been highly arousing to say the least. Seeing the things she had done to Christine, and Christine did to her would forever be imprinted in his memories.

Mark had heard Susan awaken and get into the shower. Thinking of her under the gentle stream of water caressing her flesh while she lathered up her soft subtle body caused his cock to bulge in his boxers. Of course maybe the memories recalling into his quiet alone time were the fuel to his sexual fire.

He heard the shower stop and figured Susan was toweling herself dry and would be out of the tub soon. He took his empty coffee cup into the kitchen and placed it in the sink. Waiting a minute, he pondered with a sly grin, Susan never locked the bathroom door!

He stood pendik escort in front of the door wearing nothing but his grin and a pair of bulging boxers. Opening the door revealed Susan bent over combing out her hair. Her long beautiful legs were spread about shoulder width apart and the robe she was wearing was unable to cover her perfect ass at the top of her thighs.

“Good Morning.” She said still bent over combing out her hair.

“Morning Lover.”

“Is that for me?”


Mark was confused at first and realized the bulge in his shorts was now quite noticeable.


Mark moved behind Susan and slid his hands between her thighs and began to caress her freshly trimmed pussy. Her moisture began to build as she moaned slightly.

“MMMM.” she sighed and moved her legs apart for him

Mark knelt behind his lover and began to kiss her thighs while he followed the contours of her womanhood with his fingers. He circled her clitoris like an eagle circled its prey. He slid two fingers into her and began to work her moist pussy while she moaned with pleasure. With each moan her pussy gave up more and more love nectar and her perfect asshole was exposed to him as she pushed her ass out tightening her pussy around his fingers.

“Lick my asshole!” she begged, with a hint of needing in the undertone of her voice.

Mark pendik escort complied tracing down to her rosebud. His tongue flicked and probed her ass as his fingers caressed her pussy from the inside. Susan was enamored with this act. She loved to be taken this way and knew Mark enjoyed doing it. She had started rubbing her clit, while Mark was focused on fingering her perfect honeypot and tongue fucking her tight asshole. Mark knew it wouldn’t be long before she came because her pussy was tightening around his fingers. By this point she was so wet and aroused he had been able to slip three fingers deep inside as she frantically rubbed her clit.

“Oh Mark, Don’t stop, I’m I’m Cumming.”

Susan’s climax was intense and she felt like she had been electrocuted as the waves of pleasure spread throughout her body. It was at such a level she had to quickly grab the vanity counter to prevent her legs from collapsing under her.

“Oh yes, mmmm, oh God!”

Susan’s love juices flowed from her freshly pleasured love center. Her thighs were wet and she felt so great but selfish at the same time.

“Your turn.” she said

“Oh?” replied Mark.

Susan knelt before Mark and observed his now fully engorged hard cock under his boxers. Susan slid Mark’s boxers to his feet and he stepped out of them leaving his member exposed and throbbing. pendik escort Susan began to lick the tip tasting the pre-cum beginning to form.

“MMM you taste good.”

She continued to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock as she massaged his balls with one hand, stroking his shaft with the other. Mark groaned with pleasure as she took him into her mouth wrapping her lips around him. She began to move back and forth taking more of him into her with each pass. Susan gagged slightly as Mark’s thick cock pushed against her throat. She adjusted slightly and took him all. Mark was in heaven. Susan had not ever gone to this point and Mark loved it. She winked when she looked at up him.

“I love you! Oh God you are so bad.”

Mark could feel the pressure building in his balls and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

“Honey I’m gonna cum…mmm.”

Susan didn’t stop, she became more focused and the intensity for Mark’s cock was electric.

“Ahhh God I’m cumming.”

Susan felt Mark shudder as his cock exploded spurting his cum into her mouth. She gagged as his hot seed sprayed into her. Mark was enveloped in his climax and Susan just wanted his cum, She took every drop and ensured she didn’t miss any.

“Oh wow….I love you.”

“You taste so good. I never knew.”

“Really. This wasn’t a mistake?”

“Oh no. I wanted this.”

Susan stood up and headed for the bathroom door. As she did she dropped her robe revealing her perfect naked form. She turned towards Mark, licked her fingers and slid them into her dripping pussy.

“Lets continue this in bed. I want your cock in me!”

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