First Time: Whatever He Wanted


Evan arrived at college like most other 19 year olds — amazed and ready to enjoy his newly discovered freedom. And ready to enjoy life surrounded by fifteen thousand twenty year-old women.

From the first day he and his roommate sat in the dining hall surrounded by girls of all colors, shapes and sizes, wearing tight clothes and little clothes, he taught ‘Fuck. I thought I beat off a lot in high school, I think things just got worse.’

Evan’s freshman fall he lived college life to the fullest — football games, parties, and still got good grades. He had female friends, but even though he always had one eye on the pussy walking around campus, he hadn’t met that one special person yet … until January.

8:30am, Tuesday morning, Chemistry 2. He was one of the first to arrive since he wasn’t exactly sure where this particular classroom was in the sprawling chemistry building, but he had no trouble finding it.

The room started to fill-up — except the seats next to him — until the most adorable, innocent looking, lithe light browned haired girl sat down beside him. “Is this seat taken?”

After reminded himself how to speak, and scolding himself for looking like a bumbling idiot around this angel, Evan said, “Oh, no. Please. My name is Evan.”

“Jenny. Nice to meet you Evan.”

“Are you a freshman, too, Jenny?”

“No. I’m a sophomore — but I’m in here because I didn’t quite make it through this class last year. I had a little too much fun last spring.” With her smile that accompanied the end of her sentence, Evan saw just a trace of devilishness break through her innocent look.

Knowing he wanted to get to know Jenny better, Evan, a little smoother than usual, said “I blew away Chem 1. Stick with me and you’ll do just fine.”

Jenny smiled as the old professor called the class to order.


Two days later, Evan was sure to arrive early to sit in the exact same seat but it was already taken. And this day Jenny looked even better. And Evan knew that girls didn’t usually look this good for early classes, her hair was slightly curled and she was wearing a very faint lipstick — probably hoping he wouldn’t notice.

They talked flirtingly before class started and halfway through class, Evan slid Jenny a note, “I know a great party Saturday night. Call me if you want to go 472-8394.” Jenny read the note slowly, half turned her head to him and winked. Evan was glad he’d done this half way through class because he was now sporty huge wood that he’d hope would subside listening to their boring professor for the next 25 minutes.


Between meeting her Tuesday and the time Jenny called on Thursday night, Evan had probably beat off while thinking about her 5 times. He’d never met someone who looked so innocent yet sexy. He’d never been so infatuated.

“Hey big boy! Where is this party?”

“Over at the Treehouse Apartments, off Rt 7.”

“OK. It’s too bad it’s not until Saturday — I was hoping you’d ask me out for Friday night.”

“In that case, wanna get together Friday night?”

“Love to. But let’s stay in. I live off campus, on Ridge, 137C. Why don’t you come over around 7:30?”


Evan arrived early with daisies and when he saw Jenny’s tight jeans and tight black tanktop — over a tighter white one — he cursed to himself knowing there was no way he was going to keep from getting hard this night.

After the mediocre spaghetti dinner Jen made, they hung out and talked with a movie on in the background. Evan loved how easily words came with Jenny. And he loved the way her perky tits bounced in her tank top when he’d make her laugh. And he loved watching her ass as she walked into the kitchen to get another beer. But he hated his hesitation that prevented him from leaning in and kissing her.

At 12:30 he said “I better be going. I had a great time tonight. You’re … adorable. I’ll pick you up at 9 tomorrow night?” And he leaned in and pecked her lips. Jenny closed the door with the feel of his lips on hers, disappointed. She wanted a longer kiss.


The party was hoping when they arrived. But everyone noticed the light-brown haired beauty in her jeans and light blue v-neck sweater when she walked in the door.

Evan had never been so proud. Even going to get their first beers a friend stopped him and said “Way to go dude. Where’d you find that smokin’ piece of ass?”

Evan returned and introduce Jenny to some friends. She flirted with them but always returned her attention to Evan. He felt like a god.

“I’m tired, let’s sit.” So Jenny led Evan to the couch where he sat and she followed and threw her legs over his and his hands around his neck.

“You look amazing, Jen. You’re making my friends jealous.”


“I’m serious. I’ve never thought anyone looked sexier than you do right now.” And he leaned in as her right hand touched the pendik escort left side of his face and guided her mouth to his. He hoped she couldn’t feel his legs shaking. She moved closer so now she was sitting on his lap, their kiss hadn’t ended yet.

“Wow. Let’s get out of here, Evan.”

They hurried back to Jen’s apartment only to find her roommate and her roommate’s little sister visiting from high school on the couch. Jen, not wanting to take a guy back to her bedroom with her friend’s kid sister there sat down and pulled Evan down beside her as they watched the end of some lame action movie.

Jen’s roommate and sister went to bed at midnight and Jen and Evan sat on the couch and talked and kissed.

“You’re a good kisser, since it seems like things are progressing, tell me, how many girls have you … ah, been with?”

Evan kissed Jen again, then moved to whisper in her ear, “Zero. What about you?”

Now Jen, whose innocence Evan still adored, tried not to appear shocked.

“Wow. You’re a great kisser, and you have great hands. You’ve never slept with a girl?”

“No,” Evan now said sheepishly. “I had a girlfriend for a long time in high school, but we never did that.”



“You mean you’ve never cum with a girl?”

Jenny’s straight talk was making Evan really horny. And since she still seemed so innocent, Evan was really turned on.

“No. How many guys have you been with?”

“Well, …”

“Just tell me, it’s okay.”

“Okay three. One in high school then I dated two guys last year.”

Jenny kissed Evan again, seductively. “I tell you what. I’m have to go home for my dad’s birthday next weekend, but weekend after next, I’m all yours. I want to make you first time special. We can do whatever you want. In the meantime …”

Jenny slid off the couch and down between Evan’s legs. She unbuckled his pants and sliding down his boxer-briefs, out popped the biggest cock Jenny had ever encountered.

“Fuck Evan. This thing is huge.”

Evan looked down at his angel, his thick cock blocking part of the few of her face. Jenny’s tiny hand now circling his shaft.

She knew Evan wouldn’t last long, so one lick up the shaft and her mouth was covering the head of his cock.

Evan gasped loudly and Jen pulled back and whispered. “Hey, if you want a blowjob in the living room, you gotta be quiet. Okay?”

“I’ll try, baby.”

Jen winked as her mouth covered Evan’s cock again. Her hand found his balls as her right hand gripped the base of his shaft.

Evan moaned softly as Jen’s wet mouth moved up and down his shaft. The view of her beautiful face, her mouth stretched around his cock, her amazing green eyes looking up at him was too much.

She’d been making sensual eye contact, but as his first load of cum hit the back of her mouth, she closed her eyes and concentrated on swallowing the first, then second load. Her hand’s grip got tighter and her mouth never left his cock. Her bobbing got even faster and she opened her eyes again to see him smiling euphorically down at her.

She winked again then she pulled her mouth off his cock and with the tip of her tongue licked the underside from bottom to top, getting the last drop of cum from this tip.

“Mmmm,” Jen moaned moving up to sit on Evan’s lap. “That was A LOT of cum. But with such a big cock, I shouldn’t seen it coming.”

Evan was silent. Shocked and amazed. Speechless

“I should get to bed, I have church in the morning. But remember, two weeks from now, Angie is out of town and we have the apartment all to ourselves. I’m all yours — we gotta make your first time special. We can do WHATEVER you want.”

Jen got up and headed to her bedroom, she turned and said “Please lock the door on your way out, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Evan watched her ass as she walked away. He pulled his pants up from his ankles and he tried to make full sense of what just occured. His first blowjob and a promise, or an offer, that seemed to good to be true. “WHATEVER” he wanted?, he thought. What does that mean.


Sunday when the phone rang, Evan answered and kicked his roommate out of the room.

“Jenny, last night was …

Jenny interupted “… was the first time I’d ever had a cock that big in my mouth.”

Her use of that word had him hard immediately. “I was going to say was amazing. You’re beautiful, you’re charming, and you sure know how to give a blowjob.”

“Why thank you. I suspect you’ll get a few more of the latter.”

“I hope so. I sure am going to miss you next weekend.”

“Me too. Now that I’ve seen how big you are, I can’t wait to feel that in my pussy.”

“We don’t have to wait, you know.”

“Ah, yes we do. First, things .. down there .. are a bit off limits right now. Plus I want one full uninterrupted weekend with you.”

“Wow. But Jen, your offer, ‘Whatever I wanted’? …”

“You heard me. I want pendik escort to make your first time unbelievable. If you want to make love to me — then do it. If you want to fuck me — then do it. If you want me to fuck you — just say the word. I think you’re going to see that I like … variety.”

“But ‘whatever I want’? Does that mean you’ve …”

“Does that mean I’ve what?”

“Have you been, ah, got it, up the butt?”

“I’ve been fucked in the ass. Yes.”

Evan was rock hard. Just a week ago this innocent girl sat beside him in chemistry. Maybe he wasn’t a very good judge of (sexual) character.

“Have you ever …”

“Evan,” Jen cut him off. “With one of the guys I dated last year, we did EVERYTHING. And I like it all with a loving partner that I trust. And I trust you. I like it rough and I like it soft and I like dirty talk, and I like to get flowers. Now relax. Let’s do this however you want in two weeks. We have a whole weekend alone to figure out how we do it best together.”


Tuesday, chemistry class was excruciating. They flirted and talked and even had dinner one night before Jenny went home for the weekend. But she would go no further than kissing. “Just wait, big boy,” she’d say at pat his crotch.


Friday night. Jenny put on her sexy little red teddy with a plunging neckline and a red thong. Evan was coming for dinner and bringing Chinese food.

Then the festivities were about to begin.

Evan arrived right on time, saw Jenny open the door and his jaw dropped. “We gotta eat first, lover. I don’t want you fucking me on an empty stomach — you gotta be able to go all weekend.”

They ate sitting on the floor at the coffee table. Evan in his jeans and a sweater, Jen in not much at all. As they finished dinner, Evan took some sweat and sour sauce and poured it into Jenny’s cleavage before pushing her back on the floor and licking it off, pushing the lace out of the way with his face and licking her nipples

He returned to kiss her mouth. “Are you ready for some fun?”

“I’m ready to get fucked by your big cock.”

“I love your dirty talk. You look so innocent, even when you’re sucking me. I love it.”

“You can do it too,” Jen whispered in his ear. “You don’t mean ‘when you’re sucking me’. You mean when I’m sucking your cock.”

“Yes. When you’re sucking my … cock. You ready to suck my cock some more?”

“Whatever you want, Evan. This body is yours tonight,” she said grasping her breasts.

Evan led her to the bedroom and removed his clothes. Jen dropped to her knees and starting sucking, slowly, then teasing and licking his balls. Evan was in heaven.

In the two weeks since his first BJ, he’d read a bunch of things on the internet about how to avoid coming too quickly. He was going to test them tonight. Jenny was bobbing furiously with Evan’s hands on either side of her head.

“Get on the bed, I want to lick you.”

Jen threw herself on the bed and pulled her thong off. “You wanna lick what?”

“I wanna lick your pussy.” And Evan dove in, he’d never done this before, but he was not bad. His tongue found her clit quickly but he licked with a bit too much pressure. After a few minutes Jenny pulled on his head “I want you inside me. I need your cock in me now.”

Evan held his thick shaft, tore open a condom and put it on, then held the head of his cock at Jen’s gash, and guided it into Jenny’s pussy. He watched Jen’s mouth open but heard nothing until finally a low moan escaped as his length slowly filled her. “Oh fuck you’re so goddamn big.”

Turning the tables playfully Evan said, “My what is so goddam big?”

“Your cock, Evan. Your cock is fucking goddam huge.”

“I bet you say that to all the guys you fuck.”

Jen wasn’t expecting this but let it pass.

Jen put her legs around Evan’s back. “Go deeper. Fuck me deeper.” Evan was going hard and deep, then would take a few slow strokes to tease her.

“Ah you’re pussy is so tight. I love fucking you. Tell me what I gotta do to make you cum.” Evan propped himself on one arm and moved his other hand to her shoulder, lowering one strap, then the other.

Jenny pulled the nighty down exposing her tits — the first time Evan had fully seen then. Her little piece of lingerie now bunched around her stomach.

“You got nice perky tits, baby,” Evan said as his hand cupped one then pinched her nipple. It was like a nerve went from Jenny’s nipple to her clit because she felt energy rush through between the two.

“Faster faster, keep doing that,” and glanced down at Evan fingers on her nipple. Evan fucked harder, pinched her nipple and Jenny approach orgasm.

“Oh fuck Evan, don’t stop, don’t stop,” and Jenny moved one hand to her free nipple and pinched it and she came hard on Evan’s cock. Her whole body was quivering as she asked Evan to pause for a moment. He put his entire length inside her before he stopped moving. Then he moved pendik escort down to kiss her.

“You’re a pretty good fuck for a freshman,” Jen said.

“Turn over. You’re not done”

Jenny instinctively turned over and raised her precious ass into the air. Evan appreciated the view, moved down and licked her slit from behind, just one lick, then guided his cock back into her pussy.

“Oh yeah. Make me come again,” Jenny said.

Evan had to close his eyes, the sight of Jenny’s pink asshole just above her pussy lips being stretched by his cock was too much and he didn’t want to come.

He reached around under Jenny and touched her clit. “No, no. I’m too sensitive. Just keep fucking me.”

And he did. “Reach back here and play with my balls, Jen.”

His hands were resting on her ass as he bucked back and forth, her little hand felt incredible on his low hanging balls. He could tell that she’d sometimes move her fingers to her clit and probably touch it just right. “That’s it baby, rub your clit. Help me make you cum again.”

And cum she did, throwing herself back against his cock, screaming much louder than the first time. Evan kept pounding, finally burying himself balls deep inside of her, holding her thighs back against him.

“Get off of the bed. Kneel on the floor baby,” Evan said demandingly as he removed the condom.

Jenny obediently got on her knees, her green eyes looking up at him longingly. Evan stepped up with one foot on either side of her knees. “Now suck it. Suck my cock, Jen.”

Evan though he’d been wearing a rubber, knowing Jen was sucking this cock that had just been in her pussy really excited Evan.

“You look so beautiful sucking my cock. You’re not going to be able to walk to class Monday when I’m done fucking you this weekend.”

Evan saw Jenny move one hand back to her pussy. Spreading her lips with two fingers and touching her clit with a third.

“Did I say you could play with your pussy while you sucked my cock?” Jenny moved her hand from her pussy, holding Evan’s thigh, but she didn’t move her mouth from Evan’s shaft. He laughed, “It’s okay baby. Play with your clit while you suck me.”

Evan had been fighting it but finally felt the cum creeping up his shaft, his explosion nearing.

He pulled out of Jen’s mouth and stroked his shaft in front of her. She moved her hand to stroke his balls while the other stayed on her clit.

“You dirty boy. You wanna cum on my face don’t you? Just like all the guys in those pornos you beat off too.” She bit her lip.

Evan was amused by this, but she was absolutely right. Plus he already knew she was a cumslut who would love it.

“Yeah, baby. I wanna see my cum all over your pretty face. How many guys lose their virginity and cum on the prettiest girl in school’s face the same night?”

“Then you better be ready to eat some pussy, cause I’m gonna be really hot. Rub that big cock, come on me. Shoot your cum on me”

And Evan exploded. Jenny opened her mouth but cum went everywhere. Evan’s enormous load covered her cheeks and mouth and chin, the latter spurts covering her neck. There was a streak of cum on her forehead.

“Suck it baby, suck it.” Evan said, putting his cock back in Jenny’s mouth. His dick was sensitive, but the view of this angel, his cum on her face, his cock in her mouth, was priceless.

He held her head and slowly fucked her mouth. “That was an awesome first time, Jen. Are you ready to teach me now to eat pussy?”

Jen moved up to the bed pulling her nighty completely off and spreading her legs. Evan dove in and with little instruction was quickly getting Jen to the edge. She was providing hints, but Evan was doing great. “Play with my tits Evan. I need to feel your hands on my tits.”

He was pinching her nipples and rarely removing his flickering tongue from her clit.

“Oh yeah that it. Just like that. Ahhhhhhhhh.” Evan kept licking and pinching her nipples harder as Jen came.

“Evan I need you inside me again.” Evan was already ready again. She pulled a condom from the box on the nightstand, ripped the foil open with her teeth, and rolled it down onto Evan’s shaft while playing with his balls. “Roll over.”

With Evan on his back, Jen held his cock and glided her soaking wet pussy down onto it.

“Ahh, there is nothing better than a big cock in me right after getting my pussy licked. And there is no bigger cock than yours,” Jen said bouncing up and down.

“I bet there are bigger cocks. But there are no women as hot as you, Jen. Come down here, make love to me.”

Jen moved her head down to just over Evan’s. She looked him deeply in the eyes and resumed slowly moving her hips, moving her pussy up and down and around his shaft.

Evan’s hands were on her hips, slowing her sensual movements. Jenny’s hands held Evan’s face as she kissed him, cum still staining her cheeks.

“Evan Graham, this is perfect. I want you to fuck me once and day, and make love to me once a day,” and she kissed him.

Nearly out of breath, Evan said “Okay, but starting Monday. The rest of this weekend, I’m not letting you out of this room. I’m going to make love to a lot more than twice in the next two days. And I just might fuck you a few more times, too.”

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