First Time with a Girl (and guy!)

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My first time with a girl came about completely by chance. I’ve always had a boyfriend, or at least a fuck friend and didn’t really dabble into girls too much. Erotica and even actual porn always turned me on though and I always thought that was weird because I thought it was a guy thing. The sites that turned me on the most were with all girls, I loved watching them and most of my boyfriends eventually found out. Still, besides just simple fooling around like kissing a girl topless on a bet and things like that, I had never been with one. Then my last boyfriend Stu and I decided to go down to Miami at the end of the school year.

We ended up going to a dance club and got invited to a huge party at someone’s house. We met a girl from Hawaii there named Mele who was just insatiable. Everything about her was a turn on. She had a perfect skin tone, breasts, abs, everything. The way she walked, the looks she would give, the way she would just touch me was unlike anything I had ever felt. She basically attached herself to us the whole night as we got completely wasted together. My boyfriend was loving the attention of another girl but it was more us than anything. The conversation quickly turned to sex as we discussed things we liked, fantasies we had, everything. It was then that she told me she was bi and asked if I had ever tried a women. Maybe it was the alcohol but for some reason I wasn’t embarrassed as I told her about my porn addiction and that I had always fantasized about it secretly. Somehow as I was saying this she just leaned in and started kissing me!

At first I was shocked but I completely gave into the kiss. It was so different but so amazing, her soft lips pressed against mine, her hand started to rub up my leg as her tongue pushed into my mouth in search for my tongue. When they touched it was like electric, my nipples were already hard and I was acutely aware of her hand, wishing it would go higher. She tasted so good, so soft, our tongues urfa escort were perfect for each other, I was oblivious to everything else. Her other hand touched my check, went down my neck towards my aching breasts. I was at a complete loss as to what to do with my hands, she was in control, I would have done anything. She then broke the kiss, looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted to go find a room. At that moment Stu kind of coughed, I had completely forgotten he was there. I turned to face him and he had a huge grin (what is it with guys liking to see girls do it?) and a huge tent. I couldn’t have cared less, all I wanted was her, but she turned to Stu and said he could come too but was in no way allowed to touch her, just me.

She seemed to know the house and took us to a room downstairs with a bed and a sofa. Stu went to the sofa and Mele took me to the bed. I was a bit more nervous now that I had time to think about what I was about to do, but as soon as her hand touched my face and brought me in for a kiss, I could think of nothing else. She very quickly undid my bikini top and as soon as her hands found my breasts, I thought I would stop breathing. Something inside of me was building like never before, no guy ever had this effect on me. She then ran her hands on the underside of my breasts then up the center and bent her head and kissed my nipple. I was completely wet, I wanted more. I think she could tell because she became a bit more frantic with her hands and kissing. Her tongue rolled around my nipple as her hands found their way down to my pussy. She cupped it and I began to grind against her hand without realizing what I was doing. I was completely gone, I just kept grinding harder and harder, I could feel it building, then before I knew it I was on my back and she was pulling my bottoms off.

Somehow she was naked and I hadn’t noticed. A fleeting thought of fear passed until her hands began sliding balıkesir escort up my legs and she lay on top of me. I then tentatively placed my hands on her breasts as she let out a moan. That pushed me on and I brought her breasts to my mouth and tentatively licked her nipple. I felt her shudder as she leaned down onto me, mashing her breast into my face, I started licking and sucking without hesitating. This got us going faster, we went in a frenzy, my leg was pressed against her pussy as she pushed and rubbed into me and we were kissing and feeling and it was building, god it was incredible. We were passionate I was so wet for her and she seemed to know exactly what I needed. She quickly had her head between my legs and when her tongue touched my pussy I screamed! I felt like I couldn’t take it any longer and this incredible thing that had been building was ready to burst!

She was just getting started though, it was so much more sensual than a guys mouth, she knew just where to dart her tongue, just where to lick, I was in tears it was so amazing. I was bucking and grinding and moaning, I had no control, she had it all. When she finally found my clit and sucked while flicking her tongue, it pushed me over and I came hard. It was the biggest, longest, best orgasm I had ever had and I bet the whole house knew that my now. I was pounding the bed with my fists and everything inside me exploded. She kept on going and finally I just couldn’t take it any longer so I brought her face to mine and kissed deeply, I could taste myself on her lips as she was moaning. I then realized that her fingers were between her legs and that she was in desperate need of release. I turned her over and started licking down her body. No reservation now, all I wanted to do was taste her, compare her to myself, I wanted her to feel what she had just given me. I knelt down underneath her and brought my head down to her already wet trabzon escort pussy. I could smell how turned on she was and it was incredible. I lowered my face and started kissing.

Just then I felt hands on my ass and jumped. I looked behind me and Stu was standing with his stiff cock in his hand about to put it in my pussy from behind. I had completely forgotten about him and frankly, this annoyed me, but I was too turned on to care. I could feel his hard cock slide into my pussy but it had nothing on Mele’s tongue. Stu had a pretty good size cock and it had always pleased me but it was nothing but an annoyance now because all I wanted was her. I bent back down to Mele’s pussy as Stu began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy. Since I was so wet he had no problem going in and out and took the liberty of going as fast and hard as he could. I started licking Mele’s outer lips, swirling around, tasting all of her, as my head bounced with the force or Stu’s cock. I then began flicking my tongue inside her as she was moaning and grabbing my face.

After less than a minute I heard Stu groan and could feel him cumming. When he pulled out I could feel his sperm dripping down my leg but I just didn’t care, I kept on licking. It was a different feeling to have my face in a pussy but it tasted incredible and I just kept licking for all I was worth and when I found her clit she screamed and so I focused on that. My hand found my own clit through the sperm and I began rubbing it, god I wanted another one. As she started moaning louder and bucking I could feel myself about to go over the edge again. Finally she screamed that she was cumming and not to stop. My hand went faster and just as I was cumming she let out another scream as I sucked on her clit and we were both bucking and moaning and I just collapsed on her. Stu was in the chair stroking his cock with the biggest grin ever… it was then that I knew I had gone girl and there was no going back. It was unbelievable.

Needless to say I dumped Stu when we got back but he had a story to tell his friends, I kept in contact with Mele, but now I’ve just been on the hunt to find more sexy girls that are willing to help me explore my new sexuality with them… even if at times all I can find is sex chat, it still gets me off!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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