Flashing Truckers


One of the things that I really enjoy doing is flashing truck drivers. Mostly I do this on the Long Island Expressway, although I have done it on other roads.

Jerry and I usually ride along in a van with Jerry driving and me in the passenger seat. I ride along with my blouse open or off; soon I take off all my clothes and sit there totally naked. I love just wearing a garter belt, stockings and high heels or thigh-high stockings and high heels as we ride along side a truck. Its funny, but many of the truckers never even see me. Some get try to get Jerry’s attention and give him the OK sign, others get on the CB and tell the other drivers around what they see and some try to contact us. But it is very rare that I will talk on the CB.

Sometimes I just sit there naked as we ride along the side of the trucks, other times I put my feet up on the dashboard in front of me. This gives them a better look at my legs. One of my better points I have been told. I will also open my legs for them. I have done this on my own and sometimes at the request of the truck driver. Most of the drivers are very polite and nice when they talk on the CB about what I am doing. Whether its to another driver or directed at us. If they are enjoying them selves and are not being to vulgar, I will usually comply with there requests, but slowly so they don’t really know if I am listening or not.

I don’t know how much of my pussy they can see from the cab of their truck, but I do open up my legs for them. But I know they see something, because a lot can tell that my pussy is not shaved. Sometime we ride through areas that have streetlights and I am sure they see a lot. I know they can see my tits clearly because of the way the have been described to other drivers. My tits are small (35b) with big nipples and these men don’t miss that.

Sometimes I sit on the floor between the two front seats (we have bucket seats). Here the truckers get a different view of my body, I can show my ass off, and Jerry can play with me a little. He will reach down and rub my tits or pussy.

It is fun to see how different truckers react to us. Once we had a group of about four trucks in line. We pulled up next to the last one in line and rode along side of him for just a moment. He saw me almost right away and told the driver in front of him that there was a naked broad in the van next to his truck. He then told the trucker in front of him to pull out in front of us so we would have to stay on the side of him for a while. They worked out this whole deal of how they would take turns riding along side of us and keeping us from going anywhere. Well we were not going to go anywhere any way, but we didn’t tell them. We just played along with them. The first guy kept talking about how excited he was to see me naked and was wishing he could trade place with Jerry. The second guy did a long description of what my tits looked like. He was so damn accurate that I was beginning to think he was sitting next to me. He had some eyesight. The third driver was very quiet; he just kept saying “Oh yes” and “very lovely” and rode along side of us for a long time. The fourth driver had to start yelling at him, so he could get his turn. By now though I had moved around a lot and even put my feet up on the dashboard. But this driver never said a word. So when the last driver got along side of us and saw this, he yelled out “Oh my god I can see her Pussy, She has her feet up on the dash”. Well now the first two drives wanted to see again. But we had driven with them a long time and they had to head for the bridge and we had to leave. They usually guess that we have a CB on in the van, and all the drivers thanked me and said good-by and hoped they Escort bayan would see me again. Now they were telling other drivers in the area what was going on, and where we were headed. Its fun to listen at the while the other drivers trying to find us.

We had a driver one night that just went crazy over my legs. I was sitting there totally nude except for stockings, garter belt and heels. He saw that I was naked, but he kept saying he loved my legs. All he kept talking about was my legs. So I showed them off for him by putting them up on the dash. He followed us four exits past where he was supposed to get off. He relayed up to a trucker in front of us what we were doing, so he slowed down so we would catch up to him. He enjoyed seeing me nude. He seemed to like everything and was telling the world what he was looking at. But he was funny, he wouldn’t tell them where we were, he didn’t want to share. He kept hoping that I would show more of my pussy, so I finally spread my legs a little for him. He had a great time and was content for the night, because as we left him we could hear him singing over the CB and having a good old time.

One night after we had given a few drivers a show, I felt in a good mood and decided to do something for Jerry. I got on the floor and opened his pants, took his dick out and started to suck on it. For a few minutes Jerry almost couldn’t control the van. It was the first time I had done this and I am not sure who was enjoying it more, Jerry or me, because I was really having a good time doing it. Well Jerry came alongside a truck without telling me, and almost immediately the driver saw what I was doing and announced over the CB that some guy next to him was getting a blow-job by a naked broad. I was so embarrassed; because I knew it was me he was talking about.

He was excited and describing everything. Well I got very embarrassed. I did not mean to do this so anyone could see. But I also got extremely aroused and kept going. Jerry said he would pull away from the trucker if I wanted, but I told him to stay and let the trucker watch. Even though I was embarrassed, the sound of the trucker got me very aroused. Here I was give a Blowjob to my husband with a total stranger watching. I really got into it; I never thought I could do that. We let him stay along side of us as I performed. Jerry ended up with a very long blowjob, the driver got a show he won t forget, I got a mouth full of cum and I found something else I really like to do. I now get a big thrill out of giving Jerry a Blowjob as he drives next to truckers.

The problem was every trucker in the area was looking for us and this guy was telling him where we were. We didn’t think too much of it though until we came up on about six truckers going slow waiting for us to catch up. I was not going to continue to give Jerry a blowjob for all of these truckers to see, so I just sat on the floor between the seats for a while and let Jerry play with my tits. I never realized that this actually gave the truckers a better view of me. I got up and sat on the seat so they could get a good look at my tits and nipples. Some were sorry they didn’t see me giving the blowjob, but we did get to everyone of them so they could see me naked. Seven trucks in a row is our record, but we never try to better it, it just happened that way one evening. The talk between them was great. We even got to hear of other things some of the truckers have seen. (I cannot believe what some others have done. A bit to wild for me). It was arousing for all of us that night. They all got to see me naked or giving Jerry a blowjob, Jerry again got a great blowjob and I got to show off a lot and a lot of cum to drink. Bayan escort As we left them I picked up the CB mike and said goodnight. Well this got them all going again, because they wanted to talk to me. But we left them and went to a bar for a nightcap.

Since that night I realized that a lot of the truckers would rather see me giving Jerry a blow-job then just see me sitting in the van naked. So that is what I do most of the time now. And I never get a complaint out of Jerry. Sometimes I am totally naked when I do this and sometimes just partially naked. Its goes by how I feel at the time. But I have had some truckers who were very sweet and were able to talk me out of more of my clothes if I were not already totally nude. I like these men; they are a lot of fun. I even like the men who get excited and tell all the other truckers in the area what is going on. I even like some of the truckers who try to keep what he is watching to himself sometimes, but will still talk on the CB. A few of these men have gotten Jerry’s attention to give him a big well done, or something and some want to tell him to go to a different CB channel. We will usually do this, but very rare will we talk to them. Jerry has on occasion. It depends on how the trucker is reacting and what he is saying. Some know that I am out showing off on purpose and others think they have caught us trying to be private. What ever they think is fine by us. A few times a trucker will not believe that I am actually sucking on Jerry’s cock. So when Jerry is about to cum, I let it spray all over my face, then get up and sit in the seat before I start to lick it off. This is usually a big shock for the poor trucker who figured I was faking. It a lot of fun some of the things we have done.

One time we were on the New Jersey Turnpike and got a trucker on each side of us. I was riding naked except for thigh-high stocking and my heels. We were on the side of a trucker and he was telling his friend about these nude women in the van next to him. Well a few minutes later a big truck pulled up on the drivers side of our van. He was listening on the CB and realized that he was near us. There were two men in that truck, so the passenger got the show this time. It was a little scary for me to have these two big trucks on each side of us, but as long as Jerry didn’t mind I told him to stay. It was fun listening to these two to see who could see what. But truckers seem like a tight group because after a little while the two trucker changed places with the second so the driver of the second truck could get a better look. I rode with them for about 20 minutes. To satisfy one of them I even put the seat back so I could lie down, and rolled over on my stomach so he could see my ass for a while. Its funny but each man has his favorite part of the body they like to look at. And within 5 minutes you will hear what it is. Some like to look at tits, some the pussy and some the ass. Most seem to like tits best, but almost all of them want at least a peek of my pussy. And then there are a few who like something else, like the one who really wanted to look at my legs.

One night we heard a trucker mention the nude women next to him a thought as usual he was looking at me. Then a few minutes later he was telling everyone about the dildo she was sticking up her pussy. Well I got a little mad because I was not doing that and we left the trucker. Well he did not try to stay with us and the comments were still going on. We pulled up along side another truck just to pass him when we herd this guy say that he had a nude women next to him now. The first guy said he still had his women giving him a show so we must be a different one. They talked about Escort their locations and that is when we realized that it was indeed another women out showing off. The first trucker we were by never noticed me us. The truckers all started talking now thing that this was planned by a group of women and the other truckers were looking in ever car and van to see another nude woman. Well this first guy kept talking about the dildo, and this gentleman watching us kept saying all I was doing was riding naked. He likes to look, but we could tell he was a little disappointed. So I told Jerry to move his seat back. I got on the floor, opened Jerry pants, took out his cock and started to suck him off. Well now this trucker was king of the hill. He was telling the other guy of how he was watching a blowjob. It seems the other couple had a CB in there car also because in a few minutes the other trucker was telling of how she was laying on the car seat giving her driver a blow-job also.

Every other truck in the area was trying to find either one of us. And a few did. I ended up working on Jerry for about 30 minutes because of all the truckers who kept getting along side of us to watch. And it didn’t sound too much different in the other car also. Although she did go back to the using the dildo. (Jerry did cum, and I worked like hell to keep him hard for the rest of the time. He was one happy man).

We tried to find that couple on the road, but were never close enough to do so. They were in front of us quite a ways and did not slow down at all. I often wonder how they felt knowing we were out there also. We thought it was neat.

After this we even tried the dildos, but I do not like doing that too much. So it is very rare that I use them with the truckers watching. But one night it did get exciting. We pulled up next to a truck and when we were sure he was looking at me I took out a dildo and starting to push it up my pussy. This one was only about 8” long. I had my legs up on the dashboard and spread apart and I had it sliding in and out. Well the whole word was getting a very clear and precise description about what I was doing. He had me getting hot and aroused. So I reached into my pocketbook and took out a very large dildo. This one was a double-ended dildo that looks like a cock on each end and is about 18” long. Now I had used this dildo a few times but only as a prop to hold in my hands and maybe lick. But this night I was so aroused I put it to my pussy and kept working it. Well even Jerry went nuts when this dildo slid up my pussy. I was pushing about 12” of fat rubber right up my pussy like it was nothing. I finally made Jerry pull off the road and get in the back of the van with me. I fucked his brains out right there on the service road. We then headed home and I sat on the floor all the way playing with his cock. A few truckers got to see this and I had him ready to go again when we got home. But as hot as I got that night, I do this very little. If we set something up with a trucker over the Internet and he asks me to do it I will. But not often.

We had many more nights on the road but there is not a lot you can tell. A lot of them are very similar. I even had a few of the truckers shine a flash light on me as I sat in the van. At first I got mad at that, now I take it by how the conversation is going. We enjoy each one and are all are different to a point but not enough to write about. And any trucker who gets nasty or real rude we pull away from fast, and he loses.

If you’re a trucker who may have seen me I would love to hear from you.

Please send us some stories of what you have done. We like to read about other people’s experiences of ladies showing off. We would like to read about what other have seen in porno theaters and how they felt watching. I would like to read about what truckers have seen on the road. And are always looking for new ideas. Peak our interest!!!! Liz & Jerry

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