Flirting with Primal

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Explanation: Upon asking some friends who topped me to explain the difference between pet play and primal play, my mind started wandering with the possibilities. Yes I did ask if primal play was pet play on steroids. I’m quite new and love for people to explain the things they enjoy to me. I have a great joy of learning from others of this wonderful kinky world I’ve entered. Please keep in mind my lack of experience when reading where my mind goes after a sexy scene and a chat on primal play.

Primal thoughts.

As I leave my house this morning I’m thinking of the many things I have to do today. I have a list in my head that I review to make sure I’m ready for my day. All is well until I get out of my car at work. The parking lot is empty. I’m a bit early and used to walking in alone but something feels different. Glancing around I see nothing that should trigger my unease. I begin walking, cautiously glancing around constantly checking my surroundings.

Just as I begin to feel like my overactive imagination is playing tricks on me, I hear the snap of a breaking twig. I jump. Looking around, I still see nothing. I pick up my pace walking as quickly as I can without it turning into a jog. Checking over my shoulders, I still see nothing.

I enter the building and close the door giggling at my silliness. Not sure what got into me but my adrenaline is definitely pumping. I take a second to see the humor in the situation and get my wits back. Such a silly girl I am. Mercy.

The day goes as normal until lunch. Before I can open the front door to head out to get a bite to eat, a man glides by me and holds it. “Allow me.” His voice comes out low and rumbly. A chill runs down my spine as I take in his big body and knowing smirk. His eyes seem playful and hard at the same time.

As I squeeze by, I catch a whiff of him. He smells like the woods on a crisp fall day. I’m so close that I allow myself to briefly touch my arm on his stomach as I pass. ZING. I feel like sparks shoot from my arm to my now aching pussy. I giggle and rush out. Did I just hear him growl under his breath? Shit. My imagination again. I need to knock this shit off.

I’m so aroused now that I contemplate what this big stranger could do to me. He’s much bigger than me and carries himself with confidence. Too bad he wouldn’t be interested in a silly girl and her far fetched fantasies.

I hear his shoes clicking on the pavement behind me. His long strides carrying him quickly toward me. I pick up my pace. I can’t let him pass me. Not sure why that thought pops into my head but I go with it. I giggle quietly and speed up as his footfalls seem to quicken as well.

Fuck! I need my car immediately. I jump in looking around only to see nothing. Where the hell did he go? I laugh again at myself. I notice my breath coming hard as if I’d been running. I glance in the mirror to see my red cheeks. Little does this random man know that tonight he’ll be starring in some nice fantasies as soon as I can get home and take care of these tingles he caused.

The rest of the day goes routinely. I finish up my work for the day and pack up to leave. The weird prickly feeling in my body starts again as I walk to my car to leave. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get from the front door to my car without imagining a strong man in my wake following with his determined gait. For now I enjoy the tingles it causes to run through my body.

I need some groceries so I head to the store to pick them up. Pulling out my phone, I check my list. Shopping goes pretty quickly. With only a few items, I grab the little basket and make my way to the correct aisles.

All’s well until I round a corner and walk straight into my big friend from earlier. “Shit sorry!” slips out before I can sensor myself. Damnit. Great impressions I must be making on this man. He just laughs and bends over to pick up my dropped basket. Our hands touch for a second before I jerk back like I’ve been burnt.

That feeling is back. My body feels almost like it’s vibrating. I’m so turned on and nervous at the same time. My earlier thoughts of being overpowered by this strong man pop back into my head. I grow hot and curse my pale skin that I’m sure is bright red at the moment. The heat in my cheeks and leading down my chest make me self conscious.

He starts talking casually to me. Introducing himself and I walk quietly at his side. I sense this is what I should do. His walking takes my brain out of panic lockdown from the embarrassment of trying to plow him over and the thought of having to talk to him. It allows me to focus on my clumsy steps so I don’t trip and make more of a fool of myself.

He explains that he just moved to town. His job brought him here. We talk about the city. I mention some of my favorite places for him to check out. A nearby park is one of the places I enjoy most. I often go there to sit and listen to nature around me and to walk the trails to burn off nervous energy.

He confesses a love for things wild and glances down at my mouth. I automatically lick my lips. Shit, why’d I do that? I blush again. I swear I hear a rumbly sound in his throat again for just a second.

I thank him for holding my basket and tell him I hope to see him around. I quickly walk toward the checkout and pay. Only as I reach my car do I realize my new friend didn’t have a cart or basket. Hmmm! Curious.

The rest of the week I’m constantly on the lookout at work and feel the excited energy each time I walk to and from my car at work, But I don’t see my mysterious friend the rest of the work week. I begin to relax a bit as I leave work Friday and head home. It is early enough to take a walk and let my mind wander. The park seems the perfect place to go.

I quickly change into comfortable clothes, pop in my earbuds, and head to the park. The smell of the trees and plants is soothing. The running water in the small creek makes me calm as well. I begin walking on the trail through the wooded area. About halfway through I begin to feel a bit weird. Almost like I’m not alone.

I stop in my tracks and look around. Nothing. I’ve taken my earbuds off and work to shut off my music. Still nothing. I’m such a goofball. Always with the far out imagination and wishing for something exciting to happen. I pause for another few minutes to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Laughing, I leave my earbuds out (just in case) and get back to my walk. The birds aren’t chirping like I’d expect. They seem awfully quiet. Everything seems to have paused with me and not returned to normal. I shake my head and decide to distract myself.

I think of the sexy man from earlier this week. I imagine him next to me talking to me casually like he did in the store. Is that what I really want though? Not even close. I begin wondering how his hands would feel on me. Wanting to feel them everywhere. I’m becoming very aroused.

I glance about again seeing and hearing nothing. I run a hand up the inside of my shirt, imagining it to be his. I moan. I use my fingers to pinch and twist my nipples just how I like. I sneak my other hand down the front of my pants. My fingers find myself already wet.

I stroke my clit lazily as I pinch my nipple. Slowly I insert my middle finger into my wet pussy. Fuck do I need a release after all my imaginings this week. I take my wet fingers and begin rubbing faster back and forth over my hard and sensitive clit. I can’t walk anymore. I step off the trail to a tree and lean back against it as I continue to work myself faster and faster.

I hear movement and stop immediately, frozen in place. I hope frantically that it’s an animal but see nothing. A stick snaps and my sexy man comes striding down the trail. It’s like my imagination has brought him to life. Shit! My hands are still in my clothes! Shit! Shit! Shit! I move but not fast enough.

He’s directly in front of me grabbing me around the wrist that was down my pants. I try to jerk away embarrassed. He’s not having it. He brings the hand up to his face level while keeping eye contact with me. I’m mortified but can’t seem to look away. He sniffs my hand, growls and takes my pointer and middle fingers into his mouth. For fuck’s sake, this can’t be happening! He sucks on my fingers before pulling them out. Still his eyes are holding mine. I feel like I can’t move. He brings his nose down to where my neck and shoulder meet and inhales deeply.

The growl I thought I heard at work is back but a bit louder. He begins talking in a quiet but gravelly voice. “If you don’t want me to take you here in the woods, I suggest you slowly walk back the way you came. If however you’d like me to finish what you’ve started, I’ll give you a minute to hurry the way we were going. You may try to run away but I promise you won’t get very far. Decide now.”

I stand there staring at this big man. His eyes seem to have darkened. He isn’t moving but his body is buzzing like he’s holding himself against his body’s will. I stutter “I… well… Um” but am cut off.

“NOW!” he growls. This jump starts me. I take off up the trail. I’m jogging and trying to look where my feet are falling. Listening I don’t hear anything behind me yet. I slow a bit and glance back. That’s when I hear movement and catch sight of him a little way back. Oh shit! My body urges me to run. I take off as fast as I can. I can’t take the chance to look back. I have to just keep going for as long as I can.

Footfalls sound right behind me. I giggle nervously and a bit excited. I wanted excitement and damn straight I’m getting it.

Suddenly I feel myself being whipped around. I get a bit dizzy as I spin and come to a halt staring up at his smirking face. “Back up to that tree!” he orders. “Quickly!” I do as told. I feel the rough bark against my back as I watch him stalk around me and the tree. My first thought is running back the way we came. I’m out of breath and surely won’t make it to my car. Let’s face it, I don’t want to make it back. So I stand perfectly still.

He walks up close and begins sniffing my neck right below my ear again. The sounds he makes sends shivers down my body. I rub my cheek against him. I need more of him touching me. He’s not moving fast enough. Not sure exactly where the idea comes from, I find myself pushing him away with all my might and smirking.

He paces back and forth growling under his breath. Stalking toward him, I push again. What the fuck am I doing? He grabs me and pushes me to the ground. I find myself struggling and giggling at the same time. I scratch him on his chest several times before he pins my hands above my head. Using his foot and knee, he pries my legs apart and places his body firmly against mine. I can feel how aroused he is. His hard cock is pressed firmly just where I want it.

I try to struggle to move. I can’t lift my hands off the ground at all. My hips however have some wiggle room. I smirk and begin rocking my hips forward and back. I’m greatly enjoying the feel of his rigid dick being ground against my clit. I’m frenzied at this point and long to feel him inside me.

He allows himself to be flipped onto his back so my legs open fully to straddle him. It’s difficult to grind on him as he holds my hands at the base of my back but fuck if I don’t try my best. As I buck against him, I lean toward him to have a smell. Curious as to why he was smelling my neck, I place my nose there as I rub my cheek against his bare skin. Mmmmm! Yummy. I buck harder against his cock. I’m so fucking close by this point, I know I can cum so easily.

Glancing at his shoulder, I bite lightly before thinking too much. My fingers wiggling and straining to rake at his clothes and get to skin. As my teeth apply pressure to his shoulder he growls “Cum!” and bites my neck back hard. My body shatters.

I come back to noises of whimpers and whines. My body still shaking. The noises are me. “Please? Inside me.” I manage. My being horny as hell has flipped a switch. I am now in naughty land. My dirty mind has taken over control of my senses. Shy me has faded into near nonexistence.

I’m pushed off him. He positions me on my hands and knees. Getting behind me he pushes my shirt above my tits and jerks my pants roughly down and off. I hear a zipper being lowered and feel the head of his cock rubbing insistently at my wet wanting hole. I begin to push back, willing him to take me. Only to be denied. He pulls back and uses a hand to push my head to the ground.

Leaves crunch below my cheek as he holds me there. Message received. I am no longer, nor was I ever truly in charge. I cease moving and wait. His hands begin to run over my ass, which is still in the air wanting attention. He digs his fingers into my ass cheeks for a moment before the pressure leaves and cold air touches my ass. I shiver but stay as still as possible. SHWACK! Pain and heat radiate from my butt. My body clenches at the stimulation. His other hand comes down on the other cheek and a moan into the ground.

My moan must have set him off because his hard cock suddenly enters me. Hard and fast, he’s sheathed in my wetness. My back arches as I register the wonderful intrusion. He caught me off guard. I feel my ass flush against his groin and his balls bounce off my clit. His upper body bends over me as he brings his chest in contact with my back. “Ready?” he growls into my ear.

I grunt and push snugger into him. His hands go to my shoulders as he lifts himself off me a bit. Just enough to get purchase and begin slowly leaving and returning to my body. So slow, I feel I’m going crazy. I can almost feel each ridge and vein of his cock as he enters and leaves rubbing slowly the sensitized inner walls of my pussy.

I begin to whine again needing to feel more. Wanting him harder and faster. He ignores my pleas and continues his task of driving me insane. My body is shaking. I’m lucky to be face planted. I’m not sure how my ass stays in the air at this point. The whining noises are almost constant now. I can’t grasp words at this point. That is all I’m able to do. Mew over and over waiting for him to decide to put me out of my misery. Although this is sweet misery and I am beginning to think going crazy in this manner is quite alright with me. I lay still enjoying the feels, smells and sounds on and around me.

As my body relaxes into his motions, he pulls back on my shoulders and slams into me. Fuck! I grunt into the ground. He pulls himself free of me only to pound into me again. A few more times slowly and pounding with a break between. Then he begins to genuinely ride me. Thrusting over and over into me. Both of us are grunting at this point. Sweat runs up my back. He rakes his nails down my back. The lovely pain brings back my mewing sounds.

Grabbing my hair he pulls my head to the side baring my throat again. He’s right in my ear again. Grunting and growling low in his throat. My body begins to clench at the wonderful sounds and sensations traveling through my body. He growls “Good girl” before biting down hard. It hurts so fucking good. My body gives up and clenches his tight. Pulsing and drawing on his cock. At the last second, he pulls out and shoots his seed on my back. The warmth comforting. I lay there unable to move.

My eyes close. I feel my clothes being righted. I hear him move and am gently pulled into his lap. He holds me safely there as I doze. The world around me goes quiet and I am completely at peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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