For His Viewing Pleasure

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I have to admit I’ve thought about last Friday’s events at the house and when Tom said Terri was going out of town with her boyfriend and Ted was going to stay with us for a week, Immediately I thought about the complications.

We had talked about the teasing I had done, showing a little too much for a respectable step mom to Ted and his friends. Tom said he saw nothing wrong with them admiring his new wife and reminded me I was only 12 years older than all of them.

“I would have killed to have an opportunity to be around someone like you when I was his age”. He always has had a way of making me feed the most desirable woman he has ever met. I had kept in shape through programs at the gym and loved the looks I received when we went out. Nothing was too extreme when it came to my attire and the more daring the better.

With Ted probably being at the house, except for working his summer job and ball practice, I knew there were going to be some tense moments.

Tom called and said he talked to Terri and she was going to be dropping Ted off at his work and kaynarca escort he should be home sometime around 5:30.

“When are you going to get here?” I asked. I wanted him to be home BEFORE Ted got there.

“About the same time. Don’t worry, everything is going to be cool”. He assured me.

I hung up and carefully noted what I was wearing. An old tee shirt, and shorts. Short shorts but nothing with gaping legs or anything. Being bra less wasn’t evident. At least I didn’t think so.

I started doing some house work and before I realized it, 5:30 arrived. I saw Tom’s SUV pull into the drive and was glad he was first to get home. He kissed me, and with his usual grope of my butt, he went into the den. I got us a beer and joined him. He said not to worry about Ted and his staying there. “We can control things and nothing will get out of hand”. he said assuring me.

I smiled and read his mind. “So I’m suppose to be the good step mommy and wear long pants, a turtle neck, and a white full cup bra with my Grannie panties?”. I teased.

“NO küçükyalı escort FUCKING WAY! I still want you to be my baby and he’ll just have to live with it. I didn’t marry you to be the good step mommy and if you start that shit, we’ll have problems”,

I knew what he meant. Secretly he wanted me to be the ‘naughty’ woman he wanted and the fact his son was going to get educated the world is not made up of vanilla woman like his ex wife is something that Ted was just going to have to learn.

That first evening went smooth. Nothing unusual and I felt very at ease.

The next morning Tom said something about me being a little too staid and maybe I would look better in something less revealing. I smiled at his suggestion.

Tom dressed and went into the kitchen to get his toast and coffee. I heard Ted come join him. I removed the old tee shirt and put on a small white teddie, nothing sheer but with a very revealing look at my deep cleavage. The teddie had a matching pair of brief panties and I put them on also. Brushing my hair quickly and sancaktepe escort using some mouth wash, I was ready for for my entrance.

Ted had his back to me at the table. I winked at Tom and said, “hey Ted, ready for another tough day at work?”

He turned and his eyes widened. I was two or three feet from him and my breasts at eye level. I was sure he could make out my nipples against the tight material. I looked quickly at Tom and saw his smile.

I moved to the chair near Tom and we chatted about going out for burgers when everyone got home. Ted, the poor kid was doing his best to look at my eyes but he couldn’t do it. I decided to change position and when I doubled my leg up under me I watched as he studied my boobs as they bounced.

“I think I will work in the yard today” I announced. “If I work in the back do you think it would be OK for me to wear just my bikini bottoms?” I asked no one in particular.

“Sure, no one will know your back there”, said Tom. “You need to get some sun before you start to lose it”. I hoped Ted was thinking about me being topless as I mowed.

I went back into to the bedroom and I’ll admit the exposure to Tom’s son was turning me on. I heard them leave a few minutes later and I pleasured myself as I showered.

Who is getting more worked up over this situation. Me, Tom or Ted?

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