Four Scarves Ch. 04


AUTHOR’S NOTE: These chapters are written to be read in sequence, to fully understand and enjoy the story — RUSTY

Chapter 4 — The Hotel

Her Secret Admirer wrote, “Your performance was just spectacular at Victoria’s Secret.” This brought a smile to her face when she read his remarks online. She asked if he was one of the three men that witnessed the show at the store, which he answered “No.” She did not understand where he was during that episode, but he told her in detail what he liked, and what he would have had her done differently. From those remarks, she knew he must have witnessed the episode from some location. It did please her to know that he enjoyed her exhibition.

The conversation over the next couple of days reflected back to the mall, but then he started to set the stage for what he wanted her to do next. She had enjoyed what he asked so far and now was reading the words that described her next adventure.

“Are you free next Thursday after work?” SA asked her using IM.

‘Yes. My husband will be home late and I will be able to do what you want from five to eight.”

“Good. Then I want you go to a hotel in the city and check into the room that I will reserve.”

“Will I be meeting you?” She asked with anticipation.

“No. I’ll call you from another room and give you more instructions when you get there.”

Amanda was disappointed in his response, but she added, “Okay. When I get into the room how will I contact you?”

“I will have your room phone number and I’ll call you after you settle into the room.”

She accepted his answer, but was clearly disappointed. She was very curious about SA, and wanted to know who he was. As she analyzed her feelings, she realized that her body would tingle every time she thought about her ‘mystery man’. Not really knowing who he was, probably added to her excitement.

Thursday was a couple of days off and she was not sure she would be able to survive until then.

***** ***** ***** *****

Amanda’s eyes were glued to the office clock as the minutes slowly ticked away on Thursday. It was the end of the day and she was now worried. She had not heard from him.

She could feel the sweat on the palms of her hands as the clock ticked past five. Then at ten minutes past five a message appeared on her IM.

“Do you still want to do this?” was the question she saw on her screen.

‘Yes, what do I need to do?” She quickly typed in response.

“Leave work and drive to the Marriott on Fifth Street. Tell them that you are the wife of Mr. Smith and you have a reservation. They will tell you which room to go to.”

“Do I need to register for the room?” she asked.

“No, the room is already paid for. All you need to tell them is that you are Mrs. Smith and ask them for a room key.”

Amanda smiled at his response. Now she was Mrs. Smith and that thought pleased her.

***** ***** ***** *****

Amanda had no problem finding the hotel and parking the car. She made her way out of the garage into the hotel. Amanda entered the reception area, turned to her left and found the check-in counter. After walking up to the desk she introduced herself as Mrs. Smith. “I just got in and my husband tells me that he has already reserved a room. May I have a door key please?” Amanda spoke to the clerk with an air of authority.

The woman Escort bayan looked down at her computer screen, typed in a few fast commands, and raised her head up in agreement with Amanda. She typed in a few more commands, inserted what looked like a credit card and allowed the computer to validate the room key. Taking the key out from the computer she handed it to Amanda and said, “We hope you have a wonderful stay. Your room number is three forty-five. Do you need any help with your luggage Mrs. Smith?”

“No. My husband has already checked my luggage into the room. I don’t need any additional help at this time. Just point me in the direction of the elevators, please.”

The clerk pointed behind Amanda. Amanda thanked her, turned and made her way back to the bank of elevators. As she stood waiting for the first elevator to open, she surveyed the hallway, hoping to spot SA. Other than herself, no one came into view. She was getting eager, and would have been thrilled, if any man had entered her view.

Five minutes later she was in the room. With the door closing behind her, she placed her handbag down on the coffee table and moved around the room to turn on most of the lights.

She stepped into the middle of the room and looked around. Nice room, she thought to herself and then smiled. No sooner than she had finished her survey of the room, when the phone rang. Amanda was expecting him to call.

Amanda walked over to the ringing phone, picked up the ear piece and said “Hello?” What she heard in return was a synthesized human voice.

“I see that you have found the room. Are you comfortable?”

She was not sure who was on the phone. She knew it was a human voice, but she had not expected it to be disguised. “Is this SA?” She asked wanting to make sure it was him.

“Yes, I have been waiting for my little exhibitionist. Are you ready to begin?”

She was now sure it was SA because he had used the ‘exhibitionist’ word. “Aren’t you coming to my room. How else will you be my voyeur?”

“No, I am not coming to your room, but I will be able to see you shortly, once you finish with my directions. Are you ready?”

“I guess I am. What do I need to do?”

“First thing I want you to do is find the speaker button on the phone and press it. Then place the headset back in it cradle.”

She looked down at the phone, found the button and pushed it. She could hear his breathing come over the speaker. She lowered the telephone into its cradle.

“Done. Now what would you have me do?” She asked very seductively.

“I want you to get completely naked. Take everything off, including your heels. Then let me know when you are completely nude.”

Amanda was not really surprised to hear this command and began undressing without hesitation. She took two steps away from the phone, back into the room. She continued to talk as she started to unbutton her blouse, “Can you see me while I am stripping?”

“No, but I will be able to see you in just a few minutes.”

“Would you like me to tell you what I am doing while I take my clothes off?”

“That would be nice.”

“Right now I have my blouse completely open and I am slipping it slowly off my shoulders. Do you know what I am wearing under my blouse?”

“No, but you can tell me.”

“Nothing, I didn’t wear a bra today. I let Bayan escort my nipples rub against my blouse all day. My nipples are very rigid right now and they want to be played with. Do you like what I am telling you?”

“Yes, and I would love to look at and suck on those nipples. What are you doing now?”

“I am moving the zipper down on my skirt. The zipper is completely down and the skirt is falling slowing down my legs. It almost looks like it is floating off my body as it drifts down my long, silky legs. Can you see me in your mind.”

“Yes.” On the phone she could hear his breathing increase in pace. She was playing with him and was enjoying herself.

“I’m stepping out of my skirt now, having only a small black g-string hanging from my hips, my stockings, and my heels. What would you have me remove next?”

“I need for you to stop stripping and walk over to the window.”

Amanda listened to his instruction. Looking up she found the curtains that concealed the window and walked over to them. “I’m next to the window, now what?”

“I want you to pull the curtains back as far as they can go.”

“But the lights are on and everyone outside will see me.”

“That is the general idea for my little exhibitionist.”

Amanda’s heart was starting to beat faster as she was getting very excited. She now had a good idea how he would be watching her, she knew that as soon as she pulled the curtains back, she would be on display.

She walked over to the center of the window, found the split in the curtains, grabbed one end and walked it to the side. Moving back, she grabbed the second curtain and moved it to the other side. The city came into view as she looked out into the evening and saw the buildings, now aglow with their own lights, as the sun dipped below the horizon in the distance.

“Step back, let me see you.” He commanded as she finished pulling the curtains open.

Amanda walked to the center of the room, turned and looked out the window. She was looking at an office building that was directly across the street from the hotel. There were a number of office locations with their lights still on. In a few of those offices, there appeared to be silhouettes in the windows looking back.

“Very nice. Step back further into the room and let the light reflect off your body.”

Amanda complied, and took two more steps, backwards into the room.

“Much better. We can see you very nicely now. Your breasts appear to be very excited.”

“We? Who is we?” She asked somewhat confused.

“Can you see the people standing in the windows?”


“We, are all those eyes now watching you. Does this excite you?”


“Do you want to take more off?”


“Take your g-string off very slowly.’

“She was now entirely on display and very excited. She could see people looking back. They were looking at her and wanting her to strip completely naked. The thought of all these people looking at her while she stripped was getting her very wet.”

Slowly she glided each hand up her legs until they reached the elastic resting on each hip. Slipping a finger into each strap, she pulled the wisp of material way from her body and slowly lowered it down. She kept her eyes locked on the windows across from her as she bent over, forcing the material to Escort move down her legs. Amanda knew that as she bent forward, she would be hiding the pubic hair that was coming into view. She continued to move the small triangle down from the “V” in her legs, and as the material was freed from her hips, she let go and allowed gravity to complete what she had started. As the g-string floated down her legs, she raised herself up and put her full nakedness on display. The material gently drifted down to her ankles. Amanda raised one foot to free the string from her one leg, allowing the g-string to come to rest around the other foot as it fell to the floor. She spread her legs, while placing a hand on each hip, and stood there.

“Very nicely done, and so beautiful in the light. I don’t think you need to take the heels off. Are you wet Amanda?”

She could feel a small amount of liquid run down between her legs and knew the answer right away, “Yes, I am very wet.”

“Would you like to do something about that?”

“Yes, I am very excited and need a release.”

“Then walk back to the bed and sit down facing us.”

Amanda did not need to be told twice. She turned quickly, and walked over to the bed. She sat down on the edge closest to the window, spread her legs and placed her hands behind her, leaning back on the bed while pushing her breasts out for them to clearly see.

“Very nice. Now move one hand down between your legs and play with yourself.”

Again, she immediately understood, spread her legs even further, raised one hand up to her mouth, licked three fingers and moved it down between her legs. Her fingers found her clit nestled between the wet strands of pubic hair that was hidden from their prying eyes.

“Now masturbate for us.”

Amanda closed her eyes as she started to force her fingers deeper and harder against her clit. Her hips started to move and she closed her legs slightly, trying to clamp her fingers to where they were working. She moaned.

Her eyes would flicker open, only for a second, to make sure her audience was still watching. This excited her. Her imagination and touching was starting to bring the desired results. Her breathing had started to quicken, as he said, “We want you to cum for us.” That was all she needed to hear as her orgasm started to make its way up and over her body. She clamped her legs tightly around her fingers as her orgasm rippled across her body. Amanda convulsed as the orgasm took over and was rocking her as she sat on the edge of the bed. She opened her eyes in time to witness flashes from cameras going off from the other building. Still on display, she understood this was being recorded for their pleasure. This excited her to be an exhibitionist. It only made the orgasm go on, and on. Finally, spent, she collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes, still very naked for their viewing eyes.

“Excellent. We really enjoyed your show. This certainly has earned you another scarf.”

She closed her eyes and fell asleep, leaving the window open, the lights on, and her lying naked on the bed.

***** ***** ***** *****

The next day at work, the package was already waiting for her, on her desk. She opened it and found a long, black silk scarf, just like the others. She loved this one even more than the others, because this one brought back the most recent memories of the evening in the hotel.

Her computer beeped and IM presented her a new message from SA. “Very nicely done last night. So very erotic and by now you should have opened your gift. Are you ready for your next task?”

“Yes!” she typed back.

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