Foxy Grandma Ch. 01


(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. Also, I would like to thank my biggest fan for his help coming up with the idea and preparing this story, as well as other fans for their help making this story come together. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)

Janice had never been more pissed at her daughter. She had to slam the phone down in disgust. Her daughter, Erin, had just called her to break the news. Janice’s grandson, Erin’s son, Danny, had proposed to his girlfriend. Just hearing this made Janice slam down the phone. How could Erin be this stupid? How could she let this happen?

Danny had come from a long line of sluts. Erin had always been a little slut, and Janice had been the same. Janice had slept around quite a bit in her younger days, resulting in her pregnancy at the age of 15. Her parents were very strict, and forced the boy responsible to stay by her side and eventually marry her. As her friends graduated high school, Janice was the married mother of a three year-old little girl, Erin.

Inevitably, Erin’s father left Janice. He was too immature to handle the responsibility of being a parent. But Janice was. She had learned her lesson. Having a child that young made her realize the error of her ways. She knew she had to grow up fast to be a good mother to Erin. Her parents had disowned her after getting pregnant, and with her child’s father now out of the picture, she was on her own. Janice buckled down, worked hard, and got through the next few years putting a meal on her daughter’s table.

She had learned what not to do from her parents in relation to raising a child. Her parents were very cold and strict and just plain sticks in the mud. In that environment, of course she would rebel. So she vowed it would be different with Erin. She would be a good mother.

Her treatment of her daughter was strict but fair. She wasn’t as cold and heartless as her parents had been. She let her make her own mistakes, small ones, but she also reinforced the important things. She didn’t want her daughter to be a young mother like she had been. Janice was resistant when Erin reached the age when boys were interested in her. Janice made it clear how much work it had been to raise her as a single mother. She did not want her to repeat the same mistakes.

In her own opinion, Janice was doing a great job as a mother. And how did Erin repay her? She got knocked up by some dumb jock when she was fifteen. Janice was furious with her. Janice had done all the right things with her. She had poured her blood, sweat, and tears into giving Erin a good life, and Erin just ignores her like an insolent little bitch.

It was at this point that the rift between Janice and her daughter formed. Janice tried to be as supportive as she could, but Erin suddenly thought she knew how the world worked. Janice tried, she really did. She wanted Erin to stay with her during the pregnancy so the child would have a positive female influence in her life, but Erin wanted to live with her burnout boyfriend, who had left his parents home to live by himself. Janice just knew that this was a mistake and she tried to put her foot down, preventing Erin from leaving. But she didn’t listen. At six months pregnant, Erin was out of the house, living with her boyfriend, and for the first time, Janice was alone.

Janice cut her daughter off. If she thinks she could get by on her own, then that’s what she’ll get, Janice thought. She had been working for so long. And she had been so focused on raising her daughter, and being a good mother, that she never took time for herself. Now there she was, thirty years old, single, and alone. A thirty year old grandmother. She had sacrificed her own personal life for her daughter, and her daughter repaid her by abandoning her. A permanent rift had been created between mother and daughter, a rift that Janice would never forget.

Their relationship remained strained by the time Erin gave birth. She delivered a beautiful boy, Danny. He was the first boy in a long line of girls their family had had through the years. Janice tried to play a large role in his life, but Erin would never let her around. Finally, Erin and the boyfriend decided to move across the country. Janice was furious at her daughter for this. She just waited for the day that she would come crawling back, baby in tow, admitting that Janice was right.

But that day never came. Janice was not surprised, though, when Erin called her letting her know her then-husband had left her. Shocker! But Janice was surprised when Erin didn’t beg to come home. It seemed as if she was too proud to admit she was wrong. Two can play at that game, Janice thought. Janice would Onwin not beg for her to come back. If she wants to be on her own, she would be on her own.

They corresponded occasionally, but for the most part, Janice had moved on. Not having a daughter to support freed her up in way. She was now able to pursue her personal life, and this did not present her any problems, because she was spectacularly gorgeous. Having a child had not decreased her looks one bit. In fact, it had only added to her attractiveness. It did not take her long to settle down with a good man. A good, rich man.

Janice had married him quickly. For the first time in her life, she was financially set. Her new husband insisted that she didn’t work. He was old fashioned in that sense. He was fifteen years older than she was, and liked to live the good life. He had a nice house, nice clothes, and nice cars. He wanted her to enjoy this life. Janice did not fight him. Quite frankly, she felt like she deserved it. She had been working hard for almost fifteen years. Now she had something to show for it.

Unfortunately, not all good things last. Janice’s husband passed away after about fifteen years of marriage. All of his riches were left to her. Janice mourned for a good while before finally deeming it necessary to move on. Just because her husband had died didn’t mean she had to spend the rest of her life mourning. He wouldn’t want that. So, Janice moved on.

It was the unwelcome loneliness that followed her husband’s death that made her realize she wanted to reconnect with her daughter and grandson. She had visited sporadically through the years. Janice had been taken aback by Erin’s parenting style. She was one of those new-age, hands off parents that did things the opposite way they needed to be done. Despite this, Danny was turning into a good young man. He had a good head on his shoulders and would turn into a good man as long as some of Erin’s tendencies didn’t get passed onto him.

This was why she was so mad when Erin called to tell her Danny had proposed to his girlfriend. Erin knew what a mistake it was to get married so young, having experienced it herself, and seeing her parent’s divorce so young. He was only 18! If Erin were any sort of mother she would try to talk him out of it. But no, she was excited. She was supportive of Danny’s decision. Stupid woman! This little slut that Danny was marrying probably wanted to get into Danny’s pants. Wanted to get a good young man like him locked down. If this little slut gets pregnant, that would ruin what could possibly a great future for him. Janice knew she had to do something about this.

Janice knew that Erin had never exactly raked it in. She had done just well enough to get by. Janice had offered to help, but Erin had resisted. She was too proud to accept help and give her son a better life. Also, this young girl that Danny had proposed to, LeAnn, did not have a lot of money either. This gave Janice her plan, her way to get involved in this wedding, and try to talk Danny out of this foolish marriage. To do what a good mother should. She calmed herself, picked up the phone, and dialed her daughter back.

“Hello?” Erin said.

“Darling, it’s me. ” Janice said. “Sorry I hung up.”

“Are you mad about this? Why aren’t you excited? Danny’s getting married!” Erin said naively.

“Honey, you know how difficult it was being married so young. It didn’t work for you, and it didn’t work for me. I just… do you think this is a good idea?” Janice asked.

“Of course! He deserves it! He’s such a good boy. And LeAnn’s a sweet girl. They’ll be so cute together.” Erin said. Janice couldn’t help but exhale loudly in annoyance.

“Erin, they are so young. Can they afford a wedding? What if she gets pregnant? What is their plan for the future?” Janice asked.

“Who cares, Mom? They are in love. Who cares if they are young? We don’t have a lot of money, but we’ll figure something out. And if they get pregnant, then it’ll be a blessing. They are both smart people. They’ll be fine.” Erin said. Janice just rolled her eyes at her daughter’s idiocy.

“Listen, Erin, let me talk to Danny.” Janice asked.

“No, Mom. You’re gonna try to talk him out of it. I don’t want you to do that.” Erin said.

“He’s my grandson, Erin. I deserve to talk to him.” Janice insisted.

“No, Mom, I don’t want you to.” Erin said.

“Erin, you have kept me out of his life for years. I haven’t seen or talked to my grandson in three years. You called me because you wanted my approval. If you want my approval, I want to talk to Danny.” Janice replied.

“He’s not even here right now.” Erin replied. Janice rubbed her forehead in frustration. Then, an idea popped into her head.

“I’ll make you a deal, Erin. Let Danny visit me for a couple weeks. I would love to see him, and we haven’t talked in years…” Janice started.

“No, Mom.” Erin interrupted.

“If you let him visit, and let him explain to me why he wants to marry this girl, then I’ll pay for the wedding. I’ll give your son the Onwin Giriş best wedding imaginable.” Janice offered.

“I don’t know.” Erin started, considering the offer.

“C’mon, Erin. Don’t you want your son to have a dream wedding?” Janice replied. Erin paused.

“I’ll talk to him.” Erin said, hanging up the phone. Janice smiled, knowing she had her.


That was how a few weeks later, Danny found himself entering the airport, following his mother and walking alongside his fiancée LeAnn. His mom had come to him a few days prior and threw out the idea of him visiting his grandmother. The thought made him happy. He barely knew his grandmother. The last time he saw her was a few years prior, at her husband’s funeral. He always wished he had a stronger connection with her, but he knew that his mother and his grandmother had a strained relationship. Danny was happy at the thought of visiting his grandmother, because he thought that he could get to the bottom of the issues between his grandmother and his mother and possibly bring them all closer together.

Danny was a good young man. He would attribute a lot of what he was now to his mother. In many ways, his hero was his mom, as dorky as that may sound. But it was true. He knew it was a struggle to raise him as a single mother. Once he realized how hard she was working to give him a good life, he vowed to himself to be a good son. He vowed to listen when she taught him a lesson and he did. That was how he learned to respect his elders, not curse, and to always treat women right.

People were often surprised by him when they got to know him. They took one look at him and thought he was some dumb, mindless jock. Danny was shy, which came across to others as either being dumb or aloof. That was why he struggled with girls. It was his shyness and his overall good nature that would get in the way. He had many girls hit on him. He was a big, strong, handsome young man, so that was probably inevitable. He had dated a few girls, but those relationships soured. Danny was a good boyfriend, but he would get nervous when he realized that the girls he was with were pushing for him to take their relationship to the next level. He would push them away and the girls would get angry at him, effectively ending their relationship. They wanted to date some dumb meathead, not the good-natured, articulate young man they got. Danny was waiting for the right girl, a girl that would understand him.

He found that girl in LeAnn. When she first spoke to him, Danny realized that this girl saw through him, and saw what kind of guy he really was. She saw past the fact that he was a football player. When she saw his big frame, she didn’t assume he was some dumb jock. She saw what he really was. A sweet, good-natured young man. And that’s what she was looking for in a guy. They were a perfect match, and a relationship soon blossomed.

Although they were a perfect match personality-wise, they were a mismatched pair physically. He was a tall young man, and she was a petite young girl. They started dating their sophomore year of high school. As the next couple years passed, and they both turned 18, their contrasts only increased. He grew taller and filled out, growing strong and sprouting firm muscles all over, while she maintained her petite frame, still looking the part of a young girl. But Danny had become a young man.

While some of the other guys on the team were talking about scholarships for football, Danny was looking into going to school for writing. He was a very creative guy. Plus it would allow him to stay close to LeAnn.

LeAnn was an artist. She loved to draw and she loved to paint. She was hoping to go to art school to pursue this dream of creating art. She had drawn many pictures and painted many pictures for Danny, which he had hung up in his room. Danny was her biggest fan, and he encouraged her to pursue her dream. They both knew it wasn’t the most lucrative future, but it was what she wanted to do. Danny wanted to make all of her dreams come true.

And it was at her graduation party that Danny made one dream of hers come true. He proposed to her, around their friends and family. She accepted, of course. They were young and in love. They were eager to be married and be in love forever.

They had gotten to the airport very early, about an hour or two ahead of schedule, so they had sat down and decided to chill out for a bit. LeAnn pulled out her sketchbook and started to draw something. Danny didn’t want to disturb her, plus he always liked to wait and see the finished product. So Danny sat next to his mom.

While it wasn’t his intent, Danny knew that LeAnn resembled his mother in many ways. They were both free-spirits. They were both loving and open and very encouraging. They even looked alike, both being very slim and petite. This would turn off most guys, but to Danny, he was proud to have a fiancée who resembled his mom. His mother was his hero.

“So, honey, don’t forget about us when you’re with your grandma.” Erin said with a smile.

“Oh, Onwin Güncel Giriş I won’t.” Danny said earnestly, not knowing if she was being serious.

“Honey, I was joking.” Erin said, laughing.

“Oh.” Danny said, laughing.

“Seriously, though, I just want to tell you to be careful around Grandma. She can be a bit controlling.” Erin said.

“I think I’ll be alright.” Danny said, not knowing if her opinion was biased due to the strained nature of their relationship.

“I know you’ll be alright. You’re a good kid.” Erin said, pulling her son close.

The call went over the speakers that the plane was now boarding. They all stood up, and Danny grabbed his bags. As they reached the gate, Danny turned back to them.

“Bye, Son.” Erin said, hugging her son and giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Bye, Mom.” Danny said. He pulled away and turned to face LeAnn.

“I drew this for you.” LeAnn said, holding out a piece of paper. He took it and looked at what she had drawn. She had drawn a picture of him and her together at the airport, as if a photo was being taken of them. Danny was touched. He pulled LeAnn in for a hug and a kiss.

“Call every day.” LeAnn said.

“I will.” he responded. With one last glance back, Danny turned and boarded the plane.


Janice was at the airport, waiting for Danny to step off an airplane for a two week stay. Janice couldn’t help but notice the eyes on her as she waited. She could feel their stares on her. But this didn’t bother her. She was used to it.

Just by looking at her, you couldn’t tell she was a grandmother. Despite being 48, she looked ten years younger. If anything, she looked like a mother in the prime of her life, which she was. She was used to men making comments about her, about how sexy she was. She got hit on all the time, by men both much younger and much older. She couldn’t blame them. She knew that men loved looking at sexy, mature women. Sexy, older women with EE-cup breasts that had filled out perfectly as she aged. Sexy, mature women with a perfect, full, round ass. She had heard the term MILF in relation to her, and she knew that term perfectly described her, even though she was technically a GILF. A MILF with long, sexy legs, and smooth, creamy skin. It was only when you looked at her beautiful face up close that some signs of aging were noticeable. She had slight wrinkles around her eyes. Her dark black hair was cut in a sexy younger style, easily competing with women half her age. She was very gorgeous and sexy, with full lips. Despite being a grandmother, a young grandmother, she was built for sex.

She was proud of her age. She was a classy, mature woman. She had a streak of gray hair mixed with her black locks, illustrating her age while still showing she was sexy. She had used some of her deceased husband’s money to have massive breasts lifted, but they were still nice and firm regardless. This was a necessary evil. Even though she hated to go under the knife and have surgery on her perfect form, as a single woman, she knew it was necessary to keep the attention of men.

Despite her young pregnancy, and being a young mother, that did not change the fact that she was, and always had been, a slut. She had various one night stands in her twenties, not having time for a full relationship. She tried to fight her slut nature for awhile, but the pressure became too much to bear. Her hot body needed satisfaction.

That was how she came to meet her now deceased husband, an older man with a voracious sexual appetite. Her perfect body was the type of body men craved and he was no exception. Spending one night with her and experiencing her ravenous sexual nature and perfect body made him realize he needed to lock her down fast. He married her quickly and kept her rich, happy, and sexually satisfied. It might not have been true love, but it suited both parties well.

As Janice aged, she noticed more and more eyes following her body. She realized that while men do love young sluts, what they love even more is a sexy, mature woman. Mature women with perfect bodies just drive men wild. Since she had a lot of time on her hands, she spent a lot of it at the gym, keeping her body fit and firm, unlike most women who get soft and doughy in their older age. As she reached her forties she realized that the men who were staring at her were young. Late teens, early twenties. Young men who couldn’t get enough of the sight of a perfect and mature body in tight, form fitting clothes. Janice maintained her style, wearing sexy clothes to highlight her best attributes, resistant to the notion that she should “dress her age.” Those young sluts sneered at Janice, fuming with jealously as their men could not take their eyes off of her.

Once her husband died, it took her awhile to get on the prowl again. But once she did, she was an unstoppable force. A lot of the younger sluts were amazed that this brazen, slutty “old lady” would come to their clubs, ones that catered to a younger crowd, spend just thirty minutes there, and would walk out hand-in-hand with the biggest stud there. The young buck that all those young sluts were targeting would walk out with a woman over twice his age. Those sluts couldn’t understand what those studs found more appealing about that “old lady”.

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