Freedom and the Widow Ch. 21

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Victoria and Eric now realised the erotic bliss of their situation in full; Eric was kept under rigorous control by Victoria, but her affection for him could not be denied. He appreciated that he would always be her favourite, as he suited her so well, and had shown his utter submission in giving up all he owned to willingly become her absolute slave. He was never more in his element than when he cowered in abeyance before her strict authority, and was more than happy to demonstrate his position below her when other Wanda and other women attended Victoria’s house; the erotic charge he enjoyed when bossed and dominated mercilessly before company, at the hands of his supreme mistress and those guests, ensured exquisite orgasms when he was allowed the opportunity. Victoria became a model dominatrix amongst her peers; showing absolute control over her male which was undisputed in any respect, but never unnecessarily cruel to him; there was no need, he was fully aware of his lowly status through Victoria’s absolute control. He had been subjected to a delicious and thorough teasing at the hands of his mistress, Wanda, and Charlotte Ray when made to choose from the various plans for equipment to tool the punishment chamber downstairs; the input from a submissive male’s perspective being key in the choice. Eric had spent the contents of his balls under cane, whip, and dominant female flesh itself, before his most submissive choice was milked from his punished and humiliated soul. With the chamber and the rest of the house now undergoing the changes to suit the dominant woman she had become, the recently widowed Victoria had but one gnawing regret; her close friend Angela, still led a boring, lonely and sometimes sad life. The women were determined to have her realise her potential.

The as yet meek Angela had been away these past few weeks following her mild shock on witnessing the changes in her friend Victoria, and the strange new authority of her persona in dealing with the gardener Bradbury. She was not sure why, but it had excited her sexually, and in the comfort of her bed at her sister’s house on the coast, she had become aroused and masturbated several times at the memory of the way the burly male had been controlled with such ease by her formerly timid friend. Though the erotic thoughts furnished her with deeply satisfying orgasms, she dismissed the thoughts on recovering, putting it down to her age and other factors. However this did not prevent her from repeating the fulfilling exercise. True to form, the weather had been abysmal on the coast, her sister who was in a similar position to her; divorced and leading a mundane existence without striving to meet new people, had left Angela yearning to be back home rather than feeling refreshed from a summer break. She also had a niggling desire to be with Victoria and discover more about her transition.

Angela’s next visit to Victoria’s house could not have come at a more opportune moment; Eric had arrived shortly after Angela had left for her sisters, and was now fully familiar with house, and was already in routines at the behest of his mistress. Victoria was also expecting a visit from Wanda on the day that the polite and demure Angela knocked at her door. It was answered by Eric, who was a little startled at the appearance of a shapely and pretty woman, if dressed somewhat drably. She gave him a warm smile.

“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met, is Victoria at home?” Victoria grinned to herself as she heard the dulcet tones of her soft friend from the drawing room, and advanced to the front door. Eric struggled to address this new female appropriately; she was not one of the stern women he was accustomed to greeting, and he was unaware of her association with his mistress. Victoria appeared and quelled his dilemma; she had also resigned herself to no longer playing games with Angela. Eric fumbled with his words.

“Mis… Victoria, you have a visitor.” Victoria’s grin broadened, as she sensed his awkwardness and her eyes met with Angela’s. She snapped her fingers.

“Coffee Eric; in the drawing room, immediately.” Eric bowed at the two women and left, relieved with having received a command. Angela’s jaw dropped and her face expressed a weak smile, as she watched him depart without comment about the blunt demand. Victoria maintained an air of nonchalance as she embraced her friend and brought her into the drawing room. Once again, Angela was also slightly stunned by her friend’s appearance; Victoria wore a tight leather skirt with a split to one side, which exposed her seamed stockings in a very sexy manner, the clacking stiletto’s and white silk blouse made her seem like a cross between a schoolmistress and a businesswoman. The house had changed also; gone were the flowery wallpapers and chintzy furniture, bold but somehow subtle and plain colours covered the walls, and luxuriant leather seating now captured the eye. Angela sank into a leather chair opposite Victoria who half sat and half laid on an enormous black leather sofa; her tight skirt squeaking in harmony with that of the sofa as she made herself comfortable. Angela adjusted herself, holding fulya escort the small of her back, something immediately noted by Victoria.

“Are you ok?” Angela immediately straightened her back and smiled.

“Oh, it’s nothing, think l pulled something when vacuuming, not that it really needed doing with me having been away; it just gave me something to do, and now I’m paying for it.” Victoria crossed her legs and smiled wickedly.

“You should get yourself a man to do that for you.” As a bemused smile broke across Angela’s face, Eric entered with a tray bearing two coffees, a bowl of sugar and a small jug of cream.

“… One like my Eric, who will be very pleased to meet you.” Eric gave his mistress a cursory glance, and she nodded her approval with a knowing smile, anticipating that he wished to know if he should maintain the routine as per all other women; he gracefully knelt before Angela with the tray, ensuring he was close enough to avoid her having to stretch in any way. Angela’s cunt tingled with a strange pleasure as Eric silently allowed her as much time as she pleased to choose how she wished to take her coffee; as Victoria smiled victoriously at her, it dawned on Angela that Eric was not simply a new partner, he was her slave. When she had finished stirring her coffee and plucked it from the tray, Eric went immediately to his mistress and knelt before her with a gentle smile. Angela found it difficult to swallow her coffee as she watched the way the two looked at each-other; it was so apparent her previously meek friend Victoria was in complete control of Eric. Victoria smiled calmly at Angela, and seeing she was about to ask something in her bewildered fashion, spoke first.

“Eric, this is my dear friend Angela, I want you to introduce yourself and tell her just how happy you are to be with me.” Eric’s cock stiffened at the lush feeling of it being known that he was owned by a woman, by a woman who was completely unaware of the situation. He was eager to confirm his mistress’s opinion.

“Hello Mistress Angela, I am so very pleased to meet a friend of my Mistress, and yes, I am more than pleased to be of service to her.” Victoria coughed slightly, as though to reel Eric in; his enthusiasm at being in his position could not have been more sincere.

Angela blushed visibly and also coughed slightly; being addressed as ‘mistress’ had resulted in her nearly taking her coffee into her lungs, rather than down the correct route. Her cunt now bulged curiously with a wicked desire she was slowly beginning to recognise, as her transformed friend continued.

“You see, all males are potentially subservient to women; it’s a case of finding those that recognise it and training them to suit, they are so much more suited to housework and chores than are we women, being a little more robust physically. The situation also brings out the natural superiority of a woman; Eric knows his place and finds great reward in obeying my every command, and in being of service to me. I would love to see you elevated to the same position, you poor thing; you look exhausted.” Angela was still in a state of mild shock and was transfixed by the vision of the male dressed in simple white shirt and pristine white slacks, which would betray any dirt if he had failed in his housework duties, and kneeling in total abeyance at his sharply dressed mistress’s feet, when the door-bell rang. Victoria smiled sternly at Eric.

“Door Eric; that will be Mistress Wanda, you will show her in and prepare a coffee the way she likes it.” He bowed to his mistress and eagerly went and opened the door to the superbly confident dominatrix, dropping to his knees and kissing her feet, as was routinely required of him; his cock now nicely erect at the thought of being of service to three women. He advised his mistress was in the drawing room, and shuffled to one side, remaining on his knees to let the goddess past.

“Coffee Mistress Wanda?” The confident woman smiled down at him as she strutted past on six inch heels.

“Yes Eric, not too hot and with little cream; I have a strange thirst today.” The elegant woman said hello to her friend and then to Angela, who sat feeling under-dressed in her drab grey and un-shapely skirt, and beige cardigan, admiring the tight black skirt, black jacket and stockings that Wanda wore; and oh, those heels! Wanda sat alongside Victoria; she was pleased to see Angela, Victoria having expressed her concerns to her about her good friend’s mundane existence after the departure of her blindly pig-headed husband. The two were determined to coax her into the fulfilling lifestyles they now enjoyed. Eric re-appeared with the coffee and knelt at Wanda’s feet as she accepted the coffee without uttering the slightest thank you; this was simply Eric’s duty to serve. What she did say startled Angela, but made her cunt tingle with growing excitement.

“Eric, you will now kneel at Mistress Angela’s feet; I shall take some pictures with my phone, to demonstrate to her how things could be.” Angela blushed awkwardly as Eric obeyed and knelt at her feet with head bebek escort bowed in recognition of her superiority, as meek as she was. Victoria assisted as Wanda clicked her phone’s camera.

“Angela, pull your skirt up a few inches; you have such shapely legs.” Angela was still unsure, despite the message her now bulging cunt told her, and humoured her friend by exposing her shapely thighs. Wanda picked a cane from behind a chair and had Angela hold it. Victoria’s cunt now oozed as she viewed her meek friend in a staged act of dominance.

“You will now kiss Mistress Angela’s feet Eric.” Angela gasped as he did so with no hesitation; she gripped the cane tightly in reaction as he did so, her panties now damp with excitement. Wanda smiled as she snapped away, and quickly mailed one to Charlotte Ray: ‘Suitably soft and affectionate male required to suit this caring woman, who will, put him to good use, we shall see if we can bring her tomorrow to view candidate.’

Angela was at first relieved and in a state of disbelief when Eric was sent to attend to the dishwasher, but her cunt yearned to experience the situation again; she thought subconsciously of her pleasing masturbation when on holiday, and she was jealous of her friend’s new status. Despite these subliminal messages and her obvious carnal excitement, she was still doubtful, due to her staid situation within the boring and middle-class society which she was accustomed to. Wanda and Victoria comforted her as she was shown the pictures; she blushed again, and raised a soft smile as she saw herself with the cane, Victoria squeezed her arm.

“Just think, this could be you with your own male, ready to serve and look up to you, eager to obey and satisfy your merest whim; we would love to see your life eased, and fulfilled like ours; we know just where a readily trained male can be obtained for you.” Angela’s cunt now buzzed with the awakening of a supressed and growing desire, as she struggled with a decision, viewing the picture which excited her no end, but still nervous about her existing situation. Wanda offered the opening which the two had already planned for.

“Please think on what we’ve said, and what you’ve seen with your own eyes; there are many males like Eric out there, and we shall be visiting a friend tomorrow who specialises in their training; your new life could start from tomorrow, with a male pet of your choice eager to serve and please you. We shall leave here to visit her at ten o’clock tomorrow; we’d love you to come too.” Angela was truly tempted.

“Would he please me?… you know…” The two smiled wickedly and Victoria replied.

“He will please you in any way you desire, I shall demonstrate how things will be.” She called in Eric and had him strip naked before his two guests; he did so eagerly, his cock stiff with excitement at the sweet humiliation. Angela’s cunt was now wet with excitement at seeing an erect and willing cock for the first time in years. Victoria smiled as her friend sat with mouth agape to match her cunt.

“Bedroom Eric. In half an hour when both guests have left, I shall allow you to award me oral satisfaction. Warm the bed.” Angela was now transfixed by Eric’s cock, which bobbed from excited stiffness to rude rigidity as he was given a command which she could see he would have great pleasure in carrying out. He bowed to Victoria and Angela watched his naked ass depart to ensure his mistress’s bed was comfortable. Angela gasped at the surreal heaven that her friend now enjoyed; she struggled to take it in the reality that occurred before her eyes. Victoria smiled softly at her.

“Yes Angela, anything you desire, as and when you choose it to happen. Please consider being here at ten tomorrow; we would so like to make you happy, we can soon bring you home if you don’t like what you see.” Angela made a mental note of the time as she stood to leave; eleven-thirty; she imagined what pleasure her friend would enjoy at twelve, oral sex was something she had only dreamed of.

The two hugged Angela before she left, and begged her to think on their invitation; Wanda smirking as she left, knowing Charlotte Ray would already be selecting a suitable male from her stock.

Angela breathed heavily and stared straight ahead in a daze, as she walked her route home which took her close to the High Street and its plentiful retailers; her cunt slipping nicely with lubrication as she walked, she so wanted to reach home and masturbate wildly. Despite her urgency, she found herself detouring and venturing into the shopping precinct; she found a ladies boutique she would never have normally bothered with, its clothing and shoes she would normally have considered to ‘flashy’ or risqué for her needs. She looked at her watch, it was ten to twelve, and then looked at a pair of spikey stilettos in the window. She took a deep breath and went in; thinking that by the time she purchased them, and a suitable skirt and top, Victoria would be receiving the sort of attention she could only dream of. Angela had now decided to change that.

Victoria and Wanda were busying florya escort themselves preparing and teasing Eric in preparation for their visit to Charlotte Ray’s; they took turns parading him round the room in a tight leather harness outfit, chosen for him to face Hui-Xing Yu; a matching leather tube had been buttoned around his shaft, which stimulated his bell-end and kept it erect. Each time he lost slight carnal interest, the front edge of the tight tube nursed the flange of his glistening bell-end exquisitely as it tried to retract, instantly returning him to a full erection, and leaving him yearning to come. A dose of Viagra completed the wicked torture, as if the ladies descriptions of the wickedly dominant Chinese woman had not been enough. As Victoria fastened a choker-leash to Eric’s neck to demonstrate total control to the Chinese woman, the door-bell rang. Victoria and Wanda looked at each-other and smiled; please, please let this be Angela thought Victoria. She approached the door and opened it, half expecting to be disappointed by the postman or a salesman; she gasped and a tear rolled down her cheek as Angela stood facing her, several inches taller than she had ever been in sexy black stilettos, tight waist black pencil skirt with a shiny three inch thick black patent leather belt grasping her wasp-like waist, and breasts poking forward excitedly through a black silk blouse from an uplifting bra which left her nipples exposed. Her pretty face was illuminated with hot red lipstick, and her hair was up in a bun; she looked every inch the most severe and appealing dominatrix.

She smiled warmly and brushed the tear from Victoria’s cheek before hugging her.

“Do I look OK? I’ve had a real thrill getting here; I intended getting a cab all the way here, but was so excited at being seen like this, I had him drop me at the High Street and walked the rest of the way; you should see the looks I’ve had, and the way men stepped aside who’d normally walk straight through me as though I wasn’t there. I want to thank you for inspiring me, I feel… just wonderful!” Victoria laughed and told Eric to close his eyes before they entered; Wanda gasped in disbelief, putting her hand over her mouth as she smiled.

“Good god! What a transformation, you look magnificent!” Eric’s balls tingled as he smelt the fresh fragrance of a third woman and felt his leash move as it was passed to her, Wanda passed a spiteful short horse-whip to her, giggling in disbelief as she did so. Three cunts tingled with pleasure as all looked down at the submissive male with eyes closed tightly. Victoria panted as she spoke.

“Now Eric, when I say you shall open your eyes and give your honest opinion as a lowly male as to what you think of the woman before you, open your eyes.” Eric’s jaw dropped and his cock oozed pre-cum from its captive tube, he would readily have masturbated there and then if allowed, as he gazed at the proud and delicious Angela, holding his leash and whip in hand. The women giggled as he sighed audibly and swallowed hard.

“Oh Mistress Angela, any male would willingly surrender his balls to be owned by you, you are absolutely stunning.” Wanda and Victoria applauded his sincere opinion and Victoria laughed.

“The sooner we find you a pet of your own Angela, the better; I can see I’m in danger of losing mine! Just the same, you shall own Eric today; you can lead him at Charlotte’s, and be sure to try that whip on him if he displeases you in any way.”

The outfit Angela wore seemed to cloak any previous niggling misgivings she once had, she had in effect, already moved forward and become another woman; she was also beginning to recognise and enjoy the potential of her being dominant; after buying her new image, she had returned home and masturbated with the vision of Eric at her feet firmly and openly in her mind, it gave her the most rewarding orgasm. When they arrived, Charlotte Ray was delighted at the prospect of acquiring a new friend as Angela stepped proudly from the car and led Eric on all fours behind her; Eric was close to coming as he was led along, viewing the delicious asses and legs of four dominant women, being taken to witness the fate of other submissive males at the hands of a Chinese woman whose reputation was one of total and unbending dominance. Charlotte took them into a huge room where Hui-Ying was busy testing a male she had previously selected. In the middle of the room, the delectable and slender Chinese woman in red satin top and short red satin skirt displayed her long legs to good effect as she smiled wickedly and tortured a bound male with her spikey red stilettos. He had been placed between two platforms on his side, his genitals across the parapet of the one he faced, exposing them for torture. He wept openly while his balls were spiked with one foot, as his erect cock was squashed and teased expertly with the flat of her other exquisitely dainty shoe. Victoria squeezed Angela’s arm as she could see that the male’s distress might be a little too much for her, as an initial example. Angela eased, however as the male’s tears ceased and his face turned to a strange grimacing smile as he saw that four more women were witnessing his punishment; Hui-Ying sneered down at the bound and quivering cur, pinned his scrotum firmly to the platform with the heel she had spiked his balls with, and rolled and squeezed his rubbery erection with her other red stiletto.

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