Freshman First Experience

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It all happened my freshman year at a midwestern university. I’d just turned 18 a couple weeks earlier. I was at an off-campus house, and it wasn’t exactly a party. My friend Mel (Melissa, actually) and I were at her sort-of boyfriend’s house with the boyfriend Mike and his roommates Dan and Jer (I really don’t know if Jer was Jerry or something else). Mike, Mel, and I were sharing a handle of vodka, although I was being pretty careful and only had one decent-sized drink, although Mel was lit and laughing, running around, and being generally loud and obnoxious, although I didn’t mind since we were good friends. Mike didn’t mind either, since she was rapidly approaching drunk-and-horny and he was assured of a good time that night, and the roommates were obviously enjoying watching her antics since she was, like me, wearing just PJ bottoms and a t-shirt; I didn’t know if she was wearing panties (I was, a cute thong) but neither of us were wearing a bra. She was staying with Mike and I was crashing on the couch.

Mike and her disappeared in his room for a bit, and the guys and I were just hanging out talking and drinking with some music playing. They kept checking out my chest, which I pretended to ignore even if I was blushing a lot. I assumed Mike and Mel were screwing, and maybe they were, but then Mel came out in a cloud of laughter and drunken screeching, waving around some metal objects and resisting Mike’s attempts to pull her back into the room.

“Look what I found! Haha!” She was waving around the objects, which turned out to be a pair of metal handcuffs.

“Hey! Come back here!” Mike was blushing furiously and grabbing at the handcuffs.

“No way! I want to try them out! Put your wrists together!”

“No! Give them back!” It was obvious Mike wasn’t into it, although too embarrassed to really be angry.

“What about you, Dan? Jer?” Mel was doing her running around the room thing, looking one part cute and three parts batshit crazy. Both boys just withdrew though and shook their heads.

Suddenly Mel got an even crazier look in her eyes, and turned to me. “Sue! Let me try them on you!”

I shook my head, reflexively, although I was laughing from her antics and the horrified looks on the faces of the guys.

“Come on! Pleeeeaaase! It’ll be fun!”

“No way! You’ll draw on me with markers or something.”

“We won’t! I promise!”

“Well…” I might as well have turned around and spread ’em, because she took that as a “yes” and cuffed one of my wrists, grabbed the other, and cuffed my arms behind my back. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds, since I wasn’t really fighting, just a little token resistance.

To explain that, I guess I’d better say that ever since I was a kid, even before I had much of a sense of what sex was, I had these bomonti escort weird fantasies about scenes and stuff from the movies and TV with people handcuffed, or tied to a stake, or railroad tracks, or whatever. It wasn’t overtly (or maybe “completely” is the right word) sexual, but it did excite me, and I’d even tied my hands together a couple times. So it’s fair to say I wasn’t exactly opposed to being handcuffed.

Mel was really into it, and pushed me onto my side (I’d been sitting cross-legged on the floor) and cuffed my ankles too, running the chain through the one at my wrists. I struggled a little, but it was really because I was getting very excited. I was blushing like crazy.

“You’re at my mercy, you little slut!” Ok, now that was just unfair. The slut part, I mean; the mercy part was completely true. If anything, Mel was more on the slutty side. I’d given a couple blowjobs to high school boyfriends, lost my virginity my senior year, and hooked up with two randos my first month at college, although I hadn’t even fucked one of them. Mel, on the other hand, was on her fourth boyfriend in three months, had banged three guys on the next floor down in our dorm, and told me she’d blown three members of the high school football team (at once). So yeah, pot, kettle, etc.

Before I had a chance to decide how to respond, Mel decided to make her point, and started tickling me. I *hate* being tickled, but I could do anything but laugh and squirm for what seemed like an hour but must have only been a minute or two, as she tickled my ribs and occasionally my armpits and feet. I was sore from laughing and out of breath when she finally let up enough for me to protest, “No! Stop! You told me you wouldn’t do anything mean to me!”

Mel sobered up a little at that, and said, “Ok, ok. You’re right.” She seemed a little deflated though, like someone had taken away her toy, which I suppose I had. She looked around the room, and I followed her lead. All three of the boys were staring in shock. Mike, at least, had a visible boner, and the other two might as well have had drool running from their mouths. It occurred to me what a show we’d put on for them and I instantly got wet and turned bright red.

“Are you hard?!!? You jerk!” Mel shrieked at Mike, and although I could tell she was kidding, I don’t think he could. He got a hangdog look and made himself not look at me.

“Well, I think I know a way to punish you.” She got a calculating look, glanced at me lying on the floor still recovering, then at Dan and Jer. “Why don’t you guys take a little advantage of our helpless victim?”

“Wait… no! I didn’t agree to be raped!”

“Who said anything about rape? I just want to show Mike he shouldn’t get any ideas, unlike these single cihangir escort guys here.”

“No! I don’t want that!”

“Well… what about just over your clothes?”

Ok, I’ll admit it. I really, really, liked feeling helpless. And I was turned on. Crazy turned on… I was afraid my bottoms might get a wet spot soon. The whole thought of being tied up, helpless, in the middle of a (very small) party was driving me crazy, and the fact the guys were turned on too was just making it more exciting.

“Well.. just over my clothes. And no tickling!”

“Well, you heard her, guys! You’ve been looking at her all night, why don’t you see if she feels as good as she looks?” I couldn’t help it, I moaned a little and squirmed. They didn’t need any further encouragement, and moved over next to me.

They were surprisingly tentative. I’d thought they’d be squeezing my boobs and rubbing my pussy through my clothes first thing, but both just softly ran their hands over my hip, rib cage, and back, moving near my tits but not actually touching them. That was about as bad, though. They kept running their hands over me, my thighs, lower back, above my pussy, along my neck, even running their hands down my hair, for long minutes. I was getting more worked up and moaning a bit as they continued. Soon I was rolling and twisting when their hands got close to my boobs, trying to get one of them to touch a (now very obvious) nipple.

I guess I should say I didn’t think much of Dan or Jer. They were great guys, don’t get me wrong, and I liked hanging out with both of them. But Dan was pretty geeky, and I knew he was a virgin. Not a ladies man at all, and Jer was kind of a dumb country guy from somewhere down south, and just not attractive. He boasted about getting women but I can’t imagine that was true. In short I’d never think about dating either of them.

Their hands were working. While I don’t think either of them were really trying to tease me, they sure were. I think they were just nervous about touching a woman to be honest. No matter how I twisted or moaned, and even spreading my legs or pushing my butt out, their hands never got to any of my most sensitive parts. I grew frustrated, and eventually Mel seemed to be too.

“I know! Let’s try this!” I was too out of it to complain. I probably wouldn’t have anyway. She wrapped something around my head while I was squirming, covering my eyes. I later found out it was the belt to a bathrobe. She tied it around my head. As a blindfold, it wasn’t very effective. I could see out of a little gap and below underneath my eyes. But it seemed to encourage the boys, and finally they found my nipples, running their hands over them then gently (too gently!) tugging and rolling them between kurtuluş escort their fingers. At first I thought one had gotten really bold as a hand grabbed one of my butt cheeks and spread it, but I rolled and one of the gaps let me see it was Mel! I guess thinking I couldn’t see made her more bold. I really hadn’t ever thought of her like that, and I didn’t think she had either. Maybe it was the handcuffs, or being in a group, or maybe she actually did think of me like that, but while the boys played with my boobs, she started on my ass, grabbing one cheek then the other, spreading them, and after a bit running her hand up my thigh to my pussy and rubbing on the outside.

I moaned loudly then, and spread my legs to give her easy access. The boys grew more confident and pulled harder on my nipples, ran their hands over my ass, and got a little rougher. I was in heaven. I moaned and pushed against the hands touching me. At some point I realized there were more than just six hands, and that Mike had joined in. So much for his “punishment”, I guess, but I was all about it at that point.

They played with me for long minutes while I got more and more worked up. Soon it was more than just Mel playing with my pussy, and several hands played with my ass. Several times fingers ran across my asshole or pushed between my lips to rub my clit. Sometimes it was rough, sometimes too rough, but I couldn’t care. The octet of hands worked on me and I responded, finally babbling nonsense as I started to come. I squirmed and moaned and begged as they made me come, and when I stopped and collapsed exhausted, they continued.

I honestly have no idea how long I lay there blindfolded and being felt up by three guys and a girl, but they didn’t get tired quickly. It was over an hour at least, and I came three or four times, panting and squirming but they wouldn’t stop. A few times a hand tried to slip into my PJs or up my shirt, but Mel made them stop. At that point I wouldn’t have cared. Honestly I’d probably have been happy to be fucked but I was glad she was looking out for me.

The rest of the night got pretty hazy. I was half expecting them to start having me suck them (after all, I’d just said over the clothes) but whether Mel prevented that or if they weren’t that bold I don’t know. At some point they let me free and I drank more. I was so tingly and exhausted that I guess I got pretty drunk and woke up the next morning hung over on the couch.

When Mel drove me back, she seemed a little quiet. Eventually she asked me, “Is everything alright? I mean about last night?”

It took me a little bit to answer and I blushed. Being hung over somehow kept me from feeling too embarrassed though. “It was crazy. But pretty fun, I mean I wouldn’t ever usually do something like that.”

“So you liked it?” She seemed a little surprised, but she was blushing too. She looked over at me.

“Yeah. I did.” I squirmed a little.

“Good!” She beamed a big smile at me and I was afraid she was going to run us off the road. “I borrowed the handcuffs!”

Oh man. What had I gotten myself into.

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