Fun at Work


Trying to fit in to the already formed circle of friends can be hard when your the new person in the office. You have to keep your ears and eyes open to spot who the gossiper is, who the backstabbers are, who you can trust and who will help you.

While trying to get introduced to everyone, I met him. There was an instant attraction, one that I had never experienced before. I couldn’t figure out what exactly was making me drawn to him, but I had to find out.

Over the next few weeks, I would make special trips by his office just looking for a signal that he was feeling our connection. There it was….an email. We would write daily, I found that we were on the same level in life, we had similar beliefs and ideals. But when I wrote about how my weekend was, what I really wanted to tell him was that I ever time I watched him talk I wanted his lips sucking on my clit, his hands spreading my pussy lips open to allow his tongue to lick all my juices he had caused.

One night on the way out of the office, we found ourselves alone in the elevator. My breathing tuzla escort grew heavy and I knew this was my chance. I walked closer to him grabbed his shirt. With this advance our lips enveloped each others I explored his mouth with my tongue as he walked me backwards up against the elevator wall, his hand making its way down my thigh lifting my skirt up. He could feel my wet throbbing pussy under my pantyhose. He quickly tore a hole in my pantyhose thrusting two fingers deep in my pussy. Fingering me as I rotated my hips to take his fingers deeper in me. The elevator was starting to come to a stop. He brought his fingers to my mouth and let me suck myself off his fingers. We composed ourselves just as the door was opening. While we were saying our usual ‘good-nights’ to everyone his eyes motioned towards the hallway leading to the conference room. I nodded.

We entered the room looked around ensuring no one else was around and started where we left off. This time he sit me up on a table, leaned me back and spread my legs. He stepped back to admire the pendik escort image of me laying on the table, skirt up, pantyhose torn and pussy lips wide-open. I guided my high-heel up scratching his chest telling him to take his shirt off, he did. His pants came off exposing his rock hard cock to me. I bit my lip because I wanted that cock in my mouth so bad. He made me wait for it. He brought his hands down my thighs lifting my pussy right to his face. He buried his face in my wet pussy. Tracing circles around my clit I selfishly held his head in between my legs while he fucked me with his tongue making me cum harder than I ever had. His mouth glistened with my pussy juices all over it. I wrapped my legs around his waist sitting up. Biting his bottom lip while I looked into his dark eyes, he teased my pussy with the tip of his cock. I begged him to let me feel his cock. He kept entering my pussy then pulling out driving me crazy, then he pulled my hair back and shoved his rock hard cock in my pussy. My pussy muscles contracted pulling him deep in me. aydınlı escort He felt so good filling my pussy with him. We quickly found each others rhythm and he brought me to orgasm again. I could feel my cum running down my leg. We moved off the table. I stood up and bent over in front of him. Stroking his cock he reached up to my pussy lubing his fingers up then moving them back to my ass. Slowly he fingered my ass to see how I responded.

I balanced myself onto a chair with my ass in the air. He squeezed his cock in my tight ass halfway and had to stop from cumming. I looked backwards while he slid the rest of his cock in my ass. He grabbed my hips guiding me back and forth on his dick. He was fucking my ass so hard and fast. I reached back and pulled his cock out of me turned around and dropped to my knees in front of him. He let me take his hard cock deep in my throat. Finally I had this cock in my mouth. I enjoyed every inch of him while I anticipated what was going to happen. With one deep thrust he shot cum on the back of my throat. Pulling out his cum continued drenching my face and mouth. I licked every drop of his cum off me.

We helped each other get dressed and made our ways to the front door. Before I got in my car we kissed, I could still taste his cum and mine mixing together. I crave that taste to this day.

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