Fun Under the Sun


Your task and mine, and our perverse hobby, is to see how many people we can get sexually aroused at one time in one place. We spend many an evening planning how we can pull this off. Since we are both attractive and healthy specimens, we know that anyone other than a prude will be interested in voyeuristically following our love making.

One fine warm day we are at a beach known to be a suit optional beach generally swarming with horny sun worshipers hoping to get a good look at a pretty body au natural. This is going to be an easy one. If we are successful we’ll start the biggest beach orgy in history.

You are wearing your skimpiest bikini and I am in that tight suit that shows the ample bulge in my crotch. After strolling up and down the beach enough so that we have been seen by every eye there, you turn your back to me and allow me to release the catch of your top. No one misses the act of you taking your top off because we have set the stage to assure that we can be seen and admired. After a proper interval of enjoying the admiration of the multitudes, you wiggle your body out of your bikini bottom and let it drop to the sand. The sun caresses your beautiful breasts and spills down over your tanned belly and your long legs. Your cunt hair glistens with moisture. You turn and hold your arms out toward me and in a moment we are embracing. Your firm breasts are pressing into the muscles of my chest and I have my cock pushed against you so that you can feel my kurtköy escort growing hardness. Everything on the whole beach has stopped and there isn’t a sound coming from anywhere. All eyes are burning into us and we are loving it.

You reach around me, hook your thumbs into by suit and strip it to my knees in one smooth motion. I am kissing you on the mouth, the neck and shoulders. I am already hot for you and my manhood is standing at full attention. Again we embrace and this time my cock is pressed hard against your rounded little belly. We begin to slowly pulsate. A slow thrusting toward each other that lights up every sensory nerve ending and drives us to greater heights of desire and heat. I want you and I want you now. My mouth drops down to your perfect and pert breast and I suck your nipple deep into my mouth. your nipple is firm and I make a pattern of passes across it with my tongue. You love it and you are making little sounds that betray your heat. You push your breast hard against my mouth and you cup it with your hand so that it is standing proud and easy for me to service.

I gently draw you down to the sand and kneel over you so that I have the freedom to ravish your entire body at will as you lie there writhing in passion. My kisses work their way down your body until I am between your legs and my mouth covers your pussy. My tongue goes to work. First, I run my tongue deeply into you and then finish with flicking it delicately aydıntepe escort over the length of your labia. Then I find the clit and my tongue changes shape so that it becomes a delicate pointed tool of pleasure for your most delicate place. Gently at moderate speed, and then with gradually increasing pressure and speed I flick the very tip of my tongue across your love button. Your hips are undulating and you are gasping and moaning as the tempo gets faster, the touch gets firmer and the tongue gets more rounded at it’s tip. Then I alternate the side-to-side movements with up-and-down movements and I can tell that your are close to your climax. One more thing to tip you over the edge…I slip my finger into you and move it up to your G spot where I gently massage the area while all the time working you over with my tired but eager tongue. Your sounds have been building and then your hips buck vigorously and you grab my head and guide my touch as you explode in a burst of ecstasy.

As you complete your climax, your legs spread wide and your pussy lips are wet and open for me. In a moment I mount you and slip the length of my cock deep into the heat of your moist cunt. Ahhhhh, it feels so good that I can hardly stand it. My cock continues to harden and reaches deeper and deeper into you. My whole being migrates into my manhood and I become only my cock. The sensitivity is so high that I feel every nerve hungrily exploring your body. Thrusting, tuzla içmeler escort thrusting with all my strength. My arms ache with the pulling against you but I only thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. Then I can feel the tingling start deep in my thighs and travel up the length of my cock. My cock gets even more sensitive and it begins to pulsate. I am bursting inside of you! You are pulling me hard against you and I’m spurting again and again as the thrill of loving you fills you with my silvery potion.

As I collapse against you, fully spent and feeling a wonderful warm glow of relaxation, I remember where we are.

We both look up at the same time and are astonished at what we see. Men have taken their women in every way imaginable. Butts are contracting, hips are thrusting, arms are pulling, mouths are at working and everywhere there are the sounds of passion and energy.

We have done what we set out to do. Our passion and heat were impossible to ignore and the lust had to be the only possible result.

That wonderful day on the beach is something that was whispered about all over the island for years to come. That orgy was known by little old ladies in the nursing homes. The Chinese cooks talked about it during their breaks from work. It is even said that our sensuous performance that day was the inspiration for a romantic novel. But with you and me, that great day was the inspiration for yet another performance on another day in another setting. One that even surpassed the outstanding accomplishment of that day at the beach.

For that story, you’ll have to wait for another chapter in the erotic history of my gal and me.

(PS. The island was Maui. The beach was Little Makena. The time was November 1996.)

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