Gem of an Opportunity


Sahil had really been looking forward to this day! Their schedules had just not managed to synchronize for over a month now, but finally, they were going to get a chance to be alone this evening!

Sahil had met Ekta a couple of months ago at a seminar. He worked as the Business Head of jewelry manufacturing Company, and Ekta happened to be a contracted designer with the same firm, who had been called upon to accompany Sahil and 4 of his male colleagues to the seminar. Sahil had hit it off with her the very 1st time that they interacted and she too had been totally at ease with him, much to the chagrin of Sahil’s male colleagues, all of whom probably harboured some hope of action with this bright young designer.

Unfortunately for Sahil, even though the seminar was a weekend affair, all of them being locals of Mumbai city meant that the Company had made no Hotel reservations, and instructed that all the delegates go home every evening instead. Sahil, though, had a couple of official lunches with Ekta at the seminar, and by the time the 3 days were over, he had developed quite a crush on her. She was 5 feet 4 inches, had long dark hair usually tied in a loose bun, and her typically traditionally Indian sense of dressing made her appear a little older than her 26 years. She was nicely curvy, had a pert but nicely proportionate 32B size bust-line, and her fitted salwar-kurtas highlighted her curvy body beautifully.

Sahil had felt a twitch in his crotch from the moment he laid eyes on Ekta, but her almost nonchalant attitude and her conservative style of dressing led him to believe that she was unlikely to frolic with a 32 yr old married father of one!

He was always on the lookout for willing sexy women, but he never liked to force the issue, and found as much pleasure in the chase as in the kill. He liked to flirt his way into a woman’s good books, and then take it easy until he made up his mind that the woman was worth cheating on his wife for. In the three days that he spent with a well above averagely intelligent Ekta, Sahil realized that he had never been with anyone like her before, for a number of reasons:

Having started work 4 years ago, she worked hard to find her way out of her lower middle-class home in Ranchi (a small town in Central India) and come to Mumbai to land this job. He had always gone for the urban types before. Secondly, she dressed very traditionally, without ever revealing much skin at all. Again, not a quality he typically cared to go for. Like most red-blooded males, he was typically attracted towards women in figure hugging or revealing western clothes.

Their time at the seminar had resulted in some flirting, which raised, among other things, Sahil’s hopes of some action. But the hectic schedule of the Seminar and the fact that there was no Hotel accommodation resulted in no action whatsoever!

For about 6 weeks now, they had been exchanging emails and text messages which had bordered on suggestive. They had even met twice for coffee in-between meetings, but, obviously, the chance of something intimate happening in such a public place was bound to be low.

Today was a different story, however. Sahil had invited Ekta after work to his office for a cup of coffee, and to supposedly discuss some designs. “I hope that the ‘designs’ you are mentioning, Sahil, are not the ones that you have on ME.” Ekta had said flirtatiously on the phone when they fixed up for today.

“You’re the designer, Ekta. I’ll leave the designing to YOU”, he laughed. “My forte is manufacturing, remember? Let me see what I can come up with during our time in my cabin!”

The pun was not lost on Ekta, who smiled inwardly as she hung up the phone – all the time wondering what exactly was in this married man’s naughty mind! She had never even dreamt that she would be attracted to a married man, but this charming and witty business-head had used his physical and intellectual attributes to such effect, that Ekta actually caught herself imagining him while she lay awake in bed, almost every night since that seminar! His 6 foot lean frame often ended up next to or on top of her in her thoughts, and she wondered what it would feel like to replace fantasy with reality! She had only ever been with one man in her life before, once. The rest of the stuff had been just kissing and some light petting. Almost all of Ekta’s sex had happened here in her bed at night, with the thoughts between her ears, and her hand between her legs.

For their meeting, as usual, Ekta had dressed traditionally. She had chosen to wear a white sleeveless salwaar-kameez, and had left her hair open. The darkness of her dark wavy hair was contrasting well with the fair skin of her arms. This was more that she typically showed, and gave Sahil hope that maybe she was trying to look good for him. And look good she did! Her nails were well manicured and her sparse make up was just adequate to bring that glow to her face; she had tuzla eve gelen escort obviously given good thought to how she was going to look for him this evening.

“Great to see you again, Ekta!” exclaimed Sahil as he got up to greet her and peck her on the cheek soon after she was shown into his cabin by his PA. “Finally, we get some peace and privacy; those last couple of meetings had been so noisy! I barely got to speak with you properly”

She smiled back into his eyes and said, “Yep! Finally, I get to talk to Sahil Mehra one-on-one, in his own workspace! So tell me Sahil, what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting to?”

Straight down to business, he thought. Obviously, it didn’t augur well for his plans. “Let’s start with some coffee,” he said with a smile. “Work can always follow, can’t it?”

They indulged in some chit-chat while waiting for the coffee to arrive. Soon the talk drifted to more personal matters, and once again Sahil found himself opening up to this wonderful, bright woman more easily than he could have ever imagined. They spoke all about Sahil’s marriage and his kid, about how he got into the jewelry business, and about his friends and passions, and before they knew it, the coffee cups were empty and an hour had passed. As the time neared 7.00 pm, Sahil soon realized that all staff on his floor had left, including his PA, and they hadn’t even started to discuss business yet!

“So do you also have a lot of women coming to your office in the late and lonely hours of the evening, Mr. Mehra?” she said as she gave him a quick wink.

“No way! Not a lot – only those who are terribly interesting, and hot, to boot!”

“So, should I be taking that as a compliment, or should I be offended at the shameless insinuations of a married man?” she asked with a coy smile.

“The very fact that you are asking me this question means that you haven’t taken offence!” he grinned! “Actually, one of the reasons for wanting you here was to discuss your latest design for the necklace for the Italian buyers. I seem to be having some trouble with the production”, he said, quickly changing the topic and pulling open his desk drawer to find the chain.

“As you can see, Ekta, the design you have submitted has the clasp at the back slightly lower than the rest of the design. And, when we tried the necklace on our model, the clasp was protruding out by about 2 millimeters, making it uncomfortable for the wearer. Here, take a look at this”, he said, handing the necklace to her.

She was mildly disappointed that the topic had switched back to business. Somewhere inside her, she probably wanted Sahil to get closer to her, even if just in conversation. Maybe something more would follow. She couldn’t get enough of this tall, bearded man, and shamelessly imagined him doing stuff to her every-time she lay down on her bed. But for now she took the necklace reluctantly, and smiled slightly as an idea occurred to her. She wanted desperately to know if Sahil thought about her the way she did about him, and she had the perfect plan to find out.

“Hmmmm.” she said, pretending to scrutinize the fastening clasp with a great degree of concern. She flicked back he hair and started putting on the necklace. “Let me see if the sampling guys have messed up my design specs! You seem to be right, this does look uncomfortable. Let me put it on and see”, she said, as she fumbled with the fastener behind her neck.

“Ufffff”, she said, in mock irritation.

“Here, let me help you with that”, said Sahil as he rose and walked around the table up behind her.

Her plan worked. Sahil was pretty pleased too. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get close to her. He bunched up and pushed aside her soft wavy open hair. The fragrance of her perfume rose up to his nostrils and he smiled as he said “Here, I’ll get that for you!”

She felt a small shudder up her spine as his fingers touched her bare neck. She was sure he must have noticed it too. He purposely let his fingers linger on for a moment at the nape of her neck, enjoying the fragrance and the proximity as he bent over to fix the clasp.

“What’s the other reason, Sahil?” she asked, her tone now changed from the carefree one that she used a few minutes ago.

“Huh?” he asked, wondering what she meant.

“You said ‘one of the reasons’ that you wanted me here was to discuss my design, Sahil. What’s the other reason? Is there any other reason?”

She was right! He HAD said that. He laughed as he realized how his sub-conscious mind had wanted this to happen. He now understood that she wanted it too. And he kissed her on the back of her neck and said “This! This was the other reason why I wanted you here. To myself. I hope. . . . . you didn’t mind me doing that?”

She felt a tingle between her legs the second she felt his lips on her neck. She couldn’t believe this was actually happening! tuzla otele gelen escort Not wanting anything to go wrong with this moment, she swiveled around in her chair and let her lips lock with his. The shudder went all the way down her spine and to her toes, as his tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth authoritatively! This man had her horny in a matter of seconds, and she knew that this could only go one way from here!

Sahil’s heart was pumping blood furiously into his bloodstream, a lot of it being diverted into his now slowly engorging dick, as Ekta opened up her mouth for his tongue and quickly got up from her chair to wrap her arms round his neck, still lip-locked and breathing hard. He wrapped his arms around her slender frame, and pressed his crotch against her body as his manhood formed a big bulge in his trousers. Her urgency only made him hornier and he started running his palms seductively over her back as they continued kissing.

“Ohhh, Sahil”, she said, unlocking her lips from his. “I can’t believe this is happening. I was so attracted to you during that seminar, but I never thought you would actually … you know..being married and all…?”

“Shhhhhh Ekta!. Don’t talk. I want to touch you more. Feel you more. Kiss me, now!” He commanded.

His tone turned on Ekta even more. She fell closer into his arms and kissed him deeply, while he pulled down the zipper of her kurta from behind. She hesitated for a second, once again, having mild doubts about screwing around with a married man, but succumbed in a few seconds when she felt the heat of his palm on her bare back. His other hand cupped her breast over her kurta, and she was surprised at how quickly he had gone to her boobs. He was being forceful in his touch. And she was scared, but yet excited at the same time. She wanted this, but yet, not. The time for thinking, though, was gone. He was already squeezing her breast, and the sensations were sending tingles into her pussy! She could now feel the wetness between her legs. The fact that his hard penis was pressing through the multiple layers of fabric wasn’t helping. She needed more. And she felt shameless that she did.

Sahil was now pressing his crotch even closer into her, kneading her soft breast, and exploring her naked back at the same time. He needed to touch her more – more of her bare body! He pulled out his hand from inside her kurta and reached under the hemline to pull it over her head. She was too shell-shocked and horny to object, and she stared into his eyes as he sized her up, the hunger clearly writ on his face as she stood in her salwaar and bra. He stepped in closer to her… his hot breath millimeters away from her forehead, as he reached behind and unhooked her bra and helped her off with it.

He stepped back and stared at her bare breasts with her large areole. She was embarrassed to be half naked in front of a married man, but she was so turned on by the sheer audacity of this guy, that she stood there and stared back at him. She was getting so horny now that her juices had dripped through her panties and were staring to form a small patch on her salwaar!

“Touch yourself!” Sahil all but commanded, nodding his head towards her breasts. No one had ever spoken to her that way before. Her jaw almost dropped open at his tone, but her curiosity made her want to see where this would go. It excited her no end. She reached up with her right palm and gently cupped her breast.

“Feel yourself! Not lightly. Caress your breasts. Tweak your nipples! I want to see them hard!” said Sahil as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

She brought up her 2nd hand to her left breast, started caressing herself with both palms, and a soft moan escaped her mouth “Umhhh”, as she simultaneously pinched both her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers!

Her moan made him smile, as he pulled his shirt out of his trousers and threw it across on his desk. The tent that his erect cock was making was now very visible through his trousers. And this excited Ekta even more. As he felt a trickle down her thighs, she wondered how wet she could possibly get! She continued to pinch her nipples, and spread her legs slightly to get her balance as she started feeling weak in the knees.

He continued to disrobe – his belt followed by his shoes, and his trousers next. Within seconds, his socks and boxers were in a heap around his legs, and he stood there stark naked, in his office, his cock exactly 90 degrees from his body, thick, purple, the veins popping up proudly through the thin skin of his cock, set against the dark backdrop of his pubes.

Ekta had only ever been with one man before, in the dark of a seedy motel room 2 years ago, and had never seen a cock up close and so damn personal, in such bright light! The sheer girth of his manhood took her breath away, and she wondered how she would feel if he were to stuff his 7 inch tuzla sınırsız escort dick right down her throat. She was being commanded to be a slut by this gorgeous stud, and she wanted to do his bidding badly!

Sahil touched the tip of his cock and got some pre-cum on his forefinger. He then brought it up to his mouth and stuck his tongue out and licked it as he stared into Ekta’s eyes. Untie your “salwaar” and drop it!” he ordered Ekta.

She was now too horny not to comply. Even if he told her to shove three fingers up her pussy, she’d only be too glad to do it. She dropped her salwaar to her feet and stepped out of them. The wet patch on her baby pink cotton panties was plain to see! She saw Sahil looking hungrily at her crotch, and that only caused her to leak some more!!

“You’re a horny li’l one, aren’t you?” asked Sahil rhetorically as he slowly stroked his hard cock. “Get those panties off! I want to see just how wet your pussy hair is!”

His dirty-talk was driving her insane. She almost ripped her panties off and spread her legs to offer him a better view of her now drenched cunt!

“Plant your naked ass on the table, Ekta. And then spread your legs. This standing position- I can’t see anything like this.”

She walked upto his desk and propped her ass on it. She wanted to please this man. She wanted to do anything for him. She lay back on the desk, brought her feet up on to the edge of the desk, and slowly spread her legs apart. Her eyes were now shut in pleasure, and her breath was rapid in anticipation of what was about to happen. She couldn’t help herself as her right hand went between her parted legs and she started to feel the wetness of her pussy which had now spread all over her pubic hair.

“Nice!” he said. “I like nothing better than a wet horny pussy. I bet you like to play with your pussy a lot. With a body like yours, I’m sure you have a lot of men lusting after you. Do you think of those men when you play with yourself Ekta?”

“Umhh”, moaned Ekta in response to his question.

“Answer me!”

“Yes. Yes I do. Some….some men. Unh…sometimes,” She hesitated, “most times, I – er – I… think of you”

She had barely completed that statement when she realized that Sahil had quietly walked up close to her and brought his dick right up between her legs. She gasped in surprise and opened her eyes to see him standing between her legs, staring down at her wet, hairy pussy.

He had thought about this woman’s body for weeks now, and finally he was going to find a way into her warm wet hole. Sahil’ cock was throbbing as he guided the bulbous head of his engorged shaft towards her cunt. He made her moan as he first rubbed the tip of his dick against her wet pubic hair and her fingers. He then brought her fingers downward toward her pussy, until she was touching her clit.

“I like that erect clit! Rub it for me, babe!” he said. “Go on.”

And she complied. A long cry of pleasure escaped her lips as she slowly started building up a rhythm while rubbing her clit. He was desperate to fuck this hot naked woman lying open in front of him. He kept stroking his leaking cock while he watched this spectacle, her hips now bucking up and down in anticipation of a thrashing orgasm.

Suddenly, he caught her hand and stopped her from rubbing any further!

“No! Please. Pleeeeaaase…,” she cried

But he had her hand trapped -her forefinger on her clit.

“Keep it there. Don’t move.” He said.

He took away his hand, and guided his thick purple dick-head towards the folds of her moist vulva. She moaned in pleasure at first contact, and lifted her ass of the desk to help him gain better access. He slowly pushed his turgid cock into her pussy, and her warm juices flowed and flooded his cock as he entered her.

“Umhhhhhhh” he moaned as he tried to get some control over himself. He had to be careful, for he wanted to fuck this sexy bitch in front of him good and proper before he blew his load!

The wetness of her pussy made it easy for him to slide in. Her mouth and eyes opened wider with each inch he penetrated, and her breath almost stopped in anticipation of the fucking that she was about to receive.

When he was all the way in, she closed her eyes and took a breath and laid her head back on the table.

“Now, start rubbing that erect clit of yours and with the other hand cup my balls and stroke them,” he said.

She was like an eager beaver, pun intended, and complied with every instruction to the “T”!

She started moving her finger across her clit and cupped his balls with her left hand.

In the meanwhile, he started pumping her with slow, long, deliberate strokes. He could feel the hot and sticky juices lining his cock all the way to the base. And the feel of her hot palm caressing his balls was driving him wild.

He upped the rhythm of his fucking, as his strokes stayed long, but increased in speed. She was now letting out almost a continuous high pitched moan, stopping only to catch her breath enough to go at it again. She was rubbing her clit furiously now and her small little titties were bouncing in perfect circles across her chest as he established a good fuck-rhythm, and Sahil knew she was getting pretty close to that point of no return.

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