Get Down with the Thiccness Pt. 05

Big Tits

Before I begin with this installment I would like to ask for advice, I will be continuing on with this series however I am looking to start another, I have 2 ideas in mind: First being a series of one off’s with a celeb/character X reader stories OR a shorter (Probably 3 part) series of a real Friends With Benefits relationship that I was in while at university. Let me know your thoughts and I will decide soon. Enjoy this chapter 🙂


George stood at the entrance of the student bar, disgruntled that THIS was his new place of work. He hated bars, the noise so loud your head could explode was one thing, but the awkwardness of drunk men either trying to start fights with other men or hitting on women who did not want to be hit on made George dislike the setting. He had rushed to the location in a hurry, as he had awoken late by Alexa who barged into his room and almost pulled him out of bed. He blamed her for this placement. She had recommended it because she was close to the manager, Olivia. It was also known to him that Olivia herself, while still a student, was a well respected social manager of the student council (The group which handles events and asks for services which the committee then decide on.) He stepped into the empty bar, the stools and chairs standing on top of the tables, booths which where spotted around the slickly designed area had a variety of cleaning products on them, ready for the opening at noon. George stepped into the bar, silence. He cleared his throat loudly to see if his new manager was there. Still silence. Finally George called out loudly

“Hello?!” A loud crash was suddenly heard from the side door on the far side of the room. George looked directly at the door, concerned at the alarmingly loud noise. He heard some light cursing before the door swung open. The woman who appeared in the doorway gave an angry look to where she came from, seemingly mad at whatever inanimate object had crashed into her. She turned around and looked at George. She slowly rubbed her head as she smiled.

“Hey, you’re George right?” She asked in a sweet voice. George smiled back and waved, stepping closer to the bar which was between them. As he got closer he noticed how pretty she was. She was roughly the same height as him, only a few centimeters shorter, her hair was short; her auburn hair styled into a bob. It was quickly apparent to George that Olivia wasn’t just pretty, she was beautiful. He blushed lightly as they locked eyes, staring into her bright almost glowing hazel eyes. Her lips curled into a shy smile as she looked away from him.

“Alexa has told me quite a bit about you…” She muttered as she walked toward the gate of the bar to let him in on her side of the counter. He started inside and saw her for all her beauty. She was wearing very formal clothing, a white sleeveless office top tucked into a tight black pencil skirt, coating her legs where a pair of stockings and black heels. the outfit which she wore complimented her body perfectly, the pencil skirt hugged her wide hips and thick thighs, tight top clinging tightly to her large E cup breasts. George could see the black bra under the shirt, but tried the best he could to look at her in those pretty eyes of hers.

“Has she?” George asked with a slight tone of worry in her voice.

“Yep. Don’t worry I won’t think less of you. Being on the student council you hear of worse things students have done.” She grinned and folded her arms under her bust, pushing them up which put major tension on the buttons which held the clothing together.

“Really? Worse than sex with a staff member?” He asked. He instantly regretted it, what if that wasn’t what she heard…he was too comfortable around her already! Olivia blushed lightly, combing her short hair back behind her ear showing a small silver earring pierced into her earlobe. She did not reply, only turned back to him and took a deep breath.

“I should tell you what you’ll be doing.” she started. She approached him and squeezed past him, causing her breasts to brush onto him as she moved around him to get to the gate, muttering a cute ” ‘scuse me.” Leaving the counter she took a stall from it and sat on it, pulling her pencil skirt down awkwardly.

“So, you’ll be working with me a Justin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. 5-10 PM. I have to warn you those days are SUPER busy. I never really know why.” George quickly understood kilis escort why, Alexa had said in passing that guys went to the bar on those days to try and chat up Olivia, but she is always too focused on work to notice when guys try to flirt with her.

“You will answer to me, I say jump, you say…?” She asked for him to answer. After a few seconds George realized what she was doing.

“How high?” Olivia giggled and shook her head.

“You can respond quicker than that. Don’t worry as long as I’m with you, you’ll do fine. Not with you in that sense…just as manager and…don’t worry you get the idea.” Olivia’s face blushed a deep red and looked embarrassed at what she had said. Standing up from the stool she composed herself and looked back to her younger colleague.

“If you can take the chairs down from the tables and start cleaning surfaces, that wold be super!” She smirked and looked over at the ticking clock resting on the wall “Shit its later than I thought. Hey, I have a important meeting with the committee in a second. Once you’re done just wait for Justin, he can teach you how to pour a pint and stuff.” She quickly clopped her way to the entrance of the bar, signalling him a goodbye gesture. Olivia thought to herself while she strutted away towards the committee meeting ‘Lexi never told me he was cute…’

As the night grew louder on campus, a number of miles away, sitting alone in her apartment, Christine was sitting crossed legged on her bed, a cold beer in one hand (her 3rd in the last few hours) and with her other, she was tapping away on her laptop. Since she was fired for fucking the biggest stud of her life, Christine spent days looking for a new job. She thought anything in a managerial position would do, but alas there was nothing which seemed good enough for her. She sat back on the headboard of her bed, taking a long chug of beer. Her eyes where drawn to her night stand to the right of her. Locking eyes on that giant dildo which she had used that first night she saw George’s cock. Her memories came flooding back of those fuck sessions she had with that young man, she enjoyed him immensely, but did not want him to get into any more trouble with the higher ups by meeting him more. She set the beer bottle down next to the dildo, before she took the toy and held it with both her hands. She bit her lip and looked at her laptop…

“Today.” she muttered as she leaned forward and cleared all the tabs which she had open and typed in the website onto the Woogle search engine (Similar to our Google but entirely different). She had toyed with this idea for a number of days. She knew deep down that her body got that job on campus. She knew that the only reason why people always did what she said with upmost urgency was because everyone wanted to see what sexy outfit she was wearing that day. So, if her body got her that job and got all those tasks done, why not make some money from it?

The site loaded quickly, her heart raced as she took in what she saw. Rows upon rows of half naked or fully naked women where performing on webcam for large audiences. She bit her lip as she saw an attractive dark skinned woman using a vibrator on herself, feeling her large perky breasts as the woman looked right at Christine through the laptop. She breathed out lightly as she moved her cursor toward the SIGN UP button. Without a moment to think about what she was doing she quickly filled in the details which the website wanted such as: Username, Password, card details for viewer donations, etc. Christine stopped at the section which asked what she specialized in, she looked to the dildo resting between her legs. She entered:

“Dildo. Blowjob. Fucking. Stripping. Cum on camera.” She felt her hands tremble with a mix of excitement and nerves as she typed out what she was willing to do on camera…After she had filled out the signup sheet, the website loaded once more, the words BEGIN FIRST SHOW flashed on screen. She dragged the cursor over to the words and hesitated for a second. She took a deep breath and thought to herself that she could easily stop if she didn’t like it. She clicked the words and the page loaded.

The screen in which Christine laid her eyes upon seemed daunting to any new cam guy or cam girl. There was one large box which showed herself, the webcam on her laptop blinked as she observed it, beside the window which kırıkkale escort showed herself, there was a long column with the title ‘live chat’ which started to generate comments from what seemed to be usernames. Christine looked puzzled as a number next to the title seemed to grow. From 1 to 10 to 30. The number stopped at 35 as she glided her eyes over the chat box. All she saw where compliments.

“Sexy.” one user wrote.

“Love those tits.” another said.

“What will you be doing today sexy? ;)” A third said.

Christine’s heart raced, she didn’t know what to do.

“Umm…” she hummed as she looked at the webcam. She waved timidly and curled up a cute smile with her plum lips.

“Fuck those tits are massive!”

“Shit she made me cum already <3"

“Is this chick going to do something?”

Christine looked down at her chest, she remembered that she wore a tight light blue tank top with a pushup bra, hair straightened which draped over her upper body and back. She moved her hands over the low cut top and pulled lightly on the fabric, teasing the viewers who watched her.

“I’m new to this, please give me time.” She said to the camera. strong shivers sent up her spine as she spoke with as much authority as she did at her last job. She felt herself getting more and more turned on as she looked at the overwhelmingly positive comments from the horny men who watched her. Suddenly a small beep sounded from her speakers, and a small lt on the bottom of the screen lit up. Similarly to the chat box, another box next to it lit up which read ‘Donation Box’ her heart skipped a beat as she read the words which appeared.

“£5 from Revan_69: Take that top off. £10 more if you suck a dildo.”

Christine smiled happily, she knew that donations for a cam girl was common, but she felt a little joy as knowing she earned that money by just sitting in her room to look sexy. She looked to the webcam and winked. Without words she sat up straight and pulled her top off, revealing her toned stomach and soon her large natural tits bounced out. She quickly dropped the top on the floor and began to fondle her breasts with both hands. She smiled as the comments rolled in, fawning over her body. They all seemed to enjoy her, which made the Asian beauty incredibly horny. She picked up the huge white dildo from between her legs and planted a saliva filled kiss on the plastic head.


“Please tell me she’s fucking that!”

“Maybe if I get £20 I’ll fuck myself with this…” She winked and slid the huge head into her mouth and began to suck it. She quickly realized while she stuffed her slutty mouth with the huge plastic cock that she loved being watched. Her eyes darted from the webcam to the chat box to the donation box. It quickly filled with £20 donations which came with equally filthy comments which made her suck it harder. She moaned loudly as she gave the dildo a blowjob, much like she would for George when they had their meetups, using one hand to hold the shaft while the other hand moved to her underwear which was pushed aside for a clit massage. After a few more seconds of sucking she pulled it out of her mouth and held it in one hand.

Christine looked at the donation box. She was making a lot of money for such little time…To her she was doing really well. She looked at the webcam and winked alluringly as she got on her knees. She made sure that her lower half was in frame before placing the huge dildo between her thick thighs. She parted her underwear to the side and placed the saliva coated cock at her entrance. Slowly she lowered herself onto it, quickly reminding her of the times George fucked her with that giant dick. She moaned loudly as she lowered herself more and more into the dildo. She panted as she began to bounce up and down on it, letting her large tits bounce as she rode the dildo. Comments came rushing in, almost worshipping how well she was taking such a huge cock.

“I. LOVE big dick boys.” She panted as she kept fucking herself with it. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment. Being watched by a load of horny men who are probably cumming for her, while she fucked herself with a thick and long white dildo. If anyone told her this is what she would be doing after she was terminated she would have called you a pervert. Christine could not take kırklareli escort it much longer. She squatted down as deep as she could, pushing the last few inches inside her raw and stretched pussy, she moaned and threw her body back as an orgasm erupted from her, she felt her whole body shiver with bliss as she felt the whole cock inside her. A few moments passed, she looked at the screen to see the comments of her horny little audience. She smiled with satisfaction as the post orgasmic bliss overcame her. she rested on her thick ass and pulled the dildo out of her, seeing her juices glaze the plastic surface. She leaned forward and began licking the shaft, examining the reactions to what the audience had seen. The beep sounded again. this time a £10 donation was given to an unknown user. The comment lead to a picture link with the caption

“See what you made me do baby.” Curiously she clicked onto the link. Another window popped up on the bottom corner of the screen. Christine’s eyes widened as she looked at the picture. It was a picture of a cock, draped flaccid over a computer screen clearly after an orgasm. She saw that there where thick ropes of cum sprayed over the screen which showed her orgasm in full screen.

“Mmm, so much cum big boy…Anyone else blew their load over me?” She moaned, she liked this. She felt dumb for being nervous, of course she would be liked on here. Big natural tits on a good looking babe like her…she was going to make more money fucking herself on camera than she ever got working for the university. She continued to lick the dildo clean of her spit and cum, moaning softly.

“While I wait for round 2 boys, tell me what else I can do to get famous on here…”


“Urgh. Sorry man. It’s my first day here.” George signed as he had failed to pour a decent pint for the third time. The man who asked for it rolled his eyes and took the pint even though there was more foam than alcohol in the glass.

“It’s your first day, you’ll get the hang of it Hot Shot.” George turned his head quickly to see Olivia beside him, looking just as lovely as this morning. She had changed her clothes however. A more casual top was tightly pulled over her and tight, shiny leather leggings replaced her pencil skirt and stockings combo. She looked over at him and smiled warmly, George felt his heart skip as she gave him that look. Olivia sighed as she looked across the full bar. loud murmurs and music boomed thought the student bar. George noticed that guys where looking over at the bar, focused on Olivia who was focused on serving customers.

From the corner of his eye George saw someone who he had recognized before. Amy sat in a small corner booth along with a female friend, attractive yet nowhere near the same level as the blonde bombshell. From behind her there was another which he recognized.

“John?” He said to himself as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“What’s that Hot Shot? You have customers!” She looked over in the general direction of which George was looking, noticing Amy she looked visibly disappointed, though George could not see.

“Amy.” She said simply.

“Yeah I know her…You don’t like her?”

“Actually I think she’s a sweet girl. Misunderstood. She gets way too much guy attention though.” She gasped as she looked at the man who had now sat next to Amy. Being Alexa’s best friend, she had seen John multiple times before…an angry look grew on her face as she reached into her back pocket, pulling out her phone from behind her big booty.

“How fucking dare he.” She muttered as George began to step away from her, her intensity took up a large area of the bar, as customers began to see the visual anger on a usually shy and awkward girl. John began to touch Amy’s arm, stroking her smooth glowing skin softly. The blonde seemed uncomfortable. Clearly moving her plump, lipstick covered lips. From this distance, both George and Olivia could not hear what she was saying, but it was clearly a rejection from Johns reaction.

Snap. Snap. Snap. Olivia’s phone clicked a number of times before she growled angrily at herself.

“Fucking asshole. I’ll show him for cheating on my best fucking friend!” George looked over at Olivia’s phone. Looking up at him she gave him an angry look.

“Go serve. NOW!” George backed off and took that as a threat. He could understand her anger, but he had hoped that she wouldn’t always be that angry, maybe he had got the wrong impression of this cute, thick girl.

While George and Justin served, Olivia attached the incriminating snapshots to a message to Alexa.

“Look who me and George saw trying to chat up the campus supermodel.”

Part 6 coming soon!

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