Getting to know the Truth


I’ve been having these ideas recently. Not so much ideas as erotic fantasies. See I never had sex until I was 20. A late bloomer by all means compared to my friends. I just never found that right woman to be really close with. All of my relationships never lasted more than a month. I reacted this way until i was 24. When I finally found the woman I really wanted to be with.

I never was an only child, even though i wished it were so for as long as I can remember. My sister, Julie who is 2 years younger than me teased me all the time and kept trying to get me into trouble. A trend that lasted until she left for college. I stayed around with my mom because she needed a male presence. Being married and dumped for another woman 3 times will really change some one. She was very sweet and carrying for everyone that she loved. Things almost started to get weird 4 months after Julie left. She started dressing up scantly again. Like she did before to make herself feel better, and to find a new partner for the night. The thing is that she would never go out. Now I know my mother is no spring chicken but let me tell you that she can still hold her own against a 21 year old blond bomb shell. She has gorgeous brown, slightly curly hair that extends just past her shoulders. At her current age of 45 she still had 32Ds, 25 inch waist, and hips that made you question whether she had kids at all. She worked out a lot, and it showed very clearly. I almost completely lost my cool, when a hot August day she came down wearing a skirt that only hid her panties when she was standing still, and a tube top, no bra, that i swear was practically see through. All day I would walk into wall and tables because I could swear I saw those perfect little nipples poking out from behind the cloth. It was around this time that I started to become very sexually attracted to her…and I could swear she knew about it too.

2 weeks before Julie was to visit us, mom was talking about our aunt Stacy coming to stay with us as well. Which made my pants stir because of what my mother was doing to me, I’ve started noticing the older women in my family as well. My aunt and my mother had almost identical bodies, except Stacy had DD’s and she dyed her hair dirty blond. The idea of my aunt and mother in short skirts and tube tops made me want to explode right there…and she knew it too. I don’t know what gave it away or the teasing finally got to her but she noticed the bulge in my pants when she mentions aunt Stacy because she placed her hand not more than 1 inch from my semi-hard cock.

She started to rub my leg and said, “You wouldn’t mind if your Aunt Stacy visited would you?”

“No,” i barely stumbled out, “Why would I care if she visited?”

Now she was toying with me as she placed her hand on my now very erect cock. “I wouldn’t want you to be too uncomfortable around me. You’ve always been able to be very OPEN around me.” she said slyly as her hand reach up toward my shorts zipper and button.

“…uh? What….mom….” I stated in astonishment as to the events that were unfolding right in front of me. At first it was fear, but now it was anticipation. A yearning for her to keep going.

“If you have any reserves or tension about this situation I want you to tell me. That way I can help you any way that I can.” She cooed as she started bending down, getting her face closer to the rock that she was holding.

Then the phone rang. I practically jumped out of my skin as my mom looked up at me and kissed what was basically a cock with cloth around it. She then slid her and all the way up my chest, over my shoulder as she tried to calm herself down in order to answer the phone. The smell of her arousal filled the air. I could of died if I wasn’t so damn keen to wanting to know what was going to happen next. Reality struck and I had to leave.

The next two weeks pasted with out incident. She went back to dressing more like a mother than a cock hound that was about to pounce on me two weeks ago. I blamed the visit from Julie and Aunt Stacy.

Stacy drove up to pick up Julie and they road tripped 350 miles to reach us. I was mostly anxious to get this visit over with so I could find out what my mother was willing to do. I had a very hard time trying to control myself, even in front of my aunt and sister. I kept trying to sneak from them to tell my mother that I was having trouble ‘handling things’ with the stress from the visit. She told me not to worry, and in a swift motion touched me, kissed my cheek and said, “You won’t have anything to worry very soon.”

Hanging around my sister and aunt was more enjoyable than when I was a kid. They seemed a lot more friendly toward me and each other. It’s amazing how the future can erase the past. I almost died several times because I would keep checking one of them out, and they would practically catch me in the act. Giving me long stares that told me either to stop it or ‘Just not when I’m looking at you’ kind of ideas. Nonetheless I kept my cool after a few looks from both of them.

Three days before my sister and aunt leave a miracle happens. My mother and Julie had this huge day planned where we were going shopping and then to the movies and a late dinner and drink. Then 1 hr before we were suppose to go to the movie Julie mentions taking Stacy out and letting us get a break from them. I was practically screaming for joy, wishing i had a million dollars to give them so they’d spend as much time away from us as possible. They must of wanted to get some cat calls because my Aunt came out in this barely covering black dress. with a neck line almost down to her navel, with straps obviously meant for breast 2 cups sizes smaller than her DD’s. Julie came down with the red tube top, and short skirt that my mother wore the first day I truly noticed her…my favorite outfit. I was almost kicking myself because my mother was still in sweatpants and a sleeper tee that didn’t show anything. And i was going to hang around home and miss the good show.

The night went pretty uneventful. She didn’t change, we had dinner and watched some TV. I kept trying to make sexual innuendos toward her. Like a pro she deflected each one with a comment. I’m tired, they’ll be back soon, I’ve got a headache, not tonight maybe tomorrow. A list that could only come with a collective 20 years of marriage.

I gave it one last shot. I walked over to her, grabbed her pulled her tightly and kissed her the best way I know how to kiss. It was hot, i mean i couldn’t believe we still had clothes on after that kiss…at least that was the way i saw it. After the kiss, she gently pulled herself away, kissed my cheek and calmly just said, ‘No.’ No…my heart almost ripped in two over the denial. She crawled up to her room and i stayed on the couch, contemplating my demise.

I must of been asleep for an hour a two before i heard rustling. I opened my eyes to total darkness. All of a sudden the light came on. I was in her room. Lying on her bed, facing the wall. And there she was. The goddess of my dreams in a 3 piece black latex tube top, gloves, and a skirt that was so short i clearly saw the black lace panties that she was wearing underneath. I gasped and she walked over to the bed.

She stared me down saying,”We are going to remember this night forever.”

Just then i noticed the video camera in the corner, hooked up to the TV so we could see what was recording. Inside that shot was me on the bed with just pants and underwear, and a pole that I’ve never seen before.

She slowly peeled her gloves off, toke them and rubbed them against her panties, which she then threw at me. Her smell was intoxicating. She worked her hands down her breast, down to her panties which she slowly peeled away, bending over so i could see her beautiful ass, sticking out waiting to be slapped, which she promptly did. She the went the window, opened the curtains and threw them outside. Anyone watching that would of had a heart attack. She then started walking over to the pole and started working it. She licked the pole from bottom to top, spun around and grinding up against it. Even a straight woman wanted this pussy. She walked over to me straddled my leg, and started licking her way up my pants, biting my crotch, and licking from my stomach to my nipples, then neck. When she pressed her hips up against me I had no idea if i came it felt so good. She started crawling up again, sat her steaming hot pussy on my chest, bent down and said, “I want you to say my name.”

“What?” I barely stuttered out. Giving my cock a little slap she stated again, “I don’t want to be mommy, i want you to call me by my name. Now say it.”

“Mary” I whispered. And at the sound of her name she ground that pussy against my chest. I blurted out, “Mary, Mary, MARY.” She was now grinding harder, and at the sound of her voice. I continued to say her name, until she popped up and placed that pussy on my face. That was all i needed to start licking away at her wetness, tasting every bit of her. She immediately started screaming and moaning at the feeling of her son lapping away at her, making her feel ecstasy. Licked harder, sucking on her clit as she started grinding faster and faster, as she was practically screaming, “Yea…lick me….lick Mary’s pussy…fuuaacckk!!” she screamed as she came, squirting on my face. Me licking it up like a good son would. I kept licking her as she started to build again. Getting close to another orgasm she stops me.

“Wait…wait baby…This is going to be a long night. There will be plenty of that.” She spun around placing her pussy just out of a licking distance. Her smell making me want hump the air. She starts reaching down to my pants and removes them faster then I ever had. She toke her hands and started playing with me on the outside of my boxers. Feeling me, she stated several oh gods on the thought of being pounded by my cock. She slowly pulls the boxers away, and out spring my 8.5″ cock which she immediately latched onto sending shutters through my body.

She started sucking on my cock better than I could imagine. For that moment it was better than any pussy I ever fucked. I started humping her mouth on the sounds of pleasure from her sucking a hard cock. The thrusting makes her moan even more, so much that I pull her pussy down to me and start licking it again. She made several attempts to continue to suck me but the licking on her pussy is getting too great that she slams her mouth down on my cock as she cums again. Her body shutters as she’s determined even more and sucks my cock even faster.

Just then I hear some noises by the door. It’s my sister and aunt. My aunt Stacy, against the wall, playing with her breast, my sister nose deep in my aunts pussy. She’s got a gag in her mouth to keep her cries of ecstasy from being heard by me. In a second she removes the gag and screams so loud that I’m sure our neighbors across the state heard her.

“Damn girl. You haven’t fucked that good since Memphis.” Stacy stuttered out. Julie with a big smile on her face goes up and kisses my aunt. Who immediately reaches around and starts playing with her ass as my sister shoves a finger inside her. The sight is too unbelievable that I barely notice that I’m about to cum. Mary lightens up a bit, slowing down to watch the show in front of her too. Julie immediately breaks away from Stacy and crawls over to where Mary is, grabbing the base of my cock as Mary continues to suck. Mary swings off to the side so I can get a full view of my sister and mom both sucking up and down my cock. I thought I was going to die when I felt a third mouth on the top of my cock. All three of them sucking on my cock sent me into realm where I must have died. My muscles tense as i know I’m about to cum. My sister looks at my mom, “Mary can i have this one?”

“No way. You know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” Mary chirped in. With Julie sucking on the side and Stacy sucking on my balls, Mary gets right on top and starts deep throating my cock into submission. It didn’t take long before I tensed up and shot my hot load down her throat. My cumming made her practically sent spiraling into another orgasm. The two of them giving her begging looks just hoping to taste me. She graciously lets them as they triple kiss, and move down to my still rock hard cock.

“Now for the fun.” Mary said as she moves her pussy down to my cock and grinds up against it. The other two whine as they wanted to be fucked too. With the help of Stacy and Julie, my mother placed her dripping wet, warm pussy right onto my cock. I would of came just then and there if my body had anything left. And the obvious pro that she is, starts bouncing up and down. At first facing away from me, then turning around so she could see the pleasure in her son’s eyes as he fucked her. I wanted to see her cum by me fucking her. She bounced up and down and as my now desperate aunt and sister go back to their activity.

Julie lays down next to me as Stacy buries herself in my sisters clean shaven pussy. Both Julie and Mary scream the exact same sound as their pussies get their just deserves. The sound is quelled only a little by my sister and me embracing in a kiss that would make a married couple jealous. We kiss and fondle each other while the advanced members of our family sends wave after wave of pleasure through both of us. My mother barely slides off of me as she’s tired from all of the riding. Grabs Stacy and they 69 each other, both sending shock waves of pleasure moans through the universe.

I crawl up on my sister, looking at her naked wanting body. A scene I fantasized about so many times. I crawl up next to her and with missing a beat she grabs my cock and shoves it into her waiting pussy. Her eyes light up as its what she’s been waiting for. She wraps her legs around me as I start pounding her harder and harder. Her screams only matched by the muffled ecstasy of two woman licking pussy. She bites her finger, and screams that she’s going to cum. This makes me fuck faster and harder sending her deeper and deeper into her orgasm until finally she explodes in an eruption of pleasure pulling herself closer to my still pumping cock.

She pushes me off as she gets down on all fours. I instinctively crawl behind her and start pounding her doggie style. She grabs my cock and in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard says, “I want you to fuck my ass.”

“You want me to fuck you in the ass, Julie. I’ll fuck you.” I state with authority. She grabs my cock again. “Call me sis, brother.” She lets out as she plunges my cock into her ass. I unconsciously start saying, “Fuck sis. Fuck sis. Fuck sis.” As she screams, “Fuck your sis. Fuck me brother. Fuck me.” Mary and Stacy completely consumed with whats going on in front of them start chanting, “Fuck her. Fuck your sis. Fuck her.”

I pound her ass as hard as I can, which just makes her scream for more. I stammer something about I was going to cum. Which persisted by all three of them saying, “Cum inside her. Cum in your sis.” I can’t hold on any more as i pumped shot after shot of me into her tight ass. Mary went over to kiss Julie, Stacy came over to help me off of Julie because I couldn’t move a muscle I gave it all i had.

We all laid there for a while. Just looking at each other. Finally taking in everyone as we were, realizing that nothing was going to be the same. My mother giggles, “What are we going to do tomorrow?” Which causes us all to laugh.

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