Gina Ch. 05


Gina and I managed to keep our hands to ourselves during the drive back to her place. We even kept our clothes on.

Gina walked a few feet in front of me from her car to her front door. I was staring at her big, sexy ass all the while, seeing it sway sexily from side to side. Even though I had cum three times the last few hours, I felt my cock start to swell again. I never knew a woman could be as naughty as Gina had proven to be. Looking at her big ass I was wondering what she would show me next. She must have felt my eyes on her ass, because she lifted the back of her white skirt and flashed me her ass, just as we approached her front door.

“I could really use a massage right now,” she sighed as we walked through the front door. “Why don’t you go get a bottle of wine from the fridge, and then come join me in my bedroom?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Where’s your bedroom?”

“It’s upstairs, last door to the right.”

I nodded, and headed for the kitchen. I had made a mental note of where to find the kitchen before we went to the restaurant. Opening the fridge I saw several bottles of white wine. I couldn’t tell one bottle from the other, so I just selected one at random. I headed up the stairs with the wine, and walked through the last door to the right.

Gina was lying naked on the bed. It was the first time I had seen her completely naked. She was lying on her back, massaging her magnificent 44E breasts. “Hello lover. Put the wine on the table and take your clothes off.”

I did as she asked me and stood by her bed. It reached me to mid-thigh and was big enough for at least two people. “You look marvellous,” I told her.

“Thanks,” she replied with a smile. “Now grab the massage-oil standing next to the wine and climb up here with me.” She turned over on her stomach, showing me her lovely ass.

With the massage-oil in my hand I climbed up on her bed and sat down beside her. kaynarca escort She had her eyes closed, and she jumped in surprise when the cold oil hit her skin just below her neck. I massaged her neck and shoulders for a while as I stood on my knees beside her.

“Lower,” Gina whispered.

I gradually massaged my way down Gina’s back as she urged me to massage lower and lower on her back. When I started massaging her ass she was finally satisfied. She sighed and smiled as I massaged her asscheeks. I let my slippery hands slide all over her ass, kneading each cheek. I grabbed both asscheeks and pulled them apart, getting a look at her tiny asshole, hiding between those magnificent globes.

“Put some oil in my asscrack too,” Gina whispered. “I want to feel your slippery hands sliding between my asscheeks.”

I poured some oil in my right hand and let it slide between her cheeks, making them shiny. I was hard as a rock again. I slid my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, feeling her shudder each time I passed her little asshole. I was feeling brave, and was just about to push my finger inside her anal-opening, when she suddenly turned over on her back.

“Fuck me,” she whispered with lust flaming in her eyes.

I crawled between her thighs and slid right into her pussy. She was unbelievably wet. I started out slow, but she wouldn’t have any of that. She whispered into my ear to fuck her harder. Happy to please her I fucked her as hard as I could. Gina grabbed my asscheeks, and I got to know how it felt to have your asscheeks pulled apart. I was afraid she would rip my cheeks apart when she threw her head back and moaned loud as she came. She was shivering beneath me while I kept fucking her. After her orgasm subsided she pushed me away.

“Time to massage my front,” she told me. Until now her head had been pointing towards the wall, but now she turned orhanlı escort around, facing the door instead. She scooted down the bed until her head no longer rested on the bed. She was still lying on her back. “Stand beside my head and massage my tits.”

I grabbed the oil, got out of the bed and walked up to her. My balls rested on her chin as I poured some oil on her breasts. Gina gave my balls a lick before she grabbed my cock and slid it right into her mouth. When she was lying like this I could slide my whole dick into her throat without any difficulty.

Sliding my dick out of her mouth she said; “now, massage my tits good while you fuck my face. You do remember how I want my face fucked, don’t you?”

I nodded and started massaging her tits as I slid my cock in and out of her mouth. I slid my hands over her tits and pushed them together as I fucked her mouth faster and faster. Her tits were starting to get really slippery, and I even bent down, licking them, completely ignoring that I had shot three loads of cum on them today.

Since I had already had three orgasms today it took a while before I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. I knew that I was close to cumming and told Gina so. She pushed me away and sat up in her bed. I thought she wanted me to cum on her tits again, so I kept jacking off, pointing my cock at her tits, but she playfully slapped my hands away from my dick. I was confused. Gina got the bra she had on during our visit to the restaurant and put it on. She was putting on clothes, and had denied me my orgasm. Had I done something wrong?

When she had put on the bra again she lied down on the bed again. “I want you to do something else now,” she told me.

My heart made a leap of joy. I hadn’t ruined it after all.

“Push your cock between my tits now. I want you to fuck my tits. I love to have a cock between my huge tits.”

I tepeören escort was happy to oblige, and pushed my cock towards her cleavage. I had to straddle her face to get close enough to fuck them. Her breasts were slippery with oil and my cock was slick with her saliva, so I met no resistance, even though she had a really tight bra on. “Why do you have your bra on?” I asked. “Couldn’t you just push your tits together with your hands?”

“I want my hands free, so I can touch you,” she replied. “Ah, yes, it feels so good to have my tits fucked,” Gina said from underneath me.

“You really like having your tits, fucked, don’t you?” I asked rhetorically, feeling like a stud.

“Yes. And I love having you shoot your cum on my tits. And I get REALLY turned on when you fuck my mouth, even though I have a hole that I enjoy having fucked even more.”

“And what’s your favourite fuckhole?” I asked. I was getting close to cumming, and figured hearing her say “my pussy” would send me over the edge.

“This hole,” Gina answered, and caught me completely in surprise. Then she spread my asscheeks apart and touched her tongue to my asshole.

I had never had anything in my ass before, but Gina’s tongue slid in without much resistance. I was humping her tits, my dick jerking as it shot stream after stream of sperm into her cleavage. My ass felt amazing. I had never thought it would feel so good to have a tongue in my ass. I had to grab her tits to not fall down, and Gina moaned into my ass as I did so. She kept licking my ass while my orgasm raced through my body, and she kept licking while I rested my upper body on her tits and tummy. I was panting and my legs were shaking.

“That was amazing,” I told her when I finally got enough strength back to push myself off her.

“I know,” she replied as she sat up. “I expect you to return the favour later.” She winked at me.

I was still panting and had to lie down. As I drifted off to sleep I heard Gina say; “you should rest for a couple of hours. You need your energy. I’ve been dreaming of your cock in my ass the whole day, and when you wake up I’m going to make my dream come true.”

(to be continued…)

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