Ginny’s Humiliation Pt. 06

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Big Dicks

This is a continuation of the submissive adventures of Ginny, a 35 year old, married woman. She has her husband’s complete support to satisfy her submissive needs.

If you haven’t read the previous parts of Ginny’s Humiliations, I urge you to do so. I thank you in advance for your comments and your votes.

As Mike and Ginny drove away from Ginny’s office after her evening of submission and humiliation, Ginny told Mike everything that happened. The horse tail butt plug was still deep in her asshole and the way Ginny was sitting insured that the plug was as far up her ass as it would go. As he always craved, Mike wanted to not only hear about the events that made up his submissive wife’s experiences but also to gauge her feelings about going further or had she reached her limit.

When Ginny finished telling Mike what had happened when her pussy lips had been thumb tacked to the wooden triangle, Mike was taken aback.

“You’ve never done anything like that before. Sometime back, you had agreed to be pierced if whoever bought you at one of the auctions wanted to do that. But, it never happened. Do you want it done? Properly, I mean.”

Ginny thought for a moment before she answered. “If it happened after I was auctioned off, it would have been ok in my mind. After all, I was property. I don’t think I want to be pierced, unless you wanted me to, or if it was part of me being sold at auction.”

“No, not my thing. Nipple and pussy clips are fine for me. But, what about you? How are you feeling about still being the office’s naked submissive?”

“Mike, you know how submissive I am. I enjoy being naked in the office and having to expose myself whenever someone comes into my cubicle. I crave the punishments and wish, sometimes, they would go longer, but I know they can’t. I enjoy the sexual servitude. It feeds my submissiveness. But, are you alright with my needs?”

“You know how much your needs are a turn on for me. I want to give you everything you want. And, to be truly honest, your humiliations and submissiveness have led to some very enjoyable experiences for me. I don’t think I would have had that without you. Now, having said that, if you want to stop, we stop. Simple as that.”

“I don’t think I am ready to stop. I would like to keep on doing this and see if it continues to be the turn on for me that it is now.” Ginny said.

“So, you’re also developing a real attraction for Rachel, aren’t you?” Mike asked.

“It’s grown into more than her just dominating me. I mean, I could just eat her up!”

“I bet you could!” Mike laughed. “You should ask her over.”

“I’ll bring it up to her, though I have hinted at it.” Ginny replied. “I’d like to watch you fuck her.”

“Maybe she would want to watch me fuck you!” Mike joked.

“Ohh, that would be nice.” Ginny said as they pulled into their garage.

Mike and Ginny spent the weekend relaxing and doing a great deal of talking. Ginny sat on the large easy chair with her legs spread over the wooden arms of the chair. Mike had suggested that she sit like this after Ginny described how the position had become routine for her in the office. They hadn’t had company so the issue of Ginny sitting in the spread leg position was never an issue and for most of their friends it wouldn’t be an issue either, since most of them knew of Ginny’s submissive needs. They did go to Ginny’s brother’s house for a family dinner, but Ginny was dressed. Inside the family, only her mother and father knew of her submissive nature.

When Ginny returned to work on Monday, things were normal. Besides being naked and serving morning coffee and pastry, Ginny was made to stand with her hands behind her head and legs spread while she was fondled or spanked by the office employees. Rachel slipped two fingers into Ginny’s pussy, after slapping her butt a few times, and announced that Ginny was wet.

Her only cubicle visitor was Jerry, who was confirming that his alone time with Ginny was tomorrow. He very politely asked if she wanted someone present to watch over her. Ginny laughed and said she trusted Jerry, but that wouldn’t be necessary.

The next morning, Ginny gave herself an enema, in preparation for her private encounter with Jerry. She told Mike that she would be late and Mike told her he remembered why. As Ginny left for work, he slapped her on her butt and told her to behave herself. Ginny and Mike both laughed at the comment.

Ginny arrived at work wearing a short jacket and nothing else. She went to her desk and took off her jacket and slipped off her sandals. She made coffee and laid out pastries for the staff. There wouldn’t be any humiliation this morning because of Ginny being used by Jerry after work.

Work kept her busy. She had stood up to put away some reports in her file cabinet, when she saw Jerry talking with Scott Hughes, the office manager. Ginny thought nothing of it and went about her work. Rachel was the only visitor to her cubicle. Ginny was working at her computer and didn’t notice Rachel entering her cubicle.

“Hey, şişli travesti how are you doing?”

Ginny was momentarily startled by the words. She turned to see Rachel, swiveled her chair around to face her, and draped her legs over the arms of her chair, exposing her pussy.

“Sorry, didn’t see you.” Ginny said.

“We haven’t had a chance to talk much since last Friday and I wanted to know how you are.” Rachel said, as she pointed toward Ginny’s pussy.

“Oh, it’s just about healed. I’m glad you came by because I wanted to know if you wanted to come over to our house this Friday after work. Can you make it?” Ginny asked.

“I think so.” Rachel lowered her voice. “Does your husband know…”

Ginny interrupted Rachel. “Everything. If your up for it, it should be a lot of fun. Rachel, you like guys, too, don’t you?”

“I prefer guys but with you, well, I love dominating you and, uh, the sex is really nice. I think your husband is cute. So,are we going to have a three way?” Rachel laughed.


“Can I ask what’s happening tonight?”

“You know they don’t want anyone to talk about it but Jerry wants to fuck my ass.”

Rachel didn’t say anything at first, but she smiled and got up to go back to work. “Have fun. Let me know how your asshole feels when I see you tomorrow.”

At the end of the day, Scott Hughes came into Ginny’s cubicle. Ginny just finished shutting off her computer and turned her chair as Scott walked in. Once she saw Scott, she immediately spread her legs and placed them over the arms of the chair. Scott smiled, as he watched Ginny assume the pose.

“I never get tired of seeing your spread pussy lips . Do you do this at home, too?” Scott asked.

“Yes.” Ginny replied.

“Mike is very lucky to have you.”

Ginny smiled at the remark.

“Jerry is waiting for you in the conference room. Kathy had to leave early so your leash is locked in her desk. You can walk to the conference room. Lock up when you leave.”

Ginny finished putting her desk in order and placed her jacket, sandals and her keys neatly on the desk. She stood up and took a couple of steps before her deep need to be submissive overcame her. She put on her collar, dropped to her knees, bent over and crawled, as if being pulled by an invisible leash, toward the conference room.

Ginny crawled in to the room, looked up and saw Jerry standing by the end of the conference table, naked. Ginny crawled toward Jerry and stopped in front of him. She could see that cuffs were in position on the conference table legs and that there were objects on the table.

“I want you to suck my cock until I’m hard, although watching you crawl in here has already started to do that. I think you like to be spanked or paddled, so I thought we would do that, if it is ok with you.” Jerry said.

“I am here to do as you say. You may do to me whatever you wish.” Ginny said softly. She raised herself up onto her knees and took Jerry’s cock into her mouth. He was semi-hard as she moved her tongue over the head. Jerry let out an “ahhh,” as Ginny took more of his cock into her mouth, moving her head up and down the shaft until Jerry’s cock hit the back of her throat. Ginny kept sucking and licking the underside of his cock. Jerry pulled back from Ginny.

“Anymore of that and I will never get to do what I want.”

Ginny smiled at Jerry and asked him how he wanted her. Jerry said that she should stand and bend over the table.

“I’m going to cuff your ankles to the legs of the table.” Jerry said, as Ginny stood and bent over the end of the table.

Once Jerry had Ginny’s ankles secure, he pulled out the wrist cuffs that were attached to chains that were bolted to the underneath of the conference table. He stretched Ginny’s hands out and attached the cuffs to Ginny’s wrists.

“At first, I was going to attach the cuffs to your collar, but I thought that might be too uncomfortable.” Jerry said. “But you look really good spread out like this.”

Once Ginny was cuffed, Jerry took a tube of lube and squeezed some onto his fingers and spread the lube around the entrance to Ginny’s asshole. Slowly, with one finger he pushed the lube in. Ginny felt his finger enter her ass. She then felt a second finger push into her asshole.

“That should be enough.” Jerry said, as he applied lube to his cock. “Let me know if I hurt you.”

Ginny thought that last comment was very sweet. “I need to do this, Jerry, even if it hurts. Go on and fuck my ass!”

Ginny felt the head of Jerry’s cock at the entrance to her asshole and felt him push in. The excitement of the moment overcame Jerry as he pushed into Ginny in one stroke, his balls hitting against her pussy. Jerry was sawing in and out of Ginny’s asshole with long strokes; all the way in and almost all the way out. Ginny wasn’t feeling any discomfort as this wasn’t dominant fucking but sensual. Ginny needed to feel that domination.

“Spank me, Jerry!” Ginny bakırköy travesti yelled and Jerry happily accommodated.

Jerry thrust into Ginny’s ass with increased force as he spanked her. He could feel himself getting close and Ginny pushed her ass back to meet Jerry’s thrusts. Jerry kept his cock buried in Ginny’s asshole, not moving. He held Ginny by the hips and pulled his cock almost all the way out and then pushed in with as much force as he could. His cum shot deep into Ginny’s ass. Jerry leaned on Ginny’s back as he emptied the last bit of his cum into Ginny’s ass. He pulled out and cum slowly leaked from Ginny’s asshole.

Jerry patted Ginny’s ass and he left the conference room. Ginny thought he had gone to get a towel or to go to the bathroom. Ginny shifted her position as best she could and although she couldn’t see the wall clock, she began to think that Jerry had been gone a long time. A few more minutes passed before Ginny heard movement in the office and she knew that Jerry was on his way back. She heard him come back into the conference room.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Ginny stiffened in fear when she heard the voice. It wasn’t Jerry’s voice.

“So, the naked, submissive office worker is all tied up, I see. Uh, is that cum dripping out of your asshole?”

Ginny now knew that she was naked, bound securely, and bent over as the security guard surely was staring at her asshole and pussy.

“People should lock their office doors securely. If a door is left unlocked, I have to check the inside. Looks like someone left you after fucking you in your ass. Your ass isn’t very red. Whoever it was, should have spanked you harder.”

The image of Ginny being whipped by the security guard with his belt on their previous encounter, flashed through Ginny’s mind. She needed more pain than what Jerry gave her and the warmth that subspace always brought her began to spread.

“I…I asked him to spank me, but it wasn’t very hard, not like… you did.” Ginny stammered.

“Well, I can fix that, but it’s going to cost you more than just a blow job.

“Please. Anything.” Ginny said.

Ginny could hear the guard take his service belt off. She heard him remove the belt from his pants and was sure that the guard was taking off his pants. Ginny heard the swish of the belt before she felt it. The guard had done this to her before, but now she was bound, legs spread wide, and her upper torso resting on the conference table. Ginny knew, that in this position, the guard would have no problem hitting any part of her lower body.

The guard was concentrating on hitting Ginny’s ass. His first five strokes fell across her ass, causing Ginny to yell. The guard paused and Ginny felt him touch her ass.

“Warm and getting redder, but we can do better.”

The guard brought the belt down on Ginny’s left cheek, then her right. The sound of the slaps reverberated throughout the office. Two more strokes on each cheek had Ginny squirming. When he stopped, her felt between Ginny’s legs.

“I wouldn’t need lube if I was going to fuck your pussy,” rubbing Ginny’s wetness between his fingers. “You liked being belted, didn’t you?”

When Ginny didn’t immediately respond, the guard slapped her ass twice and Ginny yelled that she liked being whipped with his belt. Ginny wondered where Jerry was, but only for a moment, as the guard was now rubbing Ginny’s slit. A moment later she felt the guard’s cock push against her slit and with a hard thrust, he sank all the way into her pussy.

The guard, like Jerry, grabbed Ginny’s hips as he fucked her. But unlike Jerry, he didn’t need any encouragement to spank Ginny’s ass hard as they fucked. Ginny was soon pushing back on the guards cock, taking it all the way into her pussy. The guard was cumming. Ginny was too as she felt his cum shoot into her. When he had finished cumming, he pulled his cock out of Ginny’s pussy and wiped it on her ass.

The guard dressed without saying a word. When he was dressed, he came over to Ginny, who thought he would free her from the cuffs that held her to the conference table. But the guard sat on the table so he could see Ginny’s head.

“So, you really are the office submissive. I guess you were telling me the truth the other night. I look for your car when I come on duty, hoping to catch you walking nude out of the office to your car. But, tonight was way better. Glad I was told to check this particular office. Well, I have to go do the rest of my rounds.”

He slapped Ginny’s ass twice before he left the office. Ginny went into a state of panic. What if she had to stay here all night? What would Kathy or Scott think when they found her in the morning? Or someone from the office staff? What’s Mike thinking?

But her thoughts were interrupted by a more familiar voice.

“Looks like you’ve had some fun tonight.” Scott Hughes said. “I don’t think you’ll mind some more fun, will you, Ginny?”

“No, I won’t.”

“Good.” Scott istanbul travestileri said as he began to undress. “You know I told you how much I love to fuck your ass. It seems Jerry plowed the road for me, judging by what’s leaking out of your asshole.”

Scott had picked up the lube and was coating his thick cock with the gel. He put lube on two fingers and stuck them into Ginny’s asshole. Scott rubbed the head of his cock against Ginny’s asshole and firmly pushed it in. Scott was halfway into Ginny’s asshole before he pulled back. He then pushed his cock all the way in Ginny’s ass. Ginny let out a moan as Scott sawed in and out of her ass. Scott pushed in as far as he could and kept his cock motionless. Then, he pulled back, slapped Ginny twice on the ass and told her to move her ass back on his cock. As best she could, Ginny complied. She rocked back five or six times before Scott said stop.

“As much as I find your asshole to be a warm and comfortable place for my cock, I want to cum in your mouth.”

Scott removed the wrist cuffs and pushed them back into their storage space under the table. He undid the cuffs and put them away. Ginny stood as she waited for the feeling to return to her legs and shoulders. Scott, who was still hard, walked toward Ginny. Ginny got on her knees and took Scott’s cock in her hand and brought it to her mouth.

It didn’t take long. Ginny felt the first spurt of cum hit the roof of her mouth. She swallowed as the second spurt filled her mouth. She pulled her head back just enough to swallow before sliding her mouth down the length of Scott’s cock. Scott was moaning as Ginny swallowed the last bit of cum and she began to clean Scott’s cock. She didn’t know if she was tasting Scott or remnants of Jerry, but she didn’t care. Scott finally pushed her head away.

“I have a question, Ginny. I really want a truthful answer.”

Ginny, still on her knees, looked up at Scott and said, “I will always tell you the truth, about anything.”

“I have known you for quite awhile. I know you’re very submissive and crave humiliation. But, is it becoming too much for you? I mean, I’m sure it provides a nice diversion for the staff and all, but if you want to stop, we will stop. Oh, this adventure tonight was all planned. Hope you’re not angry.”

“You sound like Mike. He only asks because he loves me and doesn’t want me to be permanently injured. Thank you for your concern, but I want to continue and I liked what happened tonight, even though I was scared for a minute.

Ginny stood up and kissed Scott on the cheek.

“I heard about the pins in your pussy lips from Kathy. I think if we continue, we will have to increase the level of humiliations and what we do to you. Do you agree to that?”

“Yes, I do.” Ginny said softly.

“Time to leave. Go get dressed and I will lock up. You can take tomorrow off.”

Ginny went back to her cubicle and slipped on her sandals, but decided not to put on her jacket. Scott met her at the door and they left the office together. They parted in the parking garage and Ginny walked to her car but before she got in, the security guard approached.

“So, you had some fun tonight, didn’t you?” Ginny asked.

“Yes, I did. The next time I may bring my nightstick along. I wonder if it can go all the way up that cute ass of yours?”

The guard left and Ginny slid on her jacket and drove home.

Ginny told Mike everything that happened as soon as she returned home. Mike looked at Ginny’s ass and commented, smiling, that the marks left by the belting looked like they were done by a professional.

“I really needed that. Jerry wasn’t very keen on spanking me, so when the guard showed up I was glad, because I knew he would satisfy my need.”

Ginny and Mike spent the rest of the evening talking, mainly about new adventures for Ginny. Mike brought up the subject of another auction.

“Mike, I’m not opposed to the idea of doing another auction. I just don’t know if I want the same people doing the same things to me. I think, no, I know I have gone farther than being spanked, paddled or whipped. I know that being bound and gang banged by three men at the same time is a turn on and I would gladly do that again. Being made to swallow piss or walk naked outside, still gets me excited. But, I worry, that at 35 years of age, I might not be that desirable.” Ginny sighed.

“Excuse me.” Mike said with a tone of disbelief. “Your tits don’t sag, you possess one of the finest asses I have ever seen, you have a smooth pussy with exquisite pussy lips that beg to licked by men and women, and you like being fucked in the ass. Your weight is perfect, you are a perfect 5’4″ and you can suck cock like no one I have ever known. I love seeing you naked. Everyone we know does!”

Ginny smiled at Mike, leaned over and lovingly kissed him.

“I’m your wife. You would say that. But, I’m glad you did anyway.”

Ginny hugged Mike and and started pulling at his pants. He was hard even before Ginny began to suck on Mike’s cock. Ginny wanted him inside her and she climbed on his cock and rode him until he came.

“Ginny, I promise you, I am going to think of some new challenges for you. They will be more humiliating than anything you have experienced and certainly will challenge your submissiveness, but, if you agree to this, there will be no backing out.”

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