Give ‘Em a Show


Tom and I had been seeing each other about two months. There was no relationship, I didn’t even like him that much. For me, it was all about sex and what he could teach me (considering I didn’t have much experience at this point.)

The weekend started out like any other, I’d go to his place Friday night and be gone by Saturday morning before he woke up usually but this weekend was different. Let me explain.

He called me around 4pm, telling me that he was almost finished work and would pick me up on his way home. I used the hour or so I had to have a bath and get myself ready. I packed my new corset and suspender set, hoping to get some use out of them.

At 5:10pm he called saying he was a few minutes away and that I should go to our usual meeting spot. I grabbed my bag and keys, making sure my red lipstick hadn’t run and left the house. I made my way to the road where he usually picked me up and waited. Sure enough five minutes later he arrived, driving his red work van.

“You look nice.” He took a deep breath. “You smell nice too.” I smiled and buckled up. He started the van and he drove us back to his place. I always felt a little weird going there but I wasn’t gonna have him come to mine. He didn’t know where I lived and I liked it that way.

He made me a coffee before heading upstairs to shower. I finished it quickly and headed upstairs to change, wanting to surprise him when he got out the shower. I put on the corset and suspenders, clipped on the stockings and slid my feet into my stilettos. I released my hair from the clip, the blonde curls cascading around my shoulders.

I heard the shower finish and I leant siirt escort against the table in his room. His eyes widened as he entered the room. “You like?” No words came out of his mouth, he just nodded. Evidence of how much he liked what he saw tenting his towel. He walked towards me and I walked to the window before he could grab me.

As I look out the window I notice a man, sitting in a chair facing the window in the house opposite. I shrugged and turned to face Tom, who was now naked and standing in front of the bed.

I walked towards him, licking my lips before kneeling down to take his 10 inch cock in my mouth. He moans. My mouth works up and down as his hand grabs the back of my head, grabbing a fistful of hair and pushing me further down on his cock, pushing it to the back of my throat. I gag slightly but enjoy the sensation of being choked.

He pulls me up by my hair and throws me on the bed, placing his hard dick at my dripping cunt before ramming it inside me. I moan my approval as he starts to move, sliding his rigid cock in and out of my wet pussy. He fucks me hard, much harder than usual for about five minutes before pulling out of me and climbing up on the bed.

Needing no direction I straddle him, sliding down on his hardness. Moving up and down, fucking him hard, riding him fast. He slaps my ass as I move, sending thrills through me. I can tell he’s close but I know I’m not. I throw my head back and close my eyes, grinding my hips, hoping to coax out an orgasm before he can climax.

I open my eyes and catch a glimpse of the guy in the house opposite, he’s still sitting sinop escort facing the window, his eyes wide. Knowing we were being watched made my pussy tighten, and my orgasm hits me like a wrecking ball. I climax around his cock, making him shoot his hot load into me. I shudder and shake as I feel his creaminess coating my insides, making my orgasm last longer.

I collapse beside him, his essence dripping out of me as I try and catch my breath. He grunts a turns to face me. “Where the fuck did that come from?” He says between gasps for breath. I giggle and roll over, climbing off the bed and heading to the bathroom to clean up.

When I come back into the room a few minutes later, I notice the guy opposite. He’s now got his cock in his hand and his face is flushed. I see his hand pumping up and down on his cock. I turn towards Tom, he smiles and looks down. He’s hard again. I grin and climb onto the bed.

“You know we had an audience right?” I ask as I lick his chest.

“What?!” He roars and sits up.

“The guy opposite was watching us.” He gets up to close the blinds. “No!” I cry. “If he wants to watch, let’s give him a show!”

He grins. “You naughty girl.” He grabs my ass and pulls me down onto his lap, I wiggle into position before he slaps my right ass cheek. The sting is delicious. He moves on to the left cheek and slaps. It feels amazing. He repeats this a couple of times, leaving red hand prints on my ass.

I climb onto his lap and slide onto his hard cock, my back to the window, letting the guy see my reddened ass as I ride Tom. He grabs my waist and pulls me off him, making şırnak escort me whimper in protest.

“I need to fuck you from behind!” He moans out.

“Fuck me out the window!” I scream. His eyes grow wider and he looks and me questioningly. “Give ’em a show” I whisper.

He growls and drags me to the window, bending me over the window sill and thrusting hard into me. My mouth opens as the feeling takes over me, it feels amazing.

My ample breasts bouncing and moving as he fucks me hard, falling out of the corset, the warm summer breeze caressing my nipples. I look up and see the guy, pumping furiously at his cock, chasing his orgasm. Mine is approaching fast, my moans sending that signal across the road. “I’m gonna cummmm…!” I shout. I see his mouth open as it hits him.

He spurts his hot seed out of the open window, the sight sending me over the edge. I climax hard around Tom’s hard dick, he grabs my hair as my orgasm sets his off. His thrusts get harder, my moans get louder. I close my eyes and ride the wave until it subsides.

When I open my eyes the light is off across the road and I can no longer see our audience. Tom pulls his cock out of me and walks into the bathroom. The window is black, as I stand up, disappointed to have lost our voyeur. I see a tiny glowing light that gets brighter for a moment and then fades before getting brighter again. I smile as I realise that he’s smoking a cigarette, and is still sitting in the same chair facing the window. I take off the corset and go to bed, wanting to get some sleep before I had to leave in the morning.

I wake up at 7am, the sun is already dazzlingly bright as I get up. I get myself ready to leave before Tom wakes up. By 7:20 I’m ready and head down to the front door.

There’s a note sticking out of the letterbox, I take it and open it. There’s a drawing of a cigarette and four words.

‘Same time next week?’

The end

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