Giving It All Away Ch. 02

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He pulls her full-head blindfold back down over her mouth; trapping her knickers inside, letting her smell and taste herself. He then pulls a collar from his pocket and secures it around her neck, not too tight to restrict but tight enough so she knows it is there. Fixing a leash to this he whispers to her “on your knees.” Obediently, she falls gently to her knees. Instinctively she pushes her hands underneath her breasts and opens her mouth. He allows himself a small smile; how well he had taught her and how well she had learned, he thinks to himself; a very good pupil and one to enjoy.

“On all fours and follow me” he growls, walking away and tugging on the leash. She drops to all fours and begins to follow on like a dog with her arse in the air. He watches her body, thinking about where to start and what to do to make the most of their time together. He knows this is working for her, stripping away her personality and will. He knows he is creating an environment where she is completely subservient and humiliated. It is what she needs.

They make their way slowly into the next room. This is the main chamber where he will remove her dignity and leave her begging for him to hurt her. The right wall is completely lined with wood and on it hang the largest selection of crops, whips, spreader bars, chains, istanbul travesti cuffs, ropes and connectors you could wish to see. Every type of thing to inflict pain appears to be here. Above them, beams are fixed conveniently with eyelets and pulleys. On the far wall there’s a large cross, about six feet high and with a fixing at each end and a number of cuffs and lengths of cord with clips on each end. The other wall is taken up with pummel horse that narrows to a sharp edge along the top, what looked like a weight training bench and a table with an array of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs. In the middle of the room is a large wood and leather chair. The seat on this is at least 4 feet high with leg and arm rests with any number of fixings to spread the legs, the arms and fix the head and body. There is also a hole so that a slave’s arse and pussy can easily be accessed from below.

The tools of the trade.

He lets her come past him into the room so he can shut the door and watch her arse moving along. “Stop” he whispers. She stops near to the chair. He takes a large flogger from the wall and dangles its leather strips onto her butt; she gasps and breathes hard. Knowing what effect this is having he gently begins to flog her arse, slowly and without too much force he swats anadolu yakası travestileri at her, speeding up slowly and listening to her gasp. “This is just the beginning” he tells her but she knows this, she can feel the sting of the flogger behind the mist of the build-up of her endorphins. He takes his time, building intensity and allowing her to get used to the feeling. After about 4 or 5 minutes he is beginning to hit her harder, turning her arse redder; she is properly gasping now, getting into the whole feeling.

From the wall he takes a length of black rope, wrapping her long hair around his fist, he creates a loop and ties a knot into her hair with the rope, tugging it her head moves back, the rope is secure. He then takes a length of metal shaped into a hook with a ball on the end of the hook and an eyelet at the long, straight end. He lays this on her back and positioning himself behind her pushes his finger into her arse. She offers little resistance but the gasp and moan through her gag. “Now I am going to fix this hook into your arse to get you ready for what will come later. I will tie it to your hair, that will restrict you silly movement and prevent you from losing it while I whip you.” She nods silently, knowing it istanbul travesti is futile to do anything else.

He takes the hook and licking the end he pushes the ball against her arse. This time she properly gasps on the gag as the metal is cold. Without mercy or hesitation he begins to push the end into her arsehole, it takes a few seconds before it disappears inside. The hook now curls aver her arse with the long straight end on her back. He now simply ties the rope through the eyelet puller he head back ever so slightly, he ties off the knot neatly.

Standing back now he takes a crop from the wall and taps it gently against her arse, warning her what is to come. She takes a visible breath as he begins to swat at her arse harder, creating red marks on her already reddened skin. As the intensity build he can see her head move and pull slightly on the hook, she is moaning now and he can safely begin to hit her harder bringing the crop down against her skin with more severity. “Now think about yourself bitch”, he hisses, “clothes up your body, hook in your arse and taking spanking for your sexual kicks – what sort of person does this?”

He can hear her say the word slut through her gag, except it isn’t really spoken, it is sobbed through the panties. He puts down the crop and picks up the flogger, stooping to flick the rope to make the hook move in her arse he brings the flogger down hard on her arse cheeks; picking up the pace he mercilessly whips her for 2 minutes calling her a “filthy fucking slut” the whole time. So she can hear, so she can see, so she knows. She doesn’t move, there is no question of her stopping. This is what she wants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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