Glued Together, Angrily

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Emily was sitting on the couch, reading her book. A breeze pushed its way through the open window, catching on the pages, gently ruffling them. The cool ocean air felt good on her skin, the smell of the beach relaxed her, the occasional crow of a seagull was melodic.

Lexi was laying down on her stomach on the floor below her, working on a miniature model of something. A boat, maybe? Emily couldn’t tell yet. The floor was covered with bottles, string, pieces of wood, a set of acrylic paints, and various paint brushes. Whatever she was building, the production of it took up the entire floor.

Lexi had her bare feet kicked up behind her as she laid on her stomach, her soles displayed directly in front of Emily. Emily had her own bare feet resting on top of Lexi’s soles. Emily’s toes curled around Lexi’s heel, and Lexi’s toes flexed and wrapped around Emily’s heel. The middle soles of their feet caressed together perfectly.

Emily looked up through her slender legs, and looked at their connected feet slowly dancing back and forth as their legs moved softly in unison. She wiggled her toes and felt her girlfriend respond with a wiggle of her own.

She looked at Lexi’s slim, toned, tan body… her private areas shielded by a simple two-piece bathing suit. Her soft skin had a sheen from the sun-tan lotion they had rubbed on each other earlier in the day. Lexi’s long, dark hair was tamed into a pony-tail, resting on her back.

Emily turned her attention back to her book, finishing the chapter and moving to the next. She twirled her own long, flame-red hair with her fingers as she read. The wind caressed and wrapped around her slim body, softly brushing her exposed skin while deflecting off her bathing suit.

The book Emily was reading wasn’t pornographic, but it had more than a few sex scenes. Well-written sex scenes that invoked her imagination, put her in the moment, and aroused her mood. She had just finished reading one of these scenes. A scene where the characters weren’t having sex, but were simply enjoying the nakedness of each other… rubbing their bodies to and fro, sliding their naked skin back and forth.

Emily felt her pussy start to moisten, as she imagined herself as one of the characters. She looked back up at Lexi, who was still in her own world of model-building.

They had been dating for 2 years now, and for the first time in her 22 years of being alive, she felt like she had found the perfect partner… especially when it comes to their sexual adventures. It was one of those magical sexual relationships where you and your partner share the same passions, desires, and fetishes. Both of them were completely comfortable with each others naked, supple bodies.

And it was with this comfort, that Emily decided to make the first move.

She put her book down beside her, marking her page with a makeshift bookmark. She looked at their locked feet. She took her right foot and slowly lifted it off Lexi’s foot. Lexi’s foot angled up slightly since Emily’s foot was no longer there to push it down. Lexi’s toes flexed and pointed upwards, the top of her foot now facing Emily, searching for Emily’s bare foot.

Emily took her newly free foot and pressed the bottom of her toes on the top of Lexi’s toes. She could feel Lexi wiggle her toes in response. Slowly, Emily slid her toes down the length of Lexi’s foot, down to her ankle. Then to her leg.

Emily’s toes spread outwards from the pressure as she pushed them into Lexi’s oiled up shin. Emily dragged her soft, supple toes down Lexi’s smooth legs, all the way to her knees, and ended her slide on the carpet.

Lexi turned her head around, her pony-tail flying behind her. She looked at her quizzically behind her thick-rimmed glasses. Emily called her over with a hand motion and a sexual stare.

Lexi smiled with her tongue barely poking out of her mouth. She put her tools down, then careful not to roll onto any of her equipment on the carpet, she sat up and clambered towards the couch. As Lexi bounced onto the couch, their bodies collided with a satisfying slapping sound, followed by giggles from both girls.

Lexi gave Emily a quick kiss on the mouth, and pulled back. Their legs were tangled, the meat of their toned thighs melded together. Emily thought that their soles were pressed together again, but she couldn’t see their feet under the tangle of legs.

“What do you wanna do,” asked Lexi with an excited voice. “Find something in that book?”

“Yep,” answered Emily. “Take your bathing suit off, no point in snuggling with clothes on”. She winked at Lexi.

Biting her lower lip, Lexi removed the top half of her bathing suit. Her perfect breasts fell and bounced into place. Emily took her own top off, purposefully dragging her breasts upwards so they fell down and bounced sexually once the top was gone. Emily dramatically flung her top across the room with a smile.

Excitedly, they untangled their legs. Lexi pushed backwards and put her feet up, pushing one foot into each of comment backlink Emily’s breasts. Emily’s tits squished through the space between Lexi’s spread toes as she pushed into her, lifting her ass off the couch to take her bathing suit bottom off. Emily slipped her bottom off at the same time.

And then they were both naked. Completely, purely, bare naked. The sun beamed through the window, glistening their sweating, lightly oiled skin.

“Ok,” Emily said, laying down on her back on the couch. “Lay on top of me.”

Lexi crawled over and hung her naked body above Emily’s. Her tits hung down and gently brushed Emily’s tits. Their nipples made soft contact, both erect. Lexi gently moved her upper body in a small circle, dragging her tits across Emily’s nipples.

She lifted her body up, separating their breasts, then pressed down again, letting her breasts meld into Emily’s. Emily’s hard nipples pushed back into Lexi’s nipples, each slipping to the side of the other as their breasts rubbed together.

Emily reached behind Lexi and grabbed her ass with both hands. Lexi breathed out loudly in return. Forcefully, Emily pulled on Lexi’s ass, bringing their pussies closer together. Their legs touched, then their hips connected, Lexi’s pussy nearly touching Emily’s.

Lexi gently continued bringing her body down on top of Emily. Their stomachs pushed into each other. Lexi lined up their tits, then pushed her chest into Emily’s. Emily’s tits squashed together with Lexi’s, perfectly lined up, nipples pressing against nipples.

Lexi stopped using her hands to hold herself up, and finally put all of her naked weight down onto Emily’s shining, naked body. Lexi nudged her head to the side of Emily’s neck, kissing her on the shoulder.

*Two naked, beautiful girls*, thought Emily, imagining a story being written about her, just like the chapter she had read. *Their bare bodies pushed together, one girl laying limp on the other. Their nakedness combined, their bodies touching, their desires sensual.*

It was simple in its form, just two girls laying naked on top of each other. But it was as sensual as it was simple, and both Emily and Lexi soaked in the sexual tension. Their bodies against each other were soft, warm, and smooth, their breasts squished, their stomachs pressed, their legs intertwined, their feet brushing together.

Without looking, Emily dropped one hand over the couch and began feeling around for her bottle of homemade lotion. Blindly tapping the carpet, searching with her hands, she found the round plastic bottle. She grabbed it, and brought it up to the couch.

“Lift off of me for a second,” said Emily, quietly.

Her eyes closed and her head still snuggled on Emily’s neck, Lexi reluctantly separated their bodies. The sweat and sun-tan lotion on their bodies caused their skin to stick and peel off each other.

Once Lexi’s body was once again above Emily’s, Emily squirted a huge amount of lotion onto her own stomach and breasts. She rubbed it into herself with both hands, then pulled Lexi back on top of her.

“Oh!” Lexi chirped, not expecting the coolness of the lotion as she came back to rest her body on top of Emily’s.

“Oh” Lexi said again, this time in a sexually charged breath. She started to squirm and rub her body on top of Emily’s, spreading the lotion between their bodies.

Emily felt Lexi’s lotioned body slide and rub in circles on top of hers, the friction between them almost non-existent. She felt Lexi’s lotion-covered tits rub and flop over her own. The lotion between them made a slopping sound as their bodies rubbed together.

Lexi arched her back, so her tits started to pull off of Emily’s tits. The thick lotion pulled and tried to hold their tits together, pulling Lexi’s tits down and pulling Emily’s tits up. Slowly their breasts peeled apart; Lexi’s tits bounced down gracefully, Emily’s tits slapped back down into her chest. Lexi lowered her body again to squish their tits back together, with a satisfying creamy sound from the lotion between them.

Emily once again dropped her hand down to the floor, and started blindly feeling around the space under the couch. Eventually, she found what she was looking for, grabbed it, and pulled it out from under the couch. She brought up the curved, double-headed dildo, and tapped Lexi on the shoulder with it.

“Let’s make it a little more interesting,” said Emily.

With a low, sensual laugh, Lexi peeled her hips off of Emily’s hips, the lotion between them making a sticky-peeling sound as their stomachs came apart. Lexi kept her and Emily’s tits smashed together, her face snuggled against Emily’s neck.

Holding her breath, Emily reached down and slowly slid the dildo past her labia, into her soaked pussy. She could feel the soft, rippled plastic massage the inside of her vagina as her pussy clamped down around the dildo. When it reached as far as it could go, Emily exhaled deeply and loudly, her body deflating. As the air left her lungs and comment backlink Botu her chest sank, Lexi’s chest sank with her, their breasts locked together in a lotion covered, squishy embrace.

Lexi reached behind her, and her hand found Emily’s, wrapped around the dildo. Lexi’s fingers glided softly over Emily’s. Lexi gently gripped her fingers over Emily’s, and guided the other end of the dildo towards her own pussy.

The head of the dildo found Lexi’s labia. Holding it together, Lexi and Emily slowly pushed it in, parting Lexi’s labia and sliding it into her wet, pink pussy. Lexi lowered her body, whimpering in ecstasy as the dildo slid deeper and deeper inside of her. Their hips pressed together once more, and Lexi let her body sink into Emily’s.

Emily felt Lexi’s feet rubbing against her legs, searching for her feet. Emily moved her feet to meet Lexi’s soles. Lexi’s soles pushed into Emily’s feet, the meat of her foot wrapping around Emily’s. They held their supple feet in that position, to keep them wrapped together.

The two girls lay on top of each other, naked, and relaxed. The breeze blew in the open window from the sea and wrapped around them, gently flicking Lexi’s hair. As the girls relaxed, sleep slowly overtook each of them into a perfect, sexual, afternoon nap.


Emily woke up to a slight tugging feeling on her breasts, as if someone was pulling on them. She blinked her eyes a few times, coming out of her nap. Lexi was waking up at the same time, shifting slightly on top of Emily as she woke up.

Lexi yawned, then started to stretch. But as she flexed her chest upwards, Emily felt her own chest get pulled towards her. Lexi stopped mid-stretch, and looked down, confused and still a bit sleepy. Emily looked down to her chest as well.

Emily’s tits and Lexi’s tits were stuck together. As Lexi tried to pull upwards, her breasts pulled Emily’s breasts with them, as if they were completely attached.

“What the fuck?” whispered Emily.

Lexi pulled a few more times, her brow furrowed.

“Are we… stuck? What the fuck,” said Lexi.

The lotion between their breasts was dry now, but still visible. Emily figured maybe it was because they had used so much…

“Emily…” Lexi said quietly. “What bottle was that lotion in?”

Emily reached down and picked the lotion off the ground.

“This one”, Emily said, showing it to Lexi.

Lexi’s eyes went from half-closed-sleepy to wide-alert-awake in an instant.

“Oh fuck.” Lexi almost shouted.

“What!?” asked Emily.

“That wasn’t fucking lotion.” said Lexi.

“Then what the hell was it?”

“Specialized adhesive. For buildings models. Glue. GLUE!” Lexi yelled the last word.

“Why the fuck would you leave a bottle of glue out in the same kind of bottle I put my lotion in?” demanded Emily, heatedly.

“Are you fucking serious?” Lexi retorted. “It’s a generic plastic bottle, I can put my glue in whatever the fuck I want.”

Lexi tried to push herself off of Emily, but their breasts were completely stuck together. She violently wiggled her body around to see which parts of their bodies were bound. Their breasts and their stomachs were the two parts of their bodies where there had been enough glue to completely stick them together. Their legs and arms were still freely moving around.

“How didn’t you notice that it was your glue and not my lotion?” asked Emily, almost yelling.

“Fuck you, Emily”. said Lexi.

“Go fuck yourself,” returned Emily.

Their naked bodies squirmed together as they tried to free themselves. Legs rubbed together, feet brushed feet. The dildo was still half inside Emily and half inside Lexi, their pussies bumping and grinding as they tried to pull off from each other.

“Get this fucking dildo out of me,” said Lexi hotly.

“I can’t reach it.” said Emily. “Fucking deal with it.” Emily thrust her hips upwards to shove the dildo deeper inside Lexi.

“Ow, fuck, that hurts”, said Lexi as the dildo was shoved far inside her pussy. She thrust her hips back into Emily to shove the dildo back farther into Emily’s pussy.

“Ah, fuck!” shouted Emily. “Don’t fucking do that, it hurts!”

“You just fucking did it to me”

“I didn’t know it was going to fucking hurt you, but you knew it was going to hurt me”

Emily tossed the bottle of glue onto the floor, and thrust upwards to shove the dildo back into Lexi. Lexi thrust back. With their stomachs stuck together, their hips could only barely come apart. They started thrusting quickly into each other in rage, their smooth legs and hips slapping together.

“Fucking STOP IT” shouted Emily.

Out of breath, they both stopped thrusting. The dildo ended up in it’s original position, half inside Emily and half inside Lexi.

“Ok,” said Emily. “It’s your glue, how the fuck do we get it off?”

“How should I know?” asked Lexi.

“You bought it”

“Let’s just look at the damn bottle. It had comment backlink Programı a warning label.”

The bottle was across the room, after Emily had thrown it.

“It’s way over there” said Emily.

“Why the hell did you throw it?” asked Lexi.

“Shut up,” replied Emily. “How are we going to get over there.”

“Lets just try to stand up” said Lexi.

Together, they used their arms to rotate their bound, naked bodies so their legs and feet dangled off the side of the couch. Four bare soles, flinging wildly around, often clashing, while they tried to position their bodies on the edge of the couch.

Lexi used her arms to push them upwards. Emily’s feet laid flat on the carpet. They pushed themselves upwards into a standing position. They stumbled together briefly before gaining a steady footing.

Lexi’s feet landed on top of Emily’s feet. Lexi’s meaty soles pressed into the tops of Emily’s feet.

“Get your feet off of mine” said Emily.

“I don’t want my feet on yours either” snapped Lexi. “But the front of our bodies are literally stuck together, our feet don’t have anywhere else to go. They’re going to touch. Get over it.”

“Whatever” said Emily, dismissively.

Emily slowly lifted her foot up to take a step. As she did, she felt the top of her foot molding into Lexi’s sole. With their naked bodies stuck together and a dildo shared between them, they slowly took step after step towards the bottle of glue, which rested against the far wall.

As they moved in unison, their tits pulled on each other’s. First Emily’s would pull back, pulling Lexi’s tits forward. Then as they took another step, Lexi would lean back, pulling Emily’s tits into her.

On one of their last steps to the wall, Emily felt her foot step on something sharp. Instinctively, she pulled her foot back before she put too much pressure on it. The sudden movement caused the girls to lose balance-Emily fell forward, Lexi fell backwards. Lexi slammed back-first into the wall, Emily’s body pulled into her by their glued tits and stomachs.

“OW” screamed Lexi. “What the FUCK?”

“You left a fucking paint brush on the ground,” said Emily. “I almost stepped on it.”

“You just smashed me into the wall!” said Lexi.

Lexi shoved Emily backwards by her shoulders. She was pushed back slightly, their tits, glued together, extended as far as they could go, then pulled their bodies back together.

“Hey!” shouted Emily.

Emily looked Lexi straight in the eyes, and slapped her across the face.

Lexi did nothing for a moment, shocked. Then she looked back up at Emily, anger in her eyes. She balled up her right hand, then swung it towards Emily’s head. She hit her hard on the side, smacking her face to the left. Emily let out a guttural “guh” as her face flung sideways.

“FUCK YOU” shouted Emily.

“No, FUCK *YOU*” Lexi shouted back.

Emily slammed Lexi back into the wall.

Lexi let out a huge breath as her body slammed against the wall, almost coughing. She grabbed a handful of Emily’s hair, and pulled it backwards.

Emily screamed in pain, her head being held backwards from her hair being pulled down behind her.

Their feet scuffed together as they struggled against each other. Lexi’s feet slid down Emily’s feet, so her toes laid on top of Emily’s. Emily slammed her into the wall again. Lexi’s feet lifted off and fell back down on top of Emily’s.

Lexi flung her arm around Emily, punching her in the back. Lexi heard the thud of her fist smashing into Emily, then felt the impact through Emily into her own body. Emily made a “guh” sound as Lexi’s first slammed into her back.

Emily grabbed Lexi’s pony-tail and pulled it down, hard.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH” Lexi screamed in pain, pulling Emily’s hair down harder in response.

Both girls struggled against each other. Both pulling the other’s hair downwards. Both of them with their heads tilted upwards from their hair being pulled down. Lexi’s feet still on top of Emily’s. Their breasts stretched out far, but still completely stuck together by their nipples.

Lexi fought through the pain of her hair being pulled, lifted her head up, and smashed her forehead into Emily’s forehead.

“OW” both girls screamed, as their heads collided.

“You fucking bitch!” shouted Emily.

“Fuck OFF!” Lexi screamed.

Emily tried to push Lexi back into the wall, but they were slightly off balance. They came crashing down onto the carpet, Lexi’s head slammed against the wall before they hit the floor.

The two girls tumbled to the ground, naked and intertwined. Their legs kicked at each other furiously, their feet occasionally slapping together. They rolled around on the carpet, each girl trying to end up on top, both of them grunting with effort and anger.

Lexi slapped Emily in the face, distracting her just long enough for Lexi to roll over on top of her, and pin her down. Lexi grabbed both of Emily’s wrists and held them outstretched. Emily tried to free herself by kicking, but Lexi pushed Emily’s legs down with her feet.

“Fuck… you… bitch” seethed Emily. She spit in Lexi’s face.

Lexi spit back into Emily’s face, Emily squirmed against her body. The dildo between them still rubbed both of their clits with every move they made together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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