Golden Arches to Steel Rings Pt. 02

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Ellie called me the very next day and thanked me for an amazing night and for some amazing modifications but was having problems walking without arousing suspicion due to the weight of the padlocks.

I explained “You agreed to be my project and that you should be grateful that I kept it all easily hidden.”

She had managed to get the key off the padlock but didn’t understand why it didn’t fit either of the locks that were hanging heavy from her labia.

I told her “All will become clear when I see her next,”

Ellje suggested that we meet up again on the weekend so that I can check on how her piercings are doing. I agreed and also wanted to see if she had learned to cope with her new modifications because there are many more planned.

I said “If you want any future sessions then I’ll let you choose the location of 1 of your new piercings every session.”

Ellie replied “What if I want more than one?”

I replied “Don’t worry about that, you will be having more than 1 piercing per session!”

We chatted throughout the week and she said she was not only coping well with her labia modification but she had also worn her septum done and visible one night, but because everyone was used to seeing her with a clip-on one noone even asked whether it was real let alone within a 5mm grommet.

I waited outside her house (that she shares with her friend) and she came out 10 minutes late all dressed up in her heavy makeup and jewellery and apologised for being late.

I told her “If you do it again you won’t have any choice of any of the new piercings,” which she seemed to get turned on by.

We got to the house and I could notice the change in her from when she’d first been to the house, she was eager to get out of the car and see what I had planned for her.

I opened the front door and she asked “Should I go straight downstairs or do you have anything else planned for me?”

I replied “Go downstairs and assume the position in the chair whilst I fix us both up a drink.”

By the time I’d gone downstairs she was in the chair covered görükle escort by the blanket, I gave her a special glass of wine which she downed in one, she’d been wanting a drink all day but had to drop her housemate off to the airport as she was going travelling for a couple of months.

I started by strapping her arms to the chair just so as she gets used to this being the process of how things are. Just as I moved down to tie her legs to the stirrups.

She said “I’m not feeling very good and a bit lightheaded.”

I replied “That’s because you drank the wine too quickly!”

The truth of it was that it wasn’t just wine in the glass, I gave her a little something to chill her out and help with the pain of what I had planned.

As she lay there awake but not really aware of what was going on I got started with my plan. I removed the padlocks and noticed that the grommets were healing really well and removed the blue ring from her nose. I thought I’d teach her a lesson for making me wait outside her house earlier and selected a nice little 3mm blue smooth segment ring and put it through the grommet in her septum and for a nice little touch, soldered it shut.

I got the occasional mumble of “What are you doing as I can’t feel anything,” and a little giggle but in general she wasn’t aware of anything.

I then moved onto the next thing on my plan, her ears, now I’ve always had a thing for conches with nice thick rings in them but thought I may as well carry on with what I’d done previously so added 5mm grommets in each of her conches and blue smooth segment rings like her septum and soldered them shut to make it a matching set.

Not wanting to do too much in each session I thought I’d best leave it to only doing a couple more things. I noticed that as the blanket was off her and she was getting a little cold and her nipples were way too stiff to not poke holes in them. I checked my needle supplies to see the biggest needle that I had and realised the biggest I had has 4mm, however I have some 6mm dermal punches.

I asked Ellie görükle escort bayan “How are you feeling now?”

I got no response, she was unconscious at this point so I could take my time. I worked out that she had enough room for an 8mm tunnel so decided that I could use the 6mm punches and taper them straight to 8mm, after all it won’t hurt me! I quickly did my thing and there she was with a lovely 8mm tunnel in each of her huge nipples.

I picked the padlocks back up and went to go and lock her labia back up, just as I was about to close the first lock, I saw the thick hood covering her large clit. I thought no time like the present to split that and see if she might now be able to have clitoral orgasms.

I took a scalpel handle out of my instruments drawer, inserted a new scalpel blade and slowly split her hood, I noticed that the sides would be a bit loose so trimmed them right back so it was a hood removed rather than a split. I cleaned her all up and reinserted the padlocks, without the key attached this time.

I ran a warm bubble bath for her and carried her upstairs and gently put her into it. Not long after I put her in and climbed into it with her she started to come around.

She apologised for passing out as it had been a long day and she was excited what I was going to do next to her so she’d taken something to calm her down, I didn’t explain that I had given her something too.

I said “I thought you drank the wine a little too quickly and passed out.”

I was sat in the bath opposite her and it was the first time she’d seen me naked and noticed that I had one of my nipples pierced.

Ellie said that “I like a man with a bit of metal, especially the nipple!”

I replied that “I love pierced nipples on a woman too, that’s why you now have yours done.”

She reached into the foam from the bubble bath and felt the thick rings through the tunnels in her nipples. She must have thought that I had put in permanent grommets like her septum and labia as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she had bursa escort another orgasm.

I asked “Do you like them?” and explained “they aren’t grommets like your septum and labia as they aren’t at their final size just yet as they are only 8mm.”

She bit her bottom lip and nodded and noticed her ears being pulled a bit as she nodded, she put both hands to her ears and felt the grommets and rings.

I said “They are grommets the same as your septum!”

She said “Yeah but these have thick rings in them that don’t seem to have a join in them?”

I replied, “Like I said they are EXACTLY the same as your septum, I couldn’t let your lateness go unpunished so I gave you a permanent visible reminder not to do it again.”

She then put her hands between her legs to see if I had done anything else and noticed that the padlocks were still there but the key was missing.

I wonder how long it will be until she realises that her clit is now exposed, that’ll be the next thing to face a needle or two.

Ellie asked “Where has the key gone and what was it for?”

I gave her the key and stood up and she saw a large padlock through a Prince Albert piercing and looping through a tunnel piercing my scrotum.

I explained that “As I have locked you away, to show my commitment to you then you can have my key!”

She smiled and said “I’d better keep this safe just in case you ever unlock me.”

She then said “I won’t be allowed to work with the septum ring in but you’ve done me a favour as I hated that job.”

I made a suggestion that “As my full-time slave you could earn a lot of money from our sessions from a number of web sponsors.”

There was no response to that other than her eyes rolling to the back of her head and another shuddering orgasm. Just as she was just about to finish I stood behind her and she felt cold steel around her neck and a different sort of click. As she came around from her latest orgasm she realised that she now had a stainless steel collar on, but like the septum and conch rings she couldn’t find an opening or a lock.

She asked “How do I take it off?”

I just reminded her of one of our first conversations about her loving of things permanent and she got swept away by another orgasm.

I took that as an acceptance of her new status of slave.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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