Grace’s Release Ch. 05: Lunch Date

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(This piece is Chapter 5 in the series “Grace’s Release”. If you wish to start at the beginning of Grace’s journey please see “Grace’s Release: First Wounds”. Thank you for reading.)


I sat on my feet in my kneeling place in the center of the living room floor of our apartment, fighting for the peace which had evaded me all night long. It was that same exhaustive pursuit which drew me to my place on the floor. I was alone here and from the schedule Master had created I would be that way for at least the next several hours. Even just the thought of being deprived of His presence for that length of time had me in panic mode. How can I deal with such overwhelming fear alone, without Him to guide me? I need His strength and leading to find my way through this emotional mess, without Him I feel entirely lost. My phone sat beside me on the floor and I stared at it longingly, wresting with my overwhelming desire to reach out to Him first today.

Our normal protocol indicated that by doing this I would breaking two of His rules, the first of which He required that I not speak to Him unless He first spoke to me and secondly that I am not to contact Him while He is at work; unless of course He contacted me first. Although I knew full well Master’s affinity for rules, even the idea of not hearing His voice, seeing His face, or even communicating Him at all for at least five more hours left me fighting to force air into my lungs. After awakening from one constant nightmare which tormented me to no end I had spent time pacing the room, cleaning the apartment twice, and then kneeling for almost two hours I decided that I was brave enough to face whichever consequences His wrath would bring but I had to at least speak to Him. I just needed Him more than even my breath at this very moment and I couldn’t wait even one minute more. In a fit of courage I scooped my phone into my palm and dialed His number.

He answered on the second ring in a clipped tone,

“Yes, Grace?”

His tone was a warning and I questioned myself for a brief second before answering. My voice trembled audibly under the weight of His displeasure with my choice to break His rules.

“I’m sorry Master,” I began somberly, “I need You so terribly right now, my mind is overwhelmed and I’m so afraid. Please, please, I need to see You and it can’t wait for tonight. Just, please…”

When He finally answered His tone was kinder, “Hold on Grace, are you okay, has something happened?”

I shook my head somberly as tears soaked my cheeks, then I realized that He couldn’t see me and I answered, “I couldn’t stop the nightmares, they just wouldn’t stop and my peace is completely shattered; I can’t breathe without You here. Please, I need to see You Master, please.” My voice broke and He sighed. I could hear Him cover the mouth piece and in a muffled tone He explained to whomever it was He was with at the moment that He would need a few minutes of privacy.

After I heard the click of a door latch, He returned. “Grace, I’m here little one. Which nightmare is it that’s haunting you so?”

It took everything I had to force the words out which I knew would explain everything. “They wouldn’t stop Master. I just kept screaming and fighting but I couldn’t stop them.” As I sobbed I wrapped my arms around my torso trying to hold myself together as it seemed that I still managed to crumble further, my composure slipping further from my grasp.

I could hear Him breathe so I knew that He was still there but He had not spoken. After voicing my fears to Him I waited, crying softly to myself, for Him to respond. After a few moments His voice returned to me but unexpectedly His tone was not coddling, it was one of my Master.

“Grace, listen to my voice, I want you to breathe in your nose and out of your mouth for Me. In…ok, good. Now out… yes Grace just like that. One more time, slowly now, in…then out…good girl. Now I have a meeting this afternoon that I cannot postpone, but we can meet for lunch. To prepare I want you to go take a hot bubble bath and soak in the oils I purchased for you. As you lay beneath the bubbles and starting with your toes and feet I want you to relax each and every single muscle, moving upward, one muscle at a time until you reach your neck. Practice your breathing exactly as I’ve taught you and envision Me with you talking you through each and every exercise. Once your body is relaxed, shave your legs and pussy, focus on the task until they are perfectly smooth for Me. Then get out of the tub and dry yourself in one of our big fluffy towels that you like and then dress in my favorite teal blue wrap around dress and the tall black pumps that I love you in, but no panties, then do your make-up and hair. Once all of that is done, come to meet me at Angelino’s görükle escort downtown for lunch at 12:30pm. That’s 12:30pm Grace, do not be late. I promise I will help you find the comfort that you need to sustain you until I come to you tonight. Do you understand my instructions, Grace?”

I almost forgot to answer, having allowed myself to become submerged in the sound of His voice. Hearing Him sigh I snapped and answered quickly, “Yes Master, I understand, thank you.”

He chuckled softly, “You’re welcome My sweet little one. Now go get ready, if you are late I will punish you.” And without another word, the call disconnected and He was gone.

After He hung up the phone just the very idea that I would have the opportunity to see Him soon had me racing to the bathroom and turning on both faucets full blast. The spray soaked my top and I dialed back the water pressure to a more reasonable flow and added the Jasmine Vanilla oil Master had purchased for me. Stripping naked, I stepped down into the foaming bath water and sighed as I slid below the water’s edge until it lapped against the top of my shoulders. Once the tub was full I fought very hard against the desire to just sink into the bubbles and drift away. His voice seemed to startle me out of that thought process as I remembered that there was purpose to my bath. My memory returned to very recent scene He took me through when He taught me to take control of myself and relax my body. I could almost feel Him in the room with me as I began with my toes.

“Now I want you to tighten the muscles in your toes and feet, hold them in that state of suspension until the count of ten…now release it. Now do the same with your other foot.” As He walked me through relaxing the muscles, He would take them into His solid hands and massage the stress from them. We worked our way through my entire body, one muscle at a time until I felt as though would melt into the bed on which I laid. This was the same with the bath, as I hadn’t realized exactly how tightly wound I was until the tension was gone. I didn’t expect to almost feel His hands in my hair as I worked the lather through it, massaging my scalp thoroughly, and drawing a soft moan from my own lips.

Once I’d finished shampooing and conditioning my hair, I thoroughly cleared away any remaining stubble from my skin until I couldn’t find any traces behind. Standing out of the water on wobbly legs I carefully stepped out onto the bathmat and dried off my skin. The freshly shaven flesh was hypersensitive after the exposure to the warm water and oils and I took a little more time than was necessary in drying myself off then I wrapped my hair Carmen Miranda style and walked naked into the closet, retrieving His favorite teal wrap around dress. I said a prayer of thanks that the length would provide some anonymity to the fact that I wore no panties.

Hanging my dress on the hook on the backside of the bathroom closet door I turned my attention to my hair, and after spending time drying, styling and curling it, I applied a subtle layer of makeup. He never liked my make-up to be too over the top so I kept it minimalist, only really accenting my hazel eyes with a shimmering layer of ivory eye shadow and a few swipes of mascara. Once I was satisfied with it, I pulled the dress from the hanger.

The soft caress of the jersey knit fabric against my naked body was enough to make my nipples stand on end. My breasts were just too large and my nipples were too hard to keep my lack of a bra a secret for long. I struggled with my desire to wear one anyway but I decided it was not best not to agitate Master today. He liked to have access to all parts of me at all times, although at least most of the time he allowed me to wear panties; although I couldn’t count the times He hand torn through them to gain access to my pussy and ass though. The neckline of the dress was low and clingy leaving me feeling as though I stood there naked in spite of the dress. I tried to center my focus on not being aroused so that my nipples would relax and not seem to be trying to slice their way out of the dress then eventually I had to give up and step into my pumps.

After twirling before he floor length mirror in the bedroom, I grabbed my purse and keys and trotted out of the door and out to my car. I arrived at the restaurant literally about two minutes behind schedule and ground my teeth as the pathway was blocked by a single car struggling to make its way into a handicapped parking space by the door. A hurried glance at my watch revealed that at the time I walked into the door I was exactly 4 minutes late. I prepared an excuse, knowing that it would have no bearing on Him and when I identified myself to the maitre’d I was guided to a booth in the far corner of the dining görükle escort bayan room.

He was checking His watch when I stepped up to the table and He rose to greet me. Pulling me close to Him, he kissed me sweetly then moving His mouth closely to my ear and growled. “You’re late, Grace.” He didn’t have to say anything else, I knew that punishment awaited me and that drew a deep blush to flood my face. To any casual observer, including the maitre’d who still lingered by the table to take my drink order it simply appeared to be an intimate moment between lovers, but I knew better. Smiling sheepishly I started to order a glass of water but Master spoke for me, “One bottle of Chateau Marguax 1995. With a flurry he was gone to fetch the wine but before I could turn and sit, Master slipped His hand up my skirt between us in the darkened space and gently caressed my bare pussy groaning softly. Reaching into the seat of the booth, He withdrew a small pale pink gift bag complete with tissue paper. Handing it to me He directed me toward the ladies room and I went without question as He sat back down.

Once I was in the ladies room stall, I opened the bag to find a simple black lace thong wrapped delicately in tissue paper. Lifting the thong out of the paper, it felt heavy and opening the lace further I found that it encased a vibrator positioned in the crotch. The muscles in my pussy clenched tightly at my discovery and I hurriedly pulled them on. I originally expected that the vibrator would sit against my clitoris but I found that the position of it in my panties and its elongated shaped guided it to penetrate me as I pulled them up. After reassembling my dress down over my newest addition I put the tissue back into the bag and made my way back to our table. He was on the phone when I sat back down and I busied myself with turning my phone to silent and stowing my purse in the booth next to me. Once He’d ended the phone call He turned to face me.

“I’ve already ordered for us, you’re having the cedar planked salmon.” To which I nodded. I felt the need to start talking but I had no idea how to start when He lifted a small black device from the table next to His phone. Pressing a single button on the device I was startled as the vibrator inside of my hummed to life. I squirmed in my place trying to assimilate to the foreign invasion. In addition His eyes bore into mine as He began to speak.

“Grace, It doesn’t make Me happy to hear that you’re struggling with this so. During our time together this afternoon I’m simply here to be your release. This will remain in place and turned to whichever degree I deem necessary until I know you’ve reached the point that you release your fear. Give it to Me and leave it with Me. But for now, draw on your relaxation techniques and gain control over your body. Relax each muscle as I’ve taught you to do and when the tension begins to build I want you to orgasm for Me as many times as are necessary until I tell you to stop, I don’t care who is nearby or who may hear you; your orgasms are Mine and Mine alone, do you understand?”

I nodded, “Yes, Master.” My breath was quick as the vibrations became my central focus. It was building more quickly than I ever known my body would and when our waitress arrived with the wine bottle and glasses I was practically panting. She introduced herself as Wendy, and as she struggled with opening the bottle and removing the cork I felt the orgasm building and tried to stifle it. He saw this and I felt the toe of His socked foot pressing firmly against my clitoris forcing my focus to return to the vibration and I exploded internally. I moved my hands down by my hip and gathered my skirt into my fist, trying to maintain an expression of composure. Irritatingly after she poured a small amount into the class, Master took it and slowly circled the wine around in the glass then sipped it, again painfully slow. Near the pique of my climax my composure slipped and I allowed a moan to escape my lips, and the waitress eyed me questioning. Offering her a small conciliatory smile, I dropped my eyes to the table and she waited awkwardly for Him to approve the wine. Finally He took pity and nodded, allowing her to pour the glasses and then leave the rest of the bottle at the end of the table. As she stepped away, His cool gaze looked down at me.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me Grace, I don’t care WHO is it that can hear you or who sees you when you orgasm. You are not to hold My orgasms from Me again, do you understand?”

I nodded, feeling too warm, “Ye-Yes Master.” I stammered.

“Good.” He grinned and lifted the black device again, pressing more buttons until I felt the vibrations intensify not once but twice. “That is because you disobeyed and because you were late. Let’s bursa escort try this level on for size, shall we?”

As my senses were overwhelmed by the steady ministrations of the toy, He eyed my erect nipples with a hungry expression. “Now Grace, I want you to pull down the neck line of your dress exposing as much of your breasts as you can without showing your nipples, they must remain covered.” I gasped, knowing that this would only draw attention to my chest and the fact that I was so turned on, but even so I did what He told me to do and pulled down on my dress until it seemed that my breasts would fall out of it with even another slightest tug. “Good girl, now take a piece of ice from your water glass and hold it over your right nipple until it has melted away, then repeat the motion with the left.”

Pulling my water glass closer to me I picked up an ice cube and subtly slipped my hand below the edge of my dress. The moment the ice touched my nipple a small cry escaped my lips and I fought the urge to cum again so soon. I bit down on the inside of my cheek so hard that I tasted the sharp metallic taste of blood but still I didn’t remove the ice. It began to burn against my sensitive nipple, only adding to the intensity further and He took full notice as my body began to quiver again.

“That’s right Grace, let it come.” He encouraged, and I allowed the fresh wave to overtake me.

By the time that our food arrived I was completely disheveled, so much so that the waitress asked me if I was alright. I nodded and took a heavy gulp of wine. She looked to Master for reassurance and He silently lifted the black remote and turned up the intensity yet again forcing me to groan softly. She seemed to understand as the sound of the vibrations became audible to her standing at the side of the table. Her eyes grew round as her eyes jumped from my lap to my face, as well as the wet fabric over my nipples as I couldn’t control the fresh wave that began growing inside of me.

“That’s right little one, let it come. Show our friend what an obedient girl you are. Pull your dress back over your hips and let her see.” The waitress began to protest but stopped quickly as I obeyed without question, pulling the fabric of my dress back. She moved to shield me from the eyes of others while leaning more closely for a better view herself as I whimpered and squirmed helplessly through the squelching orgasm.

Her mouth hung up and she licked her lips desperately to dry them. She stared at the hard flesh of my nipples pressing against the wet fabric of my dress and she seemed to want badly to touch them. Her hand drifted toward my breast but stopped and looked at Master, as if in question, requesting His permission for this action. He gave her an indulgent smile and nodded His assent and she reached up and brushed my nipple through my dressed with her fingertips. In a moment of sheer brazen bravery, she slipped her fingers below the edge of my v-shaped neckline and drug it downward until she could softly touch my bare nipple before drawing her hand back sharply and looking around; seeming to come back to the reality of where we were. She seemed to find reason and quickly excused herself to check on something in the kitchen. I looked to Him and He smiled,

“I’m proud of you little one, you demonstrated your willingness to surrender yourself to the situation and My whims. I’m quite tempted to have you seek out our little waitress in the bathroom where she surely is now and reward her bravery but that would be an adventure for another time.” He turned the intensity up yet again with the buttons on the black remote and my back arched in response. As I mewled more brazenly, two business men seemed to take notice from a nearby table and they didn’t conceal their interest in the fresh wave of orgasm which over took me. By this time my mind was becoming foggy with exhaustion and my eyes begged Him for release from the vibrator’s assault on my pussy.

He stroked His chin thoughtfully then reached into His pocket and retrieved a clear glass butt plug then very discreetly deposited it into His ice water glass which had sat untouched until now. The clear glass of the toy fell between the ice cubes and seemed to blend in without an issue. Without having seen Him place it there, one would have trouble seeing it. I glanced around nervously, sure everyone seemed to know what was in His water glass. No one seemed to be gawking at Him or even to have taken notice of us aside from the curious business men from before.

“Eat your food, Grace, you need your strength.” His voice interrupted my wayward thoughts.

Obediently I took a few bites, chewing slowly as the vibrator and the nearby soaking butt plug overwhelmed my every thought. Our waitress returned, watching my expression carefully, to check on our meal and offer dessert. The vibrations were still very audible and she eyed the sheen of perspiration on my forehead and upper lip with curiosity and awe. Master looked over the dessert menu and smiled at me.

“Grace, I think you need dessert.”

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