Greg’s GF Pt. 01: The Hot Tub


Kate and I pulled up to the lake house. It belonged to my friend Steve’s uncle. He was letting Steve borrow it for the weekend for his birthday in a couple days. In addition to myself and Kate he invited our friends Dean and JJ.

“Wow, this is really nice.” Kate commented.

“Yeah I think it’s bigger than my parents house!” I added. “Let’s head in, I can carry the bags.”

I could see by the cars in the driveway the rest of the gang had already arrived. Steve greeted us at the door. “You guys are finally here! JJ and Dean are already in back by the hot tub getting a head start on drinking. Your room is right over here. Why don’t you two get changed and join us in back?”

As he brought us to our room I saw Steve’s eyes scan Kate’s body, but it didn’t bother me one bit. All of us were 18, and I was the only one with a girlfriend. I got a high off the guys being jealous that this gorgeous chick was mine! She had a slender and athletic body, but still looked feminine. Her perky tits and ass were a perfect handful. Along with her pretty face and perfect smile she could be an Instagram model. It was a rush to flaunt something the guys could never have and that was all mine!

We unpacked and started undressing. Kate paused for a moment, “Greg you are sure the guys don’t mind I came along?”

“Are you kidding? If they had girlfriends I can guarantee they’d be here right now too. Besides, you’re so much fun to be around that they might even like you more than me!”

“I don’t know about that.” She replied as she slipped out of the last of her clothes.

“Oh trust me with these they definitely like you more.” I said as I groped her naked breasts. I started to kiss her neck.

“Well good to know if they start hating me I can just give them a little show to win back their affection!”

“Little show?!” I stopped kissing and looked at her.

Kate began to laugh, “Greg RELAX I’m just kidding.” She continued in a reassuring tone, “you know I’m all yours.”

Kate began to kiss me and moved her hand down to my cock. I had gotten hard while playing with her tits. She whispered into my ear, “I think we have time for a quickie. Do you want to grab a condom?”

Needing no additional encouragement I immediately jumped over to my bag and grabbed a condom from our bag. We had been dating for 8 months and had sex for the first time a few weeks ago. We had engaged in sex a total of four times since then. I knew this trip was my chance to increase that number.

Kate helped me roll it on and led me to the bed. We made our and I quickly found myself between her legs. My first time I barely lasted 30 seconds, but this time I made it nearly five minutes! It didn’t take long after filling my condom before Kate was gently pushing my head down between her legs.

I hadn’t been able to get her off during sex yet, but I always made sure to get her off after. As I sucked kaynarca escort and licked her clit I was grateful for the fact I had worn a condom since my mouth was where I had just fucked her.

After we finished Kate snuggled next to me on the bed. “What do you think, isn’t my body like crazy smooth today?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “I can really tell the difference between shaving and waxing.” Kate had gotten a full wax before the trip. She had always kept things tidy, but wanted to try something new. I loved it, her legs and pussy had never been smoother.

Kate jumped off the bed, “we’d better get our yam suits on and get out there!”

As we walked outside the guys were in their swim-suits lounging in the sun.

“Finally!” Steve said. “Couldn’t wait until later to fuck your hot girlfriend could you Greg?”

We laughed and Kate playfully slapped Steve’s shoulder. “Hey I can’t help it that a girl’s got needs!”

“Then why are you with Greg?” Dean joked. We all had a look laugh, we teased each other all the time and it was all in good fun.

“You guys want a drink?” JJ asked Kate and myself. “We’ve got beer and hard seltzer.”

“Oh I’ll take a seltzer!” Kate quickly replied.

I chimed in, “I’ll take a beer.”

Kate and I sat down on a couple reclined patio chairs. Much like those beach chairs you can straighten out and lie down on.

Kate looked at me, “Greg hunny do you have that sunscreen?”

“Yeah right here babe.” We both took some covering our arms, legs and fronts. Kate helped me with my back.

I was about to help Kate with getting the sunscreen on her back. She had a one piece on, but a revealing one. Displayed her body and was backless except for where the straps tied behind her neck and where it barely covered her butt. Before I could do anything Dean offered, “Hey Kate do you need help with your back?”

“That’s really sweet to offer, that would be great!” Kate scooted forward and Dean sat down behind her. I acted nonchalant, but it did annoy me a little that Dean was rubbing my girlfriends back.

Dean proceeded to take his time massaging the sunscreen into Kate’s skin. We all chatted and the guys playfully flirted with Kate. I noticed as Dean got to her lower back his fingertips appeared to slightly go under the edge of her suit right above her butt. Kate arched her back slightly as his fingertips disappeared. Luckily that part was brief and Dean returned to his own chair.

As Kate laid back I got a brief glimpse between her legs. The suit material over her crotch looked a little wet. I wondered had she gotten aroused by Dean or the guys flirting with her? I was hoping the guys hadn’t noticed.

Several drinks later the clouds passed in front of the sun. While it was still nice out it got noticeably cooler. “Brrr!” Kate shuddered. “Can we all jump in the hot tub and warm up?”

We all agreed. orhanlı escort Kate sat next to me with Steve on the opposite side. Dean and JJ sat at the remaining two sides.

Between the drinking and heat of the hot tub within about an hour we were getting tipsy and slurring our words.

Steve was hitting that sad drunk stage and talking about a girl Kim that he had a crush on, but didn’t return his feelings. “I don’t get it. We talked so much and I thought she liked me too. I finally get up the nerve to ask her out, and she tells me I’m just a friend. To make it worse she is into this other guy now she barely knows!”

Kate trying her best to act sober and reassuring saying, “Steve you will be fine. You are a good-looking guy, nice, funny and smart. It wasn’t meant to be with Kim, but there are other girls!”

“Other girls?” Steve shook his head. “No, every girl I’ve asked out it’s the same thing. Maybe if I had more confidence it would help. It’s hard to be confident though when I’ve never even seen a naked girl in person much less ever touched some tits.”

Kate paused then moved from my side and stood in front of Steve. “Tell you what…” She paused glancing away for a moment. “If that will make you confident consider this an early birthday present.”

Our jaws dropped as Kate reached behind her neck and untied her straps. This allowed her suit fall to the water. What the heck!? I wanted to speak up, but I had drank more than Kate and could only muster a slurred “hey..”

Dean and JJ shifted their positions to get a better look at my girlfriends now completely exposed tits. I dated her for months before she even let me see those!

Kate took Steve’s hands and placed them on her chest. He froze and his eyes opened wide like saucers. Kate laughed “Go ahead don’t be shy have fun!” She looked back at me, “don’t worry Greg. This isn’t a big deal. I’m just helping cheer Steve up out of this slump.” Then she looked around, “and don’t you guys get any ideas. I’m Greg’s girl and aside from showing some skin nothing else is gonna happen!”

Kate’s back was still turned towards me. I moved to the side a little. I still couldn’t quite see her front but I could see that Steve was moving his hands a lot as he groped my girlfriends breasts. Then I saw him look down to the water. Kate noticed and said with a cute little laugh, “I’m sure never having seen a naked chick in person you probably want to see EVERYTHING huh? I know I’m too short standing in the water for you to see anything. The sun is back out now though, I don’t mind getting out of the water for a bit.”

Steve took his hands away as Kate lifted herself out of the water. She sat down on the edge of the hot tub with her legs spread just enough to give a great view of her pussy. Her nipples were also visibly erect.

Dean and JJ chimed in that they had similar troubles to Steve. They thanked Kate and said tepeören escort she helped their confidence too. All three then told her sob stories about their luck with girls. She’d listen to them, reassure them, put a hand on their shoulder or arm. All while completely naked. Their eyes dissected every inch of her body. Given the guys hands being under the water I could only imagine they were playing with themselves.

Eventually Kate cracked a joke and the mood lightened up a little. She slid back into the water finally hiding her pussy from their gaze. She sat by me and got her suit back on. I was relieved. We all had started to sober up and the conversation moved to food as it was getting close to dinner time. We all agreed to get something to eat.

Kate and I returned to our chairs and started drying off. The guys all walked up thanked her. She said it was nothing. I couldn’t help but notice Kate glancing at their swim suits. They were still wet and clung to their bodies. You could see the outlines of their cocks. I’m guessing they weren’t hard at least as they seemed to be hanging down. I’m sure Kate must have noticed. Dean and JJ looked to be maybe a little bigger than me. But who knows I liked to think maybe they were showers not growers. That maybe when it came down to it I might be bigger. However it was clear I had nothing on Steve. He was probably soft and looked at least as long as mine hard.

When we finally got back to the room I had to speak up, “what was all of that about?”

Kate looked a little embarrassed, “I’m really sorry Greg. It was Steve was so bummed. I figured it’s just skin you know? Didn’t seem like there was any harm. Granted the drinks had my judgement a little impaired, I know it’s not that simple now that I’m a little more sober. In my head I really just thought I was being a helpful friend, that together with the drinks.. I am really sorry hunny.”

She looked like she might cry and I actually kind of understood where she was coming from, so I said, “it’s ok. I know you meant well and sometimes when everyone is drinking its easy to make mistakes. I really could have done without you letting him play with your tits though!”

“Yeah sorry about that, I got a little carried away. The attention went to my head a little and I’m sorry.”

I sighed, “please just no more letting Steve play with your tits ok?”

“Of course hunny! That was a one time present! Now how about a present for you?” Kate pulled out a condom as she asked. Sex twice in one day! Guess that day wasn’t so bad. Although as we started to fool around it occurred to me that I specified that Steve shouldn’t play with her breasts anymore. I should have made it clear I didn’t want any other guys touching her chest. And I neglected to tell her not to get naked for them. I didn’t want to ruin the mood, so I simply hoped that the rest was implied.

Kate was more turned on then ever while we had sex. Given the alcohol I didn’t last long, but she got off twice while I went down on her. I began to think maybe a little flirting and teasing might benefit me. I would just need to make sure things don’t get carried away again.

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