Halloween Surprise

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I wake up to sun streaming through the windows and I check my phone to see that it’s only 8:00. I almost lay back down to go to sleep, but I look at you sleeping peacefully and I mischievously decide to wake you up in your favorite way. I slide under the covers and take your semi-hard cock in my mouth. I start gently sucking you and feel you waking up and just before you’re fully awake, I pull myself up and slide your cock in to my warm, wet pussy. I slide up and down on you and start fucking you. Just as I build speed and get into a rhythm, you flip me over onto my back suddenly. I squeal in surprise and you slowly slide in and out of me, teasing me with your cock.

“Are you trying to top from the bottom, my pet?”

I whimper as you just barely move in an out, knowing you’re punishing me, “Maybe a little, Master.”

You growl in my ear, “That’s a rather dangerous thing to do, now, my little slut.” You start fucking me slightly faster and I moan in pleasure. My moan causes you to freeze. “Oh no, naughty slut, this is for my pleasure, got it? You will lie here,” you thrust hard inside me, “and take my cock,” you thrust harder, “and you,” thrust, “will,” thrust, “NOT,” thrust, “CUM!” I whimper as your thrusts hit me deep and hard. You continue fucking me at a punishing rate and speed and I whimper and struggle to hold my arousal back as you finally thrust in and cum deep inside me.

You pinch my nipple as you get up to take a shower and I lay in bed watching you go. You come back to the room with a towel around your waist and I watch you hungrily, “I’m sorry, for waking you, Master, I won’t happen again.” You walk over to me and kiss my head, “You’re a terrible liar, little slut.” I giggle and you slap my ass and tell me to go get a shower.

I groan as I roll out of bed. You raise an eyebrow at me and give me that sexy look that tells me I’m on thin ice, so I quickly scramble past you, pull my hair up, and slip into the shower. I wash my body, shave every inch so that I’m smooth for you, and then get out and dry off. I pull my hair down and come into the bedroom naked. You’re nowhere to be seen so I crawl back into bed and close my eyes. 30 seconds later you enter the room and clear your throat. I open my eyes and look at you dressed and ready to go who knows where. “Get up, it’s time to get dressed.” I groan and roll over, which turns out to have been a bad move. You walk over and pull the covers off of me, sit down, and pull me over your knee all in one move. I squeak in fear as you pull me up by the hair.

“Now, my darling slut, let’s discuss your many mistakes this morning, shall we?”

“Y-y-yes, sir.”

You start spanking me as you talk. “You woke me up at 8. You tried to top from the bottom. You lied to me about being good. You groaned after I ordered you to shower. You crawled back into bed after you were the one to wake me! And finally, you groaned and turned your back on me when I ordered you to get up. Now, what do you think I should do with you?”

I whimper, “I must be punished, master.”

By this time, you’ve been spanking me for 10 minutes and my ass is a rosy pink. You then stand me up to look at you. “Go get your hairbrush.” I immediately go and come back in with my wooden paddle brush. You pull me back over your knee and say, “You will receive 10 spanks with the brush, and you will count them. Got it?” You spank me with the brush as I nod my head. “That was a bonus one.” I can hear the smirk in your voice.

You spank my ass and I start counting. I squirm as it gets more intense and you continue spanking. When I count the last one, you rub my red ass and pinch it once. I squeal and squirm as you then stroke my pussy to find it soaking wet. You stroke it a few times and then slap my ass and tell me to get dressed now or I’ll be over your knee until your arm hurts. I murmur a “yes sir”. And slide off your knee to dress in the dress you’ve picked out for me. You haven’t picked out any underwear, so I pull on the thigh high stockings and slip into the black booties you chose. I walk into the bathroom, pull my hair into a ponytail, apply my makeup, and walk back out to find you watching me.

You sweep me into your arms, and we start dancing with no music. I laugh as you deliberately dance off beat and twirl me until I’m dizzy. You spin me around and I see you running your eyes up and down my body. I curtesy to you and walk back over to kiss you. You dip me and kiss me before righting me up and taking my hand. You pick up a bag on the way out and lead me to the car. You open my door as always and put the bag in the back seat and get in. I ask about the bag, but you just kiss my hand and head down the road.

I love going on drives with you, sitting next to you, singing with the radio. I know how much you enjoy surprising me and making me wait so I don’t dare ask where we’re going. Your hand wanders to my leg and rub it, the silky stockings making your touch that much more arousing. Your hand goes higher görükle escort up my thigh and finds bare skin and I let out a brief moan. I see you smile as your hand wanders further and finds my bare and smooth pussy. You dip a finger inside and pull it out and have me clean it off. I obey and you bring your hand to your nose and smile, “I like smelling you.”

I smile and kiss your hand and settle in for a nice relaxing drive. I lean against the door and find myself falling asleep. Your hand finds my knee again and I rest my hand on it subconsciously. I fall asleep and the car lulls me to sleep. You look over at me sleeping peacefully and smile. You start thinking about this morning and us and you look back at the woman who trusts you so completely, amazed that I chose you and that you’re the man that I willingly submit to. You look back at the road and think about the future. You bring my hand to your lips and lightly kiss it before replacing it on my lap.

I stir as you pull off the highway and the car slows down. You see me waking me up and tell me to keep my eyes closed until you say so. I smile and roll my eyes while they’re closed, glad you can’t see it. You slap my thigh and say, “Don’t you roll your eyes at me.” My eyes pop open and I gape at you. You close my mouth and then close my eyes and tell me to behave or I won’t get my surprise. I obey and try to act like the obedient submissive that we both know I’m not. We drive for 20 minutes and I start to get impatient. You see that clearly and squeeze my leg, “Relax, baby, we’re almost there.” I take a deep breath and try to relax.

30 seconds later, the car stops, and you get out, come to my door and help me out. You bring me a few feet and tell me to open my eyes. I am looking down into the most beautiful fall colored valley from the top of the mountain you brought me to. I breathe in the crisp fall air and take in the view. You wrap your arms around me and kiss my neck. I turn around and kiss you. When you release from the kiss, I realize we’re not alone and I see a pavilion decorated and filled with our friends and family. You kiss me and say, “Happy birthday my love.” Tears form in my eyes as I take in everything.

Suddenly I’m swept into the party and eating and drinking and enjoying time with all of the people I love. I’m sitting at a table alone for a second when you sit down next to me. I look at you and scoot into your arms. “I’ve always wanted a surprise party.” You smile against my hair and whisper, “I know, baby.” You get up and pull me with you. You lead me down a path and we find a quiet overlook with a bench. I sit down and you sit with me. We look out for a minute or two and I bask in all the love I’m feeling.

Suddenly you’re on your knee and talking to me, “Baby, you are an amazing, wonderful, smart woman. You’re beautiful inside and out. You love unconditionally. You give me your heart, mind, body, and soul. You’ve introduced me to so many new things. I love you with all that I am, and I hope that you’ll let me love you for the rest of our lives. My love, will you marry me?”

By the end of your speech, I’m crying and barely remember what you said and hug you and kiss you. “So, is that a yes?” I nod and exclaim, “Yes! Of course I will. I love you.” You’re kissing me and suddenly a ring is on my finger and I can’t believe it’s happened. I don’t even look down as I’m lost in your eyes and the moment and suddenly you sweep me up and I remember our friends and family are here. I can’t believe you planned all this and set it up for me to have the people we care about. You lead me back to my family and I burst into tears as our parents come to congratulate us and both our mothers are hugging me at once.

The party goes into full swing after that and we celebrate until it gets dark and cold. We all go our separate ways and once everyone has left, you turn to me and kiss me before saying, “Your surprises aren’t done yet. You pull out the bag you brought with us and tell me to put on everything in it. I pull out a pastel pink corset, a hot pink thong with a hole in them on the butt and a hot pink tutu. There are also black fishnet stockings and pale pink 4inch heels. Then I find a white furry tail attached to a butt plug and a cat ear headband. I put everything on except the butt plug and you come over and lace the corset tighter. You then bend me over and tell me to spread my ass. I obey and you insert the plug in my asshole. You slap my ass and stand me up. “You’re almost ready, pet, but no pet is complete without her collar and leash.” You wrap the collar around my neck and attach the leash and lead me back to the car. You help me in and I’m extremely curious as to where you’re taking me.

“Are we going to a Halloween Party, master?” You just smile at me and start the car. We drive for about 20 minutes and you park and lead me into what looks like a bar. We go to a door in the back and you lead me down the stairs and suddenly we’re in what looks like görükle escort bayan a dungeon. I look around and see submissives in collars and leashes being led by their masters/mistresses. I want to ask you so many questions, but you give me the look that plainly says to behave myself and at least pretend to be the demure submissive. You walk to a couch in the middle of the room, and I follow you obediently and kneel on the floor cushion next to your spot. You lean down to be next to my ear and whisper, “Watch the shows, my pet, and if you’re good, I may decide to punish you in private rather than on that stage.” My eyes fly open and I look up at you with wide, anxious eyes. You give me a knowing and smug look and lean back comfortably on the couch. I squirm as I feel the butt plug shift inside. I watch dominants bring their submissives to the stage and spank them, whip them, or put them in cages to be looked at or touched. As I’m entranced in the action on the stage, multiple dominants come over to talk to you. I don’t pay attention as I’ve already somewhat entered subspace just by watching the show.

Suddenly you stand up and I move to follow you but you still me with your hand and then hand my leash to the most recent dominant who you’ve been talking to. You lean down and say, “You will obey Master John while I am gone and be a good little girl. He is not allowed to touch you, or have you touch him and that is the only thing you have permission to refuse. I’ll be back, baby.” You kiss my head and I watch you go, slightly nervous, but trusting your judgment. Master John sits down in your spot and then has me get up and sit next to him. I obey him and sit on the couch next to him. I keep my eyes down and try to be the good girl for you. He asks me about you and us and some more personal items that keep me perpetually red. I answer him truthfully, knowing lying to him would not be a good idea and that he would see through it.

I look up as a woman walks up to us. She’s wearing a collar as well and kneels in front of us, “Master, I did as requested.” Master John smiles and pats her head before turning to me. “This is my girl, Sarah, and she thinks you’re a sexy little thing.” I blush and look at him in shock and see Sarah looking at me interestedly, and not looking at all embarrassed by the statement. I notice she’s dressed all in black leather and wearing black thigh high boots. Her corset is leather and lace and looks both elegant and hard. She may wear a collar, but she looks nothing like a submissive in that outfit and her no nonsense, hungry look that she’s now giving me.

At that time, you walk over behind me and say in my ear, “Why don’t you thank Sarah for the compliment with a kiss, pet.” I obey by going to my knees and kissing her cheek as you sit down in the spot I just vacated. “I think you can do better than that, Katie.” I squirm at your harder tone and lean in to kiss her lips gently and then she presses in and deepens the kiss. You and Master John watch as we start to make out and Sarah starts to fondle my breasts. You undo the first two hooks of my corset in order to allow her better access. I get wet knowing that anyone could see my exposed breasts. You watch a bit and decide to take the corset completely off. I moan as you reach down and pinch my clit and briefly rub my pussy.

As the kissing turns into making out, Sarah lays me down on the floor and starts to rub my clit and pinching my nipples. I whimper and moan as my arousal builds and I arch my back into her. Suddenly, Sarah is gone and you’re picking me up and carrying me over your shoulder to some of the private rooms. You set me down when we enter the room and order me to strip everything off. I obey and am naked in 15 seconds. 5 seconds later, Sarah and Master John have entered the room. You point to the floor and I instantly fall on my knees. You stand over me as Master John and Sarah come to join us. “Now my beautiful little slut, let me lay out the rules. In this room, you will obey me, Master John, and Sarah. You will not hesitate to do anything we ask of you. If you mess up in here, we will take you out to the stage and I will let everyone in the club play with you. Are we clear, my pet?”

I swallow and say, “Yes master,” as I look up at you and then Master John and Sarah.

Sarah bends down and kisses me before saying, “Will there be a problem obeying a fellow submissive?”

I look at her, “No, Sarah, there won’t be.”

At that she slaps my face, “You will call me Miss Sarah in here.” I look up at her with my face stinging and nod in agreement.

She smiles and takes me leash and leads me to the St Andrews Cross and attaches leather cuffs to each ankle and wrist. She then chains each one to the corners of the cross. You and Master John sit in armchairs to watch for now. Once I’m secured to the cross, she walks over to a dresser behind me and pulls some things out. I hear her movement and gathering equipment. Finally, she comes bursa escort back over wearing a big strap-on and holding nipple clamps in her hands. She kisses me as she attaches the clamps to each nipple, swallowing my cries as she tightens each one. She smiles as she watches me squirm before her. She then walks up and plays with my pussy, finding me soaked and ready. She takes the strap-on and rubs it in my pussy juices and plays with the butt plug I’m wearing as she pushes inside me. I whimper as she shoves the dildo deep inside. She kisses me, bites my lip, and tells me that the only one with the power to let me cum is you so I’m not to cum. She fucks me hard until she cums and then takes the clamps off and undoes my wrist restraints. She forces me to my knees and shoves the cock down my throat telling me to clean it off.

I look up as I finish to find you and Master John on either side of Sarah. You each untie an ankle and carry me to the big leather padded bed. You pull me to my hands and knees and Master John’s cock is in my face and he pulls me by my hair so that I am sucking on his hard cock. You come behind me and rub your cock in my pussy juices. You shove home and I’m spit roasted between you and Master John, gagging on him and moaning around him as you fuck me. Next thing I know Sarah is beneath me and licking my clit as I’m being fucked from behind. I’m so aroused that this almost sends me over, so I start begging around Master John’s cock to be allowed to cum. You slow down, pull Sarah out from under me and first lie Sarah down on the bed. You tell me to get on her and insert her cock in my pussy.

I obey and Master John returns to my throat and pushes in and out of me. You come behind me, pull the butt plug out, and then immediately shove your still slick cock deep inside me. I scream around the cock in my mouth as your cock splits me open. You slap my ass and all three of you start fucking my holes hard. I whimper and squirm as my arousal builds and you reach around to pinch, then rub my clit and then my nipples. I whimper and once more beg to be allowed to come you whisper for me to hold it in. I strain against the ever mounting arousal to hold it back, but it’s becoming so hard and I utter endless streams of begging until I start cumming without permission and cum so hard and long that you all have finished cumming and cleaned yourselves by the time I stop.

I wake up a minute later, not realizing I had passed out from the intense pleasure. I turn over in my weakened state and see the three of you standing over me and not looking too pleased. I scoot back to the far corner of the bed and you raise an eyebrow at me and wait for me to come back to you. You beckon me back and I whimper as I crawl back to you and slip down to kneel in front of you. You pick up my collar and lead me out of the room and straight to the stage of the club. I kneel in the center where you left me as you grab a microphone and Sarah and Master John flank me on the stage. You start telling the audience about me and my discretions today, ending with my unauthorized orgasm. You tell the audience that I am to be punished by Master John and Sarah and you walk off the stage. Tears form as I watch you leave, and I hope everything is still ok between us.

Master John also walks off to the side and now, it’s just me and Sarah. She bends over me still dressed in her black leather and says, “Us submissives really don’t enjoy watching other submissives disobey their kind and generous masters. So, you’re mine tonight and I’ll teach you not to be so selfish.” I squirm under her gaze and she pulls out lengths of black rope. She starts by binding my breasts and then making that into a full body harness and uses the remaining rope to bind my arms to the small of my back and then attach my ankles to a spreader bar and spread them as wide as possible. Once I am trussed up, she walks over to the punishment implements and chooses three. She tells me to pick a number 1-3. I pick 2. And then tells me to pick another and I pick 3. She then sits and pulls me over her lap she says that the numbers I picked refer to the three instruments she’ll be using on me. First, she will use the wooden paddle on my ass. Next the cane will be used and finally the cat o’ nine tails will finish me off. “I will use each implement on you for 10 minutes and then give you a break for a minute before switching to the next one.”

I lay over Sarah’s knee and she rubs my ass lightly before picking up the paddle and rubbing it across my ass to remind me what’s happening. Next thing I know, the first stroke falls on my ass. I gasp in pain surprised by how hard she actually hit me. She continues in this method and tears are quickly falling from my eyes as the pain builds. You watch from a chair in the dark so that I can’t see that you’re still here and part of you wishes that it was you punishing me, but you like the added humiliation of a submissive punishing me for a change. The timer goes off and Sarah stands me up and slaps my pussy a few times before leading me to the stocks and untying my arms to put them in the stocks. As I stand there with my legs still spread, Sarah looks down and says, “I like this better, I get to see that soaked pussy get wetter as I punish your naughty ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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