Hannah 02: Barbie Cue


As the evening closed in Hannah Scott formulated a plan.

At dusk she got ready for Vernon, Mike, and the camp out.

Digging through her clothing she found a short mini dress with spaghetti straps. It had a floral print with a hem that barely concealed her ass cheeks. The thin straps holding it on her shoulders revealed massive cleavage. Going braless offered a bounce as she walked. Without panties would give the brothers plenty to look out for.

Her flowing brown hair she decided to tie up in ponytails like she wore as a child. The humor behind it might ease their nerves.

Spraying on perfume that smelled like cherry blossoms would attract their senses. Even old guys had a tough time saying no to their manhood getting a whiff of the scent.

Forsaking shoes she tiptoed out into the sunroom to peer out at Vernon’s.

He had indeed put up the four man tent they used to camp out in years ago. He had a small brick enclosed fire pit blazing, lawn chairs set up, and a beer cooler full. Both Vernon and Mike were already drinking.

“I won’t fail Cullen. Still, this is really weird. They’re over 30 years older than me. Not to mention they still see me as the little girl they knew. Guess I prove I’m not so little anymore. Here goes.”

Hannah leaves her house and trudges toward the lantern light of an otherwise pitch black yard. Approaching the men she looks back to see if Cullen was watching. His home was completely in the dark. Was he even at home?

With a fidget she continued her journey.

“Hannah’s here!” She calls out and dances into view of the men.

“Hey there Sweetheart. This was a great idea. Brings back memories.” Vernon nods.

She twirls in step letting her short skirt fan in the campfire light. They barely saw anything but Mike knew immediately she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Mike in a lawn chair leaned back and swigged his beer, “That’s a pretty dress there Hannah.”

“Thank you for noticing Mike. I love dresses.”

“Me too. For all the wrong reasons.” He chuckles.

Hannah points at him playfully, “You behave Mister. I’m young and impressionable still.”

“Pay him no mind Hannah Marie. He’s just an old perv.”

Mike scowls at his brother, “And you aren’t?”

Giggling Hannah watches Mike lift the cooler beside him.

“Grab a beer and join the party. Just don’t tell your Mother we let an underage girl drink on our watch.”

“Under age.” She rolls her eyes, “I won’t tell Mom if you don’t tell her I was nude sunbathing.”

“Speaking of that. What prompted you to start doing that kind of stuff?” Vernon shakes his head.

She shrugs bouncing her chest in the process. The jiggling made Mike smirk.

“I really didn’t think you were home Vernie. And, I didn’t know about you and Gail splitting up. I’m really sad to hear that.”

Vernon stands up to stretch when Hannah moves in without warning to hug him tightly.

“Hey now. Nice as this is don’t make me sad.”

Squeezing him tightly Hannah crushes her breasts against his belly. His height of 6’1 towered over her 5’2 status. She lifts her chin on his chest looking up at him.

“I just want you to know I care. I loved Gail too. But, she hurt my Uncle Vernie. I’ll never forgive her for that.”

Rubbing her shoulder blade Vernon hisses, “Uncle Vernie. Brings back the good old days. I recall you hugging me and calling me that when you were a wee one. I guess you still are a wee one. Your never grew up just out.”

“Are you saying I’m fat?” She pouts.

Mike huffs behind her, “Hell you ain’t got an ounce of fat on you. Well, maybe in those hooters. That’s where you’re bursting out.”

Vernon releases Hannah to turn and face Mike. She looks down at her chest and agrees with a nod.

“Yeah, they got huge. Guy’s never complain though.”

“Who’s complaining? I love how you filled out.” Mike toasts her with his beer.

“Sweet of you.” She eyes the open cooler, “Only beer?”

“You expecting wine coolers?” Vernon is taken back.

She frowns, “No. Anything harder?”

Mike grins, “Oh I got something harder for you.”

She shakes her head feigning a blush, “Well now.”

“Mike means he’s got a bottle of Bourbon beside him.”

“Oh!” She snorts laughing.

Mike reaches to his side and lifts a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon.

“Wanna shot?”

“I’ve never tried Bourbon. Will I get drunk?”

“Let’s hope so.” Mike jests, standing to locate a shot glass from the grass.

Pouring a shot he belts it back before shaking his head.

“Wow! If it effects you like that I might gag.”

He pours her a shot and offers it up.

“Pinch your nose before you toss it back. Gotta down it in one gulp.”

Claiming the shot Hannah eyes Vernon who looked concerned. She pats Vernon on the chest, “I got this Vernie. I’m an adult now.”

Pinching her nose she swallows the shot whole and chokes. Fanning herself she exhales.

“Whoa! Burns going down. Your turn Vernie.”

Mike fills the shot for his brother. In a single belt his drink disappeared. His expression bursa escort was nothing, merely a grin.

“Tough guy.” Hannah pats his belly.

“I’m just used to it.”

“How about a belly shot Hannah?” Mike chuckles.

“In this dress? I can’t.” She smirks then uses her hand to conceal her lips from Mike. Whispering to Vernon she hisses, “No panties.”

His eyes bulge, “Yea, no belly shots. Mike needs to get his mind out of the gutter. You’re like family for Christ’s sakes.”

“I know right?” She plants her hands on her hips defiantly.

Vernon nods at her assurance pointing at Mike who frowns. Vernon then turns to stoke the fire. Once his back turned Hannah leaned over to whisper, “Maybe later.”

This made Mike grin like a Cheshire Cat.

“So, Mike. What’s new with you? Dating anyone?” She changes the subject.

“Naaa! No gal wants an ugly old fart like me. Lowly mechanic at that. Bad back even.”

“Awww! Poor Mike. I’m sure that’s not true. You just need to go out more. And, a good massage.”

“Massage? What the hell is that? Been ten years since that kind of thing.”

“Don’t get him started. He’s bound to ask you for one.” Vernon looks over his shoulder.

Hannah flares her eyes at the notion.

“The guys in school say I have magic hands. It’s funny though. I never get one in return.”

“I’ll give you one if you give me one.” Mike winks.

“Promise to behave yourself?” She leers mischievously.

“Best I can.” Mike grunts.

“Okay. I’ll give you one first. Me afterwards. Deal?”


Hannah giggles and moves behind Mike’s chair. Watching as Mike removes his polo shirt she winces.

“Male stripper. Look out. Should I go get my purse? I think I have dollar bills.”

Vernon shakes his head and returns to his own seat. He mumbles at his brothers choices. As Hannah kneads at Mike’s shoulders and neck he decides to pour another shot of bourbon to drown his guilt.

“Dang Mike. Shave much?” She tangles her fingers in his mass of body hair.

“Naa! I hear girls like animals in bed. Figured I needed to look the part.”

Hannah groans, “So not funny.”

Her fingers ease his tension enough to hear moans from the younger brother.

“You sure have talent Hannah.” He hisses.

In reply she rolls her palms over his shoulders and across his pectorals. Her cleavage molding around his neckline. She then hugs Mike from behind.

“I love compliments.” She whispers into his ear with an evil giggle.

Vernon rolls his eyes as Mike reaches an arm up to palm Hannah’s head from the side.

“I can compliment you all night long. You smell delicious. Your hairs soft.”

Hannah pats his chest and tugs hair, “I get the idea. Now shush and let me work.”

Mike nods and swigs his beer, enjoying ten more minutes of her grip. Including a taunting trail of her fingernails along his back. It gave him shivers.

After a deep breath Mike grips her by the hand and guides her toward Vernon.

“Give my Big Brother here a massage too. Afterwards I’ll give you the best you ever had.”

She pouts, “Vernie.”

Vernon left his shirt on as Hannah massaged his neck and upper deltoids. Her chest teased his scalp from behind.

“Like that Vernie?” She whispers.

“Feels nice, Hannah Marie. Little wrong.”

“But oh so perfect.” Mike adds.

“Flatterer.” She sticks her tongue out at Mike while leaning over Vernon to run a hand down his chest. This made Vernon tense up and pat her hand.

“That’s good Hannah Marie. Thanks.”

“You sure? I can work out that tension if you let me.” She pouts.

He shakes his head and pats her cheek from behind lovingly, “You did great.”

Mike clears his throat, “Come on over here Hannah. Sit in my lap.”

She eases around Vernon and stands in front of Mike looking back at him.

“We might break the lawn chair.”

“Naaa! You don’t weigh much. 90 or 100 pounds maybe.”

“110 last time I checked. I trust you.”

Sitting down between his legs was awkward. Once settled in Mike gripped her shoulders and squeezed slightly too much at first. After a deafening cringe he softened up.

Her spaghetti straps toppled off of her shoulders and dangled over her biceps. She felt her dress loosen in front, the soft material slipping on her flesh easily. She however kept her hands from stopping it’s gradual descent. With each squeeze her body trembled. Her cleavage was escaping more and more.

“That feels so good. It’s nice to finally know what it’s like to receive. I think I’m losing my dress though.”

“Don’t you worry about that. Just close your eyes and let ole mike release you of all your burdens.”

“Is my dress a burden?” She giggles.

Vernon found his eyes on her cleavage. Her 36C’s were bulging like melons in her doubled over angle. Mike smirked at his brother’s gaze. In a bold move he pulls her back toward him more forcing her dress to droop even lower. Her areolas began to slip into view.

“Pour ole Hannah another shot Big Brother.”

Vernon çanakkale escort sighs and offers her another drink. Accepting she belts it down and gasps.

“On fire. Whoa! Is it hot in here or is it just me?” She sighs.

“Tipsy Hannah Marie?” Vernon looks concerned.

“Maybe a lil. Not used to the hard stuff. Don’t stop Mike. Magic in your hands too.”

“Wouldn’t dream of stopping. You deserve it like anyone else.”

His hands glide forward. Only his thumbs remained on her upper back. Fanning his fingers on her cleavage she eyes his intent.

She felt him move forward even more, his thumbs on her clavicle.

“Mike? Are you misbehaving?” She trembles.

“Not yet. Getting there though.”

She giggles and eyes Vernon with a scowl.

“Okay. Just checking.”

Mike chuckles and rolls his palms right under her dress to squeeze her tits.

Her eyes bulge, “Little girl age 8. Remember?”

Vernon growls, “Knock it off Mikey. She’s getting uncomfortable.”

Looking back at Mike, Hannah pats his left cheek. Still Mike squeezes her tits.

“Can I get another shot? I might need it.” She giggles.

“You like my hands on these titties don’t you?” Mike boasts.

“I can’t admit to that. Yet, I won’t deny it either. Mixed reviews.” She fans herself with her fingers.

“You sure didn’t mind it when we squeezed them earlier.” Mike grunts.

Vernon turned pale as Hannah offered a puzzled expression.

“You’re an idiot.” Vernon winced at Mike.

“Earlier? Ohhh, you mean when Cullen let you two sneak up and squeeze them? Come on I’m not that naïve. Aftershaves gave you both away. I just played along.”

Vernon covered his eyes out of guilt.

Mike merely pulled her dress off of her tits and jiggled them about.

“Damn these are nice.”

She eyes his grip tossing them about and huffs, “They are pretty nifty aren’t they.”

Vernon decided to get up and walk around.

She eyes Vern move about and decides to pat Mike’s hands over her breasts.

“I think we’re upsetting Vernie. You need to behave Mister.”

Snarling Mike releases her and lets her stand up. She pulls her dress up and returns to normal.

“I’m sorry Vernie. I think I’m getting drunk. My decisions aren’t quite my own right now.” She hugs his arm.

“No harm I guess. I just think back at the youthful you. Not at the adult you.”

“I’m still your little girl Vernie. I recall snuggling up to you when we slept in the tent. Even when you…”

Vernon leers at her, “When I what?”

She whispers, “Got a hard on. I was too young to understand it. I mean you were a gentleman. You didn’t do anything to me that was wrong. I just remember waking up and seeing a hard on under your sweats.”

“That’s not true.”

“It was. I just kept it to myself because I didn’t know better. I didn’t create trouble because you were like my real Uncle. I adored you.”

“I had no idea. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. You can get a hard on now and it won’t bother me.” She giggles and again hugs his arm.

“Not going to happen. I think I’m gonna turn in. Oh by the way, the sleeping bags were all riddled by mice. I just brought out every blanket I own to pad a bed.”

“It’s okay. The weather’s warm. I’ll just snuggle up like I used too.”

“Sounds like a plan. You bring pajamas?”

I told you earlier today I don’t wear jammies anymore. Too constrictive. I sleep in the nude. And, seeing as you both saw me nude today there shouldn’t be any shock.”

Mike speaks up, “No problem. I sleep in the nude too.”

“Not tonight you don’t. Enough already. I’m going to bed.”

Vern drops down and unzips the tent taking a lantern in with him.

“Leave the light on for us Vernie.”

As Vernon slips away Hannah returns to Mike. He had poured another shot for her.

“You’re determined to get me drunk.”

He smirks, “How about that belly shot now?”

“Promise to behave?”


“You better. I’ll scream.”

“Lay down in the grass. Lift that dress.”

“Only one time.”

She moves out a bit and lifts her dress showing him her bare ass as she sits down in the grass. Laying back for him he admires her belly and freshly shaved pubic area. Her pussy was concealed by her tightly closed legs.

Kneeling down beside her he carefully pours Bourbon into her belly button. Once puddled up he leans forward and sucks the booze from her. After swallowing he licks her belly and trails his tongue upward. She lifted her shirt to reveal her breasts and allowed him one suck upon each nipple.

“Okay. That’s enough.”

Sitting up she lowers her dress and sticks her tongue out at him. Moving to all fours she crawls toward the tent. At the curtain she peels her dress over her head and tosses it aside.

“Night Mike.” She winks

As Hannah crawled inside the tent she observed Vernon’s traumatized features.

“Relax Vernie. No ghosts here.” She leaned forward on her hands and knees with her ass in the air just inside çankırı escort the tent.

As Mike followed her in he was looking own and collided with her ass. He lifted his gaze and found her snatch right in his face.

“Hey! Watch the fender bender.” She gasps.

Looking up for a better view he found his forehead moist. It wasn’t sweat. Examining closer he found her pussy wet and glossy.

She moves forward and lays on her side facing Vernon. She snuggles up under his nervous arm and pats his belly. He was only wearing his boxers.

Mike moves in behind her and faces her propping his head up on his hand.

“Are you okay Vernie?” She pouts.

“This is insane. Yeah, I’m good.”

Her breasts crush up against his ribcage as she not only pats his belly but rubs it softly.

“Just like I remember. I felt safe.” She smiles exhaling on his chest.

“Nothing like I remember.” He nervously hisses.

Mike behind them started to turn out the lantern.

“Nooo! Leave it lit. Me scared of monsters.” She shivers while grinning sheepishly.

Hannah needed the light to expose their shadows through the tent. If Cullen was watching he needed to see her every move.

“Hot as hell in here.” Mike snaps.

“I thought it was me that made it hot in here.” She chuckles.

“Too hot.” Vernon grits his teeth.

Hannah sighs, “I’m fine if you two old timers want to shed your boxers. We’re all adults here.”

“Good God!” Vern expels as Hannah looks up at him with puppy dog eyes.

Mike sits up taking advantage of the offer, “If the lantern stays on, my boxers come off.”

“Dammit!” Vern curses under his breath.

As Mike escapes his boxers he frees his swollen ball sack and timid six inch erection. He instinctively gripped his cock and coaxed it alive. After all, Hannah’s bare ass was a mere six inches away.

She ignored Mike knowing full well what he was doing back there. Instead she focused on Vernon’s troubled soul.

Lightly rubbing Vern’s belly she whispers up to him.

“Nobody is forcing you Vernie. I’m just letting you know that I’m not uncomfortable if you guys need to unwind.”

“Define unwind Hannah Marie.” Vernon cringes.

She uses her fingertips like a spider crawling over his abdomen until they reached his obvious erection. Pinching it’s girth between her index finger and thumb she felt him tense up.

This made Vernon jump and grab her hand.

“Beejeezus! “He bellowed, ” We can’t be having sex with you Hannah Marie. I could never face your family again.”

“I can live with it.” Mike grunts as he rolls closer to slide his cock along her butt crack.

Hannah yelps as his crown slips dangerously close to her pussy.

“WAIT!” She reaches back defensively, “I never said anything about fucking me. Everything I’ve done tonight is too make you two feel young again. A helpful fantasy. By unwind I meant you guys can jerk off if you want to. I’ll watch and tease.”

Both brothers stop cold and stare at each other. Vernon’s protective arm held her closer almost smothering her.

Mike fidgeted yet kept his cock in her general vicinity. Hannah’s hand lingered over his hip prepared to slap at him.

“I trust you two.” In saying that Hannah pats Mike’s hip then returns her hand to Vernon’s waist band, before patting his erection. She noticed it had doubled in size.

“Wow! Vernie missed me.”

He feels her index finger continually tap his crown trapped under a straining array of tiny snaps.

With controlled breathing she allows Mike to taunt her labia. His cock enjoyed the warm molding around his girth. She went so far as to hike her leg up for a better angle.

Mike whispers to himself, “Goddamn! So warm and wet.”

Hannah did her best not to moan at Mike’s elegant friction. Her thoughts were on the tougher of two nuts to crack.

Eyes locked with Vernon’s, he flinches as he hears a snap unclasp at her nails mischief. She refrains from blinking and unsnaps the second and final clasp of his boxers. Hannah halts there and moves her hand back to rest on his stomach. There she trails her nails around his belly button time and time again.

Finally, he lowered his free hand and pulled out seven inches of meat and greet.

“There he is.” She smiles sheepishly and arches her neck to kiss Vernon on the cheek.

A tear wells up in Vernon’s eye as he attempts to stroke himself. After a dozen times he pouts and mutters, “Help me.”

Shocked by his barely audible request she sighs. Her fingers again creep lower to his exposed hard on. Pinching the crown first, she then teases the foreskin.

As her attention remained on Vernon, Mike gripped her inner leg and lifted it. He then continued his slippery adventure. His dick slid higher to antagonize her clit. In doing so she gasped and held her breath. Eyes flaring wide directly at Vernon.

“That feels really good back there. Please be careful.”

Mike huffs, “You worry about my Brother. I’ll worry about Me.”

Distressed slightly, her fingers curl around Vernon’s girth and begins jerking him off. He immediately tilts his face toward her and kisses her forehead.

“Thank you, Vernie.” She glows.

“Perfect rhythm Sweetheart. I know it sounds silly but please don’t stop.”

“I’ll do it for awhile. The rest is up to you.”

“Yeah, okay.” He trembles.

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