Hard On the Trail Ch. 02

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There he stood, my rapist…could I call him a rapist when I enjoyed it so much? When I had wanted more? Either way, he was the man who had taken my ass in the woods not too long ago. Now here he was, standing in my doorway, asking to be invited in.

I stood blinking. I hadn’t processed a response to that.

As if anticipating my thoughts and fading reluctance Daddd—the old… damn it, Daddy…that’s what he wanted me to call him and I didn’t know his real name so I might as well just call him Daddy! Daddy leaned in and kissed me. He kissed me right on the mouth. Nothing over sexual or intrusive, but enough to make me want to get him in off my porch before someone saw. I gestured for him to come in and quickly shut and locked the door. I ran to the adjacent room and closed my blinds.

Daddy chuckled, “Scared of an audience?”

“Listen old-man,” I began.

Daddy groaned and dropped his head, “Call me daddy or there will be trouble! I am not an old man and I don’t want to know your name. So call me daddy and we’ll get along just fine!”

I sighed but I felt my dick flex in my shorts. I was going to assert my dominance over the situation. I didn’t have to give in to him, certainly not in my own home where he was intruding! “Fine, daddy, listen, ” I felt myself lose my train of thought as his eyes wandered to my bulge and his smirk started across his face, “This was a one-time thing! I am not gay. We both got our rocks off but that’s it. It’s over. Do you understand? Now give me my id back!”

“Oh yes,” he said, “I found that on the trail.” he lied. He pulled an idea out of his back pocket. “Listen, son, I didn’t come here to be rough with you. I came here because I owe you.”

“You owe me?” the ground seemed to go up and down as I reached for my id.

“Yes. Sure you got off. But you never got to have your way with me. You see I like to keep things fair. So I have come here to offer you up a chance to take my ass.”

I felt my cock perk up, my flexing increased. My gut began to tremble as I spoke, “But I’m not gay. I don’t need your ass.”

“Oh no,” He said, “you do.. you need my ass. You see I am going to take your ass again. And then you’ll regret not taking mine while you had the chance.”

“We’re not doing this again. I already told you that.”

“And I already told you I will take what I want whether you give it to me or I have to make it mine. You know you’re my fuck toy. My boys are still floating around inside you. I can still smell myself on you. So…” he reached his hands into the elastic at his waist and began to pull his shorts down. “Who is going first?” he waved his hard cock around and I lunged at him. Half with rage for having been taken advantage of. Half with passion for wanting to fill his ass like he’d Bayan Escort Antep filled mine.

Our cocks smacked each other as I knocked him to the ground. I tried to pin his hands up behind his head but he rolled me over onto my back and reached forward with his mouth. He stuck his tongue into my mouth. It was warm and oddly sweet. Not at all what I’d expected. I felt his pre-cum dripping onto my ass and bit his tongue. It was my turn. I was going to make him feel taken advantage of. This would be more work seeing as he was offering it up so willingly. I pulled his shirt up over his head rendering him incapable of much movement and yanked his shorts down to his ankles.

I could hear Daddy chuckle as he offered little resistance. OH he wasn’t going to enjoy this that quickly. I pushed his head down just as he had done with mine. Using my foot to carefully hold him down. I reached up and with all my strength I brought my hand down HARD on that ass. “OHHHH” daddy bellowed. “Fuck kid, be kind to daddy. I just want to be nice to you.”

“Be nice to me? Yeah?” I brought another hand down hard on his ass. “Yeah, well daddy, I want you to feel pain. Pain like you made me feel.”

His shirt had fallen back a bit and I could see his face. it was a combination of pain and pleasure at first and then he smirked and with that the show began. He moved like he was trying to squirm away. I could tell he didn’t want to get away, I knew he wanted my cock in his ass. But damned if I wasn’t going to enjoy the show. “Oh please son,” he moaned, “please don’t hurt my ass. No one has ever fucked me in the ass before!” he lied through his teeth with a twinkle in his eye.

Going with it I slapped his ass again, “yeah. well you’ve been bad, daddy, and I simply must teach you a lesson. One you’ll never forget!” I spread his ass cheeks wide. I could see his old rosebud winking at me. Lube…where could I? I suddenly remembered the lube I had in the endtable. I ran off to get it. I wasn’t using spit. Not when my dick was directly involved! In my endtable I found some old neck ties. I grinned ear to ear. I brought my treasures back and with them tied up Daddy’s ankles and wrists. Now he couldn’t stroke his dick. That was torture enough for me.

I pulled out the lube and without warming it up I splashed a healthy dose on daddy’s ass. “OHHH” he shivered.

I warmed some up in my hands and stroked my hard cock. I pulled my shorts off the rest of the way and shoved them under the sofa.

I’d never fucked anyone in the ass before. I had tried to talk my ex-girlfriends into it but they never wanted to. I couldn’t help but be excited. With my head pushed up against the entrance to his ass I felt him tremble and heard him moan. I pushed in, the old man must have had many partners because he offered little resistance. The feeling was amazing. It was warm, not too wet, and the tension stayed mostly at the opening. I grabbed his hips and began to pound into him. I didn’t close my eyes this time. There was something so erotic about making this man submit to me. With each thrust he moaned. His cock was dripping all over my floor. I laughed, he wasn’t going to get his rocks off. This was all about me. He moaned, “cum for me son. Fill my ass with your spunk.”

I moaned, he was pushing me over the edge. “Take it daddy, take my cock. Who’s the bitch now.”

He growled. Sounded like I’d hit a sore spot. His ego was bruised at the idea of being my bitch. Turned me on even more. I started slapping his ass as I pounded into him. But as I got closer I couldn’t go for the theatrics. I just wanted to fill his gut with my cum. I grabbed onto his hips tight and I slammed into him so hard my room filled with the sounds of flesh smacking together, moaning and groaning of two men. And then release. I moaned out so loud I swear I could have set off car alarms. I slumped forward onto him sweaty and spent.

I didn’t notice he’d freed his hands because he hadn’t moved them to relieve himself. But I noticed now as I was flipped over and the necktie was wrapped around my wrists. I struggled. I was still basking in my orgasm though and was no match for daddy’s brute strength.

“I told you son, you were first but then it’s me.” With my ass up in the air and my hands tied together I offered little resistance. With the amount of pre-cum daddy had dripping he probably didn’t need any lube. But I was grateful when he used some anyway. He was nicer than me, I felt a twinge of guilt as he warmed the lube up before dumping it on my sore ass.

“Awww my boys ass is so sore. I should kiss it better.” My eyes went wide and before I could object I felt his tongue poking the lube into my ass hole. He moaned into my ass and I thrust it upwards into his face.

“Now boy. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time I take this ass. This is my ass now.” and with that I felt him standing behind me and pushing the head of his dick up against my ass. It was still sore so even with all the lube his entrance was painful. But I had this feeling in my gut this time. Maybe it was because I’d just cum or maybe…maybe I was starting to have feelings for Daddy. But as he slid into my ass I felt so emotional and happy. Like I hadn’t seen my lover in a long time and he’d just returned to me.

Daddy leaned forward and kissed my neck. I felt this desire to make him so happy and have him fill me over and over again. I wasn’t gay, this was just great sex. That’s all. We were both men, so of course we knew how to please each other.

How did daddy want it now?

I looked over my shoulder and with a gleam in my eye I said, “How do you want it Daddy?”

He stopped fucking me for a minute to look at me inquisitively.

I smirked, “Do I like it Daddy or do you want me to fight back?”

He chuckled, gripped onto my hips harder and thrust hard into me. “Well. I liked when you were whining earlier. Don’t fight it, do it for Daddy, but you don’t have to be a porn star pretending it’s amazing.”

Should I tell him it was amazing? Nah, he liked the idea that it hurt but I was doing it for him. He liked a loving submissive. So with that I moaned out, “oh daddy. No…my ass, it’s sore…”

“Careful boy, or I might have to give you one of your spanks like you gave me!”

“I’m sorry Daddy. I’ll be a good boy. I love you daddy, it just hurts so much.”

“Yeah? Daddy hurting your little ass?”

“Yeah, Daddy. *moan* oh Daddy it hurts. OHhhhhhhh” It was growing harder to feign pain as he found that button again. “Talk to me daddy. Tell me how I’m you’re little bitch.” I let him continue the facade so I could stop pretending to hate it and just love it. I bit into my neck tie and thrust back into him. OH I didn’t want this to end. It was amazing, his head rubbed against my insides with fury as he cussed me out and made sure I knew he was boss. Some of the things he said were getting me hotter for him and I began to pound back into him so hard I nearly knocked him on his ass.

“Yeah, you like daddy’s dick! Ride Daddy’s dick son! I’m going to fill your ass again. You ready?!”

“No Daddy. It hurts. Please.” I lied

“Yeah, why are you taking my dick.”

“Cause I want to be a man, daddy. Take my ass.”

“Yeah. I’ll make you a man. I’ll fuck some sense into you. You want mess around on Daddy. Fucking take my dick you fucking shit. Next time I tell you to clean your room you’ll fucking clean your room.”

Oh, he was really getting into his role playing now, “Yes daddy!”

“Yeah. I could shove a lot more than my dick up your ass.”

“Yes Daddy” thoughts of other objects being shoved up my ass had me getting anxious for next time. Maybe I should pick up some toys.

“Daddy’s gonna cum. Beg for it! BEG FOR IT!”

“FILL ME DADDY” I hollered “Fill me daddy, make me your bitch. I’m your little fuck toy. Fill my ass. I want to feel you for days!”

Daddy groaned and after a few last thrusts he collapsed off of me. I shivered and Daddy pulled me into his arms. We were spooning on my living room floor, surrounded by sweat and cum.

Daddy leaned in, kissed my neck and said, “Be a good boy and you can fuck daddy again soon.”

I trembled at the idea. We would take turns being the bitch. This was perfect. No pressure. Good thing too, because I felt my cock at half-mast. I couldn’t cum again today, but maybe tomorrow.

Would he show up tomorrow?

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