Hardcore High Ch. 03


Hello, hello! Third chapter for this story is here! I hope you all enjoy! Let me know if you have any suggestions and I’ll see if any stick.




“Okay, everyone open your textbooks to chapter three, please.” Miss Banks instructed, waiting as the students all pulled out their books and flipped to the page. “As you all can see, this chapter will be covering sexual positions. A few examples include missionary, cowgirl, or doggy style. Today, we’ll be going through a few various positions, and I’ll be having you demonstrate them in pairs. Does anyone want to go first?”

Sunny’s hand shot into the air and she waved it around, eagerly.

“I’ll go first, Miss Banks!” she offered.

“Okay, Sunny.” Miss Banks waved her up. “David, why don’t you join her. Both of you come to the front.”

Sunny and David made their way to the front of the room and Miss Banks pulled out a blanket, spreading out on the ground.

“I’ll have you two demonstrate the cowgirl position. Not to be confused with reverse cowgirl, standard cowgirl features the female facing her partner. The two of you may begin.”

Sunny smiled at David and pulled him over to the blanket.

“Take off your pants, David.” She urged. “And then lay down.”

Undoing his pants, David dropped them and stepped out of the legs, yanking his shoes through. Sunny was already kneeling on the blanket and she excitedly patted the spot where she wanted him to lay down. Crouching down, David rolled onto his back and stretched out, his erection already standing straight up in the air. As soon as he was ready, Sunny bent down and engulfed his cock in her mouth. She eagerly slurped down his whole length, taking all of him into her throat. Extending her tongue to lap at his balls, she swirled her soft, pink appendage around on his sack, making him moan.

“Class, come gather around so that you can all get a better view.” Miss Banks said.

The students all rose from their seats and moved to the front, forming a loose semi-circle around the two students on the ground before them. Not pausing her blowjob, Sunny pulled back to the tip, sucking on his head firmly and inhaling through her nose. Glancing up at David’s pleasured face, she gently took one of his hands and brought it to her head. Taking the hint, David placed both of his hands on the back of her long, blonde hair and began to guide her up and down on his dick.

Sunny let him take over, pushing and pulling her head to his heart’s content, directing the pace and depth of her blowjob. Of course, she didn’t need any help to give him a stellar blowjob, but it gave her a thrill to let herself give over control and simply have her mouth used for his pleasure. David gradually became more and more eager. His grip on her tightened and he began to thrust up into her mouth, bumping his crotch into her nose. Having a lot of experience with oral, Sunny took it all in stride. She gagged very sparsely and let her muscles go limp, allowing him to use her like a fleshlight.

Not wanting him to finish too quickly, Sunny tapped on his side, signaling for him to let go, and pulled off of him, smiling with saliva covering her chin. Rolling over, she shimmied her stockings and panties down over her long legs and kicked them off. With her wet pussy uncovered, she quickly jumped over to straddle David, who moaned as her hot slit pressed into his shaft. Biting on one of her fingers, Sunny began to grind her lips over his hardon, her juices and spit combining to form a slick mess between them. Raising herself up, she reached down and lifted his cock and guided the tip to her pussy, teasing it against her entrance.

His testosterone pumping, David’s hands came up to Sunny’s wide hips and tightened, surprising her. A second later, she shrieked as he pulled her down, hard, forcing her to bottom out on his cock. David’s seven inches were certainly not the largest Sunny had ever taken, but being a cockslut like she was, she loved dicks of all shapes and sizes. That coupled with the sudden shock of being penetrated, and her eyes were rolling back, and she was biting her lower lip as his rock-hard length spread her hole open.

Moaning and letting herself adjust to the instantaneous insertion, Sunny threw her long, blonde hair back and began to bounce on David’s cock. Her hands found their way up to her chest and she groped her breasts through her shirt, her large bust overflowing her fingers. Tossing back her head to cry out freely, her speed increased, and she moved up and down with more urgency. David’s hands gathered up her skirt and pushed it up to her waist, bunching it out of the way so that he could get a clear view of their connection and his cock disappearing into the beautiful blonde.

Shifting her hips to adjust the angle of his penis inside of her, Sunny whimpered as his cock slid across her G-spot. Each time that she would come down on him, his tip would poke against her sensitive internal spot, sending electricity kartal escort through her body. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and quivering, right on the cusp of her climax. Another few seconds of slamming her rear down on him, and she went over the edge.

Sunny’s orgasm was visible and vocal. Her whole body quaked and shook, and she shrieked. Her hands dug into her boobs, squeezing and kneading them tightly. David groaned, feeling her pussy clamp down around him, her muscles spasming and fluttering. Although her timing was off due to the intense sensations, Sunny kept riding him, yipping each time he contacted her G-spot, driving her peak higher and higher.

Coming down, panting and her legs now tired, Sunny stopped bouncing and switched to a twerking technique. Her juicy ass shook and jiggled as she worked her hips back and forth, grinding on David’s crotch. With this technique and angle, the effect on her G-spot was even more pronounced, and Sunny groaned and gasped with each movement. Even though she had just cum, she could already sense herself climbing the hill towards a second climax.

As Sunny’s muscles became increasingly worn out from the constant exercise, her speed slowed down, incrementally. Feeling the slower pace and full of energy himself, David decided to take things into his own hands. Reaching up, he wrapped his arms around Sunny’s torso, pinning her arms to her sides and pulling her down until her chest was flat against his. Letting out a soft ‘oof’ as her large breasts squished between them, she relaxed and let him take charge.

Holding Sunny tight to his body, David began to thrust up into her. His pelvis powered up off the ground, driving his hard cock into her depths over and over. Sunny gasped into his shoulder, her body limp and helpless as he pinned her against him. He cunt was dripping, and she was incredibly close to another climax. Every stroke felt so good, but there was just something more that she wanted. Something a little extra that would throw her right over the edge. Shifting her head, she looked up at her teacher.

“M-Miss Banks…” she panted. “C…Can you spank me? Please…slap my butt. Just once. Please!”

Concealing her smile and maintaining a mask of tranquility, Miss Banks walked over, her heels clacking until she reached the blanket. Bending over, her posture accentuating her curvaceous body, she drew back her hand and delivered a firm smack to Sunny’s jiggling ass. Sunny cried out and moaned.

“Again!” she gasped. “Please!”

The second smack sent her over the edge. She screamed and closed her eyes, shaking with her climax. Her mind went blank momentarily and she forgot where she was, until she caught a breath and her eyes rolled back down from in her skull. Sunny’s walls clenching down on him was the final straw that broke the camel’s back for David. Grunting and tightening his grip on the blonde, he slammed himself to the base and opened the floodgates.

Feeling the first hot stream splash inside her, Sunny pressed herself firmly against David’s crotch, not even a millimeter separating their pelvises. She bit her lip and shivered, the sensation of being stuffed with steamy boy cum one of her favorites in the entire world. She kept herself pressed into him throughout the duration of their collective orgasm, her internal muscles milking him further into her tight, hot depths.

Both of them heaving and basking in the afterglow of their finale, David finally released her from his embrace. Catching her breath for a bit, Sunny raised her hips, whimpering as his softening length slid out of her hole. A stream of semen followed and dripped past her lips onto his waning erection. Licking her lips, Sunny scooted down David’s body and breathed in the potent, masculine scent of his arousal. Extending her tongue, she went to work cleaning him up. She licked all along his cock, swallowing down every drop of his cum that had escaped her. Wrapping her lips around him, she slurped down his soft penis, sucking every last bit of their combined juices until he was bare of any remnants of their tryst.

Uncrossing her arms, Miss Banks gave a clap, encouraging the other students to join her. They all gave the two of them a round of applause for their performance, making Sunny smile and David blush now that he was in his post-nut clarity. Handing a clean towel from her stock to Sunny, Miss Banks raised an eyebrow.

“Very well done!” she praised. “Both of you did excellent. Great start from you Sunny. Your pelvic motions are superb when you’re on top and you even cleaned up afterwards. And, David, the way you took control when she got worn out was just beautiful. I’m very impressed by your work. You should both be proud. There is always room to improve, but I think I speak for the whole class when I say that that was a hot performance. The two of you can get cleaned up off to the side while we get our next pair up here. Hmm…let’s see. Andrea, let’s have you and…Chris. You two will be demonstrating the kartal otele gelen escort doggy style position.”

Andrea’s mood soured as she heard that last sentence. Doggy style was the last position she had hoped for. She would have much more preferred some simple missionary or maybe some spooning. Something sensual and evocative of a connection. Hell, even cowgirl would have been better. But doggy style? She hated doggy style. It was so…degrading! Even just the name was demeaning. Doggy style?! What girl wants to be bent over like some animal and rutted as though she were just a bitch. She was way above doing something as debasing as that!

Still, not willing to draw the ire of her teacher, Andrea reluctantly stalked out into the center of the blanket and dropped to her hands and knees. After waiting for a minute, she looked back over her shoulder and realized that Miss Banks was standing next to a pants-less Chris, expectantly. Her teacher stared her down with crossed arms and a tapping toe.

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Miss Andrea?” she demanded.

Andrea looked back, confused and unsure what she was talking about. Sighing, Miss Banks lifted a finger and traced the outline of her immaculate, red lips before pointing to Chris’s erect penis. Realization dawned on Andrea and her mood darkened even further as she remembered that she was expected to prepare Chris to fuck her.

She spun around on her knees and Chris stepped up to her, his cock bobbing and striking her face, making her flinch. Tentatively taking his dick in her tiny hand, Andrea pulled it down to where her mouth could reach it and she wrapped her lips around it. Still pathetic at performing oral, Andrea was a far stretch from what Sunny had accomplished. Fuming at being made to kneel before Chris like some servant, Andrea bobbed her head, rigidly and in an uninspired manner. Her hand lightly rubbed up and down his remaining shaft as she had been chastised neglecting for in her first test, but it was without vigor or skill to speak of.

Chris didn’t care, though. He could tell that the stuck-up Andrea was hating this, and it made it all the sweeter to feel her mouth around him. He knew that no matter how pitiful her blowjob was, her pussy would be all his momentarily. Miss Banks, however, was not amused. Her eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed. She was about to open up and berate Andrea’s performance, but Chris acted first. Placing his palm on Andrea’s forehead, he pushed her away and spun her around all in one move, pushing her down until she fell to her elbows.

“That’s enough of that.” Chris sighed, dropping to a knee behind her.

Reaching beneath her skirt, he felt around her waist in a vague attempt to locate the hem of her undergarments. Andrea scowled as she felt him groping and feeling up her butt, but she bit back her anger. A thought coming to him, Chris faked frustration at not being able to locate the top of her stockings. Instead, his fingers grasped the fabric covering her crotch and, with a quick flick of his wrists, he tore the thin material, creating a large hole. Andrea gasped, indignantly, as her stocking were ruined by the brute behind her. She whirled her head around to glare at him over her shoulder, but a look from Miss Banks kept her quiet.

Chuckling to himself, Chris pulled her tiny panties to the side and slid his finger over her slit. To his further amusement, she was already moist down there. Despite her hatred of this treatment, she couldn’t hide what her body was saying, and it was saying that she liked it. Probing into her with his finger, Chris smirked when he heard her gasp, confirming his suspicions.

That was all the invitation he needed. Lining up his cock, he gave a few teasing prods at her lips. On the fourth poke, he kept going and sank his thick cock into her depths. Andrea yipped as he entered her, her tight walls spreading out around him. Inch after inch pushed into her, splitting her wide and making her groan. She had only ever experimented with her fingers and some assorted household items in the past. Chris was far, far bigger than any of those, and she felt it. She couldn’t see him, being in the humiliating position that she was in, but he felt positively enormous in her tight, little cunt. Every time she thought he had given her everything he had to give, he would push another inch past her lips, making her yelp.

Finally, Andrea felt his tip connect against her cervix and his groin press against her butt, signaling that he was fully inside of her. Andrea felt absolutely stuffed. She was a tiny girl at just five feet tall, and Chris had a truly big dick. She whimpered as he shifted around in her and pulled back, his thick length dragging along her slippery walls until just his bulbous head, which still felt large, was left in her. A cry left her lips as he drove back in, a bit speedier this time, until he smacked into the back of her pussy somewhere deep inside of her.

Andrea kartal eve gelen escort could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, despite her best efforts not to. Her cheeks flushed with shame at being put in this disgraceful, misogynistic position. Who in their right mind like being fucked like a dog? It’s so degrading! Well, Andrea found out that apparently her body like it, because she was drenched from the sensation of Chris’s cock sliding in and out of her. Within minutes, she was moaning like a kitten in heat.

She yelped as Chris’s hand wrapped itself in her hair, yanking her head backwards. How dare he! She wasn’t some piece of meat to treat however he wanted! Who did he think he was, pulling her hair like some toy for him to do as he pleased?! That was what the rational part of her mind was thinking. The lustful part, however, was currently overriding any rational thought, and she moaned and shrieked as he used the leverage gained from grabbing her hair to slam into her harder. Shuddering, she slipped over the edge and came.

This orgasm was far more intense than any she had achieved through solo masturbation. Her eyes rolled back, and she screamed loudly. Her arms went limp and she would have fallen forward, if not for the handful of hair that Chris had, holding her up by her brown locks. Andrea’s entire body shook and trembled, her cunt clenching and convulsing as Chris kept pounding into her, not giving her any respite during her mind-shattering climax. By the end of it, the proud and haughty Andrea was reduced to a drenched, drooling mess.

Even as her climax was winding down, Chris began to speed up. Her tight hole felt magnificent around him, especially when she was clenching down during orgasm. Eager to feel her tighten around him all over again, he grasped her hair more firmly, using it to pull her tiny body into his thrusts. Her lower lips gripped him all the way down to the base, physically encouraging him to drive his penis all the more quickly, which her obliged, groaning in satisfaction when he heard Andrea shriek.

Spurred on by Chris’s increased movements, Andrea’s second orgasm arrived less than a minute after the first one. She gasped and moaned, her eyes crossing and her tongue hanging out of her open mouth, dripping saliva down onto the blanket below. Her internal muscles fluttered and spasmed, tightening up her walls around him. She still couldn’t believe that she was cumming from being treated like nothing but a cock sleeve, but by now, her brain was way past processing that kind of moral dilemma. Instead, she was busy being overwhelmed by the wave of pleasure that was assaulting her consciousness and steadily driving her crazy.

Pushing Andrea’s skirt up onto her back, Chris gazed down at her toned rear. She didn’t have nearly as much volume to her butt as someone like Sunny or Samantha, but her ass jiggled deliciously with each collision of their hips. Raising his hand, Chris brought his palm down onto her stocking-clad ass, making a loud slap ring out through the classroom which was joined moments later by Andrea’s yelp. Her cheek stinging, Andrea shrieked again as she was spanked for the second time. Unable to vocalize her objections in her current state of mind, she just hung there in Chris’s grip as he rained down smack after smack onto her rear, drawing more squeaks and yips from her. It was humiliating! It was degrading! It was…incredible?

Andrea had been skeptical at best when Sunny had reached orgasm from being spanked by Miss Banks, but now she understood exactly what had taken place. The combination of Chris’s engorged cock pummeling into her along with a series of stinging slaps to her butt was a disgraceful yet somehow intoxicating mix. Each successive smack pushed her closer and closer to that third peak, something she had never expected to be possible with a man. After the sixteenth slap, Chris groaned as he felt Andrea tighten up around him again.

When orgasm number three struck Andrea, her mind dissolved into jello. She hung there, limply, nothing but putty in Chris’s hands, unable to talk or moan or even breathe as her climax tore through her. This was only heightened when she felt a hot rush of liquid splatter her insides, indicating the arrival of Chris’s own orgasm. He gripped her hair and waist tightly, holding her against him as he flooded her insides and painted her pussy white with his goo. Every spasm and clamp down of Andrea’s walls only served to milk an additional shot of jizz into her snug cunt, as it was biologically engineered to do. If not for their required birth control pills, she would definitely be knocked up several times over from the sheer amount cum that he spewed into her.

Andrea’s head slumped down onto the blanket when Chris released her hair, cross-eyed and cum drunk. Sighing contentedly, he let go of her hips and pulled out, leaving her frozen and shuddering in her face-down, ass up position. Accepting the towel from Miss Banks, Chris stood and wiped the collective fluids from his cock, drying himself off. Miss Banks walked around and bent over, peering down at Andrea’s blank expression, and glazed over eyes. Pulling the girl’s panties back in place to contain the cum before it leaked out and fixing her skirt so that her rear was covered, Miss Banks turned to Chris.

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