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tess rested her head against His leg with a soft sigh. Kneeling at His feet soothed her submissive spirit in a way like no other. she felt her smallest then and most definitely His. No matter how busy the evening was, Sir always spent some time having her kneel and pet her hair like she was a baby kitten. Sometimes They talked about the day, other times They sat in silence, enjoying the moment that was a daily affirmation of a shared bond. After, tess would go about her business as instructed while Sir worked or read. Other times she could feel His need to take control as if it was coming off Him in thick crimson waves. This was one of those times.

He stopped petting hair and wrapped it around His large hand, turning her face towards Him. she met His gaze and held the contact. A smile crept onto His face and her eyes jumped in His.

“What to do with a little slut like you? What shall I do?”

tess furrowed her brow wondering if she should come up with an answer to such a loaded question. He chuckled.

“Don’t worry, slave. I have a few ideas.”

she lowered her eyes then as He released her hair and stood towering over her. she heard Him fumbling with something in His pocket before He spoke.

“Am I a fair Man, tess?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Indeed. So this is how it will work, I will flip a coin. If it lands tails up I will beat that pretty little ass of yours until you run out of tears before I fuck my property. If it lands heads up you will get your pussy licked until I suck all the juices from you before I make love to My girl. Fair enough?”

tess gulped. Oh god. she loved when He went between her thighs and played her clit with His tongue like a serpent. she was still sore from the last spanking and knew she would not last long if that was to be her fate. The tears would come too soon and she worried about disappointing Him. she had never wished kuşadası escort to see a dead President more than at that moment.

“That sounds most fair, Sir.”

He tossed the coin in the air and it hit the floor spinning a few times before landing flat.

“Well, slut. What is your fate?”

tess peeked down and her entire face lit up. she swallowed.

“Heads, Sir.”

“Ah. Shall We try for two out of three?”

tess’s body tensed and that laugh made its way to her ears yet again.

“Go get on the bed, slut. Be open and ready.”

she moved to stand.

“Crawl, tess. It is not that far.”

she crawled to the room and moved onto the bed. she put a pillow under her ass and opened her silky thighs open as wide as she could. It felt like an eternity before He came through the door. He had shed His clothes and stood naked before her. her eyes drank Him in from head to toe. He was her Sir. He was the only One who could make her slut come out and play. He was the only One she trusted to hurt her like she craved to be hurt. He was her Everything.

“Look at My slut. you need it bad, don’t you tess?”

He loved making her admit it. she knew he loved the flush that came over her face as she struggled to bring the words forth.

“Yes, Sir. Your slut needs it bad.”

“What do You need?”

she was so exposed. It was not just her wet cunt that He could see. He could see past her eyes and into her mind…her heart.

“i need to cum for You, please. i need Your mouth on me.”

“On you?”

“i want it on my cunt, Sir. i want Your tongue in my cunt.”

He moved to the bed and ran His finger up the inside of one thigh. He reached to the nightstand and retrieved two green plastic clothespins. He moved between her thighs and knelt. He opened and closed the clothespin in His fingers a few times kuşadası escort bayan while her eyes widened. Without a word He pinched the pin down on her labia, His eyes watching for a reaction. she whimpered and chewed down on her lip. He attached the second pin on the other side. she groaned at that one.

He leaned in and pulled on the clothespins, opening her sex wide as He examined her. she fought to hold position as both the embarrassment of being so closely scrutinized meshed with a vice like pain on her tender private parts. He pulled wider and she cried out.

“Hurt, girl?”

“A bit, Sir.”

“Good. Why do I hurt you when I make you cum, tess?”

she couldn’t believe He was talking to her so calmly while her inner frenzy built by the second.

“Because You want me to love the pain, Sir. You want me to associate it with pleasure.”

“Very good, slut.’

He lowered His mouth and extended His tongue. Still holding her open with the clothespins, He flattened His tongue and licked from the bottom of her soaking wet slit up to the clit and then flicked it. A rush went though her and she gripped onto the sheets. He alternated again and again. First a pull on the pins, then a lick and a flick. she didn’t know if she could fight off a cum that was racing to be released.







she was moaning now. her throat vibrated as the husky tones crept up her throat and seeped into the otherwise quiet room.





He barely lifted His mouth from her and pulled on the pins again. her plea came out in something that resembled the English language.

“Sir…girl…now…cum…please…now now.”


He moved to her cunt again and thrust His tongue inside of her. He pushed it in and out like escort kuşadası a piston and tess panted and gasped.

“Have to…can’t…no…hold…no hold it….oh god.”

He ripped both pins off at the same time and growled.


He then sucked her clit into His mouth and pressed His teeth down on the throbbing nub.

tess screamed as it came and she entered a new reality. she was in a place where feelings were colors. she could feel the red being jerked from her body as a deep purple washed over her wet cunt. blues and greens swirled through her core and she radiated a blindingly bright yellow. she wished she could live here forever, but just as she moved to the pure glowing white, she began her descent. He brought her back to Him by sliding His hard shaft into her and cupping her head in His hands.

“Touch Me, little one. Touch Me.”

she ran her hands down His back, over His shoulders. her legs curled around His hips as He slowly thrust in and out, bringing His girl home. her tear filled eyes met his lust filled ones and They made love. Hands roamed and played, mouths met in deep kisses, moans and groans made sweet music. He picked up the pace and she knew just what to do. Taking a deep breath she clenched her pussy walls as tight as she could and was rewarded with a growl a grizzly bear would envy. He pumped His seed deep inside her, bathing her cervix with His hot cream. They held each other…panting…glowing from being so in tune. He rolled off her and pulled her close, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“Happy, tess?”

“Very, Sir.”

After a few minutes He spoke again.

“Bring Me that coin, tess. you may walk.”

tess stood gingerly and went to fetch it. she returned and He nodded, letting her know she may come onto the bed with Him. she held the coin out to her Sir. He laughed that laugh all Dominants must be born with.

“No, tess. Look at it.”

tess gazed down at good old George before flipping the coin and seeing Him on the other side as well!! she giggled madly and He pulled her close.

“Am I a fair Man, tess?”

“More than fair, Sir. You are more than fair.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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