Helen’s Tale

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Author’s Note: Since I’m not built for it, I needed help explaining what a woman would feel being penetrated by a massive cock. When one of my FWB’s proofread my story about the Sunrise Club, she mentioned the she once had the chance to try a really big cock. Aside from the tale of the Sunrise Club members and the game they played, the actual joining of Helen and Bill is her story of how she did it.

She wants to remain anonymous, so I can’t mention her name or user name on the site. But she gets all the credit for Helen’s coupling with Bill and providing the feminine point of view to the story.


Hi, Everyone. Helen, here, from the Sunrise Club. I get to tell a little tale of my own. I don’t know if you remember us telling you about Bill Elchter, one of the regular members of the club. Bill has a member that is 10 inches long, soft, and it gets longer when it’s hard. This story is about how I got to ride it.

Joe and I have made a lot of friends after joining the Sunrise Club. While the sex is a lot of fun, some of the friendships have gone much deeper. Since we’ve joined, we’ve been invited to dinners, parties, and the occasional swing sessions afterwards. We’ve had many other members come over to our bungalow for the same reasons.

After our third Sunrise Club gathering and a few house parties, we finally got to meet and play with Bill and Wanda Elchter. We got together with them at a dinner party with Dan and Gloria. Dan is the de-facto president of the club – mostly because no one else wants it. Gloria is one of the few women who make a point out of hooking up with Bill at the club sessions.

Every dinner or get together we’ve had at Dan and Gloria’s house has ended up in a swap session. Those two are just insatiable. The one time we had them at our house for cards; it wound up being games of strip poker and swapping afterwards. Dan promised an interesting game after the dinner this evening.

So, I knew I had better be ready. I usually stay pretty plain vanilla in my choice of underwear, but I had been shopping with Sue the week before and splurged on some transparent lacy things in red and purple. Joe hadn’t even seen them yet. I picked the purple set to wear that night, under a simple pale pink strappy shift that only came halfway down to my knees. I did opt for my purple strapped 3-inch heels which made me just as tall as Joe. Joe wore his usual white Docker shorts and Hawaiian shirt and sandals.

Since Dan’s house was only a block away, we decided to walk. It was a nice evening, with a light breeze and we could wave at friends as we passed. As we got to the corner, Bill and Wanda came up.

“Hey, guys,” said Bill, “Where are you off to this fine evening?”

“Dinner with Dan and Gloria.” said Joe.

“Great!” said Bill, “We’re on our way there too. What do you think Dan has planned for this evening?”

Wanda fell in step with me. “Lord knows what goes on in Dan’s devious mind.” she said. “It’s always something different when he’s planning the games.”

Wanda had on a cute tank top and shorts outfit with a light sweater over her shoulders. Even through the sweater, I could tell there was no bra under that tank top. Bill was dressed almost like Joe except he wore long white duck trousers instead of shorts.

“That’s the truth.” I said. “We’ve always had interesting times at their house.

By that time we were walking up Dan and Gloria’s sidewalk. Gloria suddenly appeared at the gate in the fence around their backyard. “I thought I heard someone out here.” she said. “Come on around here. Dan’s getting the steaks on the grill and I’m fixing some cocktails.”

We walked around through the gate into their back yard and to the patio. Dan had the grill smoking and we could hear and smell the steaks. Gloria had a pitcher of drinks sitting on the table with some glasses. She was dropping ice cubes in the glasses and arranging some small bowls of berries and chopped fruits.


“Ok, Glory,” Bill said. “What’s in this mix?” “It’s just a White Rum Mojito mix.” she said. “Pick your fruit and fill your glass.” I picked some mango and kiwi pieces and Bill filled my glass to the brim.

“Whoa, there,” I said, “I’d like to stay in full control of my faculties, tonight.”

Dan laughed. “Yep,” he said, “She’s in control right up to the last few minutes – then – Wow!” I threw an ice cube at him.

Joe and Bill got their drinks and walked over to where Dan was tending grill. Then began the age old discussion of how to tell when a steak was done correctly or not.

Wanda, Gloria and I went into the kitchen where we pitched in to help Gloria get the rest of the dinner ready. I was put on potato washing detail. Once I had them cleaned, I put them in the microwave for their initial baking.

“What’s Dan got planned for tonight?” asked Wanda.

“All I know is he brought home three of the workout benches from the club and set them up in a triangle in the den. Who knows what devious plan he has set up for tonight?”

Wanda Bycasino slipped her sweater off her shoulders and hung it over a chair back. “Well,” she said, “I’m ready for almost any silly game your husband can dream up.” Gloria and I looked at her and saw that her nipples were very prominent under the tank top.

“Girl,” said Gloria, “Put those things away for a while and toss the salad, will you?” All three of us broke into giggles.

About then the microwave beeped that the potatoes were ready for the grill. I pulled them out into a bowl and walked them out to Dan. As Dan put them on the grill to finish baking, Joe snuck up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me back into him. I wiggled my tail against his crotch as he gave me a couple of kisses on the neck.

“Unhand me, heathen,” I said. “I’m a working girl and I need to get back to it if you want something besides steak to eat tonight.” He chuckled, patted my ass and let go of me. I put a little bit of extra wiggle in my walk back into the kitchen. One of the men let out a wolf whistle, but I didn’t turn to see who it was.

“Trying to start the games early?” asked Gloria, as I walked back into the kitchen. “Nope,” I said, “Just letting my husband know I was going home with him tonight.” At that we started giggling again.

Wanda picked up the tray with the bowl of salad and bottles of dressings and carried it out to the picnic table on the deck.

Gloria pointed me to a crock pot sitting on the counter with a ladle lying beside it. I lifted the lid and smelled some delicious looking BBQ beans. I stuck the ladle in the pot and stirred them up a little, then unplugged it and carried out to the picnic table. Gloria followed me out with a basket of mixed rolls.

“Hey, Master Chef,” called Gloria, “Where’s the beef?”

“Coming right up!” answered Dan, taking steaks off the grill and putting them in a platter. “Someone get the spuds and veggies.” Joe took the bowl and tongs and started pulling potatoes out of the grill rack and Bill took the steamer basket of veggies off the burner. We all gathered our drinks and sat at the table.

Dan stood at the head of the table, holding his drink up. “My friends,” he said. “Here’s to good food and better sex.”

“Yea, Here, Here,” we all chorused.

Dan sat and started passing food around. It was an absolutely delicious dinner. We chatted about the latest community gossip and what DJ we should get for the next Sunrise Club get together. Gloria had to go into the house to get another pitcher of her Mojito mix.

Finally, after the last of the food disappeared, the men helped Dan get his grill cleaned and put away and Wanda and I helped Gloria get the dishes into the kitchen and into her dishwasher.

We were chatting and finishing our drinks when the men came in from the patio.

“Folks,” said Dan, “Let’s retire to the den for the evening’s entertainment.”

“Sheesh,” said Wanda to Bill. “He sounds like he’s hired some strippers or something.”

We all followed Dan and Gloria into their den. There, I saw what Gloria had been talking about. Dan had three of the workout benches, from the club, arranged in a triangle. Dan walked over by his stereo set and turned it on. He took the remote control and brought it back with him.

“Ok,” he said “The name of the game is musical benches, but no one is ever out. The music is on a programmed timer.” He clicked the remote and some Latin dance music came from the speakers. He clicked the remote again to stop the music.

“Once I start the music, it will play for some time between 45 seconds and a minute. We’ll start with the women sitting on the benches – one woman per bench. When I click the remote and the music starts, the men will walk around the triangle. When the music stops, each man will sit on the bench he is next to. Sitting time is three minutes for the first three or four stops. Then for the next few stops it will increase to four minutes, then five minutes, then six minutes, and so on.”

“During the sitting time each man must remove one piece of the woman’s clothes and the woman must remove one piece of the man’s clothes. If you have time after removing the clothing, you can fool around as you wish. When the sitting time is up, the music will start and, this time, the women will walk around the triangle. When the music stops they will sit at which ever bench they are next to. Again, remove one piece of each other’s clothing and fool around til the music starts again.

“We’ll alternate men, women, men women, until everyone is sitting with someone not their spouse and you are naked. Remember, as the game goes on, the sitting times will increase which gives you more fool around time. Once you are naked, on a bench with a naked partner that is your partner for the evening. All right? Let’s have fun with this.”

“My God,” I said to the other women. “He does have a devious mind. Where does he get all these ideas?” That started us all to giggling, Bycasino giriş again.

“Ladies,” said Joe, shaking his head and laughing. “I think you need to pick your bench.”

We women picked our benches and sat down. Joe came and stood before me, so Bill stood in front of Wanda and Dan stood by Gloria. Dan asked, “Are we ready?” We all chorused our agreement and he clicked the remote to start the music.

The men walked around the triangle and when the music stopped, Bill sat down beside me. He leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and then knelt in from of me and started to unbuckle my shoes. As he did that, I reached down his front and started unbuttoning his shirt. When he finished undoing the straps he took my shoes off my feet and set them on the inside of the triangle. As he rose I was able to get the last couple of buttons on his shirt and stripped it off his shoulders.

Bill was pretty fit. I knew he worked out regularly. I figured he would be fun to play with, but I wasn’t really looking for him to be my partner that night. His cock is gigantic. I know it is at least nine inches long soft.

As he sat on the bench again, he literally reached over, picked me up, and sat me on his lap. He then began to gently nuzzle my neck and nibble at my earlobes – a definite turn on for this lady. I enjoyed the attention and ran my fingernails around his chest circling his nipples and providing some soft moans and gasps in gratitude. Then the music started.

I got up and walked around the triangle with the other women. When the music stopped I was standing next to Joe. That meant Wanda was with Bill and Gloria with Dan.

Dan said, “At this stage, it’s OK if you wind up with your spouse. It is just the final partners can’t be married to each other.”

So I sat on Joe’s lap, facing him. He still had his shirt on. I leaned in and gave him a soul searching kiss and started unbuttoning his shirt. He moaned into the kiss and slid his hands up my legs under my dress and hooked his fingers in my panties. As I pulled his shirt off his shoulders, he pulled my panties down over my hips. I had to stand so he could get my panties down my legs. As I did I watched Dan pull Gloria’s capris down her legs, leaving her in a thong. While Bill was lifting Wanda’s tank top over her head.

I sat back on Joe’s lap and started to grind my bare pussy against his crotch. Unfortunately, I was starting to get wet and was leaving a mark, but I was getting a rise out of him. And then the music started again. Joe got up and joined Dan and Bill walking around the benches.

When the music stopped, Dan dropped to his knees in front of me. He ran his hands up my legs, pushing up the skirt of my dress and causing me to rise to get the dress out from under me. He continued pushing up lifting the entire dress from my body. I lifted my arms and he pushed the entire thing over my head and into the area between the benches. All he was wearing was his thongs under wear and his sandals, so I took pity on him. While he was standing, I bent down and removed his sandals. After he stepped out of them, he sat down beside me, leaned in and nuzzled my neck, nibbling on my ear lobes. His hand trailed up the inside of my leg and his fingers started a gentle rub around my clitoris. I just lay back and enjoyed the sensations. To soon the music started again. So, I got up and joined Wanda and Gloria in our trek around the benches.

When the music stopped, I was standing in front of Bill. All I had left was my lacy bra and all he had left was his sandals. His massive cock was standing straight out from his lap. I knelt in front of him and removed his sandals. He helped me stand up and reach around me to unfasten my bra. As he wrapped his arms around me, his massive rod poked into my stomach and I reached down to lift it so it slid up my body, the head of it almost nestling in between my breasts.

He stepped back, pulling my bra down my arms and dropping it inside the benches. He then sat and gently pulled me to his lap, straddling his legs, with that big cock between us. Even sitting he had to lean his head down to kiss me and – Wow – what a kiss that was. I reached between us with both hands to feel and stroke his member.

About that time Gloria spoke up. “Helen, if you want, we can each move to our left one more bench. That will place me with Bill, you with Dan and Wanda with Joe.”

“I broke the kiss long enough to say, “Thank you but, just let me play with this for a while. I’ll let you know if I need help.”

I leaned back into his kiss and wrapped both my hands around his cock. I could intertwine the tips of my fingers but my thumbnails were barely touching. As we broke the kiss again and he started little kisses all over my face and neck, I began stroking the massive rod. I let my hands gently slide all the way up to the head and rub it a little, and then slide all the way to the base where I caressed his balls with one hand.

Bill groaned and pushed me back so he Bycasino güncel giriş could kiss down my chest to my breasts. As he kissed and sucked gently on one nipple, he tweaked the other with his fingertips. He alternated back and forth between them as I continued to play with his cock. It seemed like it was growing even more within my hands.

He suddenly wrapped one arm under my butt and stood. It was so sudden, that I let out a little squeal. I watched as both Joe and Gloria snapped their heads around to look at me. But, Bill gently laid me down on the bench, backed off a little and then leaned into my crotch and went to work on my already dripping pussy. His tongue was gently lapping up and down. He would just let the tip of his tongue teasingly pick at my clitoris and then lap down again to rim around my anus. As erotic as it felt I was afraid he might want to put that massive rod into my anal canal which would definitely tear me wide open.

I sat up and pushed him away from me onto his back. Then I got up and straddled his head, and squatted so he had access to my pussy again, and I had access to that oversized cock. As his tongue went back to work sending thrills through my body, I tried to titillate the head of the beast that was staring me in the face. As stroked it with my hands and licked all over the head. I leaned into it trying to get my lips around it, but couldn’t get past the head. He was leaking pre-cum like crazy and I licked it up and used it as lube to stroke him.

His tongue was driving me to my first climax, but then he inserted on finger into me. Even his hands were large and it felt almost like a small cock, but he started caressing my g-spot in a way that no cock could do. And that was the trigger – I came – Hard! I had my lips around the head of his cock so my scream was muffled. But my legs just collapsed which pushed my pussy down on his mouth and finger. I’m a bit of a squirter, and I was afraid I’d drown him. But he pushed me up a little bit to get some air and got pussy juice all over his face.

I came down enough to push up off him and turn around straddling his waist as I leaned over to kiss him and lick his face clean of juices.

“You poor baby,” I said softly. “I didn’t mean to drench you so.”

“You are simply delicious.” He answered. “I can suffer more of that.”

I lifted myself so my pussy was riding on his cock and started a gentle rocking motion. As my pussy slid up and down his cock, I whispered in his ear, “I have to take care of this thing somehow. I can’t have all the fun. I need to try this.”

With that I slid up so the head of his cock was nestled against my pussy lips and I started to slid back down, which pushed the head of his cock into my pussy, just a little bit. I was so wet and slick I thought I might be able to get some of it in.

As I was wiggling he grabbed my ass and held it. “Helen,” He said softly, “You don’t have to do this. Please, be careful. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I kissed him a couple of times and said, “Sshhh, let me play.”

As I kissed him, hard, I started my rocking motion again, pushing my pussy against the head of his rod. I was so wet that it only took a few moments before the head was sliding in and out of me. I kept rocking and pushing and soon felt a pop and a sharp pain, and his head was entirely in my sopping hole. But with that pain, I had to stop for a bit.

“My god you are so big.” I said.

“And you are so fucking tight.” He answered. “Are you sure you’re OK? Take it easy.”

“It hurt a little bit there, but that’s going away,” I said. And it was. As full as I felt, the pain was almost gone. So I started my rocking motion again. All this time Bill was kissing my lips, face neck, and ears. My movements were slowly driving his cock deeper into me. God he was so thick, I felt like there was a log sliding in and out of me. But that thickness brought thrills that I had never had before. My g-spot was under constant stimulation and I was having so many mini-orgasms, I had no problem staying lubed for him.

I finally pushed myself up and back letting his massive bulk slide all the way to my cervix. With the head pushing against my cervix, I looked down and saw that he only had about two thirds of his cock in me, but it was all that I could take. I pushed up and let myself drop on the beast again. I let out a groan as I felt the head hit my cervix again.

“OMIGOD!” I heard Gloria yell. I looked over and she was staring at me with eyes and mouth wide open. It didn’t stop her from bouncing up and down on my husband’s cock, though. “Wanda, Helen’s taking Bill,” she yelled.

Wanda was lying under Dan and bent her head so she was looking at me upside down. Her eyes got wide as she watched me on another upstroke. Bill was holding me up by my butt and was starting to thrust up a little. “Helen, Baby,” he said, “I’m awful close.”

With that I sped up a little but shortened my strokes so I wasn’t thrusting so deep but giving him more friction. I was going to take him to completion tonight if it crippled me. All told, speeding up just increased the thrills his veined cock was giving my g-spot. I wasn’t going deep enough for my clitoris to get any action except for the stretching of my labia around his rod.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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