Helping Grandma’s Friend

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The senior citizen who was trying to keep the ladder steady was a tall and slender sliver haired woman who would have been hard-pressed to do much to stop it if the ladder tipped, but Martha Twigg wanted to help the lad who was putting boxes up into the attic for her.

The young fellow on the ladder was the grandson of Martha’s best friend Priscilla, who had passed a few months ago. Martha knew Jimmy had been of great comfort to his grandmother, and when she decided she needed some work done around the house she thought of the student, and Martha was pleased when Jimmy said he would be happy to help.

Martha had met the lad a few years ago, but he didn’t look much differently than he had. Jimmy was slight and since Martha was almost a head taller he couldn’t be more than 5’3″. Martha did remember her dear friend saying Jimmy was sensitive about his height so she said nothing, but it was hard to fathom that he was now a college student. Then again, some of the things the late Priscilla Miller had told her about the lad were also hard to believe.

“Do you have it, Jimmy?” Martha asked when the ladder wobbled a bit as the student reached up, and even though Jimmy said he was fine she had instinctively grabbed his calf.

The feel of the strawberry blonde hair on Jimmy’s legs made the elderly woman’s heart race a bit, and she found herself rubbing his calf softly until she looked up and saw him looking down at her.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “Daydreaming a little I guess. My late husband, rest his soul, he had hairy legs too.”

“It’s okay,” Jimmy replied, and when he saw that Mrs. Twigg’s eyes had been diverted to his gym shorts which were unable to hide the effects of the senior’s touch, he knew that his suspicions were correct. “I’ve pushed the boxes back as far as I can.”

“That’s splendid, honey,” Martha announced as Jimmy came down from the ladder. “The next time my son comes east to visit he can go through the things and decide what he wants. I bet you could use a drink of something. Ginger ale maybe, or water?

“Water’s fine Mrs. Twigg,” Jimmy said as he followed the widow to the kitchen, and after she gave him the drink he leaned back against the sink.

“You must be tired,” Martha sighed.

“No ma’am. I’m fine.”

“I declare that when you first got here, I was afraid that the boxes I wanted you to move would be too heavy because you’re rather…”

“Small. I know I’m 5’3”.

“No, I was thinking of the word slight,” Martha said quickly, “but once you started working and I saw how strong you are – you must work out a lot.”

“Played soccer in school.”

“That, plus having to chase the girls,” Martha mused aloud. “Although I suspect the girls do most of the chasing because you’re so cute. I wouldn’t be too concerned about your height because you’re probably still a growing boy.”

“I’m going to be 19 soon.”

Oh. That’s right. Well, I so appreciate your help,” Martha said as she reached on top of the refrigerator for her wallet.

“No thank you, Mrs. Twigg. That isn’t necessary.”

“Well I must give you something, Jimmy.”

“I’ll be glad to take what I came up for.”

“Uh – what do you mean, honey?” Martha asked as Jimmy moved closer to her.

“I’m sure my Grandma told you about me,” Jimmy said with a grin.

“Why, she always said how kind you were and how willing you were to help her.”

“I have a feeling she told you more than that,” Jimmy snickered as he moved closer, and the senior citizen found herself with her back to the refrigerator. as he put his hands up onto her slender shoulders. “It’s okay. I have a feeling I know what she told you. It’s probably why you called me.”


“It’s okay. Tell me what she said,” Jimmy pressed as he rubbed her shoulders, and as the lad kept his eyes locked onto hers she weakened.

“Your grandmother told me that you had – you enjoyed the company of older ladies,” Martha admitted.

“True. Girls my age are silly and only care about rap music and the Kardashians. And what else?”

“She said that you were.,” Martha said as she searched for words before blurting out, “she said you were an amazing lover.”

“Anything else, Mrs. Twigg?”

“She had you were – very well endowed.”

“My Grandma said that? Doesn’t sound like her,” Jimmy cracked as he looked up Gaziantep Gecelik Escort to Mrs. Twigg.

“No. What she said was that you had a very large penis,” she corrected herself and after he raised an eyebrow she amended that statement as well. “Cock. She said you had a big cock.”

“There. Now that wasn’t too difficult, was it?”

“Didn’t want you to think I was, you know,” Martha said, gasping when Jimmy’s hands slid down from her shoulders to her breasts which hung unsupported under her blouse.

“No bra. Didn’t think so,” he declared as he kneaded the pliant little hangers. “You didn’t want me to think what? That you were just like my Grandma?”

“Yes,” Martha said as her wobbly knees struggled to hold her up as her breasts were mauled. “I am like her. Worse even. I’m very nasty. When I got married even though my husband was older I was much more – experienced? My late husband used to say that there was nothing I wouldn’t do.”

“That’s not a bad thing. You could have just told me why you wanted me to be here when you called.”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t find me attractive. I am 71.”

“Quite the contrary. You look a little like Mrs. Brady from that old show. A taller version, and I think like her you’re sexy too,” Jimmy explained, and as he took one hand from her breast and brought her hand down he concluded, “But talk is cheap.”

“My word,” Martha gasped when Jimmy pushed her hand onto the bulge that was threatening to tear through the fabric of his shorts.

“If you don’t take me to your bedroom I’m going to do you right on the kitchen table,” the teen hissed in Martha’s ear, and so on unsteady legs his grandmother’s friend took him down the hall.


“Sorry. I didn’t make the bed,” Martha said as she closed the door behind her guest and locked it for whatever reason, but Jimmy’s answer was to lean the taller woman against the door and kiss her hard before stepping back a bit and unbuttoning her baggy blouse. “The window. Can I close the curtains?”

“Nobody in your yard to see us, and so what if they did? Besides,” Jimmy concluded as he peeled the blouse off the widow’s bony shoulders and cast it aside, “I wouldn’t be able to see. Great nipples.”

Jimmy grabbed the thick pinkish pegs and gently twisted them, causing Martha to moan and grab her scalp in her hands. The lad glanced over and smiled when he saw the modest spray of light brown hairs that sprouted from the deep hollows of her armpits. Martha saw what he was looked at and blushed while apologizing, but by then Jimmy’s was leaning over and kissing the lavender scented underarm, even flattening the hairs against her skin with her tongue.

“Oh!” the senior moaned as she shivered from the affection as well as from her slacks and panties being forced down and his hand exploring.

“You’ve got a hairy pussy Mrs. Twigg,” Jimmy growled as he nibbled on her collarbone. “I like that a lot.”

The young man raked his fingers through the sliver and brown triangle of hair, which was not as dense as it once was but spread high and wide over her delta, and when his hand slid over her very prominent labia he whispered, “You’re wet. Really wet.”

Jimmy carefully helped the widow over to the bed, and after sitting her on the edge of the mattress, bent over and pulled her slacks and panties from around her ankles. As he straightened up he let his hands slide up Martha’s reed-thin legs, which were smooth and nicely shaped, and then he stood in front of the woman and peeled his shirt off before easing his shorts down from around his erection.

Jimmy’s erection swayed in front of Martha, and while the circumcised organ was of normal thickness, the length of his cock was outrageous, especially considering the slight body it was attached to. Martha took a deep breath before raising her wrinkled right hand up and wrapping it around the shaft, and after bringing her left hand up as well, leaned forward and took the rest of his manhood in her mouth.

The silver haired senior moved her lips up and down the end of the teen’s cock, paying special attention to the mushroom head as her fists spun on the shaft, and the loner Martha sucked the more frenetic she became. Soon she took one hand away and began moving her lips father and farther down, her slurping sounds echoing in the bedroom.

“Like riding a bike, huh Mrs. Twigg?” Jimmy noted as he brushed her silver hair away so he could watch, seeing the traces of Martha’s lipstick on his member, and the widow looked up but didn’t answer.

“Got to have you,” Jimmy announced as he pulled his swollen cock away from her, and after helping her move back on the bed, parted her pale thighs and knelt between them before bringing the head up between her puffy labia.

“Ooh!” Martha exclaimed as she looked down and saw her young lover rubbing the head of his manhood up and down her opening without putting it in. “Please – just be gentle.”

“I’ll try,” Jimmy said just as he dipped the crown in, and as he eased himself into the senior she writhed in the bedding, clawing at the sheets as he slowly went deep inside of her and then pulled out just as slowly.

“So good,” Martha cried as Jimmy began moving in and out faster, and soon he was thrusting deep and hard while the widow’s eyes rolled back in her head.

“Going to…” Martha almost screamed as she came, and Jimmy didn’t stop until her frail body stopped shaking.

“Oh honey that was so…” Martha started to say when Jimmy pulled out and hovered over her, but when she saw he was still erect and she was just being shifted around she let him move her as he pleased.

Jimmy took her from so many angles she was left dizzy, and although her body ached and her sex was stretched she wouldn’t have stopped him even if she could have. When he finally came deep inside of her the warmth of his seed soothed her ravaged insides and she looked up and felt his sweat dripping down onto her.

“Did you cum?” Jimmy asked as he knelt over her, his long weapon flaccid and spent, but Martha knew he was kidding because he knew she had at least two and maybe three orgasms.

Martha smiled and accepted his offer of a glass of water, and when he walked out of the room with his little pale butt wiggling the senior knew that no matter how sore she happened to be, she wanted more.


A couple of hours later the sun was going down while the two lovers rested in a bed that was damp with sweat and fluids. Martha was at Jimmy’s side as he reclined on his back with his hands locked behind his head. The silver-haired senior was playing with the teen’s very limp cock, flopping it from side to side before sliding up and nibbling the salty golden hairs under his arm.

“I thought you said you were so sore you couldn’t move,” Jimmy reminded her.

“I am but there’s other stuff we can do.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“Well,” Martha said and then whispered in the lad’s ear, “how about if you take me anally?”


“I told you at the start I was nasty,” Martha giggled while climbing off the bed and rummaging through the night table before pulling out a tube of lubricant and a small, slim beige dildo.

“What’s that for?” Jimmy asked as he watched Martha rub lube up and down the plastic dick.

“I’m going to sort of prime myself for you while I get you hard again,” the senior declared as she lifted a foot onto the mattress and reached under, sliding the dildo into her anus to the hilt, and when she was done she told the teen. “Roll over and get up on all fours.”

“That’s it. Raise your butt a little higher for me.”

“Like this?”

“Perfect,” she said as she climbed behind him, and after a minute or so Jimmy asked her what she was doing.

“Just admiring the view,” Martha said with a chuckle but that was just what she had been doing as she looked at Jimmy’s dangling balls and his long cock hanging down near the bedding before bending down behind him.

Jimmy sighed when she felt the elderly woman’s hand churning his balls, and then she moved her hand to grasp his cock and started to pull.

“I grew up on a farm,” Martha said, making the lad laugh. “Now spread them. Farther.”

“Omigod!” Jimmy called out when he felt Martha’s face press between his butt cheeks and her tongue swabbing his puckered ring.

Martha’s fist milked Jimmy’s cock while her tongue danced around his anus, even poking the tip of it into him, and she soon felt the limp penis begin to surge in her grasp. This all made the widow even more frantic, so much so that the lad had to squirm away before he came.

“Now you,” Jimmy instructed as he helped the skinny lady get on all fours, finally turning her around so they were facing the foot of the bed and the dresser by the wall, and he extracted the dildo which was buried deep into her.

“There,” Jimmy said as he took Martha’s scalp in his hand and raised her head so she could see their reflection in the mirror. “Now you can see how nasty you are.”

The teen put his overly lubed tool at the puckered ring and pushed into what felt like a keyhole. As he pushed in he looked at their reflection in the mirror and saw Martha’s eyes rolled back in her head.

“You’re so tight Mrs. Twigg,” he groaned as his swollen tool slid deep into her rectum.

What Martha said in response Jimmy couldn’t make out but by then he was thrusting into her hard and fast. He saw her little hangers flopping under her wildly so he reached around and grabbed the slippery tubes while continuing to hump. She was so snug that Jimmy knew he wouldn’t last long and he was correct.

He announced loudly that he was cumming and then began spurting his seed deep into Martha’s bowels. Her arms gave out about that time so that left her pale butt in the air as he slid in and out a few times before he went limp. Only then did he pull his fleshy probe out of her, and after he did he scrambled off the bed and raced around to check on Martha.

“You okay?” Jimmy asked breathlessly, and Martha opened her eyes and nodded weakly.

“Never better.”


Jimmy took a quick shower and when he stepped out Martha was waiting with a towel, drying him tenderly and enjoying every minute. When they returned to the bedroom Martha recoiled at the sight of the room, with the mattress partly off the box spring and the sheets in a hopeless state. She yanked all the bedding off and took fresh things out of the drawer.

“I can help,” Jimmy offered, and Martha took him up on that since her body was aching.

Together they made quick work of the task, and after Martha looked approvingly at the lad’s work she kicked the soiled sheets in the corner to be dealt with tomorrow.

“Thank you for the help, honey,” Martha said as she gave her helper a squeeze. “Your grandmother – she loved you so much. I can see why.”

“I miss her.” the teen admitted.

“Me too,” the widow agreed.

“Do you mind me asking, Mrs. Twigg? I got the impression that you and my Grandma were… never mind. None of my business.”

“Now will you come visit me when you come home between semesters?” Martha asked, grateful that he didn’t pursue that. “Even if it’s just to say hi?”

“Of course, but I think I would like to do more than say hi.”

“Great. I should have recovered by then.”

“Let me just use the bathroom before I go,” Jimmy asked, but Martha cut in ahead of him.

“Really have to go.”

“Good,” Martha said as she very gingerly climbed into the tub and knelt down.

“Want me to stay to make sure you don’t fall?”

“Of course not. What I would like you to do is help me take something off my bucket list.”


“Come closer,” Martha asked, and when he did the senior reached over and pulled down his zipper and reached into extract his cock. “Ever do this before?”

“Do what?” Jimmy asked.

“Aim right here,” Martha said as she touched her collarbone. “I’ll take care of the rest.”

“You mean you want me to…”

“Never did it before?”


“Just let her rip.”

“Geez,” the lad said as he stretched and wiggled himself in an effort to go. ” I do have to go.”

“I know,” Martha said with a smile. “Just relax.”

“Here comes,” Jimmy grunted, and then a little trickle of urine came out before a torrent of urine sprayed over Martha, who seemed to revel in letting the hot amber cascade over her chest, and after she moved closer. her face got hosed down.

“Done,” Jimmy declared as he shook her cock dry before putting it away.

“Thank you honey. Like I said before, I am nasty. Hope I didn’t gross you out.”

“No, actually once it started and I saw how you were enjoying it I liked doing it,” the lad admitted. “Maybe when I come back I’ll try it the other way.”

“Deal,” Martha chirped. “You don’t have to kiss me goodbye but thank you for a wonderful day, and night. Enjoy school, and the girls too.”

“Thank you Mrs.,” Jimmy said and then paused before finishing. “I mean Martha. I think I’ll pass on the students and look for my kind of professors instead.”


thank you for reading

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