Helping to Make a Bigger Family

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Over a year and a half ago, my wife helped carry my step-daughters baby. My step-daughter could not carry and my wife helped her. But not in the normal way. Instead of seeking out doctors to help. My wife convinced me to allow her to have sex with my son in law Jake. I guess I should back up and tell you how this came about.

My wife and I have shared our sex lives openly. I have shared my wife Karen many times over the years. It has spiced up our sex lives greatly. And god knows, having a bad heart myself. It makes it easier on me knowing that my wife is still getting all the action she can handle without giving me a heart attack.

Any way, things went great giving my step-daughter her own baby. My wife Karen was so proud. It also turns out that my wife enjoyed getting fucked like crazy by our son in law Jake. Jake is a young country boy. All he wants to do is stick his cock inside of a lady and blast her full of cum. Jake didn’t care about pleasing my wife. He just wanted to bust his nuts inside of her. Which was okay with my wife.

Any way it has been a whole year and half now since my wife gave them a baby girl. and everything was great. It was late at night and Karen said she wanted to talk to my upstairs in the bedroom. I ask if everything was okay and she said yes. So I followed her up into the bedroom and we both undressed for bed. We cuddled for a few minutes. I kissed her neck some and told her how much I loved her. I ask Karen what was up. She said well I had a visit from Niki today. I said oh that is nice. Karen blushed and closed her eyes. Again I said to her, what’s up baby. Is everything okay.

Karen opened her eyes and looked straight into my eyes. Well it seems that Jake has been bringing it up to Niki how he wish Niki could have another baby and this time a baby boy this time. I kept quiet and listen to Karen waiting for the next shoe to drop. Karen said that Niki has talked to her about it and was very sad. Niki and Jake both know that the only way to have another baby was if Karen was to help again. And there it was. I kept from smiling as Karen told me. But I knew where this was going.

Karen paused for a minute and kissed me on my lips. Not a passionate kiss, but a kiss of love. I then said okay, now what? Niki ask me if you would think about allowing me to carry another baby for them. That Jake and Karen would have sex again until Karen was sure to be carrying a baby. That Niki would also take care of my sexual needs until Karen delivered the baby. Karen said just like last time Bob. At first I was in shock. But then my damn dick started to get hard and took me back to the real world. Of course Karen’s hand also discovered my hard dick now and slowly stroked it.

Well it seems your dick has given me your answer. I just moaned softly. How would we arrange for all of this to take place I ask Karen. She told me that Jake and Niki wanted to do it over the weekend if I agreed to things. Then Karen laugh softly and starting stroking my cock faster now. My eyes shot wide open. Karen said whats wrong? I said it can’t be this weekend as I have to go up north to help a friend move. Karen closed her eyes and said oh no. I guess that Jake’s work was send him out of state. That it had to be done this weekend as it was the best for them to have sex and make a baby. I could see a tear in Karen eye forming.

I told her okay. here is the deal then. You set it up for this weekend. I want you to fuck the shit out him and make a baby. Enjoy Jake and Niki. But that when I got back home that I wanted Karen and Niki a whole weekend by myself. Karen laughed and told me that was also an idea Niki bought up as well and I guess Jake agreed to her spending another weekend with just me and Karen. Karen was beside herself now and she hop up top of me and with one quick move place my hard cock deep inside of her wet pussy. Oh my god she was so tight and wet. Karen kissed me in a wet and wild french kiss. Karen loves kissing during sex. And boy was she hot to go. She started riding me harder and harder.

Oh god Bob, I love you so much for allowing me to help my daughter. You are such a good husband. I told her that she was the best wife any man could ask for and again we kissed. Karen then whispered into my ear, we are going to have a great weekend when Niki spends the weekend with us Bob. I want you to fuck her like crazy all weekend. Is that what you want to do Bob. I told Karen I wanted them both all weekend long. That was all it took and Karen and I both started cumming like crazy. I shot rope after rope of hot cum deep inside of her pussy. We both cuddled and fell alseep.

The next morning I had to wake up early to travel up north. I let Karen sleep in knowing that she has a busy weekend ahead of her. I left and went on my way. Of course the whole trip for me was unreal wondering how things were going. I promised Karen that I would not call her all weekend and allow then private time to do things. But it sure made for a long diyarbakır escort ass weekend. But now it was Monday and I was getting ready to walk in the front door of my house and I couldn’t wait to hear her story.

Part of me wanted to grab her hand and take her right upstairs. But she has dinner waiting for me. It was burgers and fries. So I ate as fast as I could and went up for a shower. Of course Karen joined me in the shower which was super nice. She started soaping up my back and told me to turn around. As I did she put more body wash on my chest and on my semi hard cock. I took the body wash and poured it onto her tits. I was surprised to see suck marks on her nipples. That was one sign it was a wild weekend here at the house. I played with her tits and nipples as she played with my cock and balls. We kissed for a few seconds and then realized that this was better done in the bed. We rinsed off and towel each other off and got into bed. Both of us naked under the sheets.

So Karen, tell me everything and do not leave out any details. Karen kissed me and said okay baby. I asked her if she enjoyed herself. Oh god yes Bob. It was not what I thought it was going to be like, Karen said. Last time we did this Jake just wanted to stick it inside of me and cum. But he changed over this last year and a half. Well go on Karen, tell me everything. Karen said they showed up Friday around 6:00 pm. We all made dinner and moved to the living room to drink some beers. And then Jake lit up a joint which surprised me. Karen said you know how sometime I get sick if I smoke a joint. But Niki said it was some kind of special weed that would enhance the night. So I smoke it with them as we drank our beers.

Soon I was feeling a really good buzz and then Niki told Jake that she was going to take mom upstairs so they could get things ready. Niki kissed Jake and told him to come upstairs in 15 minutes. Karen said all she could do was to laugh and to follow Niki upstairs to the bedroom. Once inside, Karen was sitting on the bed as Niki undressed herself. Once Niki was naked, she started undressing her mom. Once Karen was naked, Niki told her to lay on the bed. Niki had a bag with her and she pulled out this big bottle of lotion. I am going to rub you down and relax you mom. Karen said she just laid there and enjoyed her daughters hands roaming over her leg and then her tits. Karen said that it was weird. I said what was weird? The lotion had a warming affect as Niki rubbed it onto her. Karen said it felt so good and relaxing. That she closed her and enjoyed it.

But then Niki hands went to work on Karen’s bald pussy. Niki had two of her fingers inside of her mom’s pussy and slowly finger fucking her.

Karen said that is when she felt Niki fingers warming up the inside of her pussy. Oh my god Bob, it was on fire inside of me. But in a good way Bob. It felt so damn warm and it was causing me to get wetter and wetter. Are you okay mom, Niki asked her mom. Oh god yes baby. Please don’t stop. Its okay mom, tonight is a night to make a baby. But its also a night for me to say thank you. Niki took the lotion and poured more onto my pussy. As soon as the lotion hit my pussy, it was on fire. But like I said, in a great way. I have never felt anything like this Bob. Niki told me to relax as she gave my nipples a quick suck and twist with her lips. Niki looks at Karen and told her to hang on while she went downstairs and got Jake.

How did it feel Karen. Oh my god Bob, my whole body was so excited. It felt like I had 1000 mouths licking and sucking me every where. I opened my eye as I heard Niki and Jake come into the bedroom. Jake was bone naked and sporting a massive hard on. I guess Niki touched his cock with her hand that had the lotion on it and Jake’s cock was rock hard. I expected him to just jump on me and fuck me. But he got on one side of me and Niki got on the other side.. Together they kissed my neck as their hands played with my tits and nipples. Jake used his free hand and turned my face towards his. I want to thank you for doing this and tonight is going to be great. He then kissed her in a wet and wild french kiss, which was an instant turn on for me Bob. I felt each of their hands working their way towards my pussy Bob. Karen took a deep breath and started playing with my cock.

Karen said that Niki fingers went deep inside of her and Jake’s fingers were teasing her clit and then moving towards her ass. He didn’t stick his fingers inside. But he was working on the rim of her ass. Karen said it felt wonderful and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Oh my god Bob, I was not expecting any thing like this kind of treatment from Jake or Niki. I just thought it was going to be raw fucking and then sleeping. But these two were causing my body to be on fire. Then I felt it. I was cumming for he first time as Niki finger fucked me. I turned my face to Niki and kissed her wildly. Our tongues were like escort diyarbakır two snakes dancing.

I opened my eyes when I felt the bed moving. Jake had gotten up and was now down between my legs. He gently eased his way between them and Niki reach out and guided his hard cock into my waiting pussy. As he did, Niki poured more lotion onto my pussy. This will help you mommy. Oh my god Bob, between his hard 8 inch cock and the lotion, my insides were on fire in a great way. It felt like I was being fucked by a baseball bat. I sure as hell don’t remember Jake being that big. Maybe because last time he was in such a hurry to blast his nuts off.

Jake started to pick up his speed now. He was supporting his body weight with his arms by my sides. That left room for Niki to reach down with a hand full of lotion and wipe it on my clit and around my pussy lips. It was like a shock to my whole body and it caused me to cum again. And this time I was cumming like I have never cum before in my life Bob. I couldn’t believe how hard I was cumming. Between the beer and the weed and this new lotion. I was in heaven Bob.

Jake was now ramming hard into my pussy. And for the first time in bed, Jake spoke. Jake said are you cumming Karen? Karen said all she could do is to moan out loud yes baby, yes. What do you want from me Karen, Jake ask. I want you to fuck me hard and faster Jake. I want you to plant your baby seed deep inside of my wet pussy. Are you going to carry my baby Karen, Jake ask out loud. God yes Karen told him. We are going to fuck all weekend and give you our baby to carry Mom. Karen said that was the first time Jake has ever called her mom. Oh god yes, fuck me baby. Fuck me hard and make me your baby maker. Give it to me Jake. Niki reached up and started pinching Jake’s nipples and twisting them wildly. Give it to my mom Jake. Give my mom our baby, Niki said out loud.

Just then Jake rammed his cock deep inside of Karen’s hot pussy. Karen told me she could feel each rope of hot cum as he shot in deep inside of her. Karen said that his cum was so hot and when it mixed with the lotion that it tingled with delight and that caused her to cum like crazy. Niki was moaning out loud. Good job Jake you made my mom cum. You are so good baby. After several more pushes inside of her pussy Jake removed his softening cock from Karen’s pussy. Niki place her hand on Karen pussy like she was trying to keep the cum inside while Jake got a pillow and put it under Karen ass. We don’t want to waste this good baby juice mom. Karen said she just laughed and said oh my god Niki. What was all of this.

Niki said that her and Jake have been talking all year about how they wanted to make this a special night for her. That she told Jake to make love to her mom and not just fuck her. That she want her mom to have total enjoyment as well. Niki said she told Jake that she wanted her mom to cum more than any one this weekend. With both of them laying on each side of me. I took turns kissing them and telling them thanks. While I kiss Jake I reached down and give his semi soft cock a little squeeze causing him to moan little bit. In turn it was causing his cock to become hard again and that surprised me some what. God was this boy ready to go again I thought to myself. We just laid there for a few second catching our breath so to speak. And then Jake got up to use the bathroom. Niki was cuddling to me tightly. Niki pulled her mom’s face to her and gave her a passionate french kiss sending her softly as Niki ran her fingers thru her mom hair. God I love you mom.

Karen was still stroking my cock as she told me all of this. Then she reached over the the end table and grab this new lotion. Karen looked at and told me that she was going to show me what this new lotion felt like. As soon as she put it on my cock, I felt it as it slowly heated up. Oh my god I told Karen. Karen laughed as she kept on stroking my cock until it was rock hard. I told Karen, not to fast baby. I want to hear this whole story. Karen laughed again, telling me this was going to one hell of long story and she bet I could cum at least four times before she was done. I just smiled and said oh my god baby.

I told Karen to keep telling me what happened. Karen laughed and asked me if I was enjoying her weekend story so far. I smiled and said hell yes. Karen said that while Jake was in the bathroom, that Niki just laid beside her and stroked her face and looked into her eyes. Karen asked Niki why Jake had changed. Niki asked her what she meant. I said last time Jake was in a hurry to just stick inside of her and cum. But that now he was more romantic. Like he cared what Karen was feeling this time. Niki said that Jake has done a lot of growing up since their baby.

Niki said that Jake also saw how Bob made sure you were happy and came first before he did. That every man should make sure their mate cums first. Karen said she just smiled at Niki diyarbakır escort bayan and said thank you. Then she gave Niki a passionate french kiss. But after the kiss, Karen said her head was buzzing too much. She told Niki, I need a small rest before we go again. Niki kissed Karen cheek and said no problem. For her to take a nap. After all they were here for the whole weekend With that Karen said she closed her eyes and see felt Niki getting out of bed.

I asked Karen where did they go? They went down stair to watch some TV I guess. Karen said she fell asleep quickly. Her room was dark and she was all alone in our king size bed. Being it was summer time, Karen just slept on top of the covers bare ask naked. Again Karen kissed my cheeks and said how much she loved me. And then she gave me a puzzled look on her face. Talk to me Karen I said. Karen then said, promise me that you will not get mad. Of course not I told Karen. She said thanks, because what happen next she had no idea was going to take place.

Karen said she had been asleep for roughly three hours and it was still dark in her room. She was half asleep and she felt some one crawling into bed behind her. She kept her eyes closed and pretended to sleep. But then the person turned towards her and was spooning with her. Right away she knew it was Jake because she could feel his semi hard cock wedging between her butt cheeks. He started kiss her neck and then gently started rubbing her tits softly. Karen said it was very nice and made her moan softly. Karen said she just kept her eyes closed and she was enjoying things.

But then again she felt the bed move as another person was in bed in front of her. Of course Karen thought it was Niki and kept her eyes closed. Karen was on her side and Jake whispered into her ear. Tonight we make a baby and tonight we make sure you are pleased. As he said this, He raised up one of her legs. This left Karen bald pussy wide open. Then she said she felt a semi cold hard on her pussy. But it didn’t stay cold long as he had that special lotion all over her hand. Her clit came to life fast.

Karen said she just kept her eyes closed. And then it happened! Karen felt the person in front of her move closer. Karen said in one swift movement, she suddenly had a fat cock deep inside of her waiting pussy. She wanted to open her eyes. But she had no idea what in the hell was going on. All she knew was that a fat cock was all the way inside of her and it was fat as hell. Jake whispered into her ear. Tonight is for you mom. Karen said all she could do is to moan out loud as the cock pushed in and stayed still.

I pulled Karen’s face to mine and told her to keep going. Karen said she then felt Jake putting more lotion on her ass. He was teasing her tight little asshole and then he pushed one finger deep inside of her asshole. Karen said she was shocked and arched her back. By doing so, it forced more of the fat cock into her pussy After a few in and outs with his finger, Jake pulled it out. But just as suddenly as the fat cock had rammed into hr pussy. Karen said Jake eased his cock into her tight ass. Karen said she now had two cocks deep inside of her body. Slowly both of them started going in and out of her so slowly. OMG! Bob I was being tagged team and I was in heaven.

Of course my face lit up like crazy. So who was it Karen. She said she had no idea as her eyes were closed and that she was so much in heaven that she didn’t care and just wanted to be fucked by both as the same time. Then who ever was in front of her pushed their lips to her and kissed her in a hot french kiss. God Bob, I was so damn hot and horny. They were fucking me silly. As the cock in my pussy almost came out, I could feel Jake cock pushing into my ass deep. In and out they took turns pressing inside of me.

Then Jake whispered into my ear. Do you want us to stop Karen? Karen said she just moan out loud and said fuck me, fuck me. Again Jake whispered into her ear. I bought help tonight to make sure you have our baby. I hope you don’t mind mom? Karen had no clue what he was talking about. To her it made no sense. But then what Jake said next made her open her eyes. Karen said she let of another moan and then said what the fuck. Before she could get an answer, she was kissed wildly again. Jake whispered softly into Karen ear. I hope you don’t mind. Niki said it would be okay.

Who was it Karen I ask? Karen’s face was white as a ghost as she looked at me. Do you remember Jake dad. I said you mean Dave? Yes I mean Dave she told me. Wow I said to her. Now this is getting exciting. Please don’t mad at me Bob. Karen said she had no idea it was going to take place. Had I known Bob, I would of called you to ask permission first. I smiled at her and told her it was okay as it was out of her control. Karen kissed my cheek and said thank you Bob. I then told her not to stop telling me.

Karen said Jake then pulled his cock out of asshole slowly and told me to lay flat on my back. As soon as I did, Dave was still inside of her and now on top of me. Dave kept pushing in and out of my wet pussy ever so softly. Again Dave french kiss Karen. As they were kissing, Jake whispered into Karen ear. He wants to cum inside of you so he can say that helped to make us a baby. After all, Jake and his father’s DNA was almost the same.

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