Her Awakening Ch. 12

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Writer’s note: I had a tough time picking a category for this one. Not enough old/young elements to keep it in mature. This is more about control than BDSM, but I went that way because of the domme/sub aspect. Thanks for all the feedback. It is always appreciated.

If you don’t like humiliation and degradation, don’t read this story. This is the genre that I like to write. Don’t get mad at me if you don’t like it. Read the “Romance” stories if you want love and affection.

Hope you enjoy.


A few weeks had passed and Victoria had willingly fallen further under Penny’s control. The light discipline that Penny was practicing on Victoria along with the already heavy humiliation she had been using had turned Victoria into her love slave. Victoria spent most nights at Penny’s house under her command. Penny aloud Victoria to go home most mornings to tend to her household duties, but usually demanded she return by dinner time to prepare Penny her meal and to be her pet for any number of sexual duties.

Most of Victoria’s nights were spent on her hands and knees being spanked and smacked with an assortment of crops, whips and floggers, while being told what a slut and a tramp she was. Penny kept teasing Victoria with the promise of having three men over to fill all her holes at once. Once Penny had Victoria begging her to make her fantasy come true, Penny would tell her what a nasty slut she was. Then she would usually make Victoria eat her pussy to orgasm then fuck one or more of her holes with a strap on.

Victoria’s desires had become almost a drug to her. She needed to be used. It made her feel wanted and she really enjoyed the sexual fulfillment it provided. Yes, she was a pussy eating, cum loving, cock sucking slut, but she loved how it made her feel. She had really come to enjoy the pleasure of pain too. The humiliation of being led around like a dog by a leash just spurred on her desires.

One night, Penny was doing her usual thing to Victoria. She was whipping her ass with a large leather whip and then leading her around the house on her leash when she looked back and noticed how intently Victoria was staring at her ass. She stopped in mid stride. Victoria’s face was inches from her ass.

“Do you like watching my ass wiggle when you are behind me Tramp?” Penny asked.

“Yes!” She said enthusiastically.

Penny backed up and spread her cheeks. “Then lick it!” she commanded.

Victoria was more than happy to comply. She admired Penny’s fine ass, and loved the sight of it. The opportunity to lick it made Victoria hot. She pushed her tongue deep into Penny’s puckered hole. Penny moaned with excitement. She reached down and began to finger her clit. Victoria energetically continued her bathing of Penny’s fine ass. Reaching back, Victoria found her own anal passage and inserted a finger deep inside.

Penny gyrated her hips to the motion of Victoria’s tongue and her own hand. She was fast approaching an orgasm. “Lick my ass you nasty tramp.” she scolded her. “You like the taste of my poop shoot, don’t you??”

Victoria moaned a yes and continued to finger her own ass. Penny looked back and could see Victoria’s nose buried between her smooth firm ass cheeks. The sight made her hotter.

“I am going to have to use that talented tongue back there more often you naughty, dirty slut. I’m going to cum.” Penny announced.

Victoria feverishly assaulted her ass with her finger as Penny talked to her. She wanted to cum and she wanted it bad. Penny pushed back against Victoria’s tongue and screamed out as her orgasm swept through her.

“Oh My!!! I am cumming!” she hollered. “Lick my ass. Yes, Yes, Yes. Your tongue feels so good up there.”

Penny stopped playing with her clit and reached back with one hand and grabbed Victoria’s head, pressing her face deeper between her cheeks. As the climax settled down, she turned around and shoved Victoria’s face between her thighs.

“Clean my dripping cunt” she ordered.

Victoria lapped up all of Penny’s juices. Soon Penny’s essence was all over Victoria’s face. Penny pulled Victoria’s face from her snatch and admired her glistening face.

“That’s a good girl. You licked both my holes very well. Would you like me to fuck you now?” Penny inquired.

“Yes please.” Victoria answered. “Would you please fuck me in the ass? I need it there tonight.”

“Of course I will fuck you in the ass. Anything for my tramp when she pleases me so well.” Penny said condescendingly. “Now go get the cock you want in your ass and bring it to me in the living room.”

Victoria hurried to the play room and shuffled through the dildo drawer and found a smooth, fat, hard dildo shaped liked a pointy silo. She fastened it into Penny’s strap-on harness, grabbed the lube and returned to the living room. She handed it to Penny and knelt back down at her feet and awaited instruction. She watched as Penny stepped into the harness and approached her.

“Open up slut. Show me you want my cock in your ass.” Penny said.

Victoria görükle escort devoured it like a two bit whore. Slurping and stroking it like a real cock. The anticipation was making her cunt flow. Victoria grabbed her dripping slash and rubbed her juices all over her clit.

Penny pulled her fake dick from Victoria’s mouth and lubed it the rest of the way with the oil Victoria had provided. Then she stood over Victoria and ordered her over the back of the chair.

Victoria rose and walked to the back of the chair. Reaching over the back she placed each hand on an arm of the chair, and waited for the intrusion. Penny took her oily fingers and inserted three of them into Victoria’s waiting ass.

Victoria’s head jerked back like someone had pulled her hair. She let out a loud moan and pushed her ass back into Penny’s advance. “Yes!!” She cried.

Once Penny had lubed her hole sufficiently, she replaced her fingers with the fake cock.

“Fuck my ass hard” Victoria begged.

Penny indulged her desires. She pushed it in until it disappeared into her anal pass. Then she withdrew it and shoved it in deep again. Victoria moaned loudly again. Penny continued this for a long time. She would push all the way in and pull all the way out slowly.

Victoria was in heaven, and she was out of her mind with pleasure. Penny’s sluggish pace would give her no release, but the girth of the smooth monster invading her was extremely stimulating.

Penny very slowly continued her assault. She leaned over and rubbed her big firm tits on Victoria’s back. Then she reached under Victoria and grabbed her hanging breasts and abused her nipples repeatedly. With each pinch, Victoria would scream with pain and pleasure. Her orgasm would build and then Penny would stop. Victoria would whimper each time she stopped.

Penny noticed and continued to tease her for a very long time. “What’s wrong Tramp?” She asked. “Don’t you like the way I fuck your big fat ass?”

Victoria didn’t answer.

“Maybe I should stop?” Penny said, removing the dildo from Victoria.

“NO!!!” Victoria cried. “Please don’t stop. Fuck my fat ass please. I want it bad. Fuck it harder please. I want to cum.”

“Oh, I am not fucking you hard enough?” Penny teased. “What a nasty little whore you are begging me to fuck you in the ass harder. Only a dirty slut asks for that. Are you a dirty little slut Vicky?”

“Yes, Yes I am. I am a dirty slut, a cock loving tramp. I want you to fuck my big fat ass hard and make me cum, Please.” She begged.

Penny pushed the hard; smooth intruder back in and grabbed Victoria’s hair. Pulling back hard, she began to slap her ass as she forcefully fucked her gaping asshole.

“Is that it, slut? Is that how you want it you filthy cunt?” Penny snapped at her.

All Victoria could say was, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” With each slap and each stroke her orgasm mounted.

“Fuck my ass, I’m going to cum, Pleeeeeeeeeease fuck it harder.” She pleaded.

“You nasty bitch, you filthy whore, you cock hungry cunt. Cum for me. Cum for me now!” She commanded.

Victoria exploded. She screamed and moaned and cried out for more as she came, and came and came. Penny assaulted her ass the whole time. By the time it was over, Victoria’s right ass cheek was so red; it looked like it would burst into flames.

Penny pulled out of her ass and walked to the front of the chair. Placing the phallus in Victoria’s face she spoke, “Clean it!”

Victoria did as she was told. She opened her mouth and Penny fucked her face until she felt she had humiliated her enough. Then she grabbed Victoria’s leash and walked her to the bedroom. Penny ordered her to the foot of the bed. As Victoria curled up on top of the bedspread, Penny covered her with a blanket and went to the bathroom to shower. She made Victoria spend the night dripping her juices from her pussy and oozing lubricating oil from her used ass. The sting of her ass cheek didn’t subside until she fell asleep. Penny returned a bit later and crawled into bed without a word. She was impressed with herself and was happy with what a perfect slave she had made Victoria.

The next morning Penny woke up and left Victoria to sleep and recuperate. A while later she woke Victoria up and told her they would both be going to Victoria’s house. While Victoria was sleeping, Penny had arranged for three men to visit tonight and fulfill Victoria’s fantasy.

“Come my little tramp. We have a big night tonight and we need to go to your house to get you cleaned up and get some other essentials.” Penny announced.

Victoria got up and got dressed. She still reeked of sex from last night. Her legs were sticky from her cum that had oozed from her drenched pussy the entire night. Her asshole was sore from the thorough fucking Penny had bestowed on it just hours before. Her ass cheek and nipples were a bit tender from Penny’s repeated assault, and she could still smell the cum from Penny’s pussy that was all over her face. Victoria felt the tenderness görükle escort bayan in her body and the scents on it and recalled the evening before. It had been glorious. What did Penny mean by “a big night”? She thought.

“What are we doing tonight?” Victoria asked.

“It’s a surprise. You will find out later.” Penny told her.

Victoria finished dressing, and began to walk to the door.

“Wait a minute Vicky. I have something for you.” Penny said as she approached her with her hand behind her back.

“Bend over.” She told her when she reached her.

Victoria did as she was told. Penny moved behind her and pulled her skirt up over her big round ass. Victoria waited in anticipation of whatever was to come. Penny placed a large, lubricated butt plug at the opening of her used anal passage, and pressed hard until it was all the way in.

Victoria grunted as the intruder passed her opening and sank deep inside her. The pain from last night was present, but not unbearable. She had really grown to enjoy the feeling of her ass being filled, plus she knew the car ride over would be pleasurable as the toy would stimulate her further. The ride to her house was what Victoria expected as her arousal was brought on by every small bump and Penny’s constant teasing as well. Penny would slide her had up Victoria’s thighs and tease her sticky pussy, causing it to again drip with her fluids. Then she would grab Victoria’s full round tits and massage them, as well as pinching her nipples. All of this went on as Victoria drove, so that she could not resist Penny’s torture. By the time they arrived at Victoria’s house, Victoria was about to burst.

All that excitement was soon turned to horror as she pulled into the driveway. Victoria gasped at the sight of the car in the drive.

“Whose car is that?” Penny asked.

“Aaron’s” Victoria answered nervously.

“Really? Wow, I haven’t seen your son in forever.” Penny said.

Victoria was horrified. Apparently Aaron had come home for the weekend. It was Friday and he had not mentioned he would be home. Victoria was covered in Penny’s cum and her pussy was now dripping and she had a butt plug up her ass, not to mention the fact that she was totally turned on just 10 seconds ago. She couldn’t see him like this. He would know. He was not a little boy that she could fool. He was a young man who knows what sex smells like. What was she to do?

Just as she was about to put the car in reverse, Aaron walked out the front door and saw the car. Victoria just put the car in park and sighed.

“Wow, he has grown up nicely.” Penny said out loud as he drew near.

“Don’t even think about it Penny.” Victoria demanded.

“Oh relax Vicky; I was just noticing how handsome he has become.” Penny returned.

Victoria opened the car and got out just as Aaron reached her door. The butt plug moved in her ass as she stood and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

“Hi mom.” Aaron said as he hugged his mother.

“Hi sweetie.” Victoria replied. “What are you doing home?”

“Oh I came home because Jake is having a birthday party tonight and he invited me to it.” Then he let go of her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Victoria froze. She was sure he would know what that taste on her face was. Aaron didn’t even notice and turned to go to the house. Noticing Penny, he said hello and they all went inside.

Once inside, the ladies went to the bedroom and Aaron made a phone call. Penny instructed Victoria to grab some naughty lingerie for the evening and told her to clean up.

“I want that pussy of yours shaven, and don’t take that toy out of your ass. Victoria undressed and headed for the shower.

After Victoria had disappeared into the bathroom, Penny headed out to chat with Aaron. She could hear him talking on the phone in the living room as she walked down the hall toward him. She reached the living room and sat down on a chair opposing him as he sat on the couch. When Aaron looked at her, she winked and wetted her lips. Aaron was a red blooded American teenager and Penny knew he would be easy prey. The thought of seducing this young man got her juices flowing. She would have fucked all three of the Muellers once she had him. This thrilled her.

Aaron tried to ignore Penny as he chatted on the phone while Penny flirted shamelessly with him. Like most men who saw Penny, Aaron thought she was hot, but she was his mom’s friend and his mom was down the hall, so he tried his best to act like nothing was happening. Penny spread her legs and her skirt rose enough to expose her smooth pussy. He sat frozen, staring in the direction of her crotch. He got off the phone immediately.

“What are you doing? My mom is right down the hall.” He scolded Penny.

“Don’t worry about her; she will be in there awhile.” She replied.

She was right. As the two of them chatted, Victoria was in the shower with three fingers buried in her pussy and the other one pinching her hard soapy nipples. bursa escort She squeezed the butt plug with her ass muscles and fingered herself as her hand applied the soap and tantalized her tits. Her orgasm built and she fingered harder and pinched more aggressively. She bent over and leaned her ass against the wall of the shower pushing the plug deeper inside her. The anal stimulation brought on her climax and she came all over her hand.

When she had finished she washed the rest of her body and shaved her pussy smooth as Penny had told her. This provided Penny ample time to reel in Aaron.

“You like what you see?” Penny asked.

“Of course.” Aaron answered.

Penny lifted her skirt over her hips and scooted her ass to the edge of the chair. “Well, come get some then.” She told him.

“I would love to, but my mom……” He repeated.

“You better come get it now; this is the only chance you are going to get. She warned.

Aaron’s cock was already rock hard in his pants, he wasn’t going to lose this opportunity. He sprung from his seat and dropped his pants. Kneeling between her legs, he grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy.

Penny gazed at his healthy manhood. It was larger than his father’s, but not huge. “Put it in big boy. Fuck me with that hard cock.” She told him.

He needed no further encouragement. He pushed forward hard and drove it all the way in.

“Oh yea baby, give it to me. Fuck me with that big cock.” She egged him on, as he began to fuck her fast and hard like most young boys do. “Slow down baby, I don’t want you to cum too fast.” She told him.

Aaron slowed a bit and started to pump her slow and deep.

“Yea, that’s it sweetie give me the whole thing, deep and slow.” She said softly. Penny had a plan. She planned on stringing this out until Victoria came out. This would cause Aaron to have to pull out before he was finished. She would have her hooks in him and she could get him to come see her again.

Aaron continued to fuck this hot older lady slowly as she had instructed. He was so turned on, he could hardly see straight. He reached out and grabbed hold oh her big beautiful tits through her blouse. Penny’s nipples became hard and she kept encouraging him.

“Oh baby, it feels so good. Fuck me deep. Fuck my wet pussy.” She teased.

Again Aaron sped up his pace, trying to bring on his orgasm. He squeezed her perfect tits hard and pumped her pussy faster.

“You feel so good baby, but slow down. I want to feel it deep and slow.” She told him again, slowing him down to achieve her goal. Aaron was so close. He could feel the tingle of his climax, but couldn’t get it. He mauled her tits more and she moaned as he did it. Just as he was about to cum, Penny saw it was close and immediately pushed him off.

“Stop!” she told him. “I hear your mom.”

She didn’t really, but it was not hard to convince him. He jumped to his feet and pulled up his pants. Frustrated, he scolded Penny, “I told you we shouldn’t do this, now she is going to catch us.”

Penny stood up next to him and pulled her skirt down. She straightened her blouse and rubbed her tits on his arm as she whispered in his ear, “We can finish this tomorrow night at my house if you are free.” She suggested.

“Sure!!!” He almost shouted. “What time?”

“Let’s say 9:00.”

“OK!” he replied excitedly.

“I’ll be waiting.” She told him as she nibbled his earlobe.

Aaron shivered at the feel of her teeth on his tender skin. A few seconds later Victoria stuck her head out the door and called for Penny. Penny winked at Aaron and strutted out of the room on her sexy high heels. Aaron grabbed his crotch and wished it was tomorrow night.

Penny and Victoria picked out the clothes Penny wanted her to wear and they returned to her house to prepare for tonight.

Evening fell and the ladies ate dinner. When they finished Penny lead Victoria to the bedroom. Penny bent her over and pulled the butt plug from her ass. Her hole was now ready for the evening. She instructed her to put on the clothes she brought from home. Victoria got dressed. She wore a black, lace, one piece teddy with half cup tit support that didn’t cover her large jugs at all. Her cleanly shaven pussy was visible though the lace. Her thigh high stockings and 5 inch heels matched her teddy. Penny made up her face with bright red lipstick and vibrant make-up. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. Penny put on Victoria’s collar and attached the leash.

Penny dressed in a long, black, silk robe with nothing on under and wore spiked high heels. She informed Victoria that this was her lucky night. She had invited three men over and Victoria was going to be there play toy. She would have all her holes filled at once and she could experience the fantasy she had been having since Penny mentioned it.

Victoria was so excited. The thought of it made her wet. Penny told her she was not allowed out in the living room until she came to get her. She would have to wait in the bedroom until then. Victoria agreed and sat on the bed. The doorbell rang a few moments later and Penny went to let the invitees in, closing the door behind her. Victoria just sat and waited like a good little puppy for about a half hour until Penny finally returned.

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