Him , Her Ch. 01

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Flouncing behind him in her spaghetti strapped baby blue dress, she thought she was simply escorting him the hour to the airport where a private jet would be waiting on the tarmac for him before she would return home.

She soon found that not to be the case. As soon as their driver set off, he called him, requesting that he play some music up front. She stared at the closed partition with raised eyebrows as he asked the man to play some loud heavy metal. His chauffeur complied and she could vaguely hear some kind of pulsing base through the black of the separator.

Halfway down the winding drive between their home and the street, he pushed her to the floor of the limousine so that she was on her knees before him. Her startled wide brown eyes were gazing up at him in confusion. One of his hands gripped her dark soft curls tightly while his other released his cock from the confines of his grey pinstriped slacks. Long, thick, and hard, with pre-cum glistening at the tip, it bobbed in front of her face. “Suck,” he commanded through clenched teeth, the corner of his upper lip lifted in a snarl.

She let out a shaky breath at his sudden turn in mood and went to grasp him with both hands. By her wrists, he dragged her up across his lap so that her knees dangled from the floor of the car and bounced against the leather seat. The tips of her toes found purchase against the carpet as he roughly pinned each of her wrists behind her back. Keeping them enclosed in one of his hands he fished into the side pocket of his briefcase for something. His hot cock throbbed against the side of her arm as she tried to see what he was doing on the other side of her prone body.

The cold steel against her flesh made her flinch. She never liked those, but he was always careful to never have them too tight. For whatever reason, this time, he fastened them to just edging the line of being painful.

She found herself on her knees again. “Properly this time,” he said, his face a carefully blank mask. Her pink tongue swiped at the precum on his tip and he hissed before moving both of his hands to her hair, curling his fingers through tightly. She closed her eyes, long lashes fluttering against her cheeks. His blank mask fell, and a deranged glint took hold of his sharp green eyes as her soft velvety mouth enveloped his cock slowly.

The first three inches of his cock slid to right to the back of her tongue and she backed away. Her brow furrowed as she quickly found resistance in the hands woven through her hair. Then, he was forcing her down. Her eyes flashed open and a confused but muffled hum could be heard. At the opening of her throat, he bore down on her head and she struggled against his grip before her throat gave way.

His cock slipped down and down and down until her nose was pressed into the short hairs at the base of his cock. He held her like that for several seconds feeling the puffs against his skin as she took in worried little breaths through her nose.

Then he began.

He started by bobbing her head up and down only pulling out about halfway from that tight knot of muscle before forcing her back down. He was using her throat to masturbate himself. Something dark spread through him in a flush of heat and he leaned his head back against his seat. He quickened his movements. His grip tightened even further on her hair. He was returning her forward motions with his own and soon he was fucking her throat with the same reckless abandon one would fuck a sopping wet, clenching, cumming, pussy.

She was struggling to take his cock in this manner and quickly found herself out of breath. Soon, it was near impossible for her to take even the most minute of breaths through her nose during his downstrokes when he would slide all but the tip of his cock from her throat in long strokes. She started humming to get his attention. Those hums quickly turned into desperate and short high pitched ungh’s.

He finally deigned to notice. Through eyes clouded with tears she saw him curl his upper lip at her before giving her several dangerously hard thrusts. Her usually pale face had bright red swaths across the tops of her cheekbones, which pushed up against the sides of her little nose.

Those tears fell with his next long and hard series of thrusts which left saliva dripping from her chin in threads to fall on the tops of her creamy breasts, bouncing with his thrusts.

He pulled his whole cock from her tight throat with a, “schlick,” which released copious amounts of thick and frothy saliva from her gasping pink mouth. It dribbled down her chin and her glazed eyes peered up at him through her tears as if begging for mercy.

“Please,” she whispered, breathing hard as spit bubbled from her mouth. His cock pressed insistently against her closed lips.

“Open,” he snarled.

With a sob she closed her eyes and with furrowed brows found herself being throat-fucked yet again. The tightness of kuşadası escort her throat around his cock was nearly unbearable as he pounded up into her soft little mouth. Her tongue was dancing desperately and without rhythm along the vein on the underside of his cock. He continued with this punishing pace until she was making those high pitched groans again.

He vaguely heard the tinkling of metal as she tried to jerk her hands apart. He tightened his hands unendurably in her hair for a moment, in warning, before quickly releasing slightly. Her eyes flashed open to stare up at him with remorse.

Her groans vibrated along his dick and the harder he fucked her mouth the more she seemed to complain so he did just that. His head fell backwards again, and he ignored her struggles, feeling the tip of his cock grow more and more sensitive within the tight, vibrating, confines of her throat.

He looked down at her through slitted eyes. His teeth baring at the sight of her. The straps of her dress had fallen. The neckline curled down, revealing more of her breasts and the tops of her tightened nipples which were just slightly visible as her tits bounced with their motions. Her hard nipples pointed through the thin cotton of her dress. The dribbles of saliva glistened in a trail from her sopping chin to the tops of her wet bouncing tits.

His balls clenched.

Despite her wet lips being suctioned around his thick pistoning cock, more spit dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Her tear and makeup stained cheeks were delightfully reddened by exertion. Her nostrils flared every so often as she struggled for respite.

His orgasm was barreling towards him.

It was her eyes though that did him in. They were teary yes, but half-lidded and glazed in arousal. He could smell her. That thick heady scent permeating the car? He could tell that her panties were absolutely wet. He could almost visualize the smear of clear cum that he knew would undoubtedly be between her soft, plump thighs.

He withdrew his cock with a, “schlick,” and she gasped desperately before his cock was forcing its way down her throat.

Over the next several minutes, the silence of the car was punctuated by schlick, gasp, schlick, gasp, schlick, gasp, until her head was lolling in his hands and her body was limp. She would have fallen had it not been for the large hands gripping her hair.

For several minutes after, it was just schlick, schlick, schlick, as the head of his cock pulled from the little bundle of muscles at the top of her throat before pummeling back through immediately. Only occasionally would a little gasp resonate through the car, which at that point was flying down a freeway.

“Swallow every drop. Or you’re not going to like what happens to you,” he threatened, pounding away. Awareness spread through her eyes briefly at his words before being encompassed by that desperately aroused gaze. Saliva bubbled around her mouth and a mess of it lay at the base of his cock.

He savaged her throat then, giving her not a second of respite for even the tiniest of breaths. She saw black swirling her vision as his hips arched up off of the leather seat with each thrust now. Her tongue snuck from her mouth, the tip of which grazed the underside of his balls whenever he was deep in her throat.

A series of rapid schlicks, a fresh trail of tears, and a mess of spit followed his next nearly violent series of thrusts. These were different. The arch of his hips meant he was hitting the top of the back of her throat before thundering into the curve of her throat and she gagged incessantly because of this new treatment. The tightening and release of her gagging against the hypersensitive tip of his cock as he forced through that muscular wall drew his balls up tight to his body. It suctioned the cum from his balls as her wet little tongue rubbed desperately against them and soon, he was lurching into her with such ardor, her eyes flew wide open.

“Swallow,” he growled, before lunging upwards one final time and embedding his cumming cock as deep as it would go, down her rippling throat. Rope after rope shot straight down her throat as he fucked into her mouth with deep growls. His balls tightened and any reason he had remaining left his mind at that point in a haze as the muscles of his abdomen and cock clenched and unclenched in a flutter.

He was cumming sharply and he just barely stopped the roar bubbling in his chest.

Crouching over her now as he came, each deep thrust pushing her down down down until she was bent backwards, folded over her outstretched ankles, until her feet pressed against her back and her head was being fucked into the carpet of the car.

As his orgasm neared its close, he pulled out of her throat with one final, “schlick,” and her tongue withdrew back into her mouth to play with the sensitive head of his cock, drawing out the last of his cum. After kuşadası escort bayan several final swallows, he pulled out of her mouth and fell backwards onto his seat, drawing her up to her knees again as he did so.

He observed her through lidded eyes with his chest nearly bursting. That desperate twinge in her wide and teary eyes remained as she gasped for breath. She was rubbing her thighs together. He swiped the corner of her mouth with his thumb and held it up in front of her eyes.

A single pearlescent drop was perched on the pad of his thumb.

She barely had time to grasp what she was seeing before he pulled her up and across his lap. Her bottom arched over his hips and he yanked her dress up so that the hem rested in the small of her back. Her wrists were slightly reddened but not horribly so, he noted to himself.

He peeled her wet white cotton panties down to rest underneath the curve of her ass to expose her always bare pussy – so tight, so pink, so sweet. Fat pussy she laughingly called it. Her lips were plump and juicy and he enjoyed spending time sucking them into his mouth. His still wet cock was pressed between her navel and his pants. She lay her head down on the cool leather, still gasping for breath.

His fingers trailed gently through the cum that was smeared between her thighs and her eyes closed, hoping for those fingers to dip into her pulsating pussy and pound against the spongey sensitive tissue just inside her front walls; hoping beyond measure for his other hand to dip even lower and swirl around the hard wet nub of her clit, bringing her to a reeling orgasm.

A harsh slap jolted her from her fantasizing. His non-spanking hand moved to rest against the back of her neck as she tried to lift her head to protest. He pushed her back down and simultaneously gave her another hard spank.

She yelped, “please!”

“You disobeyed me. I told you to swallow all of it,” he growled, punctuating each word with a stinging spank. She moaned and more wetness flooded her pussy.

“Please,” she whispered beseechingly, eyes glazing over yet again.

He ignored her. They had a good 30 minutes before the rise of the control tower would signal them nearing the airport and he intended to drag his punishment on until he saw that very sight.

He rained down spanks on her reddening bottom, increasing in intensity until her fleshy ass was rolling and jiggling without pause.

A mess of cum was flooding from her pink and slippery pussy. He shoved her legs apart and lifted her into a deeper arch over his lap. Her splayed pussy was the new landing site of several lighter but squelching spanks. The knot of her glistening opening clenched and unclenched in time with her high pitched hums.

The pink star just above it was pulsating. He was sure that at this point, she would’ve been relieved by him squirting lube into his fist, fucking it for moment, and then driving his cock straight into that star and savaging her ass. Though she had never had such an aggressive anal experience, he knew she was so close to cumming from his spanks on her pussy that she would gladly take his thick and long cock as hard as he deigned to fuck her.

She was so wet it was seeping into his pants. The wet slapping of his hand against her pussy reverberated and sounded almost like fucking.

When she began begging to cum, he returned to her bubble-like ass with vigor. For several minutes he continued on until she was a sobbing mess of tears and her pussy was even slicker.

His hand returned to spank her pussy – though not as hard as he spanked her ass – and then she was a sobbing mess of tears and drool. Little, “ungh,” sounds escaped her lips in tremulous acceptance. Her begging ceased. Both knots pulsated. He returned his spanks to her ass.

The bright red of her ass matched the bright red of her pussy. As she neared the end of her ability to think he ordered, “thank me for each one until I say otherwise.”

She groaned and let out a sob.


“T-thank you.”

Thwack thwack

“Thank you, thank you.”



THWACK came an especially hard one.

“Thank you,” she whispered between her tears and sobs.

“Count.” She sobbed harder as his hands dipped lower to her pussy.


“O-one, please,” she cried.

The next THWACK came hard against her clit and she froze, suspended on the edge of orgasm, knowing without any hope that one clench of her pussy will send her over the edge; knowing without hope that if she came now, if she came now, the punishment would be agonizing. She held her breath as she rode that precipice for several seconds. He seemed to sense it and grinned with clenched teeth before raining down several hard spanks right against her clit. Her eyes rolled back, and a sheen spread across her body as she flushed with exertion.

He waited. escort kuşadası “Count,” he punctuated against her clit.

“Two!” she breathed still holding off that orgasm. Her thighs trembled with the effort.

“Wrong,” he snarled giving several hard spanks to alternating cheeks of her ass. “Thank me,” he ordered as they jiggled.

She was sobbing outright now as she fell backwards off that precipice back into the dark pit of need and desire. Tears and drool and snot covered her face. Cum covered her legs and ass and thighs and pussy. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you,” she whispered softly into the leather.

This repeated in measure until she could no longer communicate to him what he wanted. She could feel the thickness and hardness of his cock sticking against her soft stomach. When her mewling and sobbing was unintelligible, he began to massage each of the bountiful globes of her bright red ass.

Having seen the control tower, the roar of desire in his chest calmed somewhat at the efficiency of his punishment.

She waited with bated breath for the next spank that never came. His spanking hand was now busy in his briefcase. She felt cool plastic against her clit, and she struggled hard in his grasp with a pleading, “no no no no no, please no,” and then one long, “unnngh,” as her clit was suctioned up into that demonic device. She held her breath as the vibrating metal plate pressed down on her engorged and trapped clit, but he didn’t start it up.

He released her hands and rubbed her wrists with a soothing aloe scented lotion before deftly stowing both the lotion and the steel cuffs in his briefcase. He slipped a little remote control into his pocket and a cool damp cloth wiped her throbbing pussy and ass clean of cum. He righted her panties and dress before sitting her up beside him.

A damp baby wipe smoothed across her face. Wiping away her tears and snot and drool. “Please don’t leave me like this,” she begged as he cleaned her face of her mussed makeup. He smoothed her hair out before he returned to her cheeks with a clean cool cloth to sooth the redness splayed across her high cheekbones.

“You’re coming with me,” was his low, yet threatening answer.


She was still trembling as the car made its way along the maze of airport roads. He poured her a glass of water and held it to her lips for her to take little sips.

She gave one deep sigh and calmed herself as he pulled her to his side. Her eyes were slightly red and glazed, and her lips were puffy but otherwise, she didn’t look as if she had just been throat fucked until she nearly passed out. She didn’t look as if he had then spanked her within an inch of her life either.

She was quite serene he noted, probably edging the line of subspace. He didn’t like pushing her over that line. He greatly preferred keeping her present and in the moment, mentally.

In fact, she was very much present, not at all near entering subspace. She was thinking and was aware of the fact that his punishment certainly did not fit her crime. The lapel of his suit jacket smelled of his cologne as she took deep breaths against his chest.

It seemed to her that he was in a particular mood. He wanted to feel powerful. In those moods, she usually gave him what he wanted.

However, this time, she wasn’t so ready to do so. She took his cock down her throat. She took his savagery and more. She may have complained slightly but other than her whining hums, she knew he would otherwise be praising her, despite the drop of cum she failed to swallow.

He would find more things to punish her for, she realized. She usually took his punishments in measure as they were never truly painful. She actually quite enjoyed them. She enjoyed the swelling of his chest as his ego blossomed when she begged. She enjoyed it because it was her power that his ego was drawing from, with her permission.

This time though, he was in the mood to toy with her; to siphon her power; to dominate; to see her writhing and mewling and begging. She was not in the mood to be toyed with, however. She wanted to cum. She knew she deserved to after what he just put her throat through. And, she was certain he would not be letting her do so. Something he didn’t understand though was that she could withstand being edged viciously if she put her mind to it.

No. She would be doing the toying this time.

As they pulled up to the tarmac, he leaned down and slipped her ballet flats back over her little feet as they had fallen off during his assault.

The wide open tarmac was slightly windy. Her curly dark hair glistened with reds and auburns and browns in the sun. Her dressed fluttered slightly with her graceful movements. She kindly thanked the chauffeur who barely heard her soft murmur through the ringing in his ears.

In the sun, her dark brown eyes shown with flecks of gold. Her thick and long lashes fanned over her cheeks in shadows. She was truly stunning, in an innocent kind of way. She was like the sunshine kissing her skin. And himself, he recognized, was the dark stormy raincloud hovering around her. He knew it was a bit of a jarring sight to behold the two of them.

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