His Masters Voice (The Journey)

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How the hell did I sink so low as this I had moved in with Michael six months ago now I was a happy woman with a man who was my lord and master a new mistress who treated me as the slut I loved to be. But we were broke I had lost my job due to my own stupidity and now my only option was to beg my mother for help.

I was not looking forward to the 200 odd mile journey to my hometown, but I got on the coach just before it left. It was dark on the coach but as the driver pulled out of the station he turned the lights on then to my horror it was full of guys and I was the only woman on board.

“Oh shit,” I said under my breath. This was the first thing that went through my mind then the next thing was how boring the trip was going to be so as I looked down through the cabin I started to wonder what it would be like to fuck them all.

I did a quick head count and I made it 42 men and me the first guy I liked the look of was a black guy in a suit he had a hard man look about him and from his build he looked like he kuşadası escort was well hung, I sat next to him and said. “How would you like to make some money and get a free fuck?”

He looked at me and said. “What the fuck are you talking about?” I explained my idea to him and he said he would help, if I was sure I wanted to do it.

I told him my name and he said. “My Name is Alex.”

I told him I was desperate for cash and I was willing to do anything not to go and ask my parents for money. “OK but when we get off and you’re cleaned up you mine for the weekend for my pleasure is it a deal?” I said. “Yes. But how much do I charge?”

“Leave that to me, I will get you a good deal.” He said with a smile on his face he told me to stand at the back of the bus in the isle while he made his way to the front the four men in the front seats looked back at me then started to go through there wallets.

He came back to speak to me and told the people on the back seat to move one of them argued kuşadası escort bayan so he picked him up by his coat and put him down in another seat. He then got some blankets and made a make shift curtain concealing the back seat from the view of the rest of the cabin with me behind it he said. “I have got your first customers are you ready?”

I slipped off my knickers and undid the front of my blouse and removed my bra but leaving my blouse on showing off my breasts. I pulled my skirt up showing off my shapely legs and lay back on the back seat and waited for my first ever customer as a prostitute.

The make shift curtain opened and a young solder stepped through, he quickly dropped his trousers then lay on top of me and started to hump me. His hand worked there way under my ass as he thrust himself into me as I pulled my legs around his back and I started to bring my pussy up to meet his thrusting cock.

He felt long and thick and with each thrust of his length was banging my cervix, escort kuşadası it felt so good I really started to let go and began trusting my hips up at him harder and harder. All the time he was whispering in my ear. “Go baby ride my gun, ride it.” Then he started to grind his hips into me harder and then he shot his load deep into me.

For the next 200 miles I took man after man, some were fat some were skinny some wanted me on my knees some wanted me to suck them off. I did it all we stopped several times on my journey of discovery but there seemed an endless supply of men. The only one I really remember was the soldier all the rest was a blur of skin and spunk.

As we pulled into my stop the last man I saw as I got off was my first client of the evening, it was the soldier was sat in the very front seat a sleep his head was against the window but he had a smile on his face.

I had no idea how many men I went through but I did hope that my new pimp had made a good deal. I had lost view of him and I hoped he had not done a runner but as I looked around and he came out of the toilet and walked up to me and said. “You did well. Now you mine till Monday, then I will give you the money you earned.” I looked at him and wondered what I had let my self in for.

But the weekend is another story.

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