She had changed clothes several times trying to pick the perfect outfit for tonight. She finally settled on a short, black skirt and a sexy leopard print top. She would wear her black thigh high hose and the highest black heels she had. She was typically a blue jean and t-shirt kind of girl but wanted look sexy for this night.

She arrived at the hotel ahead of him for some reason, he was just right behind her. Her cell rang, it was him, “Sorry hon, the guys kept me a little longer. I am almost there, can’t wait to see you.” She hung up and waited in the bar, while watching for him, she had a drink. She wondered what he was wearing, her imagination running now. The anticipation making her hornier by the moment, thinking of all the things she wanted to do to him. He finally pulled up and headed to the front desk to get the key to the room. He was dressed in tight black jeans, with a button down black shirt with a shirt jacket on. The first three button undone she observed showing off his chest hair, she loved to run her fingers through them. He turned and spotted her sitting with a smile on her face as she looked him up and down. He had seen that look before, he gave her a sexy smile, as he looked her over. “Hello Mrs. Roarke,” he said. “Hey my sweet,” she smiled relieved he got there before she decided to start without him.

Scarlett slid her hands around the back of his neck and pulled him close. Roarke wrapped his arms around her waist, and squeezed her tightly. She nuzzled her nose across his neck and savored his enticing aroma. She was görükle escort so overwhelmed by him his touch, his smell, his looks. That she completely blocked out the sounds of the busy hotel lobby.

The looked into each others eyes and he kissed her on the lips. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and it gently mingled with hers. They squeezed each other tightly his chest felt firm and warm against hers. “I’m so glad you are mine,” she assured him. Then he kissed her again with an anxious fury that practically melted her panties. Suddenly, they realized several people were staring at them. A small crowd had begun to gather so they separated and headed towards the elevator to go up to the room.

As soon as the doors closed she jumped from the floor and wrapped her legs around his waist. He caught her ass in his hands and held her tightly against him. Her skirt slid up over her thighs revealing the top of her hose. His crotch was pressed firmly against her silky thin panties. Roarke gently thrust his hips, between her thighs and humped her ever so slowly while they kissed a deep intimate kiss. Then he spun around her legs still securely fastened around his waist he pressed her back up against a wall. She could feel his erection growing as his thrusts became more powerful. They had each others undivided attention as if they were the only one’s that mattered. His hot breath scorched her neck as he planted several kisses over it. “Don’t stop,” she whispered in a pant. Scarlett dug her nails into his back and yanked at his shirt. görükle escort bayan Neither one of them could pull away from the other. They were way too horny to hold back this public display of raw, animalistic, sex.

She loosened her legs from around Roarke’s waist and planted her feet back on the ground. Roarke took her by the hand and led her out of the elevator to a nearby hallway that was a little less crowded. As she stood with her back against a wall Roarke affectionately ran his fingers down her cheek and slid his tongue into her mouth. They kissed with a sex driven urgency that neither one of them had the power to fight. “Slide off your panties,” Roarke whispered. Roarke stood in front of her to help block the view from onlookers, as she quickly slid her panties down over her shoes. He pressed her snugly against the wall and slid his hand up under her skirt. She spread her feet apart to welcome his touch. Her girl juices were flowing inspired by the fire her man had ignited inside of her.

She moaned in pleasure as Roarke slid a finger into her tight, wet, hole. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes they could hear the voices of people talking around them. Roarke slid his finger in and out of her wet pussy. She panted wildly as he fucked her with his finger. She wanted him inside her so badly so she slid her hand down the front of his pants and squeezed the tip of his cock. Running her fingers over his shaft and slowly started to jack him off. His shirt jacket helped camouflage their erotic behavior. escort görükle Roarke continued to finger her for several minutes as she yanked anxiously on his throbbing rod. Then he withdrew his finger from her juicy pussy and put it in his mouth. Watching him taste her heightened her sexual arousal. Then he slipped the same finger in her lips and watch as she suck on it. She slid her lips down over his finger and sucked it deep into her throat.

Roarke forced his finger back inside of her and fucked her with it as she moaned quietly in his ear. The pleasure was ready to burst out of her. A bit of pre-cum on her hand from Roarke’s firm, luscious, cock alerted her that he was ready as well. This could go on no longer as they were on the verge of orgasm. She leaped up and wrapped her legs around Roarke’s waist once again. This time it was skin to skin. She reached between their heaving bodies and guided Roarke’s hard cock inside of her. She was so wet he slipped in easily. He pressed her up against the wall as he snaked up inside of her. She began moaning louder as she lost control. Roarke’s rocked his hips, into hers with his powerful arms holding her ass firmly as they fucked.

“Don’t stop!” she insisted, and with that Roarke began pumping her very fast. She could hear voices of people talking around them. She scraped her nails down Roarke’s back and let out a squeal as her orgasm began to mount. Her legs shook as a full orgasm over took her body. Almost immediately, Roarke let out a grunt and hammered his cock in and out of her. She could feel his hot spurts of cum filling her. She then slid her legs down from Roarke’s waist slowly and put her feet on the floor. Roarke turned to the onlookers. “Show’s over,” he said with a smile. A mixture of hot juices ran down her legs as she put her panties on and they headed to the room..

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