Hot for Teacher

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Creampie Eating

Lindsey adjusted the tie of her jacket. Her heels clicked down the hall. Her pulse picked up when she got to the classroom door.

She stepped inside the room and closed the door. She took off her jacket and slid into the desk. She crossed her bare legs under her skirt and smiled up at the teacher.

Sam wasn’t really her teacher anymore. He taught her when she was a teen, but they were well passed that now. He was still an English teacher, but she was a twenty-seven year old single mother in the middle of a messy divorce. Sam contrived this evening to fulfill one of the fantasies she whispered to him.

“I’m ready for my tutor session, Mr. Johnson.” She giggled. It wasn’t even Sam’s name. But she couldn’t help herself. Even if she’d get double punishment for it.

He plopped a notebook and pen down in front of her. He was right into this. “You’ll need to take notes.”

He went to the front of the room and talked about concepts for twelfth grade English. She had taken this class from him almost a decade ago. While he droned, she pressed a hand between her legs and ran her fingers over her covered slit.

He stopped talking and walked in front of her and smacked his hand on her desk. She didn’t stop moving her fingers. “Miss Miller are you paying attention?”

She shook her head. “Not really.”

“Are you touching yourself?”

She put a finger in her mouth and nodded.

“Get up, Miss Miller.”

She dropped her hands from her body and stood, not the least bit contrite.

“Do you know how to behave in a classroom?”

She shook her head and played with the button of her blouse buttoned enough to show her adult ample cleavage. He tracked her fingers with his eyes for a moment. “I’m sorry Sir.”

“Go to my desk and put your hands on the top.”

She stood in front of his desk and put her palms flat on the top. “Bend over,” he instructed from close behind her.

She leaned forward so her ass was out.

He lifted her skirt and caressed her ass. “Good girl,” he murmured. “You can listen when you want.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Maybe a spanking will teach you to pay attention.” She doubted it, but pressed her lips together to keep from saying it or laughing.

He smacked her ass with his hand. She yelped. He brought his hand down again. She closed her eyes and let the sting spread through her body. He smacked her again and again, driving the pain deeper and wider.

She moaned and yelped. And then he caressed her ass again. He ran his fingers along the edge of her panties. “Are these regulation underwear?”


“Yes. didn’t you read the handbook?”

She shook her head.

“Take them off, Miss Miller.”

She raised her body and pulled the underwear down her legs. After she stepped out of them, she deposited them on his desktop. She looked up at him with a toss of her hair.

“Since you won’t pay attention in class, and you won’t pay attention with special attention, you will fail English.”

“Isn’t there anything I can do? Special assignments? Extra credit work?” She dropped her head and looked up at him through her eyelashes. “I can’t fail this class. I won’t get into college.”

He stepped closer to her. “Maybe we can come up with something. Unbutton your blouse the rest of the way.”

“Mr. Johnson.” She made her voice breathy. She pulled a strand of hair through her fingers and tilted her head. “That’s Betist naughty.”

“Do you want to pass this class, Miss Miller?”

She nodded. He gave her a hard glare. She unbuttoned her blouse, hypnotized by his eyes. She ran her fingers along her stomach once she bared her skin.

He moved closer and parted her shirt wider. He cupped her breasts and brushed his thumbs over her nipples. They hardened under the black lace that cupped her. “This bra does not conform to the school regulations.”

She looked up at him. “I told you I didn’t read the rule book.”

“You did. That will require extra punishment.” He removed her blouse and unsnapped her bra.

“Yes Sir.”

“You seem eager for it. Do you like being punished Miss Miller?” He removed her bra and tossed it on a desk.

“Yes Sir.”

“Clasp your hands behind your back. You can give an oral essay.”

She pulled her hands behind her back and clasped them there. “I’m much better at other oral activities.”

He failed to hide that smile. But he brought his stern face back quickly. “How does it affect you? Use proper English in your reply.” He ran his fingers around her nipples. The tightened under his teasing caresses, thrusting out to him for more.

She smirked at him. “It makes me wet, Sir.”

He rolled her erect nipples between his thumb and finger. Her eyes slid shut and she groaned. He clamped his fingers down and her eyes flew open. “Eyes on me Miss Miller. I know you have issues paying attention. I thought this special attention would help. But the only thing you pay attention to is pain.”

“Pleasure works as well, Mr. Johnson.”

“That made you closer your eyes.” He twisted the sensitive nubs until she cried out again. “Pain makes you wet. Are you a slut?”

She nodded.

He grinned and released her nipples from his grasp and she rubbed them. Behind his desk, he rummaged in his jacket pocket. He came back with her jeweled nipple clamps. “Since pain helps you pay attention, let’s keep that on the forefront.” He clipped them on her nipples and she groaned in appreciation.

“Ten more with a ruler for each clothing violation should suffice.”

She winced. That would sting. She couldn’t wait. “Take off your skirt, since it’s probably too short.”

“Do I get ten for that as well?”

“No. Just ten for the bra and panties. We’ll talk about your skirt choices another day.”

She took off her skirt, leaving her naked in the classroom, in front of her English teacher.

“Hands on the desk again, my little slut.”

She put her hands on the desk and bent a little. He picked up a ruler from the pen holder that said “World’s Greatest Teacher” with a little apple and chalkboard painted on it. He walked behind her and his hands caressed her ass. They lingered on her and she knew he wanted to see how wet she was. She was so warm and wet that her thighs were sticking together.

He smacked her with the ruler, counting each one out loud. After five, he stopped, “Why am I doing the work? You count your punishment.”

“English teachers can’t do math?” she asked. She clamped her mouth shut as soon as it escaped. She should shut the fuck up.

“Five more for a smart mouth. After we’ll see if we can clean it up.”

“Twenty left now. Count or I go until you say twenty.”

She nodded and he smacked her ass again. She contorted her face in pain and said “One.” Betist Giriş The blows were steady and stinging. Would she marked after this? For how long? He’d never gone this harshly before.

“Twenty,” she said in a shaky voice, when he finished.

He caressed her. “How does it feel?”

“It stings,” she said.

“Good. Face me.”

“How will we clean your mouth up? Maybe if there’s something in it, you won’t be able to make smart remarks.” He unbuckled his belt and the sound made Lindsay weak in the knees.

Sam let his pants pool at his feet. “On your knees. Let’s see those oral skills.”

She sank down. The cold tile floor was almost a relief against her hot skin. She took the tip of his cock into her mouth and sucked it. She looked up at him, hiding her smile. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. “Suck me properly or you will be sorry, little girl.”

She almost wanted to know how sorry she’d be. For the game, she took him into her mouth, her hand wrapped around the base while she bobbed her head up and down his length.

“Not bad,” he said. “I think you can do better. Take me deeper into your mouth.”

She moved deeper, still using her hand on him. He kept his hand in her hair and she thought he would hold her and fuck her mouth.

He used it stop her. She glared up at him. “Put your hands behind your back again. I want the full use of your mouth.”

She clasped her hands behind her back. She kept her eyes on him as she moved down his length until she hit her limit, she took a deep breath and went further. “That’s my girl, all the way down.” He held her hair with his hands and fucked her mouth.

He stopped. “I so want to fill your mouth with my come, but I want to fill your pussy and I may not have the strength for both.” He pulled back until his cock sprang free of her body. “A plus for oral skills.”

“Do I pass?”

“Adding that a plus to your average brings you up to a C. is that sufficient for college? Perhaps you can wow the recruiter at the college with your skills.”

She shook her head. “I need an A to make to my top choice, Sir.”

“Then we’ll have to do some more probing.” He tugged on the chains attached to her clamps. “Agreed? I’m sure you have other assets.”

“I do Sir.”

“Stand up and show me then. Show me what will get you an A in my class.” He raised his eyebrows as he issued the challenge.

She raised herself and scanned the room. “Can I use your chair?”

“I don’t know. Can you?” He twisted a clamp.

She screeched. “Ow. May I use your chair?”

He held her in the twist. She wanted to slap his hands away. “What form of your are you using?”


He released her. “You may use my chair.”

She turned her back to him and smiled. When she was in the chair, she tried to look innocently at him. She put her feet on chair seat and spread her legs wide. She put her hands on her knees and slid them down toward her goal. She massaged her inner thighs while keeping her eyes focused on him.

“You’re a teasing little slut.” He leaned his elbows on the desk to get a better view.

She used her fingers to spread her cunt lips and wet her fingertips on the juicy desire that flowed from her under his control. She rubbed her finger into her clit. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed. She realized how turned on she was.

Her breathing picked up as she got closer to orgasm. His fingers wrapped around her wrist and pulled her away. “You need permission before you may come in my classroom, Lindsey.”

She shivered, loving her name echoing through the timber of his voice. Fuck. Fuck, she needed to come so badly. Her clit was throbbing, her ass, her nipples.

“May I come please, Sir?”

“No, you may not. I’ve seen enough to give you a grade for your finger skills.”


“A minus. That brings your average up to a B. Good enough.”

She pouted. “No, I need an A.”

He pushed some things on the desk back. “Come sit on the desk here.” While she moved around the desk, he took off his pants, but he pulled his underwear back up.

She sat on the desk. He pushed her knees apart with his hands and lowered himself to the floor in front of her. She gripped the edge of the desk as his hot breath fanned over her skin.

His tongue parted her folds, he wiggled against her opening, lapping up the fresh flood of desire. Then he flicked against her clit and the warm glow enveloped her. Yes, this is what she wanted. He licked and sucked and nipped until she was grinding against him. He thrust two fingers inside her and curled them against her inner walls as he tongued her clit harder. “Come you little slut,” he said, on a pause, then pressed his face back in.

It wasn’t on his command, it took a few heartbeats more, before the waves overtook her. The pleasure pulsated through her body and her hips bucked. He stood and held her while she came.

She rested her head on his shoulder. “I wish I’d brought lube. I’d love to finish up with your ass. Another time. Tonight, I’ll bend you over my desk.” He pushed one desk against the wall and pressed her face down on it. Her breast mashed into the cold veneer top.

He held her there by her neck for a moment until he knew she would stay. There was a pause while he removed his underwear, and then he adjusted their bodies until they were joined.

He wasn’t gentle as he fucked her. He wound a hand around her waist and dragged his fingers over her clit. It was instant reaction as she came again, he pinched the nub and the end of it never came. He slammed into her double, triple the pace. The desk rattled underneath her and her nerve ends became raw from sensations. She couldn’t take anymore and he let go.

He released inside of her. And she smiled faintly, knowing she’d be dripping his come the rest of the night.

He lifted his head from her shoulder when his breathing returned to talking speed. “A plus. Fuck me.”

“I did.”

He pulled away from her. She waited while he picked up her clothing. He handed her the skirt and her coat. “Can I have the rest?” she asked.

He went behind his desk and stuffed them in a drawer. “Keeping them so you’ll see me next week so I can retest you before I give you your final grade.”

“I might as well go home naked,” she said, as she pulled the skirt on. “No one will see me, anyway.”

“We’ll get a drink before I drop you off,” Sam said.


“Put on your coat.” He waited for it. He ushered her out of the room. He turned off his lights and looked at the classroom. “Well, Monday is going to one hell of a day. Hopefully I can keep from getting hard while thinking about you bent over my desk.”

“How does it feel wearing nothing but your skirt and coat, my come dripping down your thighs?”


“Is that good?”

“Yes. I never thought I’d do anything like this.”

Her nipples were diamond tight by the time he parked in front of the bar. And damn if she didn’t like it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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