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It had been a tiring trip. From the moment I knew that I had to make this very quick business trip, I was dreading it. Well, too late now. I had arrived, and the meeting in the late morning tomorrow could just wait. I wanted to have a drink down at the bar.

As usual with hotel bars, the clientele was mostly middle aged white guys, businessmen all, most just looking to lose themselves in their favorite drink, and dreaming of meeting someone to hook up with. Just like me.

I sat at the bar, ordered a glass of red wine, and just casually took in the place. The bartender was a cute young thing, mid 20’s, nice tight white blouse, form fitting black slacks, and knew that a little flirting got her maximum tips. So, the top two buttons of that blouse were undone, and I could see a hint of a black bra underneath. I am still amazed at how that hint of black underneath a white top always grabs the attention.

Unlike most nights when I am traveling, the hotel bar was actually a bit busy, and about almost a third of the patrons were women. So I asked the bartender what was up. She smiled, a knowing smile.

“There’s a group of women here having a conference for some national not-for-profit. They all seem to love it here, dance with each other when the music gets going, and have a great time. And they tip good.”

To be honest, I hadn’t noted that they had live music here. And right after I found out, the artist walked back off on her break. She was a cute gal, probably thirty. She had a keyboard set up. She played a little of everything, and, to be honest, made the keyboard sound like maybe six or seven different instruments. The women applauded when she began again. Two or three walked up, put money in the tip jar, and wrote down a song to have played. The keyboardist definitely was getting to this group – she kept playing their requests, and adding songs that kept a real upbeat tempo, with a touch of eroticism to each successive song. “Love Shack”, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, anything by gal bands of the 70’s and 80’s. And these gals were all up and dancing with each other – groups of three to five, all getting into the music, moving those butts back and forth, laughing, and generally making it totally unsafe for any guy to approach one of them alone. After about an hour of this, the keyboardist announced that Cyndi had requested a special song – “I kissed a Girl”, and that group went nuts. Hoots and catcalls to Cyndi. Was I the only guy watching this?

Well, as it turned out, I was just about the only guy left in the bar. Most of the others were gone, either because they knew they wouldn’t have a chance, they hated the music, or the $7 beer just got to them. I don’t know why. There was just me and one other guy sitting there, nursing our drinks, and watching all the fun.

Cyndi was in her mid 30’s, very 80’s like blonde hair, a cute face with pouty lips, nice boobs, and long legs. She met the definition of MILF, in all her glory. She was wearing tight jeans, a silky red blouse with a tank top underneath, and if she was wearing a bra, it was damn sheer, because her nipples were pouting out underneath that silk. Cyndi grabbed one of the gals she was sitting with and pulled her to the dance floor. This gal was a lot younger, I thought, maybe just turned 21. Hell, she could have been anywhere from 17 to 24, and since the drinking age here was 18, maybe she was younger. She was a brunette, long legged, wearing a short jean skirt with a couple of cotton tanks or T’s on top. That layered look. She had long, straight hair, down below her shoulders. And she had that “Girls Gone Wild” smile, and just got into this song. Those two gals did everything but lick each other on the dance floor. Hands pressing, moving all over their bodies, and they were kissing. I mean, they were actually kissing on the dance floor, and it wasn’t some pretend thing. The tongues were moving in and out, and they gave new meaning to “eating face”.

The rest of the women went wild. I thought we were at some strip club, not a bar at one of the best hotels in the city. Maybe it was because it was late, maybe it was because they were all blotto, maybe they all were living life to the fullest while away from home. Who knew? But the next half hour was pretty amazing. All the women dancing, lots of furtive touching, and Cyndi and her gal pal in the corner kissing and rubbing their boobs, hands on each other’s thighs. I just watched them for a while.

“Nice, isn’t it,” a Gaziantep Olgun Escort man’s voice said. I was startled. This was the last thing I thought of while I was watching.

“Excuse me?” I said. I was really surprised and totally off guard.

“The girls,” he said, “what they are doing.” As if I didn’t know that’s what he meant.

“Oh, absolutely, better than anything I could be watching on the TV in my room.” I replied. He was right, it was awesome, and it sure beat those soft-porn movies that cost $10.

“The girl in the skirt is Lane, but I don’t know the other girl.” he continued. How did he know her name?

“I am pretty sure it’s Cyndi who requested the song.” I said.

“God, this is making me horny. I just love it when Lane gets it on with another woman,” said my new found companion.

Okay, I had to know. “I know what you mean. Nothing turns me on more than watching two gals make love to each other. Gets me totally hard. How do you know Lane?”

Then he dropped the bombshell. “She’s my wife.”

“Oh wow! You’ve got to be kidding.” I blurted out. Ok, I’m not very original, but all of a sudden this conversation was getting new meaning for me. “You are one lucky guy.” I continued.

Silence for a bit, and we continued watching the show. I am hoping that this guy had struck up the conversation for a reason.

“Being Bi is such a turn on,” he said, breaking the silence. “I mean, Lane is Bi, and from the day I found out, it has just given me more and more pleasure, knowing that enjoying both sexes is all a part of who we are.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Just watching those two, and knowing that pretty soon they are going to go up to a room and really get it on. It makes me so damn hot, I can hardly stand it. And being Bi doubles your chances of scoring.” There I said it. I am not sure that he said that he was Bi, but he did say who “we” are. And right now, just maybe, this might open up something for me tonight.

“It sure does and I am about ready to call my bet. If I asked you to go to my room with me right now, would you do it?” he asked.

“You mean, you and me – getting it on?” I exclaimed.

“Exactly.” he said.

“What’s the bet?” I asked.

“First answer me.” he demanded.

“The answer is yes – because this had made me so hot, because I want to get off, and because I am turned on by the thought of making it with you.” I had checked him out too. He wasn’t some six pack gym dude. He was wearing a high-end sport coat, golf shirt, jeans, and dock-siders. He was probably about 30, maybe 10 years younger than me. His black hair was attractively cut, with just a little gel or something giving it a sheen. He was the kind of guy that I’d have a beer with, go to the game with, or go to bed with. Yeah, I go both ways. And after watching what I was watching, I knew I wanted something too. And I also had a secret.

“Great! I’m Larry by the way,” he said, laughing.

“Gary here.” I introduced myself.

“Well, follow me Gary.” He said as he got up and walked towards the girls. Now this actually frightened me a bit. I mean, why are we walking over there? I was pretty sure we would head to the elevators. But, a little sheepishly, I followed him until we were right next to those wonderful two girls.

They were still kissing and feeling each other up. So here was “Lane”, his wife, sucking face with “Cyndi”, my wife.

“Hey Lane, I win.” He said. They both broke that kiss, and just stared.

“What do you mean you won, Larry” demanded Lane.

And at the same time Cyndi said, “Gary, what the fuck?”

There was silence as Larry, Lane, and Cyndi all exchanged glances.

“Gary and I were headed to the room to have sex,” said Larry, ignoring my wife’s outburst. “That means I win! I’m headed to the bedroom first. I’ll collect my winnings later.”

“You Won!” Lane hissed. “Hell, I’ve cum three times already from her fingers on my pussy and her tweaking my nipples and you saw it all. I’m the winner and my winnings are sitting on my lap,” which was really where Cyndi was.

“Hang on! Hang on! Gary, you were actually headed to bed with him? My husband was going to go suck on a cock and I wasn’t going to get the chance to watch?” asked Cyndi.

“Husband?” That was Larry and Lane together.

Cyndi responded, “Yep, he sure is and here I was thinking you were having a great time watching me her sexing it up.”

I had to pick up the pieces. “Oh, I forgot, Larry.” I said. “You see, I’m married to Cyndi, and we get off on watching each other seduce, then, bed, somebody else. And, up until you approached me, that was what I was doing, watching my wife kiss, feel up, and generally have pretty close to public sex with a great looking woman.” But now things had changed.

“Ok guys, I have an idea.” I continued. “Watching you two has gotten Larry and me both rock hard. And, I for one, want to take this to the next level. So, why don’t we all four take advantage of our suite, where we can be more comfortable.”

“Sounds great!” from three voices.

“OK, follow me.” I said.

Cyndi and Lane got up, straightened up a little and followed, with Larry taking the rear. Once we were in the elevator, I told Larry and Lane about how Cyndi and I loved making love with others, in front of each other whenever we can. I also told them that we both were very Bi, and enjoyed sex in all its wonderful forms. As I talked, Lane was caressing Cyndi’s ass and my cock and Cyndi was playing with Lane’s thighs and Larry’s chest. I was getting turned on, and I wasn’t the only one.. We sort of poured out of the elevator and headed down the hall to our suite. As soon as the door opened, the girls burst inside, and Larry took my hand and pulled me in behind everyone. Cyndi and Lane were kissing each other, tongues working in and out, and Larry pulled my face to his and kissed me deeply. I opened my mouth and we exchanged tongues, with both of us grasping each other’s hard dicks and rubbing each other. Both of us couples continued doing this for a couple of minutes, with each of us ripping at clothes and working on other body parts as we frantically acted on how turned on we were. My shirt was unbuttoned, and Larry was licking my nipples, while I was lowering his jeans, aching to get at his hard cock. Lane’s skirt was on the floor, as were her panties, and Cyndi, topless, was on her knees licking her slit and playing with her own clit as she went to town. We were all in a frenzy, and liable to make things happen so fast that we’d forget to enjoy it.

“Cyndi, why don’t you two sit over on the couch and watch for a bit?” I said, breaking the kiss with Larry. I wanted them to go a little slower, and had an idea on how to get things really hot. “I want you both to see me sucking on Larry, while you two play together and enjoy the show”.

I dropped to my knees, with Larry’s erect cock sitting right in front of me. I opened my mouth and took all of him in – well, as much as I could, because Larry was pretty well hung. Bigger than me in length for sure. As my mouth covered the head of his big cock, I tasted the precum leaking from the head. The sweet salty taste was such a turn on. I began moving my head up and down on his cock, while gripping it in my right hand and jerking it slowly to match my rhythm. Larry moaned, and I put my left hand on his ass and pushed him forward into my mouth. Ever since I had sucked my brother’s cock when we were teens, I had loved the feel of a hard dick in my mouth. In fact, what got Cyndi really interested in me when we were first dating is that we had shared the cock of her roommate’s brother when he came to visit during college. But that’s another story.

Larry started to pump into my mouth, calling me a slut and cunt. But I wanted this to go slowly, so I pushed him away so that only the head was still inside my mouth, continuing to jerk him.

I could see Cyndi and Lane on the couch. Cyndi had removed all her clothes now, as had Lane, and they sat there, each with a hand on the other’s pussy, playing with their slits, and watching as I sucked Larry.

“Fuck his mouth Larry!” Lane directed. “Use that male head – make him gag.”

And Cyndi urging me on “Suck that Big cock – take it all in, let me see you filled.” It was all turning me on so much, having my mouth fucked while two lovely women fingered each other and urged me on. Then Cyndi got up and walked over to me. She knew something the other two didn’t.

“Hang on a second, Larry. Lay down on your back – I want to show you something.” Cyndi said as she pulled me to my feet and turned me around so that I was facing Lane, with my ass towards Larry, who was dropping to the floor. She quickly undid my pants and pulled them down. Lane gasped, then laughed. For underneath my jeans, I was wearing a pair of sheer panties and thigh hi stockings, sexy lingerie all for me. Larry could only see that I had a thong on, but he let out a whistle.

“Man you two are kinky!” he said, as Cyndi turned me around by grasping my hard cock through my panties and jerking me towards Larry.

“Now, go down on him, sissy, while I get ready.” Cyndi ordered. I needed no more urging and lay down with my head between Larry’s legs, taking him into my mouth again. Lane came over and squatted over Larry’s mouth.

“Lick me, Bitch, give me what you promised if I won tonight,” she demanded of Larry. Larry needed no more urging, and his mouth eagerly started to lick and suck on Lane’s pussy, as I continued sucking him. Lane was playing with her nipples, pulling them taut, urging Larry to use his tongue, to lick her wet pussy.

Then Cyndi came back over. She was wearing the strap-on she had brought, black, and a thick 8 inches. She walked over to Lane, with it sticking out, and told her to take it into her mouth and suck it. Lane eagerly took her tongue and licked that she cock all over. Her mouth moved up and down, getting it all wet. Then she slowly took it into her mouth, sucking it in. I tried to do the same to Larry’s hard dick with my mouth, but Lane was a pro. She took that whole cock into her mouth, and I could barely get more than his head into mine. But Larry wasn’t complaining. His moans while he ate his wife’s pussy more than showed that he was enjoying himself.

Cyndi was enjoying herself, fucking Lane’s mouth, but I knew there was something missing for her, and for me too. But how to fix it?

“Hon, why don’t you step back here behind me and show them what a good fuck I can be?” I was wiggling my butt as I said this knowing how good that strap on makes me feel when she buries it inside me.

“Lane can finger your pussy as you fuck me, and Larry can still eat her, while I finish with his gorgeous cock.”

Ok, that’s what I wanted but I didn’t think of my wife’s kinkiness.

Cyndi answered me back. “No way – I want to do Lane with this she cock, and I want Larry to do your ass. Seems the right thing – I fuck his wife, he fucks my husband.”

And Lane added her two cents. “Yes, Cyndi, I want you to fuck my pussy, I need your cock so bad. Fill me with that she cock.”

Lane lifted off Larry’s mouth, then sat down on all fours next to me, but facing the other direction. Cyndi stepped behind her and entered her pussy with that hard black cock that I wanted so badly.

“Oh, god it fills me so much, so big, yes, fuck me Cyndi.” exclaimed Lane.

Larry pushed my head up and scooted out from me. He then moved behind me, and without much fanfare sank his big hard dick all the way in.

“God, I love that,” I moaned. As Larry began to fuck me strongly, I could see Cyndi matching his every thrust with one of her own into Lane. I reach a hand out under the strap-on and massaged Cyndi’s clit as she is fucking Lane.

“Yeah, baby, get me going, make me hot while I fuck her,” Cyndi exclaimed.

“Fuck that ass, lover, use that sissy – fill his ass with cum” Lane urged Larry on. And Larry continued calling me sissy, whore, bitch as he plowed my ass with his cock.

Lane panted out, “Cyndi, keep fucking me – god I am so close – fuck my pussy, fill it, stretch me – use me!”

“So close, baby, keep fingering that clit as I fuck her filling her with my she cock – that’s it – flick my clit!” Cyndi was nearly screaming at me.

“Take it, sissy whore. Grip your ass on my cock as I fuck you. Take my cum bitch.” said Larry as he continued to fuck me hard.

“Oh” I said since I was stretched pretty good, but my g-spot was getting a wonderful ass fucking.

Larry was the first to shoot – he moaned a deep sound, and then I felt him spurting into my ass. It was so warm, and he had to have sent at least five spurts into me. I knew I would be dripping.

As Larry shot his cum into me, Lane shuddered, then just screamed “Fuck” as she came all over Cyndi’s she cock.

That got Cyndi going. Lane was bucking so much, my whole hand was rubbing Cyndi’s pussy. She pulled out all of a sudden and stood right in front of me, then spurted her cum all over my face. I have always loved that Cyndi is a squirter, and now I am bathed in her cum juices, and loving it.

As for me, my cock was twitching as Larry fucked my ass. But my cum was from my g-spot, where his big cock was pounding me. I shuddered and nearly wailed as another g spot orgasm consumed me.

All four of us collapsed on the rug. But I knew we weren’t done yet. Not with Cyndi and Lane as sexy as they were. And I still had a load in my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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